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Words 11001-14000 in EDICT_SUB not included in KB's N5-N1 sets.
*Some katakana words and names were not recognized when importing.
*Some rare character usage was rejected by KB's parsing algorithm.
*Some words may just be variations on words in KB's N5-N1 sets.

First 500 entries [show all] — Created by Derrick W. — Last modified: 2014-12-26 10:30:34
三国 【さんごく】① three countries ② Japan, China & India, Japan, Korea & China, all the world ③ Three Kingdoms (of ancient China: Wei, Shu, Wu)
三時 【さんじ】① 3 o'clock ② 3 o'clock snack
三十日 【さんじゅうにち】① 30 days ② 30th, the thirtieth of the month
三女 【さんじょ】third daughter
三人 【さんにん】three people
三人 【みたり】three people
三千 【さんぜん】① 3000 ② many
三男 【さんなん】three men, third son
三百 【さんびゃく】① 300, three hundred ② 300 mon, trifling amount, two-bit item ③ shyster
三本 【さんぼん】three (long cylindrical things)
山間 【さんかん】among the mountains
山川 【さんせん】mountains and rivers
山川 【やまかわ】mountains and rivers
子ども 【こども】child, children
子女 【しじょ】child
時には 【ときには】at times, occasionally
七 【な】seven
子 【み】① fruit, nut ② seed ③ (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc. ④ content, substance
十一 【じゅういち】① 11, eleven ② Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax)
十九 【じゅうきゅう】19, nineteen
十五 【じゅうご】15, fifteen
十三 【じゅうさん】13, thirteen
十二 【じゅうに】12, twelve
十二分 【じゅうにぶん】more than enough
十八 【じゅうはち】18, eighteen
十分 【じっぷん】10 minutes
十万 【じゅうまん】100,000, hundred thousand
十六 【じゅうろく】16, sixteen
出火 【しゅっか】outbreak of fire
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
出前 【でまえ】catering, meal delivery service
出土 【しゅつど】archeological excavation (archaeological)
出入 【しゅつにゅう】in and out, income and expenses, free associations, run of the house
出入り 【ではいり】in and out, coming and going, free association, income and expenditure, debits and credit
出来 【しゅったい】occurrence, happening, taking place
出来 【でき】① workmanship, craftsmanship, execution, finish ② grades, results, score, record ③ quality (e.g. of a crop) ④ dealings, transactions
出来高 【できだか】yield, crop, production, volume, piecework
書名 【しょめい】book title
女 【じょ】① woman, girl, daughter ② Chinese "Girl" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
女のコ 【おんなのコ】girl
女らしい 【おんならしい】womanly, ladylike, feminine
女子大 【じょしだい】women's college, women's university
女中 【じょちゅう】maid, female servant;
小雨 【こさめ】light rain, drizzle
小雨 【しょうう】light rain, drizzle
小雨 【こあめ】light rain, drizzle
小国 【しょうこく】small country
小さじ 【こさじ】teaspoon
小山 【こやま】hill, knoll
小人 【しょうにん】① child, small person ② dwarf ③ narrow-minded person, mean person
小川 【おがわ】streamlet, brook
上 【うわ】upper, upward, outer, surface, top
上がったり 【あがったり】doomed, in a bad state, poor (e.g. business)
上げ 【あげ】rise in price, making a tuck
食パンplain bread, white bread
食後 【しょくご】after a meal
三 【み】three
四 【よ】four
七十 【しちじゅう】seventy
七十 【ななじゅう】seventy
七十 【ななそ】seventy
十 【と】10, ten
十 【とお】10, ten
十四 【じゅうし】14, fourteen
十四 【じゅうよん】14, fourteen
十七 【じゅうしち】17, seventeen
十七 【じゅうなな】17, seventeen
出国 【しゅっこく】departure from a country
出国 【しゅつごく】departure from a country
食らう 【くらう】① to eat, to drink ② to receive (e.g. a blow)
七七日 【しちしちにち】49th day after death
七七日 【なななぬか】49th day after death
七七日 【なななのか】49th day after death
上々 【じょうじょう】the best, great, superb
三十日 【みそか】last day of month
三十日 【つごもり】last day of month
山々 【やまやま】① very much, great deal ② many mountains
四十 【よんじゅう】forty
四十 【しじゅう】forty
四十 【よそ】forty
書き上げる 【かきあげる】to write out or down, to finish writing
時として 【ときとして】in some cases, sometimes, on occasions
時半 【じはん】① about an hour, short time ② half past (the hour)
車中 【しゃちゅう】in a train or vehicle
女学校 【じょがっこう】girl's school
四千 【よんせん】four thousand
四百 【よんひゃく】four hundred
出 【で】① coming out, going out, outflow, efflux, rising (of the sun or moon) ② attending (work), appearing (on stage), one's turn to go on ③ start, beginning ④ origins, background, person (or item) originating from ..., graduate of ..., native of ..., member of ... (lineage) ⑤ architectural member that projects outward ⑥ highest point of the stern of a ship ⑦ amount (comprising something), amount of time or effort required to do something
三十 【さんじゅう】thirty
三十 【みそ】thirty
食 【しょく】① meal, (one's) diet, food, foodstuff, foodstuffs ② eclipse (solar, lunar, etc.)
四本 【よんほん】four (long cylindrical things)
時は金なり 【ときはかねなり】time is money
小中学生 【しょうちゅうがくせい】elementary and middle school pupils
しめ(Shinto) rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil
ことがある① (something) has occurred, to have done (something), such a thing happened ② (something) happens on occasions, there are times when
三重 【さんじゅう】triple, treble, threefold, three-ply, triplicate
三洋 【さんよう】Sanyo (company)
山火事 【やまかじ】bushfire
山小屋 【やまごや】mountain hut
山地 【さんち】mountainous district
山地 【やまち】mountainous district
山道 【さんどう】mountain road, mountain trail
山道 【やまみち】mountain road, mountain trail
山道 【せんどう】mountain road, mountain trail
仕業 【しわざ】act, action, deed
仕事場 【しごとば】place where one works, construction site, working area
仕事中 【しごとちゅう】at work, in the midst of work, working
仕手 【して】① doer, performer ② protagonist (in noh or kyogen), hero, leading part, main character ③ speculator (in trading)
仕切り 【しきり】partition, division, boundary, compartment, settlement of accounts, toeing the mark
仕送り 【しおくり】allowance, remittance
仕入れ 【しいれ】stocking, buying up
仕方ない 【しかたない】it can't be helped, it's inevitable, it's no use, can't stand it, impatient, annoyed
仕立て 【したて】tailoring, dressmaking, sewing, making, preparation
使い分け 【つかいわけ】proper use, using (different things) for different purposes
使い方 【つかいかた】way to use something, treatment, management (of help)
使者 【ししゃ】messenger, envoy, emissary
使用者 【しようしゃ】① user, consumer ② employer
使用料 【しようりょう】rent, hire
四方 【しほう】every direction
四方 【よも】every direction
始業 【しぎょう】start of work, commencement, opening
子会社 【こがいしゃ】subsidiary (company)
子弟 【してい】young(er) people
思いやり 【おもいやり】consideration, sympathy
思いとどまる 【おもいとどまる】to give up (a plan or idea), to desist from (doing)
思いっきり 【おもいっきり】with all one's strength, with all one's heart, resignation, resolution
思い切る 【おもいきる】① to give up all thoughts of, to abandon, to despair of ② to make up one's mind, to take a momentous decision
思わく 【おもわく】① expectation, prediction, forecast ② anticipation, speculation
上手くいく 【うまくいく】to go smoothly, to turn out well, to do the trick, to have peaceful relations
死去 【しきょ】death
死後 【しご】after death
死者 【ししゃ】casualty, deceased
死人 【しにん】corpse, dead person
私 【あたくし】I, me
私 【あたい】I, me
私 【あて】I, me
私見 【しけん】personal opinion
私立 【わたくしりつ】private (establishment)
試行 【しこう】making an attempt, trial run
試作 【しさく】trial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
試写 【ししゃ】preview, private showing
試食 【ししょく】sampling food
試料 【しりょう】sample, test piece
ことによる① depending on the circumstances ② due to (with modifying verb)
事後 【じご】after-, post-, ex-
字引 【じびき】dictionary
持ち出す 【もちだす】① to take out, to carry out, to bring out from where it belongs ② to mention something, to broach a topic, to bring up (a subject), to raise (an issue), to mention
持ち前 【もちまえ】one's nature, characteristic
持っていく 【もっていく】to take, to carry (something) away
持って行く 【もっていく】to take, to carry (something) away
持っていく 【もってゆく】to take, to carry (something) away
持ってくる 【もってくる】to bring
持病 【じびょう】chronic disease
時間切れ 【じかんぎれ】① being out of time, passing the deadline ② time-out
時計 【ときはかり】watch, clock, timepiece
自家 【じか】own, personal, autologous
自国 【じこく】one's own country
自作 【じさく】one's own work
自社 【じしゃ】① one's company, company one works for ② in-house, belonging to the company
自前 【じまえ】① taking care one's responsibilities by oneself, one's own efforts, one's own expense ② going into business for oneself (selling one's own products), entrepreneur of such a business
自体 【じたい】itself
自転車 【じでんしゃ】bicycle
自白 【じはく】confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment
自発 【じはつ】spontaneous
自力 【じりき】by oneself, self-made
室長 【しつちょう】room monitor
質 【たち】quality, nature (of person)
質屋 【しちや】pawnshop
社員 【しゃいん】① company employee ② company stockholders (esp. in legal contexts), members of a corporation
社会学 【しゃかいがく】sociology
社会人 【しゃかいじん】working adult, full-fledged member of society
社外 【しゃがい】outside the company
社名 【しゃめい】name of company
車体 【しゃたい】body (of car), frame
車道 【しゃどう】roadway
借り入れ 【かりいれ】debt
借地 【しゃくち】leased land
借入金 【かりいれきん】loan, loan payable, debt
主たる 【しゅたる】main, principal, major
主として 【しゅとして】mainly
主計 【しゅけい】paymaster, accountant
主力 【しゅりょく】main force, chief object, mainline
手がける 【てがける】to make, to do, to produce, to work on
手に入る 【てにはいる】to obtain, to come into possession of, to get hold of, to get one's hands on
手に入れる 【てにいれる】to obtain, to procure
手ごわい 【てごわい】difficult, tough, stubborn, redoubtable
手口 【てぐち】modus operandi, criminal technique, trick
手始め 【てはじめ】outset, start, beginning
手持ち 【てもち】holdings, goods on hand
手書き 【てがき】① handwriting ② skilled penman
手書き 【てかき】① handwriting ② skilled penman
手足 【てあし】one's hands and feet, limbs
手動 【しゅどう】manual (operation)
手立て 【てだて】means, method
手話 【しゅわ】sign language
秋口 【あきぐち】beginning of autumn, beginning of fall
秋風 【あきかぜ】autumn breeze, fall breeze
終日 【ひねもす】all day, for a whole day
終日 【ひめもす】all day, for a whole day
終日 【ひもすがら】all day, for a whole day
集い 【つどい】meeting, get-together (e.g. among friends)
住まう 【すまう】to live, to reside, to inhabit
住み心地 【すみごこち】comfort (in living place)
住人 【じゅうにん】dweller, inhabitant, resident
住友 【すみとも】Sumitomo (company)
住友銀行 【すみともぎんこう】Sumitomo Bank
十字 【じゅうじ】cross, crossed, cruciform
重さ 【おもさ】weight
重る 【おもる】to get heavy, to grow serious
重工業 【じゅうこうぎょう】heavy industry
重心 【じゅうしん】① centre of gravity (center) ② centroid, barycenter ③ (one's) balance
重病 【じゅうびょう】serious illness
出足 【であし】① start, turnout ② constant forward movement (sumo)
出店 【でみせ】① food stand, food stall ② branch store
出方 【でかた】① attitude, move ② theater usher, theatre usher
出力 【しゅつりょく】output (e.g. of dynamo)
春休み 【はるやすみ】spring break, spring vacation
春秋 【しゅんじゅう】① spring and autumn, spring and fall, months and years ② the Chronicles of Lu or the Spring and Autumn Annals - one of the Five Classics
春秋 【はるあき】① spring and autumn, spring and fall, months and years ② the Chronicles of Lu or the Spring and Autumn Annals - one of the Five Classics
春先 【はるさき】beginning of spring
書き方 【かきかた】① way of writing, manner of writing ② penmanship (esp. used in old textbooks), calligraphy ③ format (e.g. of a report) ④ stroke order of a character
書院 【しょいん】drawing room, study, publishing house, writing alcove
書体 【しょたい】calligraphic style, calligraphic styles, typeface
小言 【こごと】scolding, fault-finding
小品 【しょうひん】something very small, essay, literary sketch
小物 【こもの】accessories, small articles
上映 【じょうえい】① screening (a movie), showing ② to screen a movie
上手 【じょうて】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
上手 【じょうしゅ】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
上場 【じょうじょう】listing a stock
上体 【じょうたい】upper body
上田 【じょうでん】high rice field, very fertile rice field
色気 【いろけ】① colouring, coloring, shade of colour, shade of color ② interest in the opposite sex, sex appeal, sensuality, seductiveness, glamor, glamour, sexual passion ③ romance, poetry, charm ④ desire, interest, inclination, ambition
色紙 【しきし】square fancy cardboard, used for autographs, poetry, etc.
食い止める 【くいとめる】to check, to hold back
食道 【しょくどう】esophagus, gullet, esophageal
食肉 【しょくにく】meat (for consumption)
食用 【しょくよう】for use as food, edible
心をこめて 【こころをこめて】wholeheartedly
心外 【しんがい】wholly unexpected, regrettable, unthinkable
心がける 【こころがける】to keep in mind, to bear in mind, to try, to aim to do, to endeavor, to endeavour
心待ち 【こころまち】anticipation, expectation
心理学 【しんりがく】psychology
新語 【しんご】new word, neologism, word of recent origin, recent word, modern term
新作 【しんさく】new work, new production
新車 【しんしゃ】new car
新手 【あらて】fresh supply of troops, newcomer, new method
新生 【しんせい】rebirth, new birth, nascent
新体 【しんたい】new style
新入 【しんにゅう】newly arrived, joined, newly-entered
新年 【しんねん】New Year
新発売 【しんはつばい】new product or model
新風 【しんぷう】new style
新聞紙 【しんぶんし】newsprint, newspaper
真 【しん】① truth, reality, genuineness ② seriousness ③ logical TRUE ④ printed style writing ⑤ star performer
真意 【しんい】real intention, true motive, true meaning
真夏 【まなつ】midsummer
真新しい 【まあたらしい】brand new
真冬 【まふゆ】midwinter
真夜中 【まよなか】dead of night, midnight
親子 【おやこ】parent and child
親子 【しんし】parent and child
親族 【しんぞく】relatives
親日 【しんにち】pro-Japanese
親分 【おやぶん】boss, kingpin, chief, head (e.g. of a crime syndicate)
親方 【おやかた】① master ② coach in professional sumo
三方 【さんぼう】① three sides ② small offering stand
三方 【さんぽう】① three sides ② small offering stand
姉妹 【きょうだい】sisters
私事 【しじ】personal affairs
七夕 【たなばた】Festival of the Weaver (July 7th), Star Festival
七夕 【しちせき】Festival of the Weaver (July 7th), Star Festival
借家 【しゃくや】house for rent, rented house, renting a house
借家 【しゃっか】house for rent, rented house, renting a house
借家 【かりや】house for rent, rented house, renting a house
借家 【かりいえ】house for rent, rented house, renting a house
主人 【あるじ】head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady, master (of a servant)
少女 【おとめ】young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter
手のひら 【てのひら】the palm (of one's hand)
上院 【しょういん】Upper House, Senate, Lords
上院 【じょういん】Upper House, Senate, Lords
上手 【かみて】① upper part ② upper stream, upper course of a river ③ right side of the stage (audience's or camera's POV), stage left (actor's POV) ④ skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (only in comparisons) ⑤ over-arm grip on opponent's belt (sumo)
上方 【かみがた】Kyoto and vicinity
上方 【じょうほう】upper region or part
思い 【おもい】thought, mind, heart, feelings, emotion, sentiment, love, affection, desire, wish, hope, expectation, imagination, experience
重み 【おもみ】importance, weight, dignity, emphasis
子牛 【こうし】calf
小牛 【こうし】calf
小売り 【こうり】retail
十代 【じゅうだい】the teens (10-19), teenage, the tenth generation
少なからず 【すくなからず】considerably, not a little, in no small numbers
手すり 【てすり】handrail, railing
手作り 【てづくり】handmade, homegrown, hand-crafted, homemade
とめがねclasp, snap fastener
持ち主 【もちぬし】owner, proprietor
室町 【むろまち】Muromachi (era 1392-1573, or 1333-1573, or 1336-1573)
思い切って 【おもいきって】resolutely, boldly, daringly
親しみ 【したしみ】intimacy, affection, familiarity
自問 【じもん】asking oneself
週休 【しゅうきゅう】weekly holiday
小売り店 【こうりてん】retail store, retail shop
小売店 【こうりてん】retail store, retail shop
止めどなく 【とめどなく】endlessly, ceaselessly
時事 【じじ】events of the day, current affairs
新春 【しんしゅん】New Year (Spring)
小口 【こぐち】small amount, (cut) end, edge, beginning, clue, section
親会社 【おやがいしゃ】parent company
社屋 【しゃおく】company office building
私学 【しがく】private (non-governmental) school (college, university)
私語 【しご】whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
私語 【ささやき】whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
新世界 【しんせかい】a new world, the New World
書家 【しょか】calligrapher, individual with good penmanship
試験場 【しけんじょう】examination hall (room), laboratory
三者 【さんしゃ】three persons, three parties
三代 【さんだい】① three generations, three periods ② third generation
三度 【さんど】three times
山手 【やまて】hilly (residential) section of a city (e.g. Tokyo, Kobe)
山野 【さんや】hills and fields, countryside
思い起こす 【おもいおこす】to recall, to remember
思い思い 【おもいおもい】just as one likes, as one pleases
死に体 【しにたい】losing posture (sumo), hopeless situation
私大 【しだい】private university or college
私服 【しふく】civilian clothes, plain clothes
私文書 【しぶんしょ】private document
紙上 【しじょう】on paper, in the newspapers, in a letter
持ち家 【もちいえ】one's (own) house
持ち帰る 【もちかえる】to carry back or home, to take out (e.g. food)
持ち出し 【もちだし】an item carried out, provide money (oneself)
持ち味 【もちあじ】inherent flavor, inherent flavour, distinctive characteristic
自家用 【じかよう】for private or home use
自室 【じしつ】one's own room
写真集 【しゃしんしゅう】collection of photographs, photoalbum
社会運動 【しゃかいうんどう】social movement
社会事業 【しゃかいじぎょう】social work
社会問題 【しゃかいもんだい】social problem
手中 【しゅちゅう】in one's hands, in one's control
週明け 【しゅうあけ】beginning of the week, new week opening, Monday
重き 【おもき】importance, emphasis, stress
重度 【じゅうど】heavy, severe
出走 【しゅっそう】entry in a race
手引書 【てびきしょ】handbook, manual, guide, primer
新田 【しんでん】a new rice field
新品 【しんぴん】(brand-)new article
新書 【しんしょ】① new book ② 17 x 11 cm paperbook book
親書 【しんしょ】handwritten or autograph letter
小手先 【こてさき】(superficial) cleverness
持ち帰り 【もちかえり】takeout (i.e. food)
場外 【じょうがい】outside the hall or stadium, off the premises
上野 【うえの】section of Tokyo
心意気 【こころいき】spirit, disposition
思いやる 【おもいやる】to be considerate, to sympathize with, to sympathise with
心から 【しんから】from the bottom of one's heart, heart and soul, by nature
心から 【こころから】from the bottom of one's heart, heart and soul, by nature
真の 【しんの】true, real, genuine, proper, utter
重し 【おもし】① stone weight (as used on pickle-tub covers) ② weight (as used in balances)
手前 【てめえ】① you (used by young males) ② oneself
質問をする 【しつもんをする】to ask a question, to ask questions
仕事始め 【しごとはじめ】resuming work after the new year's vacation
いろいろあってwhat with this and that, for a number of reasons
姉 【ねえ】① used after the name of someone who is an older sister figure ② used with various honorifics to mean (older) sister
出店 【しゅってん】① to set up a food stall or booth (bazaar, festival) ② to open a branch office
主 【あるじ】head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady, master (of a servant)
三角 【さんかく】triangle, triangular
三十八度線 【さんじゅうはちどせん】the Thirty-eighth Parallel
三選 【さんせん】third-term election
三役 【さんやく】three highest ranks (wrestling, unions, etc.)
三流 【さんりゅう】3rd rate
参院 【さんいん】House of Councillors
参加者 【さんかしゃ】participant, entrant
参画 【さんかく】taking part in planning
参観 【さんかん】visit, inspection
参考書 【さんこうしょ】reference book
参事 【さんじ】secretary, councillor, councilor
参道 【さんどう】road approaching a shrine
参入 【さんにゅう】coming, visiting, going
参列 【さんれつ】attendance, participation, presence
山登り 【やまのぼり】mountain climbing, mountaineering
算出 【さんしゅつ】calculation, computation
算定 【さんてい】calculation, estimation, computation
残業 【ざんぎょう】overtime (work)
残留 【ざんりゅう】① residual, residue ② stay behind, stay back
仕草 【しぐさ】action, acting, gesture, bearing, treatment, behavior, behaviour
四つ角 【よつかど】four corners, crossroads
四球 【しきゅう】four balls, base on balls (baseball), a walk
四半期 【しはんき】quarter (of a year)
子守 【こもり】① babysitter, nursemaid ② babysitting
市営 【しえい】municipal management
市外 【しがい】outside the city area, suburbs
市中 【しちゅう】in the city
市町村 【しちょうそん】cities, towns and villages, municipalities
市長 【しちょう】mayor
市内 【しない】(within a) city, local
市部 【しぶ】urban areas
市役所 【しやくしょ】municipal office, council, city hall
市立 【しりつ】municipal, city
市立 【いちりつ】municipal, city
思い直す 【おもいなおす】to re-think, to think back upon, to change one's mind
思い当たる 【おもいあたる】to come to mind, to recall, to think of
思春期 【ししゅんき】puberty
指数 【しすう】index, index number, exponent (e.g. in floating-point representation), characteristic
指先 【ゆびさき】fingertip
指名 【しめい】name, nominate, designate
指名手配 【しめいてはい】① to want (e.g. for questioning by the police), to put on the wanted list ② wanted (e.g. for questioning)
死活 【しかつ】life and-or death
死球 【しきゅう】hit a batter by pitching a ball (baseball)
死語 【しご】dead language, obsolete word
私書箱 【ししょばこ】post office box
私生活 【しせいかつ】one's private life
私的 【してき】personal, private, proprietary
糸口 【いとぐち】thread end, beginning, clue
紙面 【しめん】space (page)
試運転 【しうんてん】trial run, test run
試金石 【しきんせき】touchstone, test case
試算 【しさん】trial calculation, preliminary calculation
試薬 【しやく】reagent
試練 【しれん】test, trial, probation, ordeal, tribulation
歯ブラシ 【はブラシ】toothbrush
歯ごたえ 【はごたえ】feel (consistency) of food while being chewed
歯科医 【しかい】dentist
歯止め 【はどめ】① brake, skid, pawl ② restraint, curtailment, self-imposed limit, check
歯切れ 【はぎれ】the feel when biting, manner of enunciation
事業所 【じぎょうしょ】plant, enterprise place, office
事実上 【じじつじょう】(as a) matter of fact, actually, in reality
事実無根 【じじつむこん】groundless, entirely contrary to fact
事例 【じれい】example, precedent
字形 【じけい】character style or form
持ち直す 【もちなおす】to recover, to rally, to improve, to pick up
時点 【じてん】point in time, occasion
次回 【じかい】next time (occasion)
次期 【じき】① next term, next period ② next version, next release
次代 【じだい】the next era
次長 【じちょう】vice-, assistant director, vice-director
次点 【じてん】runner-up
自営 【じえい】independent, self-employed, self-supporting, operating own business
自活 【じかつ】self-support
自主的 【じしゅてき】independent, autonomous, voluntary, of one's own initiative, unilateral
自然に 【しぜんに】naturally, smoothly, spontaneously
自他 【じた】① oneself and others ② transitive and intransitive
自伝 【じでん】autobiography
自動的 【じどうてき】automatic
自発的 【じはつてき】spontaneous, voluntary
自費 【じひ】one's own expense, out-of-pocket expense
自筆 【じひつ】one's own handwriting
自負 【じふ】conceit, bragging about one's own ability
自分自身 【じぶんじしん】oneself, myself
自明 【じめい】obvious, self-evident, trivial, axiomatic, self-explanatory
自由化 【じゆうか】liberalization, liberalisation, freeing
室内 【しつない】indoor, inside the room
室内楽 【しつないがく】chamber music
質的 【しつてき】qualitative
質量 【しつりょう】mass
実 【じち】① truth, reality ② sincerity, honesty, fidelity ③ content, substance ④ (good) result
実り 【みのり】① ripening (of a crop) ② crop, harvest
実業 【じつぎょう】industry, business
実兄 【じっけい】one's own elder brother
実験室 【じっけんしつ】laboratory
実質的 【じっしつてき】substantial
実数 【じっすう】real number
実体 【じったい】substance, entity, object
実地 【じっち】① practice, practise ② the actual site
実名 【じつめい】real name
実用的 【じつようてき】practical
実力行使 【じつりょくこうし】use of force
実話 【じつわ】true story
社会面 【しゃかいめん】society or local news page
社交的 【しゃこうてき】sociable
社内 【しゃない】within a company, in-house
車線 【しゃせん】traffic lane, road lane
車内 【しゃない】inside a carriage
車両 【しゃりょう】rolling stock, railroad cars, vehicles
弱気 【よわき】timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
弱者 【じゃくしゃ】weak person, the weak
弱体 【じゃくたい】weak (organization, organisation)
弱虫 【よわむし】coward, weakling
主観的 【しゅかんてき】subjective
主計局 【しゅけいきょく】budget bureau
主体的 【しゅたいてき】independent, responsible, active, proactive
主犯 【しゅはん】principal offence, principal offense, principal offender
主筆 【しゅひつ】editor-in-chief
主流 【しゅりゅう】main current (stream), mainline, mainstream
取り外す 【とりはずす】to dismantle, to demount, to take something away, to detach
取り残す 【とりのこす】to leave behind
取り返す 【とりかえす】to regain, to recover, to get back
守り 【まもり】① protection, defense, defence ② providence ③ amulet, charm, talisman
手荷物 【てにもつ】hand luggage, hand baggage
手記 【しゅき】note, memorandum
手形 【てがた】① draft, draught, promissory note ② signed hand-print (sumo)
手助け 【てだすけ】a help
手数料 【てすうりょう】handling charge, commission
手直し 【てなおし】adjustment, tweaking, improvement, modification, tinkering, minor alteration, correction
酒屋 【さかや】① liquor store, wine shop, bottle shop ② sake dealer, liquor-store owner, brewer
酒類 【しゅるい】alcoholic drinks, liquor
首長 【しゅちょう】head (of organization, organisation), chief
受け皿 【うけざら】① saucer ② receptacle for things, receiving something (e.g. funds)
受取 【うけとり】receipt
受け取 【うけとり】receipt
受取り 【うけとり】receipt