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Words 17001-19500 in EDICT_SUB not included in KB's N5-N1 sets.
*Some katakana words and names were not recognized when importing.
*Some rare character usage was rejected by KB's parsing algorithm.
*Some words may just be variations on words in KB's N5-N1 sets.

1758 entriesCreated by Derrick W. — Last modified: 2014-12-26 10:48:57
天 【あめ】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
天 【あま】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
天下り 【あまくだり】retiring high-ranking government officials taking a lucrative job in a private or semi-private corporation
電子メールemail, e-mail, electronic mail
東 【ひむかし】east
東 【ひんがし】east
東南 【とうなん】south-east
東南 【ひがしみなみ】south-east
東北 【とうほく】① north-east ② Northern most six prefectures of Honshu
東北 【ひがしきた】① north-east ② Northern most six prefectures of Honshu
読み書き 【よみかき】reading and writing
読書 【とくしょ】reading
南アフリカ 【みなみアフリカ】South Africa
二 【ふた】two
二 【ふ】two
二 【ふう】two
二月 【にがつ】February
二見 【ふたみ】forked (road, river)
二人とも 【ふたりとも】both (people)
二百十日 【にひゃくとおか】210th day (from the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar), the storm day
二百二十日 【にひゃくはつか】220th day, end of the storm period
二分 【にぶん】① halving, bisection ② the two equinoxes (vernal and autumnal)
日ごろ 【ひごろ】normally, habitually
日食 【にっしょく】solar eclipse
日中 【ひなか】① daytime, during the day ② Sino-Japanese
日本語 【にっぽんご】Japanese (language)
日本人 【にほんじん】Japanese person, Japanese people
日本人 【にっぽんじん】Japanese person, Japanese people
入り 【いり】① entering ② setting (of the sun) ③ containing, content, audience ④ income ⑤ beginning
入金 【にゅうきん】deposit, payment, money received, money due
入国 【にゅうこく】entry to a country
年下 【としした】younger, junior
年金 【ねんきん】annuity, pension
年上 【としうえ】older, senior
年男 【としおとこ】Man of the Year, referring to a man born in a year with the same Chinese zodiac sign as the current year
年来 【ねんらい】for some years
白書 【はくしょ】white paper
白人 【はくじん】white person, Caucasian
八月 【はちがつ】August
半生 【はんせい】half a lifetime
百 【もも】100, hundred
百万 【ひゃくまん】① 1,000,000, one million, million ② many
父子 【ふし】father and child (son)
父母 【ちちはは】father and mother, parents
分かつ 【わかつ】① to divide, to separate ② to share, to distribute ③ to distinguish
分かり 【わかり】understanding, comprehension
分け 【わけ】① sharing, division ② draw, tie
分校 【ぶんこう】branch school
聞かす 【きかす】to inform about, to read to, to sing for
天の川 【あまのがわ】Milky Way
南国 【なんこく】southern countries
南国 【なんごく】southern countries
南西 【なんせい】southwest
南西 【みなみにし】southwest
南東 【なんとう】southeast
南東 【みなみひがし】southeast
二七日 【ふたなぬか】second week's memorial services
二七日 【ふたなのか】second week's memorial services
二人 【ににん】two persons, two people, pair, couple
年々 【ねんねん】years, year by year, annually, considering his age
年々 【としどし】years, year by year, annually, considering his age
八 【やっつ】eight
八 【や】eight
八 【やつ】eight
半月 【はんつき】① half-moon ② half month ③ semicircle
半月 【はんげつ】① half-moon ② half month ③ semicircle
半日 【はんにち】half day
半日 【はんじつ】half day
半年 【はんとし】half year
半年 【はんねん】half year
二十 【はたち】20 years old
半々 【はんはん】half and half, fifty-fifty
日日 【ひび】every day, daily, day after day, days (e.g. good old days)
日々 【にちにち】every day, daily, day after day, days (e.g. good old days)
分かち 【わかち】distinction, differentiation, discrimination
分け前 【わけまえ】share, portion, quota, cut
日日 【ひにち】the number of days, date
日に日に 【ひにひに】day by day, by the day
八十 【はちじゅう】eighty
八十 【やそ】eighty
二百 【にひゃく】two hundred, 200
読みにくい 【よみにくい】hard to read, illegible
日本一 【にほんいち】Japan's best, number one in Japan
日本一 【にっぽんいち】Japan's best, number one in Japan
聞き書き 【ききがき】account of what one hears
日出 【にっしゅつ】sunrise
日 【か】① day of month ② counter for days
二分 【にふん】two minutes
土 【ど】① Saturday ② earth (third of the five elements)
ふり① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
通り 【どおり】① in accordance with ..., following ... ② .. Street, .. Avenue
通院 【つういん】commuting to hospital
通行止め 【つうこうどめ】closure (of a road), dead end, blind alley, cul-de-sac, No Through Road (e.g. on a sign)
通夜 【つや】all-night vigil over a body, wake
通話 【つうわ】① telephone call, talking, calling ② counter for telephone calls
天使 【てんし】angel
天文 【てんもん】astronomy
天文学 【てんもんがく】astronomy
天文台 【てんもんだい】astronomical observatory
天理 【てんり】natural laws, rule of heaven
店主 【てんしゅ】shopkeeper
店先 【みせさき】store front
店長 【てんちょう】shop manager
転出 【てんしゅつ】moving-out
転売 【てんばい】resale
転用 【てんよう】diversion, putting something to another use
田 【た】rice field
電通大 【でんつうだい】University of Electro-Communications
電動 【でんどう】electric
土建屋 【どけんや】general (civil engineering and construction) contractor
冬休み 【ふゆやすみ】winter vacation
東海 【とうかい】region south of Tokyo on Pacific Ocean side of Japan, eastern sea
東京 【とうきょう】Tokyo (current capital of Japan)
東口 【ひがしぐち】east entrance
東方 【とうほう】① eastern direction ② the Orient
東方 【ひがしがた】① eastern direction ② the Orient
動じる 【どうじる】to be perturbed, to be agitated
動画 【どうが】① animation, motion picture, moving image, video ② in-betweening (in anime)
同じく 【おなじく】similarly, same (idea), same (name)
同業 【どうぎょう】same trade, same business
同月 【どうげつ】the same month
同校 【どうこう】same school
同行 【どうぎょう】fellow pilgrim, fellow practicer of austerities
同行 【どうこう】① accompanying, travelling together, traveling together ② same bank
同国 【どうこく】the same country, the same province, the said country
同時代 【どうじだい】the same age, same period
同室 【どうしつ】the same room
同社 【どうしゃ】the same firm
同地 【どうち】the same place, that place
同町 【どうちょう】the same town, that town
同店 【どうてん】the same store, the same shop
同日 【どうじつ】the same day
同年 【どうねん】that year, same year, same age
同病 【どうびょう】the same sickness
同夜 【どうや】the same night, that night
堂 【どう】① temple, shrine, hall ② prefix to building meaning "magnificent"
道のり 【みちのり】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
道理 【どうり】reason, truth
特使 【とくし】special envoy
特質 【とくしつ】characteristic, feature, special quality
特大 【とくだい】extra-large
読み方 【よみかた】way of reading, how to read
南海 【なんかい】southern sea
南口 【みなみぐち】south entrance
南方 【なんぽう】south, southern, southward
二院 【にいん】the two houses of legislature
二死 【にし】two out (e.g. in baseball), two down (and one to go)
二重 【にじゅう】double, two-fold, two layers, duplex
二重 【ふたえ】double, two-fold, two layers, duplex
二世 【にせい】① second generation, foreigner of Japanese parentage ② junior ③ two existences, the present and the future ④ the second (king of the same name)
二度 【にど】① two times, twice ② two degrees
二本立て 【にほんだて】double feature (movie)
肉 【しし】① flesh ② meat ③ the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) ④ thickness ⑤ ink pad
肉屋 【にくや】butcher
肉食 【にくしょく】① meat eating, eating of meat, meat diet ② carnivorous
日本画 【にほんが】Japanese paintings
日本海 【にほんかい】Sea of Japan
日本海 【にっぽんかい】Sea of Japan
日立 【ひたち】Hitachi (company)
入学試験 【にゅうがくしけん】entrance examination
入試 【にゅうし】entrance examination
入室 【にゅうしつ】entering a room, studying under a Buddhist teacher
入力 【にゅうりょく】input, (data) entry
年会 【ねんかい】conference, annual convention
年始 【ねんし】New Year's call, beginning of the year, New Year's greetings
年明け 【ねんあけ】① beginning of the year, early in the new year ② expiration of a term of service
年明け 【としあけ】① beginning of the year, early in the new year ② expiration of a term of service
買い出し 【かいだし】purchase, buying in quantity
売り物 【うりもの】article for sale, offering, For Sale
白黒 【しろくろ】① black and white, monochrome ② good and evil, right and wrong, guilt and innocence
白紙 【はくし】blank paper, white paper
白鳥 【はくちょう】① swan (Cygnus Bechstein, Cygnus ssp.) ② white-feathered bird
白鳥 【しろとり】① swan (Cygnus Bechstein, Cygnus ssp.) ② white-feathered bird
白鳥 【しらとり】① swan (Cygnus Bechstein, Cygnus ssp.) ② white-feathered bird
八千代 【やちよ】eternity, thousands of years
八方 【はっぽう】all sides
発する 【はっする】to fire (a gun), to emit, to give forth
発火 【はっか】firing, ignition
発送 【はっそう】sending, forwarding, shipping
発着 【はっちゃく】arrival and departure
発注 【はっちゅう】ordering (materials), placing an order, order
発動 【はつどう】invoke (law), put into operation
病死 【びょうし】(dying a) natural death
病室 【びょうしつ】sickroom, hospital room
病人 【びょうにん】sick person, patient
病名 【びょうめい】name of a disease
品切れ 【しなぎれ】out of stock
品目 【ひんもく】list of articles
不気味 【ぶきみ】weird, ominous, eerie, uncanny, ghastly
不作 【ふさく】poor crop, crop failure
不十分 【ふじゅうぶん】insufficient, inadequate, imperfect, shortage
不親切 【ふしんせつ】unkindness, unfriendliness
不人気 【ふにんき】unpopular
不注意 【ふちゅうい】carelessness, inattention, thoughtlessness
不動 【ふどう】immobility, firmness, fixed, steadfastness, motionless, idle
不発 【ふはつ】misfire
不本意 【ふほんい】reluctance, unwilling
不問 【ふもん】ignorance
不用意 【ふようい】unpreparedness, carelessness
風雨 【ふうう】wind and rain
風通し 【かぜとおし】ventilation
風通し 【かざとおし】ventilation
風力 【ふうりょく】wind power
服用 【ふくよう】taking medicine, dosing
物心 【ものごころ】awareness of things around one, ability to understand what is going on around oneself, judgment, judgement, discretion
物品 【ぶっぴん】goods, articles
物理学 【ぶつりがく】physics
分かれ目 【わかれめ】① fork, junction, parting of the ways ② turning point
分別 【ふんべつ】discernment, discretion, judgement, judgment, discrimination
分別 【ぶんべつ】separation (e.g. of rubbish when recycling), classification, discrimination, division, distinction
分立 【ぶんりつ】segregation, separation, independence
文学者 【ぶんがくしゃ】literary person
文楽 【ぶんらく】Japanese puppet theatre (theater), bunraku
文字通り 【もじどおり】① literal ② literally
文中 【ぶんちゅう】① in the document ② Bunchuu era (of the Southern Court) (1372.4.?-1375.5.27)
聞き手 【ききて】① hearer, listener, audience ② interviewer, questioner
弟 【おとと】younger brother
弟子 【ていし】pupil, disciple, adherent, follower, apprentice, young person, teacher's student-helper
天地 【あめつち】① heaven and earth, the universe, nature, top and bottom, realm, sphere, world ② top and bottom ③ gods of heaven and earth
店 【てん】-store, -shop
同人 【どうじん】literary group (coterie), same person, said person, clique, fraternity, kindred spirits, comrade, colleague
同人 【どうにん】literary group (coterie), same person, said person, clique, fraternity, kindred spirits, comrade, colleague
入口 【いりぐち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
入口 【いりくち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
入り口 【いりくち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
入り口 【はいりぐち】entrance, entry, gate, approach, mouth
文書 【もんじょ】document, writing, letter, paperwork, note, records, archives
売り手 【うりて】seller, vendor
買い手 【かいて】buyer
買手 【かいて】buyer
買物 【かいもの】shopping, purchased goods
同名 【どうめい】same name
同名 【どうみょう】same name
売春 【ばいしゅん】prostitution
読み物 【よみもの】reading matter, reading material
不意に 【ふいに】suddenly, abruptly, unexpectedly
発起人 【ほっきにん】originator, promoter
文教 【ぶんきょう】education, culture
風味 【ふうみ】taste, flavor, flavour
二つ目 【ふたつめ】one after next, second
白色 【はくしょく】white
買い 【かい】① buying, shopping ② buyer ③ purchase
通い 【かよい】coming and going, commuting
物言い 【ものいい】① manner of speaking ② verbal argument ③ objection, protesting a decision (esp. that of a sumo referee) ④ rumor, rumour
売上高 【うりあげだか】sales, amount sold, proceeds
八重 【やえ】multilayered, doubled
読み悪い 【よみにくい】hard to read, illegible
冬場 【ふゆば】the winter season
病理 【びょうり】pathology
百八十度 【ひゃくはちじゅうど】180 degrees, complete change
物別れ 【ものわかれ】failure to reach agreement
日の目 【ひのめ】sunlight
買い入れ 【かいいれ】buying, purchasing, laying in
買い上げ 【かいあげ】buying, purchasing
売上金 【うりあげきん】proceeds
南北問題 【なんぼくもんだい】North-South problem
白地 【しろじ】white background
通じ 【つうじ】① understanding ② bowel movement, evacuation
売り 【うり】① sale, selling ② selling point, gimmick
通し 【とおし】direct, right through, straight
日本銀行 【にっぽんぎんこう】Bank of Japan, BOJ, BoJ
日本銀行 【にほんぎんこう】Bank of Japan, BOJ, BoJ
入館料 【にゅうかんりょう】admission fee
通年 【つうねん】all year, year round
動き出す 【うごきだす】to come alive, to get going, to start to move
日本社会 【にほんしゃかい】Japanese society
道 【どう】① road ② way ③ Buddhist teachings ④ Taoism ⑤ modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido) ⑥ historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.) ⑦ province (Tang-era administrative region of China) ⑧ province (modern administrative region of Korea)
表れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
美味い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
飛び上がる 【とびあがる】to spring, to jump up, to fly up, to skip
追い打ち 【おいうち】final blow, attacking while pursuing, attacking the routed enemy
追求 【ついきゅう】① pursuing (goal), pursuit, seeking, search ② to pursue (e.g. goal), to seek
追究 【ついきゅう】investigation (e.g. academically, of the unknown), enquiry, inquiry
通算 【つうさん】total
通商 【つうしょう】commerce, trade
通例 【つうれい】usually, customarily
低める 【ひくめる】to lower, to be lowered
低学年 【ていがくねん】lower grades in school
低水準 【ていすいじゅん】substandard, low-level
低調 【ていちょう】inactive, slow, sluggish, slack, low tone, undertone, dullness, (market) weakness
低迷 【ていめい】hanging low (over), hovering around (price level), low hanging (e.g. clouds), sluggish (e.g. economy), slump, recession
低落 【ていらく】fall, decline, slump
定か 【さだか】definite, sure
定額 【ていがく】ration, fixed amount
定時 【ていじ】regular time, stated period
定住 【ていじゅう】settlement
定数 【ていすう】① constant ② literal ③ quorum (for an assembly) ④ fate
定着 【ていちゃく】establishing
定量 【ていりょう】fixed quantity
定例 【ていれい】regularity
庭園 【ていえん】garden, park
庭木 【にわき】garden tree
的確 【てっかく】precise, accurate
的中 【てきちゅう】strike home, hit the mark, become realized, become realised
鉄板 【てっぱん】iron plate
店頭 【てんとう】shop front, counter, shop, over-the-counter (financial)
店内 【てんない】store interior
転向 【てんこう】conversion, shift, about-face, switch
転身 【てんしん】(job) turnover
点字 【てんじ】Braille
伝う 【つたう】to go along, to walk along, to follow
伝送 【でんそう】transmission, communication, circulation, dissemination, diffusion, propagation, delivery
伝道 【でんどう】proselytizing, evangelism, missionary work
田園 【でんおん】① country, rural districts ② cultivated land, fields
田畑 【たはた】fields (of rice and other crops)
田畑 【でんぱた】fields (of rice and other crops)
田畑 【たはたけ】fields (of rice and other crops)
電化 【でんか】electrification
電光 【でんこう】lightning
電鉄 【でんてつ】electric railway
登記 【とうき】registry, registration
都度 【つど】each (every) time, whenever
都内 【とない】metropolitan area
都立 【とりつ】metropolitan (i.e. established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
度合 【どあい】degree, extent
度合い 【どあい】degree, extent
度数 【どすう】① frequency, number of times, incidence ② degree (e.g. temperature), strength (e.g. alcohol, lens, etc.)
土石 【どせき】earth and stones
冬季 【とうき】(season of) winter
冬物 【ふゆもの】winter clothing
島根 【しまね】island country
島内 【とうない】on the island
投じる 【とうじる】to throw, to cast, to invest
投球 【とうきゅう】pitching, throwing a ball, bowling (in cricket), pitched ball
投手 【とうしゅ】(baseball) pitcher
投石 【とうせき】stone throwing
投薬 【とうやく】administration, medication, dosage
東都 【とうと】the Eastern Capital (now Tokyo), Yedo, Edo
東部 【とうぶ】eastern part
当たり 【あたり】hit, success, reaching the mark, per ..., vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood
当の 【とうの】the ... in question
当期 【とうき】current term (period)
当局 【とうきょく】① authorities ② this office
当事 【とうじ】matter under concern
当事者 【とうじしゃ】person concerned, interested party, related party
当社 【とうしゃ】(this) shrine, (this) firm
当分 【とうぶん】for the present, currently, presently, at this time, for the next while
当方 【とうほう】us, me, my (our) part
当面 【とうめん】① current, urgent, pressing, impending ② to confront (an issue), to face (up to something) ③ for the meantime, at present
等身 【とうしん】body proportions
答申 【とうしん】report, reply, findings
頭角 【とうかく】distinguishing oneself, standing out, top of the head
頭金 【あたまきん】down payment, deposit
頭取 【とうどり】(bank) president
頭上 【ずじょう】overhead, high in sky
頭部 【とうぶ】① head, cranium ② cephalic
頭文字 【かしらもじ】① initials, initialism ② first letter of a word ③ acronym ④ capital letter
動植物 【どうしょくぶつ】plants and animals, flora and fauna
同期 【どうき】① contemporary, corresponding period, same period, same class ② synchronous, synchronization
同局 【どうきょく】the said bureau, the same bureau
同県 【どうけん】the same prefecture
同乗 【どうじょう】riding together, riding with
同数 【どうすう】same number
同船 【どうせん】the same ship, taking the same ship
同然 【どうぜん】similar to, same, right, proper, just, natural
同点 【どうてん】deadlock, tie, draw
同類 【どうるい】the same kind, accomplice, partner
導火線 【どうかせん】fuse
童心 【どうしん】child's mind, childlike innocence, naivete
特筆 【とくひつ】special mention
特例 【とくれい】special case, exception
読み返す 【よみかえす】to reread, to read again
内角 【ないかく】interior angle, inside corner (baseball)
内気 【うちき】bashfulness, shyness, reserve, timidity
内実 【ないじつ】the facts
内出血 【ないしゅっけつ】internal bleeding, internal haemorrhage, internal hemorrhage
内申 【ないしん】unofficial report, confidential report
内側 【うちがわ】inside, interior, inner part
内定 【ないてい】unofficial offer, tentative decision
内面 【ないめん】inside, interior
内野 【ないや】(baseball) infield, diamond
内野手 【ないやしゅ】infielder, baseman
南部 【なんぶ】southern part
二の次 【にのつぎ】secondary, subordinate
二階 【にかい】second floor, upstairs
二号 【にごう】number two, concubine
二次 【にじ】secondary, subordinate
二番 【にばん】second, number two, runner-up
二部 【にぶ】two parts, two copies, the second part
二流 【にりゅう】second-rate, inferior
肉筆 【にくひつ】① one's own handwriting, autograph ② as written with a brush
日米 【にちべい】Japan-America
日本式 【にほんしき】Japanese style
日本酒 【にほんしゅ】sake, Japanese rice wine
入園 【にゅうえん】enrollment in kindergarten, enrolment in kindergarten
入荷 【にゅうか】arrival of goods, goods received
入港 【にゅうこう】entry into port
入所 【にゅうしょ】entrance, admission, imprisonment, internment
入植 【にゅうしょく】settlement, immigration
入選 【にゅうせん】chosen (in a competition)
入門 【にゅうもん】primer, manual, entering an institute, introduction to
年額 【ねんがく】yearly amount
年次 【ねんじ】① annual ② fiscal year, school year ③ year (in some sequence)
年数 【ねんすう】number of years
年内 【ねんない】by the end of the year
年配 【ねんぱい】elderly, age, years
能楽 【のうがく】Noh play
能動 【のうどう】active
農 【のう】farming, agriculture
農園 【のうえん】plantation
農協 【のうきょう】agricultural cooperative
農作業 【のうさぎょう】farmwork
農林 【のうりん】agriculture and forestry
波止場 【はとば】wharf, quay, landing-stage, jetty
波長 【はちょう】wavelength
馬車 【ばしゃ】coach, carriage, wagon, cart
馬術 【ばじゅつ】horse-riding, horsemanship, equestrian art, dressage
馬力 【ばりき】horse-power, h.p., HP
配線 【はいせん】wiring
配送 【はいそう】delivery
配電 【はいでん】distribution of electricity
配当 【はいとう】dividend, share
買取 【かいとり】purchase, sale (transaction)
買い取り 【かいとり】purchase, sale (transaction)
白羽 【しらは】white feather
白血球 【はっけっきゅう】leukocyte, leucocyte, white blood cell
白血病 【はっけつびょう】leukemia
白線 【はくせん】white line
麦 【むぎ】wheat, barley, oat (oats)
麦茶 【むぎちゃ】barley tea
麦畑 【むぎばたけ】wheat field, barley field, cornfield
畑 【はた】① field (for fruits, vegetables, etc.), cultivated land, vegetable plot, kitchen garden, plantation ② field (of specialization), sphere, area
八つ当たり 【やつあたり】outburst of anger
発光 【はっこう】luminescence, radiation
発声 【はっせい】utterance, speaking
発電所 【はつでんしょ】power plant, power station
半額 【はんがく】half, half amount, half fare
半期 【はんき】half-term, half-time, half period
半身 【はんしん】half the body, half length
半数 【はんすう】① half the number ② haploid
半導体 【はんどうたい】semiconductor, solid-state
半面 【はんめん】half the face, one side, half, the other side, the reverse, the contrary
反 【たん】① variable measure of fabric (28.8 cm in width), for kimonos: at least 10 m in length, for haori: at least 7.27 m in length, for other clothes: at least 6.06 m in length ② 300 tsubo (991.74 meters square, 0.24506 acres) ③ six ken (10.91 m)
反す 【かえす】① to return (something), to restore, to put back ② to turn over, to turn upside down, to overturn ③ to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to repeat ..., to do ... back
反転 【はんてん】① rolling over ② turning around, turning from side to side, inversion, reversal ③ tonal inversion, (making a) negative image
反動 【はんどう】reaction, recoil, kick, backlash
反米 【はんべい】anti-American
反面 【はんめん】on the other hand
反落 【はんらく】reactionary fall (e.g. in stock prices)
犯行 【はんこう】crime, criminal act, offence, offense
番犬 【ばんけん】watchdog
悲観的 【ひかんてき】pessimistic
皮切り 【かわきり】beginning, start
飛び交う 【とびかう】to fly about, to flutter about, to flit about, to fly past each other
飛行船 【ひこうせん】airship, blimp
美学 【びがく】esthetics, aesthetics
美女 【びじょ】beautiful woman
鼻先 【はなさき】tip of nose
筆頭 【ひっとう】brush tip, first on a list
百合 【ゆり】lily, Lilium
氷山 【ひょうざん】iceberg
氷点下 【ひょうてんか】below freezing
表する 【ひょうする】to express, to show
表記 【ひょうき】writing (something), giving an address, declaration, inscribing on the face of, publishing (info), listing (prices), addressing (a package)
表決 【ひょうけつ】vote, voting
表向き 【おもてむき】outward appearance, ostensible, public, official
表題 【ひょうだい】title, index, heading
表通り 【おもてどおり】main street
表明 【ひょうめい】declaration, indication, representation, manifestation, demonstration, expression, announcement, assertion
表立って 【おもてだって】publicly, openly, ostensibly, formally
表立つ 【おもてだつ】to become public, to be known
病弱 【びょうじゃく】weak constitution
秒速 【びょうそく】per second
秒読み 【びょうよみ】countdown
不安定 【ふあんてい】instability, insecurity, crankiness
不快 【ふかい】unpleasant, displeasure, discomfort
不確か 【ふたしか】unreliable, uncertain, indefinite, unclear
不確実 【ふかくじつ】uncertain, unreliable, inauthentic, acataleptic
不公平 【ふこうへい】unfairness, injustice, partiality
不合理 【ふごうり】unreasonable, irrational, absurd, inconsistent
不死身 【ふじみ】invulnerability, immortality, insensibility to pain
不自然 【ふしぜん】unnatural, artificial, affected, strained
不全 【ふぜん】partial, incomplete, imperfect
不退転 【ふたいてん】determination, conviction
不断 【ふだん】① constancy, persistency, continuity ② indecisive
不都合 【ふつごう】inconvenience, inexpedience, trouble, harm, impropriety, wrongdoing
不能 【ふのう】incompetency, inefficiency, impossibility, weak point, imbecility
不平等 【ふびょうどう】inequality, unequal (treaties), unfair
不和 【ふわ】friction, discord, trouble, dissension, disagreement
負 【ふ】negative, minus
負け犬 【まけいぬ】① loser ② unmarried woman (with no children) over the age of 30
負荷 【ふか】burden, load (e.g. cpu time, electricity, etc.)
部員 【ぶいん】staff, member
部数 【ぶすう】no. of copies, circulation
部族 【ぶぞく】tribe, clan, house
部内 【ぶない】the staff, inside the department
部分的 【ぶぶんてき】partial(ly)
部落 【ぶらく】① hamlet, subunit of village ② burakumin area
風向き 【かざむき】wind's direction
風向き 【かぜむき】wind's direction
風情 【ふぜい】appearance, air, taste, elegance, entertainment, hospitality
風速 【ふうそく】wind speed
服役 【ふくえき】penal servitude, military service
福音 【ふくいん】① good news ② gospel (teachings or revelations of Jesus Christ)
物指 【ものさし】ruler, measure
物的 【ぶってき】material, physical
分化 【ぶんか】specialization, specialisation
分科会 【ぶんかかい】subcommittee, subworking group
分乗 【ぶんじょう】riding separately
分身 【ぶんしん】parturition, delivery, one's child, branch, offshoot, one's other self
文化的 【ぶんかてき】cultural
文科 【ぶんか】① literary course ② the arts
文庫 【ぶんこ】① library, book collection ② paperback book
文通 【ぶんつう】correspondence, exchange of letters
文筆 【ぶんぴつ】literary art, literary activity, writing
文部 【もんぶ】Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
文面 【ぶんめん】content of a letter
聞き取る 【ききとる】to catch (a person's words), to follow, to understand
平安 【へいあん】① peace, tranquility, tranquillity ② Heian era (794-1185)
平泳ぎ 【ひらおよぎ】breaststroke (swimming)
反る 【かえる】① to return, to come back, to go back ② to turn over ③ (after the -masu stem of a verb) (to become) extremely, (to become) completely
天神 【あまつかみ】heavenly gods, Michizane's spirit
天神 【てんじん】① heavenly gods ② spirit of Sugawara no Michizane ③ Tenmangu shrine (dedicated to Michizane's spirit)
伝言 【つてごと】verbal message, rumor, rumour, word
島国 【しまぐに】island country (sometimes used as a metaphor for Japan)
島国 【とうごく】island country (sometimes used as a metaphor for Japan)
東側 【ひがしがわ】east side, east bank
東側 【とうそく】east side, east bank
頭打ち 【あたまうち】reaching a peak, reaching the limit, plateauing, maxing out
頭打ち 【ずうち】reaching a peak, reaching the limit, plateauing, maxing out
内々 【うちうち】family circle, the inside, private, informal, secret, confidential
内々 【ないない】family circle, the inside, private, informal, secret, confidential
内海 【うちうみ】inlet, bay, inland sea
内海 【うちかい】inlet, bay, inland sea
内海 【うちのみ】inlet, bay, inland sea
内海 【うつみ】inlet, bay, inland sea
内海 【ないかい】inlet, bay, inland sea
内外 【ないがい】inside and outside, domestic and foreign, approximately, interior and exterior
内外 【うちそと】inside and outside, domestic and foreign, approximately, interior and exterior
南側 【みなみがわ】south side
南側 【なんそく】south side
南氷洋 【なんひょうよう】Antarctic Ocean
南氷洋 【なんぴょうよう】Antarctic Ocean
日数 【にっすう】a number of days
日数 【ひかず】a number of days
年頭 【ねんとう】① the oldest person ② beginning of the year
年頭 【としがしら】① the oldest person ② beginning of the year
年表 【ねんぴょう】chronological tables, chronology
年表 【えんぴょう】chronological tables, chronology
鼻血 【はなぢ】nosebleed
鼻息 【はないき】① nasal breathing ② person's pleasure, excitement
鼻息 【びそく】① nasal breathing ② person's pleasure, excitement
不定 【ふじょう】uncertainty, insecurity, inconstancy, indefinite, undecided
不定 【ふてい】uncertainty, insecurity, inconstancy, indefinite, undecided
入れ歯 【いれば】false tooth, denture
追い風 【おいかぜ】tailwind, fair or favorable wind (favourable)
追い風 【おいて】tailwind, fair or favorable wind (favourable)
追いつく 【おいつく】to overtake, to catch up (with)
風当たり 【かぜあたり】wind blowing against, being subject to outside pressures or criticism, oppression
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
島々 【しまじま】islands
定形 【ていけい】fixed form, regular shape, stereotyped
定型 【ていけい】fixed form, regular shape, stereotyped
等々 【とうとう】and so on, at last, finally, after all
登用 【とうよう】appointment, assignment, promotion
飛び切り 【とびきり】extraordinary, superior, choice
飛び火 【とびひ】① leaping flames, shower of flying sparks ② impetigo contagiosa
内情 【ないじょう】internal conditions, true state of affairs
二階建て 【にかいだて】two-storied building
反逆 【はんぎゃく】treason, treachery, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection
不幸せ 【ふしあわせ】unhappiness, misfortune, ill luck
読み取り 【よみとり】reading (e.g. by a scanner)
低温 【ていおん】low temperature
冬期 【とうき】winter, wintertime, winter term
表れ 【あらわれ】embodiment, manifestation, materialization, materialisation, expression, indication
年取った 【としとった】aged
内向的 【ないこうてき】introvert
筆記用具 【ひっきようぐ】writing implement
道草 【みちくさ】wayside grass, loitering on the way
登板 【とうばん】taking the plate, pitching a game
当直 【とうちょく】on duty, on a shift, keeping watch
投下 【とうか】① throwing down, dropping, airdrop ② investment
部会 【ぶかい】section meeting
部局 【ぶきょく】department, bureau, section, part
不協和音 【ふきょうわおん】discord, dissonance
配本 【はいほん】distribution of books
配役 【はいやく】cast (of a play)
飛球 【ひきゅう】fly (ball)
投げ 【なげ】a throw, a fall
物流 【ぶつりゅう】(physical) distribution, distribution of goods, logistics
飛ばし 【とばし】selling or divesting in unwanted stocks, hiding bad loans
飛び地 【とびち】scattered landholdings, detached land, enclave
肉声 【にくせい】natural voice (without a microphone)
負い目 【おいめ】indebtedness, unfulfilled promise, drawback
馬主 【うまぬし】(race)horse owner
馬主 【ばしゅ】(race)horse owner
馬主 【ばぬし】(race)horse owner
文相 【ぶんしょう】Minister of Education, Science and Culture
当地 【とうち】this place (locality), here
馬場 【ばば】horse-riding ground
配り物 【くばりもの】present, gift
配球 【はいきゅう】mixing of pitches
都市計画 【としけいかく】town planning
都営 【とえい】operated by the metropolitan government
物質的 【ぶっしつてき】material, physical
文化人 【ぶんかじん】person of culture, cultured person
二期 【にき】two periods or terms
日焼け止め 【ひやけどめ】sunscreen, suntan lotion, sunblock
番手 【ばんて】① (yarn) count ② n-th place (e.g. in a race), n-th in position (e.g. a starting lineup)
板門店 【はんもんてん】Panmunjon
定期的 【ていきてき】periodic
鉄工 【てっこう】ironworking, ironworker
当たり役 【あたりやく】successful role
当落 【とうらく】election results
当確 【とうかく】projected to win, sure to be elected, home free
特別区 【とくべつく】① special ward (esp. of Tokyo) ② special economic zone (China) ③ special administrative region of China (e.g. Hong Kong)
特選 【とくせん】specially selected, choice
福助 【ふくすけ】large-headed dwarf statue, bringer of good luck
農作物 【のうさくぶつ】crops, agricultural produce
農相 【のうしょう】Agriculture Minister
農業協同組合 【のうぎょうきょうどうくみあい】agricultural cooperative
肉体的 【にくたいてき】corporeal, material
白星 【しろぼし】① white circle, white star ② victory mark (sumo)
白馬 【はくば】① white horse ② unrefined sake
白馬 【しろうま】① white horse ② unrefined sake
白馬 【あおうま】① white horse ② unrefined sake
追い上げる 【おいあげる】to gain on, to put pressure on
定休 【ていきゅう】regular holiday
同市 【どうし】same city
飛車 【ひしゃ】rook or castle (shogi)
登録者 【とうろくしゃ】registrant
登録番号 【とうろくばんごう】registration number
農学部 【のうがくぶ】department of agriculture
年商 【ねんしょう】yearly (annual) turnover
板ガラス 【いたガラス】plate glass, sheet glass
天然ガス 【てんねんガス】natural gas
文具 【ぶんぐ】stationery
飛び出し 【とびだし】something that leaps or thrusts out
追っかけ 【おっかけ】① chase scene ② groupie, paparazzo ③ soon, by-and-by
ぶつ① stock, products ② stolen goods, loot, spoils
電子部品 【でんしぶひん】electronic parts (components)
日本全国 【にほんぜんこく】all over Japan, throughout Japan
電池切れ 【でんちぎれ】flat battery
頭 【がしら】① (after a noun) top of .., head of .. ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) the moment that ..
比べ 【くらべ】contest, comparison, competition
夫 【つま】① wife ② garnish (esp. one served with sashimi) ③ embellishment
鈍い 【おそい】① slow ② late (e.g. "late at night") ③ too late
追い込み 【おいこみ】① final stage, last spurt ② live printing area (in publishing)
追伸 【ついしん】postscript
追突 【ついとつ】rear-end collision
痛む 【いたむ】to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
痛める 【いためる】to hurt, to injure, to cause pain, to worry, to bother, to afflict, to be grieved over
痛手 【いたで】serious wound, hard blow
通り掛かる 【とおりかかる】to happen to pass by
通関 【つうかん】customs clearance
通告 【つうこく】announcement, notice
通信販売 【つうしんはんばい】mail order
通達 【つうたつ】notification, directive (e.g. from higher to lower levels of the administration)
通念 【つうねん】common idea, common wisdom, generally accepted idea
通報 【つうほう】① report, tip, bulletin ② message (in information and communication theory)
低気圧 【ていきあつ】① low (atmospheric) pressure, low-pressure system, depression, cyclone ② bad temper, foul mood, tense situation
低減 【ていげん】decrease, reduction, fall, depreciation, mitigation
低利 【ていり】low interest
停学 【ていがく】suspension from school
停戦 【ていせん】armistice, ceasefire
停泊 【ていはく】anchorage, moorings
定刻 【ていこく】appointed time, timetable, schedule
定時制 【ていじせい】part time (school system)
定説 【ていせつ】established theory
底値 【そこね】bottom price
底力 【そこぢから】latent energy, reserve strength, potentiality
滴 【しずく】drop (of water), drip
適確 【てきかく】precise, accurate
適確 【てっかく】precise, accurate
適格 【てきかく】eligible, qualified, competent
適格 【てっかく】eligible, qualified, competent
適合 【てきごう】conform, compatible, adaptable
適正 【てきせい】reasonable, suitable
適法 【てきほう】legality
適量 【てきりょう】proper quantity
鉄骨 【てっこつ】steel frame
鉄棒 【かなぼう】iron rod, crowbar, horizontal bar (gymnastics)
天然記念物 【てんねんきねんぶつ】① natural monument ② protected species (animal, habitat, etc.)
転機 【てんき】turning point
転職 【てんしょく】change of occupation
点在 【てんざい】dotted with
点滴 【てんてき】① raindrops, falling drop of water ② intravenous drip
伝承 【でんしょう】transmission, hand down (information), legend, tradition, folklore
殿 【どの】form of address used for official letters and business letters, and in letters to inferiors, Mr
殿下 【でんか】your Highness, his (or her) Highness
殿下 【てんが】your Highness, his (or her) Highness
殿堂 【でんどう】palace, palatial building
電圧 【でんあつ】voltage
電機 【でんき】electrical machinery, appliances
電極 【でんきょく】electrode
電信 【でんしん】telegraph
電話機 【でんわき】telephone instrument
塗り替える 【ぬりかえる】to repaint
塗装 【とそう】coating, painting
塗布 【とふ】① application (of ointment) ② coating
塗料 【とりょう】paints, painting material
渡り 【わたり】ferry
渡航 【とこう】voyage
渡来 【とらい】visit, introduction, importation
途上国 【とじょうこく】developing country
途方 【とほう】way, destination, reason
都庁 【とちょう】Tokyo Government Office
都道府県 【とどうふけん】administrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and remaining prefectures
都民 【とみん】city populace, resident of Tokyo
度胸 【どきょう】courage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
土砂降り 【どしゃぶり】downpour, pouring rain, cloudburst, pelting rain, heavy rain
怒る 【いかる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
怒気 【どき】anger, wrath
倒れ 【たおれ】① bad debt ② collapse (esp. pref.)
党員 【とういん】party member
党首 【とうしゅ】party leader
党内 【とうない】party-internal
党利 【とうり】party interests
凍死 【とうし】death from cold, freezing to death
投げ込む 【なげこむ】to throw into
投機 【とうき】speculation, venture, stockjobbing, gambling (on stocks)
投降 【とうこう】surrender
東欧 【とうおう】Eastern Europe
東経 【とうけい】east longitude
東宝 【とうほう】Toho (Japanese film studio)
盗み 【ぬすみ】stealing
盗品 【とうひん】stolen goods, loot, spoils
到来 【とうらい】arrival
頭髪 【とうはつ】hair (of head)
働き掛ける 【はたらきかける】to work on someone, to influence, to appeal to, to begin to work
働き口 【はたらきぐち】position, situation, employment, opening
働き者 【はたらきもの】hard worker, hardworking person
動議 【どうぎ】a motion
動乱 【どうらん】disturbance, agitation, commotion, upheaval, riot
同好 【どうこう】similar tastes
同種 【どうしゅ】same kind (race), homogeneousness
同省 【どうしょう】the said ministry, the same ministry
同姓 【どうせい】same surname
同性 【どうせい】same sex, homosexuality, homogeneity, congeniality
同性愛 【どうせいあい】homosexual love
同席 【どうせき】presence, sitting with, being with
同窓 【どうそう】the same school
同窓会 【どうそうかい】graduate's association, alumni meeting, class reunion
同党 【どうとう】the same political party
途 【みち】① road, street, way, path, course, route, lane ② distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways") ③ the way (of proper conduct, etc.), one's way, morals ④ teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist), dogma ⑤ field (of medicine, etc.), subject ⑥ way, method, means
道程 【みちのり】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
道程 【どうてい】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
銅像 【どうぞう】bronze statue
得 【とく】① profit, advantage, benefit, gain ② rebirth in paradise, entering nirvana
得意先 【とくいさき】customer, client, patron, clientele, constituency
特訓 【とっくん】special training, intensive training, crash course
特効薬 【とっこうやく】specific medicine, wonder drug, silver bullet
特性 【とくせい】special characteristic, special quality
特段 【とくだん】special
特約 【とくやく】special contract, special agreement, rider (insurance)
毒殺 【どくさつ】poisoning, kill by poison
毒性 【どくせい】toxicity, toxic, virulence, virulent
突き刺す 【つきさす】to stab, to pierce, to thrust
突き上げる 【つきあげる】to push up, to toss
突き抜ける 【つきぬける】to pierce through, to break through
突起 【とっき】protuberance
突出 【とっしゅつ】projection, protrusion
突進 【とっしん】rush, charge
突入 【とつにゅう】rushing, breaking into
突風 【とっぷう】squall, sudden gust
届け出 【とどけで】report, notification
鈍化 【どんか】becoming dull, slowing down
内規 【ないき】private regulations, bylaws, internal rules, tradition
内政 【ないせい】municipal, internal administration, domestic affairs
内戦 【ないせん】civil war
内装 【ないそう】interior design, interior, upholstery
内包 【ないほう】① connotation, comprehension, intension ② inclusion, containment within
内務 【ないむ】internal or domestic affairs
内輪 【うちわ】① moderate, private matter, family circle, the inside ② conservative ③ pigeon-toed
軟らか 【やわらか】soft, tender, limp, subdued (colour or light) (color), gentle, meek
軟骨 【なんこつ】cartilage
軟式 【なんしき】(tennis) played with a soft ball
難しい 【むつかしい】difficult
難解 【なんかい】difficult to understand, unintelligible, abstruse
難関 【なんかん】barrier
難局 【なんきょく】difficult situation
難航 【なんこう】① difficult voyage, hard flight ② rough going, rough passage, running into trouble, stormy passage
難色 【なんしょく】disapproval
難題 【なんだい】difficult problem, challenge
難点 【なんてん】fault, weakness
難病 【なんびょう】incurable disease
難民 【なんみん】refugees
難問 【なんもん】perplexity, difficult question, difficult problem
二割 【にわり】20 percent
二軍 【にぐん】second string players (sports)
二十四時間制 【にじゅうよじかんせい】around-the-clock system
二枚目 【にまいめ】① handsome man ② actor in a love scene
二輪車 【にりんしゃ】two wheeled vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, etc.)
肉薄 【にくはく】come close to, closing in upon, pressing hard (on the enemy), challenge
日刊 【にっかん】daily issue
日経 【にっけい】Nikkei (newspaper, share index)
日光浴 【にっこうよく】sunbathing
日産 【にっさん】① daily output ② Nissan (Japanese car company)
日誌 【にっし】journal, log
日照 【にっしょう】sunlight
日付 【かづけ】date, dating
日報 【にっぽう】daily report
日本航空 【にっぽんこうくう】Japan Air Lines, JAL
乳児 【にゅうじ】infant, suckling baby
乳母車 【うばぐるま】baby carriage, perambulator
乳幼児 【にゅうようじ】infants, babies
入り込み 【いりごみ】coming in together, unreserved seats for the public
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
入り込む 【いりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
入居 【にゅうきょ】moving into (house)
入国管理局 【にゅうこくかんりきょく】immigration office
入札 【にゅうさつ】bid, bidding
入場券 【にゅうじょうけん】ticket of admission, platform ticket
入団 【にゅうだん】enrollment, enrolment
入党 【にゅうとう】joining a political party
入念 【にゅうねん】careful, elaborate, scrupulous
任 【にん】obligation, duty, charge, responsibility
任意 【にんい】any, arbitrary, optional, discretion, non-specific, unspecified, free will
任期 【にんき】term of office
任天堂 【にんてんどう】Nintendo (video game company)
したためるto write up
認可 【にんか】approval, license, licence, permission
認知 【にんち】acknowledgement, acknowledgment, recognition
認定 【にんてい】authorization, authorisation, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, certification, recognition
猫背 【ねこぜ】bent back, hunchback, stoop
熱気 【ねっき】heat, hot air, enthusiasm
熱帯魚 【ねったいぎょ】tropical fish
年刊 【ねんかん】annual publication, year of publication
年産 【ねんさん】annual production
年収 【ねんしゅう】annual income
年初 【ねんしょ】beginning of the year, New Year's greetings
年末 【ねんまつ】end-of-year
年齢層 【ねんれいそう】age range, age-group, age bracket
念書 【ねんしょ】written pledge, signed note of assurance, memorandum, legal instrument
念頭 【ねんとう】mind
念入り 【ねんいり】careful, scrupulous, thorough, conscientious
燃え上がる 【もえあがる】to flare up, to burst into flames
燃費 【ねんぴ】fuel consumption, gas mileage
濃厚 【のうこう】density, richness, concentration, tension
脳死 【のうし】brain death
脳出血 【のうしゅっけつ】cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral haemorrhage
脳卒中 【のうそっちゅう】stroke, cerebral haemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage
脳波 【のうは】brain waves
脳裏 【のうり】one's mind
農産 【のうさん】agricultural products
破り 【やぶり】getting away from, escaping, defying
破格 【はかく】extraordinary, special
破局 【はきょく】catastrophe, cataclysm
敗れる 【やぶれる】to be defeated, to be unsuccessful
敗因 【はいいん】cause of defeat
敗者 【はいしゃ】the defeated, vanquished, loser
敗退 【はいたい】being defeated, being eliminated (from competition)
背泳ぎ 【せおよぎ】backstroke (swim.)
背骨 【せぼね】spine, backbone
背信 【はいしん】betrayal, infidelity
背任 【はいにん】breach of trust (law)
背番号 【せばんごう】number on player's back
配備 【はいび】deploy, deployment
倍増 【ばいぞう】double
買収 【ばいしゅう】① buying, purchase ② corruption, bribery
売り込み 【うりこみ】sales promotion
売り込む 【うりこむ】to build a market for, to become well-known, to sell
白衣 【はくい】white robe, (doctor's) white gown
白衣 【びゃくい】white robe, (doctor's) white gown
白衣 【びゃくえ】white robe, (doctor's) white gown
白菜 【はくさい】Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris var. amplexicaulis), white rape, bok choy, pak choi
白熱 【はくねつ】① white heat, incandescence ② climax
薄らぐ 【うすらぐ】to become thin, to fade, to grow pale
薄れる 【うすれる】to fade, to become dim
薄着 【うすぎ】lightly dressed
爆笑 【ばくしょう】roar of laughter
爆竹 【ばくちく】firecracker
爆薬 【ばくやく】explosive, blasting powder
八分音符 【はちぶおんぷ】8th note
発覚 【はっかく】detection, coming to light
発刊 【はっかん】publish, start (new) publication
発効 【はっこう】coming into effect
発散 【はっさん】letting feelings out, emitting, emanating, divergence (physics)
発信 【はっしん】dispatch, despatch, transmission, submission
発電機 【はつでんき】dynamo, power generator
発熱 【はつねつ】① generation of heat ② (attack of) fever
発令 【はつれい】official announcement, proclamation
抜群 【ばつぐん】① preeminence, distinction, extraordinariness ② outstanding, excellent, exceptional, surpassing, extraordinary, distinguished
抜本的 【ばっぽんてき】drastic, radical
判明 【はんめい】establishing, proving, identifying, confirming
判例 【はんれい】(judicial) precedent
半減 【はんげん】reduction by half, halve
半値 【はんね】half price
反共 【はんきょう】anticommunist
反戦 【はんせん】anti-war
反則 【はんそく】foul play (sport), transgression, default, balk, irregularity
反体制 【はんたいせい】anti-establishment
反論 【はんろん】objection, refutation, rebuttal
版権 【はんけん】copyright
販路 【はんろ】market, outlet, opening
晩婚 【ばんこん】late marriage
番付 【ばんづけ】ranking of entertainers, sumo wrestlers, etc.
否認 【ひにん】denial, negation, repudiation, disapproval
彼岸 【ひがん】① equinoctial week (when Buddhist services are held) ② Buddhist services during the equinoctial week ③ nirvana
かなたbeyond, across, the other side, the distance
あなたbeyond, across, the other side, the distance
悲願 【ひがん】one's dearest wish, Buddha's vow to save humanity
悲痛 【ひつう】bitterness, pathos
比 【ひ】① ratio, proportion ② match, equal ③ explicit comparison (style of the Shi Jing) ④ Philippines
疲れ果てる 【つかれはてる】to get tired out, to be exhausted
皮革 【ひかく】leather, hide
皮膚科 【ひふか】dermatology
皮膚病 【ひふびょう】skin disease
被害者 【ひがいしゃ】victim, injured party, sufferer
被告 【ひこく】defendant, the accused
被告人 【ひこくにん】accused, defendant, prisoner at the bar
被写体 【ひしゃたい】(photographic) subject
被爆 【ひばく】bombed, A-bombed, nuked
非公開 【ひこうかい】private
非公式 【ひこうしき】informal
非合法 【ひごうほう】illegal, unlawful
非常口 【ひじょうぐち】emergency exit
非常識 【ひじょうしき】① lack of common sense, thoughtlessness, senselessness, irrationality, absurdity ② thoughtless, senseless, unreasonable, absurd, preposterous, aberrant
非礼 【ひれい】impoliteness
備え 【そなえ】preparation, provision, guarding
美容院 【びよういん】beauty parlour, beauty parlor, hairdressing salon
美容師 【びようし】beauty artist
必死に 【ひっしに】frantically, desperately, for one's life
必勝 【ひっしょう】certain victory
必然的 【ひつぜんてき】inevitable, necessary
必着 【ひっちゃく】must arrive, must be received
必要性 【ひつようせい】necessity
筆跡 【ひっせき】holograph, handwriting
百億 【ひゃくおく】10,000,000,000, ten billion (American), (obs) ten milliard (British)
百貨店 【ひゃっかてん】(department) store, (department) stores
百姓 【ひゃくしょう】① farmer, peasant, country bumpkin ② farming ③ the common people
氷河 【ひょうが】glacier
表示 【ひょうじ】indication, representation, manifestation
表裏 【ひょうり】two sides, inside and outside
病床 【びょうしょう】sickbed
病状 【びょうじょう】condition of a disease (patient)
品格 【ひんかく】dignity, quality of character
品詞 【ひんし】part of speech
品性 【ひんせい】character
貧血 【ひんけつ】anemia, anaemia
貧相 【ひんそう】seedy-looking, thin
貧富 【ひんぷ】wealth and poverty, rich and poor
瓶詰 【びんづめ】bottling, bottled
不可解 【ふかかい】mystery, baffling, inexplicable, incomprehensible
不可能 【ふかのう】impossible
不可分 【ふかぶん】atomic, indivisibility
不完全 【ふかんぜん】imperfect, incomplete, faulty, defective
不慣れ 【ふなれ】inexperience, lack of experience
不合格 【ふごうかく】(examination) failure, rejection, disqualification
不純 【ふじゅん】impurity, adulteration, dishonesty, irregularity
不信 【ふしん】unfaithfulness, insincerity, perfidy, mistrust, distrust, discredit
不信任 【ふしんにん】non-confidence, lack of confidence
不成立 【ふせいりつ】failure, rejection, rupture
不戦 【ふせん】① anti-war, war renunciation ② sumo bout cancelled due to absence of one of the wrestlers
不仲 【ふなか】discord
不適当 【ふてきとう】inadequacy, inappropriateness, unfitness, impropriety
不渡り 【ふわたり】non-payment, dishonouring (bill), dishonoring (bill), bouncing (cheque, check)
不動産屋 【ふどうさんや】real estate agent, realtor
不得意 【ふとくい】one's weak point
不備 【ふび】defect, deficiency, imperfection, inadequacy, Yours in haste
不必要 【ふひつよう】unnecessary, undesired
不払い 【ふばらい】nonpayment, default
不変 【ふへん】eternal, everlasting, unchangeable, immutable, immovable, constant, permanent, indestructible
不法 【ふほう】lawlessness, injustice, illegality, unlawfulness
不眠 【ふみん】sleeplessness, insomnia, wakefulness
付け 【つけ】① fixed ② bill, bill of sale ③ tab (for later payment), credit
付け 【づけ】dated, date, fixed, external
付け込む 【つけこむ】to take advantage of, to impose on, to make an entry
付け根 【つけね】root, joint, base, crotch
付け足す 【つけたす】to add to
付加 【ふか】addition, annexation, appendage
付帯 【ふたい】incidental, ancillary, accessory, secondary, collateral
付着 【ふちゃく】sticking to, clinging to, adhesion, cohesion, agglutination
付与 【ふよ】grant, allowance, endowment, bestowal, assignment, conferment
夫人 【ぶにん】wife, Mrs, madam
夫人 【はしかし】wife, Mrs, madam
婦人科 【ふじんか】gynecology
婦長 【ふちょう】head nurse
布 【ふ】① cloth ② bujian (spade-shaped bronze coin of ancient China)
布 【にの】① cloth ② bujian (spade-shaped bronze coin of ancient China)
布 【にぬ】① cloth ② bujian (spade-shaped bronze coin of ancient China)
布石 【ふせき】strategic arrangement of go stones, preparation
府県 【ふけん】prefecture
府知事 【ふちじ】prefectural governor
普賢 【ふげん】Samantabhadra (bodhisattva), Universal Compassion
普通預金 【ふつうよきん】ordinary bank account
浮かび上がる 【うかびあがる】to rise to the surface
浮かれる 【うかれる】to make merry, to be festive
浮き 【うき】float (fishing), buoy
うきうきcheerful, buoyant, cheery, lighthearted
浮上 【ふじょう】surfacing, rising to the surface
浮世絵 【うきよえ】ukiyoe (color print of everyday life in the Edo period) (colour)
符合 【ふごう】agreeing, coincidence
負け越し 【まけこし】more losses than wins (sport)
武者 【むしゃ】warrior
武将 【ぶしょう】military commander
舞台裏 【ぶたいうら】offstage, backstage, behind the scenes
舞踊 【ぶよう】dancing, dance
部位 【ぶい】part, position (in a whole, i.e. body)
封書 【ふうしょ】sealed letter
風格 【ふうかく】personality, style, appearance
風刺 【ふうし】satire, irony, sarcasm
副業 【ふくぎょう】side job, sideline, subsidiary business
副作用 【ふくさよう】reaction, secondary effect, side effect
副産物 【ふくさんぶつ】byproduct, side line
副社長 【ふくしゃちょう】executive vice-president
副賞 【ふくしょう】extra prize
副題 【ふくだい】subtitle, subheading
復帰 【ふっき】① return, comeback, reinstatement ② carriage return, CR
復旧 【ふくきゅう】restoration, restitution, rehabilitation
復権 【ふっけん】rehabilitation, reinstatement, restoration of rights
復権 【ふくけん】rehabilitation, reinstatement, restoration of rights
復元 【ふくげん】restoration (to original state), reconstruction
復刻 【ふっこく】reissue of a facsimile version, striking a new print of a film
復調 【ふくちょう】① demodulation ② recovery, getting back to form
幅広い 【はばひろい】extensive, wide, broad
腹心 【ふくしん】one's confidant, trusted friend, trusted retainer
腹痛 【ふくつう】stomach ache, abdominal pain
腹痛 【はらいた】stomach ache, abdominal pain
腹部 【ふくぶ】abdomen
複雑さ 【ふくざつさ】complexity
複利 【ふくり】compound interest
仏語 【ふつご】French (language)
仏文 【ふつぶん】French, French writing, French literature
物件 【ぶっけん】article, thing
物腰 【ものごし】manner, demeanour, demeanor, bearing
物産 【ぶっさん】product
物差 【ものさし】ruler, measure
物差し 【ものさし】ruler, measure
分割 【ぶんかつ】partition, division, separation, segmenting, splitting
分割払い 【ぶんかつばらい】payment by installments, payment by instalments, hire-purchase
分権 【ぶんけん】decentralization of authority, decentralisation of authority
分冊 【ぶんさつ】separate volume, fascicle, fascicule
粉 【こ】flour, meal, powder
粉ミルク 【こなミルク】milk powder
文部省 【もんぶしょう】Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
文民 【ぶんみん】civilian
兵 【つわもの】① soldier, warrior ② strong man, exceptional person, man of courage
兵員 【へいいん】military strength, military personnel
兵役 【へいえき】military service, conscription
兵力 【へいりょく】military force, force of arms, strength of an army
灯す 【ともす】to light, to turn on
灯 【とう】① light, lamp ② counter for electric lights
灯 【ともしび】light, lamp
働き手 【はたらきて】worker, breadwinner, supporter, able person, able man
内示 【ないじ】unofficial announcement
内示 【ないし】unofficial announcement
難い 【かたい】difficult, hard
乳首 【ちくび】nipple, teat
売春婦 【ばいしゅんふ】prostitute
売春婦 【ばいしゅんぷ】prostitute
白髪 【はくはつ】white or grey hair (gray), trendy hair bleaching
いいやno, nay, well
いえno, nay, well
いなno, nay, well
匹 【き】① counter for small animals ② counter for rolls of cloth (two han in size) ③ roll of cloth
付き 【づき】① furnished with, including ② attached to ③ impression, appearance ④ luck ⑤ sociality ⑥ under, assistant (e.g. to a manager) ⑦ soup base
夫婦 【めおと】married couple, spouses, husband and wife, couple, pair
夫婦 【みょうと】married couple, spouses, husband and wife, couple, pair
肌寒い 【はださむい】chilly, unpleasantly cold
灯り 【あかり】① light, illumination, glow, gleam ② lamp, light
熱々 【あつあつ】① piping hot ② passionately in love
買い占め 【かいしめ】buying up of goods, cornering (market)
布地 【きれじ】cloth, fabric
布地 【ぬのじ】cloth, fabric
夫れ夫れ 【それぞれ】each, every, either, respectively, severally
届け 【とどけ】report, notification, registration
飛び降りる 【とびおりる】to jump down, to jump off, to jump from, to jump out of
飛び込み 【とびこみ】jump, plunge, dive
動静 【どうせい】state, condition, movements
肌触り 【はだざわり】the touch of, feel of, texture
波乱 【はらん】troubles, ups and downs, stormy, uproarious (i.e. relationship)
不始末 【ふしまつ】mismanagement, malpractice, malpractise, wastefulness, carelessness, misconduct, unthriftiness
普段着 【ふだんぎ】casual wear, ordinary clothes, everyday clothes, home wear
不要 【ふよう】unnecessary, unneeded
部署 【ぶしょ】one's duty post, one's duty station
判る 【わかる】① to be understood, to be comprehended, to be grasped ② to become clear, to be known, to be discovered, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
追い掛ける 【おいかける】to chase, to run after, to pursue
追っ掛ける 【おっかける】to chase, to run after, to pursue
痛ましい 【いたましい】pitiful, heartbreaking, tragical
買い占める 【かいしめる】to buy up
通産省 【つうさんしょう】(former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), MITI
得する 【とくする】to make a profit
日給 【にっきゅう】daily wages
払い 【はらい】① payment, bill, account ② sweeping, clearing away ③ sweeping stroke (e.g. when writing kanji)
腹一杯 【はらいっぱい】bellyful, full stomach, to one's heart's content
日替わり 【ひがわり】daily special (e.g. meal)
日増しに 【ひましに】day by day
不燃物 【ふねんぶつ】non-inflammables, incombustible (usu. waste)
府立 【ふりつ】managed by an urban prefecture
封建的 【ほうけんてき】feudal
認め 【みとめ】approval, final seal (of approval), acceptance
物覚え 【ものおぼえ】memory
難なく 【なんなく】easily
逃げ道 【にげみち】way out, means to escape, escape route
布教 【ふきょう】propagation (e.g. a religion), proselytizing, missionary work
転倒 【てんとう】① falling down, tumbling, overturning, turning over ② reversing, inverting, inversion ③ getting upset
登頂 【とうちょう】climbing to the summit
特設 【とくせつ】setting up specially, special installation
投与 【とうよ】prescribing medicine, administering (medicine)
適時 【てきじ】timely, opportune
毒ガス 【どくガス】poison gas
土砂 【どしゃ】earth and sand
浮沈 【ふちん】floating and sinking, rise and fall, ebb and flow, ups and downs
浮遊 【ふゆう】floating, wandering, suspension
配管 【はいかん】plumbing, piping
白骨 【はっこつ】white (bleached) bone, skeleton
怒らせる 【いからせる】① to anger someone, to provoke, to offend someone, to make somebody's hackles rise ② to square one's shoulders
逃げ 【にげ】escape, getaway, evasion
配信 【はいしん】distribution, delivery, transmission, provision
熱戦 【ねっせん】fierce fighting, close contest
農政 【のうせい】agricultural administration
非常勤 【ひじょうきん】part-time work
党議 【とうぎ】a party council, party conference
党略 【とうりゃく】party politics (tactics)
党勢 【とうせい】strength of a party
党籍 【とうせき】party register, membership in a party
底辺 【ていへん】base (geometry, society)
底流 【ていりゅう】bottom current, undercurrent
馬券 【ばけん】(horse racing) betting ticket
発言権 【はつげんけん】right to speak
発給 【はっきゅう】issuance
通信社 【つうしんしゃ】news agency
都政 【とせい】the metropolitan government (of Tokyo)
党務 【とうむ】party business
転移 【てんい】① moving (with the times), changing (with the times) ② metastasis ③ transition (i.e. phase transition) ④ transfer (of learning) ⑤ transference (in psychoanalysis)
転戦 【てんせん】fighting in numerous battles
文化庁 【ぶんかちょう】(Japanese) Agency for Cultural Affairs
美意識 【びいしき】sense of beauty, aesthetic sense
封じ手 【ふうじて】a sealed move
適齢 【てきれい】suitable age
副知事 【ふくちじ】lieutenant governor
買い付け 【かいつけ】buying, purchasing
買い得 【かいどく】bargain, good buy
底入れ 【そこいれ】bottoming out (of prices)
得失 【とくしつ】advantages and disadvantages, plus and minuses
得々 【とくとく】triumphantly, proudly
被疑者 【ひぎしゃ】a suspect
定期預金 【ていきよきん】term deposit, (fixed) time deposit
特捜 【とくそう】special investigation
特許庁 【とっきょちょう】Patent Office
入れ替え 【いれかえ】replacement, substitution, change
爆音 【ばくおん】(sound of an) explosion or detonation, roar (of a machine)
点差 【てんさ】point spread
福利厚生 【ふくりこうせい】welfare program, welfare programme
農地改革 【のうちかいかく】agrarian reform
農法 【のうほう】farming methods
復員 【ふくいん】demobilization, demobilisation, repatriation
復党 【ふくとう】rejoining a political party
軟禁 【なんきん】lenient confinement or house arrest
怒鳴り込む 【どなりこむ】to storm in with a yell
逃げ切る 【にげきる】to get away, to manage to hold on
渡し 【わたし】① ferry (crossing), ferry(boat) ② delivery
買い戻し 【かいもどし】repurchase, redemption
ついてるto be lucky, to be in luck
付いている 【ついている】to be lucky, to be in luck
定期便 【ていきびん】regular service
投信 【とうしん】investment trust
都議 【とぎ】Metropolitan assemblyman
泊まり 【とまり】stay, stopover, anchorage, night duty
日航 【にっこう】Japan Airlines
払い戻し 【はらいもどし】repayment, refund, payback
必死になって 【ひっしになって】desperately, for one's dear life
品位 【ひんい】grace, dignity, grade, nobility, quality
府警 【ふけい】prefectural police
通産相 【つうさんしょう】Minister of International Trade and Industry
投手戦 【とうしゅせん】pitching duel, pitchers' battle
日本学術会議 【にほんがくじゅつかいぎ】Science Council of Japan
日本道路公団 【にほんどうろこうだん】Japan Highway Public Corporation
二枚 【にまい】two sheets (pieces) (of paper)
髪形 【かみがた】hair style, coiffure, hairdo
舞 【まい】dancing, dance
封じる 【ふうじる】① to seal (letter) ② to prevent, to forbid, to block
通販 【つうはん】mail order
底打ち 【そこうち】bottoming out
婦女暴行 【ふじょぼうこう】rape
抜き 【ぬき】① without, not including, dispensed with ② (beating) in succession
働かせる 【はたらかせる】to put someone to work, to make someone work
杯 【はい】① sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages ② counter for cupfuls ③ counter for ships, octopuses and squid
ついてくるto follow, to come along with one, to accompany
ついてくるto follow, to come along with one, to accompany
兵 【へい】① (common) soldier, rank and file ② army, troops ③ warfare, strategy
販売員 【はんばいいん】sales staff, salesperson
日本政府 【にほんせいふ】Japanese government
二度寝 【にどね】going back to sleep (e.g. after waking up in the morning)
あれらthose (indicating something distant from both speaker and listener, or something understood without naming it directly)
等閑 【なおざり】neglect, negligence, disregard, make light of
独りで 【ひとりで】alone, by oneself, voluntarily, spontaneously, automatically
独り歩き 【ひとりあるき】walking alone, walking unaided, going alone, standing on one's own
討つ 【うつ】① to shoot (at) ② to attack, to defeat, to destroy, to avenge
併せる 【あわせる】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
鎮圧 【ちんあつ】suppression, subjugation
鎮魂 【ちんこん】repose of souls
鎮魂 【ちんごん】repose of souls
鎮痛剤 【ちんつうざい】analgesic, painkiller, sedative, tranquilizer, tranquiliser
陳謝 【ちんしゃ】apology
陳述 【ちんじゅつ】statement, declaration
陳情 【ちんじょう】petition, appeal
追撃 【ついげき】pursuit
追随 【ついずい】follow
追徴 【ついちょう】supplementary charge
追悼 【ついとう】mourning, memorial
痛恨 【つうこん】regretful
痛烈 【つうれつ】severe, bitter, scathing
徹す 【とおす】to let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
通称 【つうしょう】popular name, nickname, alias
通信衛星 【つうしんえいせい】communication satellite, Broadcast Satellite, BS
通信網 【つうしんもう】communications network
塚 【つか】mound
漬物 【つけもの】tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)
漬け物 【つけもの】tsukemono (Japanese pickled vegetables)
つばき① common camellia, Camellia japonica ② tea produced in the mountains
坪 【つぼ】unit of land measurement, 3.95 square yards, 3.31 square meters
鶴 【つる】crane (any bird of the family Gruidae, esp. the red-crowned crane, Grus japonensis)
鶴 【たず】crane (any bird of the family Gruidae, esp. the red-crowned crane, Grus japonensis)
亭主 【ていしゅ】master, host, landlord, innkeeper, husband
低価格 【ていかかく】low price
偵察 【ていさつ】scout out, reconnaissance
堤 【つつみ】bank, embankment, dike
定款 【ていかん】articles of incorporation, company statute
定評 【ていひょう】established opinion, established reputation, acknowledged authority, recognized scholar
帝 【みかど】① emperor (of Japan), mikado ② (the gates of an) imperial residence
帝京 【ていきょう】the capital
帝国 【ていこく】empire, imperial
帝国主義 【ていこくしゅぎ】imperialism
抵触 【ていしょく】① collision, conflict ② being contrary, being incompatible, being inconsistent, being contradictory ③ being in violation (of the law, etc.)
抵当 【ていとう】mortgage, security, hypothec, pledge
抵当権 【ていとうけん】mortgage, a lien on one's mortgage
提げる 【さげる】to take along, to hold in the hand
提起 【ていき】bring suit, file a claim, raise a question
提言 【ていげん】proposal, motion
提唱 【ていしょう】advocacy, proposal
提訴 【ていそ】presenting a case, suing
締まる 【しまる】① to be shut, to close, to be closed ② to be locked ③ to tighten, to be tightened ④ to become sober, to become tense
締結 【ていけつ】① conclusion, execution (of a contract), entering (into treaty) ② fastening (as in a joint)
締約 【ていやく】conclusion of a treaty
逓信 【ていしん】communications (e.g. post, tele.)
泥沼 【どろぬま】bog, marsh
泥酔 【でいすい】dead drunk
摘み 【つまみ】① knob, handle, button ② (file) handle ③ snack (to have with a drink), side dish ④ a pinch (e.g. of salt) ⑤ picking, harvesting
摘発 【てきはつ】exposing, unmasking, laying bare
敵意 【てきい】hostility, animosity
敵対 【てきたい】hostility, antagonism, opposition
徹底的 【てっていてき】thorough, complete
撤回 【てっかい】withdrawal, revocation, repeal
撤去 【てっきょ】① withdrawal, revocation, repeal ② demolition, removal
撤収 【てっしゅう】withdrawal
撤退 【てったい】evacuation, withdrawal, revocation, repeal, retreat
撤廃 【てっぱい】annulment, abolition, repeal, rescission
鉄筋 【てっきん】rebar, (concrete) iron reinforcing bar
鉄製 【てっせい】made from iron
典型的 【てんけいてき】typical, prototypical, representative, stereotypical, model, ideal
天皇制 【てんのうせい】the Emperor System
天皇陛下 【てんのうへいか】His Majesty the Emperor
天寿 【てんじゅ】① natural span of life ② 250 years old
天然痘 【てんねんとう】smallpox, variola
展示会 【てんじかい】exhibition
店舗 【てんぽ】shop, store
添加物 【てんかぶつ】addition, additive, appendix
添加物 【てんかもの】addition, additive, appendix
添削 【てんさく】correction, looking over, touching up
添付 【てんぷ】attachment (e.g. email), appendix (e.g. of a report, document, etc), annex, appendage, annexure
転嫁 【てんか】second marriage, remarriage, imputation, blame
転覆 【てんぷく】① capsizing, overturn, turning over, upset ② overthrow (e.g. a government)
点滅 【てんめつ】switching on and off, flashing, blinking, flickering
伝染病 【でんせんびょう】infectious disease, contagious disease, epidemic
伝統的 【でんとうてき】traditional, conventional
伝票 【でんぴょう】chit, sales slip, voucher
電器 【でんき】electric (goods)
電気製品 【でんきせいひん】electronic goods
電撃 【でんげき】① electric shock ② blitz, lightning attack
電卓 【でんたく】calculator (electronic)
吐き出す 【はきだす】to vomit, to spit out
吐露 【とろ】express one's mind, speak out
斗 【とます】kanji radical 68 at right
登録商標 【とうろくしょうひょう】registered trademark, tm
土器 【どき】① earthenware ② unglazed (bisque-fired) earthenware
土器 【かわらけ】① earthenware ② unglazed (bisque-fired) earthenware
土壌 【どじょう】soil
土壇場 【どたんば】① last moment, eleventh hour ② platform made of dirt used to perform executions (decapitations) in the Edo period
土地柄 【とちがら】local colour, local color
奴隷 【どれい】① slave, servant ② slavery
倒閣 【とうかく】overthrow of government
倒錯 【とうさく】perversion, inversion
党派 【とうは】faction
凍結 【とうけつ】freeze (e.g. program, food, etc.)
唐辛子 【とうがらし】① capsicum (Capsicum annuum, esp. the cultivated chili peppers), chili pepper (chile, chilli), cayenne, red pepper ② Guinea pepper
唐突 【とうとつ】abrupt, sudden
悼む 【いたむ】to grieve over, to mourn, to lament
投稿 【とうこう】contribution, submission, posting (e.g. to a newsgroup or mailing list)
搭載 【とうさい】① loading (on board), equipping ② equipped (with), built-in
搭乗 【とうじょう】embarkation, boarding (an aeroplane, airplane)
東宮 【とうぐう】crown prince
東芝 【とうしば】Toshiba (company)
東独 【とうどく】East Germany
東邦 【とうほう】Oriental country, the Orient
桃 【もも】peach, prunus persica (tree)
桃色 【ももいろ】pink (colour, color)
盗賊 【とうぞく】thief, robber
盗聴 【とうちょう】interception (email), wiretap, bug
盗塁 【とうるい】① theft ② base stealing (baseball)
当惑 【とうわく】bewilderment, perplexity, embarrassment, confusion
等価 【とうか】equivalence
答弁 【とうべん】response, reply, answer, defence, defense
糖 【とう】sugar
糖尿病 【とうにょうびょう】diabetes mellitus, sugar diabetes
糖分 【とうぶん】amount of sugar, sugar content
統括 【とうかつ】① unification, bringing together, generalization ② control, supervision
統治 【とうじ】rule, reign, government, governing
藤 【ふじ】wisteria, Wisteria floribunda
豆腐 【とうふ】tofu, bean-curd
踏み切る 【ふみきる】to make a bold start, to take a plunge, to take off
踏ん張る 【ふんばる】to brace one's legs, to straddle, to stand firm, to plant oneself (somewhere), to hold out, to persist
逃避 【とうひ】escape, evasion, flight
陶芸 【とうげい】ceramic art, ceramics
陶磁器 【とうじき】ceramics and porcelain
闘争 【とうそう】strife, conflict
働き盛り 【はたらきざかり】prime of life
動態 【どうたい】movement, vital (statistics)
動脈 【どうみゃく】artery
動脈硬化 【どうみゃくこうか】arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries
同級生 【どうきゅうせい】classmate, classmates
同郷 【どうきょう】same village, same town, same province
同氏 【どうし】the said person, he, she, same person
同伴 【どうはん】company, accompany, going with
洞 【ほら】cave, den, grotto
洞穴 【どうけつ】cave, den, grotto
洞察 【どうさつ】discernment, insight
胴上げ 【どうあげ】lifting a person high (in celebration), tossing someone into the air, carrying someone on shoulders
胴体 【どうたい】body, trunk, torso
道義 【どうぎ】morality, moral principles
道筋 【みちすじ】path, route, itinerary
道端 【みちばた】roadside, wayside
匿名 【とくめい】anonymity, pseudonym
得策 【とくさく】profitable plan, good plan
得票 【とくひょう】number of votes polled, poll votes
特異 【とくい】unique, singular
特攻隊 【とっこうたい】special attack unit, suicide squad, kamikaze unit
特殊法人 【とくしゅほうじん】semigovernmental corporation
特製 【とくせい】special make, deluxe
特典 【とくてん】special favor, special favour, privilege
特派員 【とくはいん】correspondent
毒舌 【どくぜつ】wicked tongue, abusive language
独学 【どくがく】self-education, self-instruction, self-study
独楽 【こま】spinning top
独禁法 【どっきんほう】antitrust law, Antitrust Act
独創的 【どくそうてき】creative, original
独奏 【どくそう】a solo
独走 【どくそう】running alone, doing things alone that should be done with others
独断 【どくだん】one's own judgement (judgment), dogmatic, arbitrary
独房 【どくぼう】single cell, isolation cell
寅 【とら】third sign of Chinese zodiac (The Tiger, 3am-5am, east-northeast, January)
豚 【ぶた】pig
内需 【ないじゅ】domestic demand
縄跳び 【なわとび】① skipping rope, jump rope ② skipping, rope-jumping
縄文 【じょうもん】Jomon period, straw-rope pattern
難聴 【なんちょう】deafness
二宮 【にぐう】the Two Ise Shrines
二者択一 【にしゃたくいつ】two alternatives, selecting an option (from two alternatives)
二十世紀 【にじっせいき】twentieth century
二十世紀 【にじゅっせいき】twentieth century
二人三脚 【ににんさんきゃく】① three-legged race ② cooperation with singleness of purpose (e.g. between companies)
二枚舌 【にまいじた】double-dealing, duplicity, equivocation, double-tongued
二塁 【にるい】second base
二塁手 【にるいしゅ】second baseman
二塁打 【にるいだ】two-base hit, double
尼僧 【にそう】nun, priestess
肉眼 【にくがん】① naked eye ② the physical eye
日系 【にっけい】(of) Japanese descent
日没 【にちぼつ】sunset
乳製品 【にゅうせいひん】dairy products
入閣 【にゅうかく】joining the cabinet
梅雨入り 【つゆいり】entering the rainy season, beginning of the rainy season
入幕 【にゅうまく】advancing to the first grade
ごとしlike, as if, the same as
如実 【にょじつ】reality
妊婦 【にんぷ】pregnant woman
忍ぶ 【しのぶ】① to conceal oneself, to hide ② to endure
忍者 【にんじゃ】ninja (persons in feudal Japan who used ninjutsu for the purposes of espionage, assassination, sabotage, etc.)
忍耐 【にんたい】endurance, perseverance, patience
認証 【にんしょう】① certification, attestation, authentication, confirmation ② Imperial attestation
猫舌 【ねこじた】dislike of very hot food or drink, inability to take hot food
熱狂 【ねっきょう】wild enthusiasm, being crazy about
熱弁 【ねつべん】fervent speech
熱烈 【ねつれつ】ardent, passionate, vehement
年賀状 【ねんがじょう】New Year's card
年功序列 【ねんこうじょれつ】seniority by length of service
年輩 【ねんぱい】elderly, age, years
年俸 【ねんぽう】annual salary
粘り強い 【ねばりづよい】tenacious, persevering, persistent, stubborn, steadfast
粘土 【ねんど】clay
粘土 【ねばつち】clay
粘膜 【ねんまく】mucous membrane
濃紺 【のうこん】dark blue
濃縮 【のうしゅく】concentrated
濃淡 【のうたん】light and shade, shade (of colour, color)
濃霧 【のうむ】heavy fog, dense fog, thick fog
納屋 【なや】shed, barn, outhouse
納税 【のうぜい】payment of taxes
納豆 【なっとう】natto (fermented soybeans)
納付 【のうふ】payment, supply
巴 【ともえ】huge comma design
覇気 【はき】ambition, aspiration
覇権 【はけん】hegemony
覇者 【はしゃ】supreme ruler, champion, titleholder
波及 【はきゅう】spread, extension, influence, aftereffect, ripple
波紋 【はもん】① ripple, ring on the water ② repercussions
派生 【はせい】derivation
派閥 【はばつ】clique, faction
破滅 【はめつ】ruin, destruction, fall
俳人 【はいじん】haiku poet
廃虚 【はいきょ】ruins, abandoned building
廃業 【はいぎょう】cessation of business, discontinuation of business
廃材 【はいざい】scrap wood
廃絶 【はいぜつ】extinction, abolition
排気 【はいき】exhaust, ventilation
排出 【はいしゅつ】evacuation, emission (e.g. of CO2, etc.), ejection
排斥 【はいせき】rejection, expulsion, boycott, ostracism
排他 【はいた】exclusion
敗訴 【はいそ】loss of a court-case
背丈 【せたけ】stature, height
肺炎 【はいえん】pneumonia
肺結核 【はいけっかく】pulmonary tuberculosis, consumption
輩出 【はいしゅつ】turning out in great numbers
配属 【はいぞく】assignment (of a person to somewhere), attachment (of a person to another unit, organization, etc.)
培う 【つちかう】to cultivate, to foster
培養 【ばいよう】cultivation, nurture, culture
媒介 【ばいかい】intermediary
媒体 【ばいたい】media, medium
売却 【ばいきゃく】sale, disposal by sale
賠償金 【ばいしょうきん】indemnities, reparations
陪審 【ばいしん】jury, juryman, juror
はぎ① bush clover, Japanese clover (any flowering plant of genus Lespedeza) ② dark red exterior with blue interior (color combination worn in autumn)
伯爵 【はくしゃく】count, earl
伯仲 【はくちゅう】matching someone, being equal with, being on a par, being well contested
博士 【はくし】① doctorate, PhD, Dr (as a title) ② expert, learned person
博物 【はくぶつ】wide learning, natural history
博覧会 【はくらんかい】fair, exhibition, exposition
拍車 【はくしゃ】(riding) spur
白樺 【しらかば】Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica)
白樺 【しらかんば】Japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla var. japonica)
迫撃砲 【はくげきほう】mortar
迫力 【はくりょく】force, intensity, appeal, strength
爆撃 【ばくげき】bombing (raid)
縛り首 【しばりくび】(death by) hanging
麦芽 【ばくが】malt
鉢植え 【はちうえ】potted plant
発酵 【はっこう】fermentation, zymosis
発祥 【はっしょう】origin, appearance of auspicious omen
発祥地 【はっしょうち】cradle (of civilisation, civilization, etc.), birthplace
発端 【ほったん】origin, genesis, opening, start, beginning
発展途上国 【はってんとじょうこく】developing country
発泡スチロール 【はっぽうスチロール】styrofoam, styrene foam, expanded polystyrene
発砲 【はっぽう】firing, discharge of gun
伐採 【ばっさい】lumbering, felling, deforestation
罰金 【ばっきん】fine, penalty
罰則 【ばっそく】penal regulations
鳩 【はと】pigeon, dove
はやぶさfalcon (esp. the peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus)
伴奏 【ばんそう】(musical) accompaniment
反証 【はんしょう】proof to the contrary, disproof, counter-evidence, rebuttal, refutation
帆 【ほ】sail
帆走 【はんそう】sailing
搬送 【はんそう】transportation, conveyance, delivery
搬入 【はんにゅう】take in, bring in
班長 【はんちょう】squad leader, honcho, team leader, group leader
繁華街 【はんかがい】business district, shopping district, bustling street, shopping centre, shopping center, downtown
繁茂 【はんも】luxuriant growth, rankness (of weeds)
藩 【はん】fiefdom, domain (precursor to current prefectures)
藩主 【はんしゅ】feudal lord, daimyo
煩う 【わずらう】to worry about, to be concerned about, to be afflicted with, to suffer from
煩雑 【はんざつ】complex, intricate, complicated, confused, troublesome, vexatious
煩悩 【ぼんのう】① worldly desires, evil passions, appetites of the flesh ② klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering)
頒布 【はんぷ】distribution
盤 【ばん】① record ② tray, shallow bowl ③ grid, board (e.g. in shogi)
卑屈 【ひくつ】menial, meanness, servility, abject
卑劣 【ひれつ】mean, foul play, cowardly, base
彼氏 【かれし】boyfriend
あいつhe, she, that guy
悲哀 【ひあい】sorrow, grief, sadness
悲壮 【ひそう】heroic, tragic, grim, pathetic, touching
悲嘆 【ひたん】grief, sorrow, anguish, lamentation
批准 【ひじゅん】ratification, ratify
批判的 【ひはんてき】critical
披露 【ひろう】announcement, show, display, introduction
披露宴 【ひろうえん】reception (wedding)
疲弊 【ひへい】exhaustion, impoverishment, ruin
碑文 【ひぶん】inscription, epitaph, epigraph
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
秘話 【ひわ】secret story, unknown episode
罷免 【ひめん】dismissal, discharge
肥 【こえ】manure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer
肥える 【こえる】① to grow fat, to grow fertile ② to have good taste
肥大 【ひだい】swell, enlarge, corpulence, fatness, obesity
肥満 【ひまん】corpulence, fatness, obesity
肥料 【ひりょう】manure, fertilizer, fertiliser
被災 【ひさい】being a victim of (some disaster), suffering from
避妊 【ひにん】contraception
飛行士 【ひこうし】pilot
飛躍 【ひやく】① leaping, activity ② leapfrog (over a problem), making a leap (e.g. in logic) ③ makng great strides, making rapid progress ④ emerging ⑤ becoming active, playing an active part
備蓄 【びちく】emergency stores, stored, reserved
尾根 【おね】(mountain) ridge, spur
微細 【びさい】minute, micro, detailed, delicate, subtle
微小 【びしょう】microscopic
微震 【びしん】slight earthquake
微生物 【びせいぶつ】microbe, germ
眉 【まみえ】eyebrow, eyebrows
眉毛 【まゆげ】eyebrows
美辞麗句 【びじれいく】flowery words, rhetorical flourishes
必携 【ひっけい】① handbook, manual, vade mecum ② (something) essential to keep on you
必需 【ひつじゅ】necessary
必須 【ひっす】indispensable, required
姫君 【ひめぎみ】daughter of a person of high rank (i.e. a king, noble, aristocrat, etc.)
標高 【ひょうこう】elevation, height above sea level
標的 【ひょうてき】target
漂流 【ひょうりゅう】drifting, drift
表彰 【ひょうしょう】public acknowledgment, public acknowledgement, public recognition, commendation, awarding
評 【ひょう】criticism, commentary, a council
評議 【ひょうぎ】conference, discussion
評議員 【ひょうぎいん】trustee, councillor (councilor)
評決 【ひょうけつ】decision, verdict
評論家 【ひょうろんか】critic
病棟 【びょうとう】(hospital) ward
苗木 【なえぎ】seedling, sapling, young tree
貧乏人 【びんぼうにん】poor man, pauper, the poor, the indigent
頻度 【ひんど】frequency
敏速 【びんそく】quickness, agility, activity
不穏 【ふおん】unrest, turbulence, impropriety
不可侵 【ふかしん】inviolability, sacredness, nonaggression
不可避 【ふかひ】inevitable, inescapable, unavoidable
不器用 【ぶきよう】awkward, clumsy, unskillfulness, lack of ability
不機嫌 【ふきげん】pout, displeasure, ill humor, ill humour, sullenness
不起訴 【ふきそ】nonprosecution or indictment
不朽 【ふきゅう】everlasting, immortal, eternal, immortality, imperishable
不均衡 【ふきんこう】imbalance, disparity, out of balance, inequality
不屈 【ふくつ】persistence, fortitude, indomitability
不健康 【ふけんこう】poor health, ill health, unhealthy
不充分 【ふじゅうぶん】insufficient, inadequate, imperfect, shortage
不祥事 【ふしょうじ】scandal, deplorable event
不詳 【ふしょう】unknown, unidentified, unspecified
不整脈 【ふせいみゃく】irregular pulse, arrhythmia
不相応 【ふそうおう】unsuited, inappropriate, improper, undeserved
不透明 【ふとうめい】opacity
不偏不党 【ふへんふとう】impartiality, neutrality, independence
不眠症 【ふみんしょう】sleeplessness, insomnia, wakefulness
不愉快 【ふゆかい】discomfort, unpleasantness, disagreeableness, unhappiness
不利益 【ふりえき】disadvantage, handicap, drawback, inadvisability, inexpediency
不慮 【ふりょ】unforeseen, accidental
不倫 【ふりん】adultery, immorality, impropriety
富士山 【ふじさん】Mt Fuji
富士通 【ふじつう】Fujitsu
富裕 【ふゆう】wealth, riches, opulence
布施 【ふせ】alms, offerings
扶助 【ふじょ】aid, help, assistance, support
敷居 【しきい】threshold
敷金 【しききん】(security) deposit, caution money
敷設 【ふせつ】construction, laying (a road)
浮揚 【ふよう】floating (in the air)
浮浪者 【ふろうしゃ】vagrant
腐食 【ふしょく】① corrosion ② saprophagy
腐心 【ふしん】taking pains to, racking one's brains, doing everything one can
舞踏 【ぶとう】dancing
部隊 【ぶたい】force, unit, corps, echelon, element
風紀 【ふうき】public morals
風潮 【ふうちょう】① tide, current ② tendency
風呂屋 【ふろや】① public bathhouse ② bathhouse proprietor
風呂場 【ふろば】bathroom
伏せる 【ふせる】to lay something upside down, to turn something over, to cover, to lay (pipes), to lay (an ambush), to hide
伏線 【ふくせん】preparation, foreshadowing, underplot (in a novel), precautionary measures
伏兵 【ふくへい】ambush, troops in ambush
服従 【ふくじゅう】obedience, submission, resignation
服飾 【ふくしょく】clothing and accessories, attire
複製 【ふくせい】reproduction, duplication, reprinting
仏壇 【ぶつだん】Buddhist (household) altar
物証 【ぶっしょう】evidence, exhibit
分岐 【ぶんき】① divergence (e.g. in a road), ramification ② forking, jump, multi-drop
分岐点 【ぶんきてん】junction, crossroads, division point, parting of ways
分譲 【ぶんじょう】selling (real-estate) lots
噴射 【ふんしゃ】jet, spray, injection, jet propulsion
墳墓 【ふんぼ】grave, tomb
奮って 【ふるって】energetically, strenuously, heartily
奮起 【ふんき】stirring, rousing oneself
奮発 【ふんぱつ】① strenuous exertion, spurt ② splurge
粉砕 【ふんさい】pulverization, pulverisation, smashing, demolishing
紛らす 【まぎらす】① to divert, to distract ② to conceal (one's sorrow with a smile, etc.)
紛糾 【ふんきゅう】complication, confusion, disorder
文壇 【ぶんだん】literary world, literary circles
併合 【へいごう】merger, joining into one, melding, merging, annexation, absorption
併殺 【へいさつ】double-play (baseball)
併設 【へいせつ】establishment, link
併用 【へいよう】using together (jointly), used at the same time
兵舎 【へいしゃ】barracks
平穏 【へいおん】tranquil, calm, restful, peaceful, quiet
天皇 【すめろぎ】Emperor of Japan
同胞 【どうほう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
同胞 【どうぼう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
同胞 【はらから】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
内幕 【うちまく】lowdown, inside curtain, inside information, hidden circumstances, inside facts, inner workings, undisclosed circumstances
内幕 【ないまく】lowdown, inside curtain, inside information, hidden circumstances, inside facts, inner workings, undisclosed circumstances
乳房 【ちぶさ】breast, nipple, udder
乳房 【にゅうぼう】breast, nipple, udder
如何 【いかん】① how, in what way ② circumstances
派出所 【はしゅつじょ】local police station
派出所 【はしゅつしょ】local police station
萩原 【はぎはら】reedy field
萩原 【はぎわら】reedy field
博 【はく】① doctor, PhD ② exposition, fair, exhibition
博 【ばく】① doctor, PhD ② exposition, fair, exhibition
拍子 【ひょうし】① (musical) time, tempo, beat, rhythm ② the moment, the instance, chance
帆船 【はんせん】sailing ship, sailing boat, sailing vessel
帆船 【ほぶね】sailing ship, sailing boat, sailing vessel
俵 【たわら】① straw bag, bale, sack ② counter for bags
俵 【ひょう】① straw bag, bale, sack ② counter for bags
賓客 【ひんきゃく】guest of honour, guest of honor, privileged guest, visitor
賓客 【ひんかく】guest of honour, guest of honor, privileged guest, visitor
侮る 【あなどる】to despise, to disdain, to make light of
武士 【もののふ】warrior, samurai
風邪 【ふうじゃ】cold (illness), common cold
分泌 【ぶんぴ】secretion
分泌 【ぶんぴつ】secretion
丙 【へい】3rd in rank, third sign of the Chinese calendar
丙 【ひのえ】3rd in rank, third sign of the Chinese calendar
入れ墨 【いれずみ】tattoo
浮き彫り 【うきぼり】relief, embossed carving
敷き布団 【しきぶとん】(Japanese) mattress, underquilt
敷布団 【しきぶとん】(Japanese) mattress, underquilt
鎮まる 【しずまる】to quieten down, to calm down, to subside, to die down, to abate, to be suppressed
鎮める 【しずめる】to appease, to suppress, to calm
締切 【しめきり】closing, cut-off, end, deadline, Closed, No Entrance
締切り 【しめきり】closing, cut-off, end, deadline, Closed, No Entrance
締め出す 【しめだす】to shut out, to bar, to lock out, to exclude
締め付け 【しめつけ】pressure, clamping, tightening, fastening
闘う 【たたかう】to fight, to battle, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war, to engage in contest
付き添い 【つきそい】attendance on, attendant, escort, chaperon, retinue
付添い 【つきそい】attendance on, attendant, escort, chaperon, retinue
突っ張り 【つっぱり】① prop, strut, support, bar ② becoming taut, bracing ③ thrust (sumo), slapping attacks ④ (juvenile) delinquent, punk
つまむto pinch, to hold, to pick up
釣り合い 【つりあい】balance, equilibrium
釣り銭 【つりせん】change (e.g. for dollar)
釣り針 【つりばり】fish hook
帝政 【ていせい】imperial government, imperialism, monarchical rule
東亜 【とうあ】East Asia, the Orient
伴 【とも】companion, follower, attendant, retinue
縄張り 【なわばり】roping off, stretching rope, demarcation, one's turf, domain, territory, sphere of influence
八丁 【はっちょう】skillfulness
反旗 【はんき】standard of revolt, banner of revolution
抜粋 【ばっすい】extract, excerpt, selection
必至 【ひっし】① inevitable, necessary, foregone ② brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi)
独り占め 【ひとりじめ】monopoly
姫 【ひめ】① princess, young lady of noble birth ② girl ③ small & lovely
噴き出す 【ふきだす】① to spout out, to spurt out, to gush out, to jet out ② to sprout, to bud ③ to burst into laughter ④ to blow (smoke, etc.) ⑤ to send out shoots (of a tree)
不妊 【ふにん】infertility, sterility, barrenness
踏切り 【ふみきり】① railway crossing, railroad crossing, train crossing, level crossing ② starting line, scratch ③ determination ④ stepping over the edge of the ring (in sumo)
踏切 【ふみきり】① railway crossing, railroad crossing, train crossing, level crossing ② starting line, scratch ③ determination ④ stepping over the edge of the ring (in sumo)
邸 【やしき】residence, estate, grounds, premises, mansion
伯父 【はくふ】uncle (older than one's parent)
風邪薬 【かぜぐすり】remedy for a cold, cold medicine
梅雨明け 【つゆあけ】the end of the rainy season
ばってんcross mark, demerit mark, an X
普遍的 【ふへんてき】universal, omnipresent, ubiquitous
投棄 【とうき】abandonment, giving up, throwing away, disposal, dumping
登載 【とうさい】register, record, printing
布陣 【ふじん】battle formation, lineup
派兵 【はへい】dispatch of troops, despatch of troops
廃案 【はいあん】rejected bill (project)
迫撃 【はくげき】close attack
被保険者 【ひほけんしゃ】insured person
非鉄金属 【ひてつきんぞく】nonferrous metals
票田 【ひょうでん】(favorable voting) constituency (favourable)
紛れ 【まぎれ】confusion
背筋 【せすじ】① the muscles along the spine, dorsal muscles ② spinal column ③ seam in the back, back seam
背筋 【はいきん】① the muscles along the spine, dorsal muscles ② spinal column ③ seam in the back, back seam
闘士 【とうし】fighter (for), militant, champion (of), boxer
闘志 【とうし】fighting spirit, (will to) fight
透析 【とうせき】dialysis
登竜門 【とうりゅうもん】gateway to success, opening to honours, opening to honors
発案 【はつあん】idea, suggestion, initiation of a proposal
同率 【どうりつ】the same ratio or percentage
筒井 【つつい】round well
噴煙 【ふんえん】(eruption of) smoke
独立国 【どくりつこく】independent state or nation
闘病 【とうびょう】fighting against an illness
投票所 【とうひょうしょ】polling place
投票所 【とうひょうじょ】polling place
投票箱 【とうひょうばこ】ballot box
投資信託 【とうししんたく】investment trust
投融資 【とうゆうし】investment and lending
土俵際 【どひょうぎわ】the edge of a sumo ring, the edge or verge
物価指数 【ぶっかしすう】a price index
文化勲章 【ぶんかくんしょう】Order of Culture, Order of Cultural Merit
微動 【びどう】slight tremor or movement, a quiver
年率 【ねんりつ】annual rate (of interest)
必須条件 【ひっすじょうけん】essential condition
敵失 【てきしつ】error made by the enemy or opposing team
敵国 【てきこく】enemy nation
敵国 【てっこく】enemy nation
踏み絵 【ふみえ】tablet bearing Christian images, on which Edo-period authorities forced suspected Christians to trample
浮動票 【ふどうひょう】swing vote
避難民 【ひなんみん】refugees, evacuees
評伝 【ひょうでん】a critical biography
買い控え 【かいびかえ】restrained buying
電源開発 【でんげんかいはつ】development of electrical power resources
定率 【ていりつ】fixed rate
内閣法制局 【ないかくほうせいきょく】Cabinet Legislation Bureau
納金 【のうきん】payment
点訳 【てんやく】translating into Braille
添乗 【てんじょう】accompanying, escorting
白内障 【はくないしょう】cataract (opacity in lens of eye)
風穴 【ふうけつ】cave from which cold wind blows
風物詩 【ふうぶつし】things which remind one of a particular season
締め 【しめ】summing up, judo choking (strangling) techniques
憤り 【いきどおり】resentment, indignation
提供者 【ていきょうしゃ】donor, contributer, provider
道義的責任 【どうぎてきせきにん】moral obligation
美術展 【びじゅつてん】art exhibition
文化遺産 【ぶんかいさん】cultural heritage
範 【はん】example, model
妃 【ひ】princess, consort
内閣官房 【ないかくかんぼう】Cabinet Secretariat
どうにもnothing can be done (to resolve it)
東京証券取引所 【とうきょうしょうけんとりひきじょ】Tokyo Stock Exchange, TSE
不在者投票 【ふざいしゃとうひょう】absentee ballot
文句なし 【もんくなし】undisputed, entirely, perfect
紛れもない 【まぎれもない】certain, unmistaken
① derogatory suffix (referring to others) (e.g. "damn/damned fool") ② humble suffix (referring to oneself)
統一感 【とういつかん】sense of unity, sense of oneness
伝統文化 【でんとうぶんか】traditional culture
日本企業 【にほんきぎょう】Japanese company (business, firm)
定期購読 【ていきこうどく】subscription (e.g. to a magazine)
辻 【つじ】street, crossroad
兎角 【とかく】① (doing) various things, (doing) this and that ② being apt to, being prone to, tending to become ③ somehow or other, anyhow, anyway ④ rabbit horns (used as a metaphor for things that do not exist)
ずさん① careless, sloppy, faulty ② author who makes many mistakes, author who uses unsupported references
同棲 【どうせい】cohabitation, living together
洞窟 【どうくつ】cave
禿げる 【はげる】① to lose hair, to become bald ② to become bare (e.g. a mountain becomes bare of trees)
ねぎWelsh onion (species of scallion, Allium fistulosum), green onion, spring onion
捻挫 【ねんざ】sprain
破綻 【はたん】failure, bankruptcy
はえ① fly (of infraorder Muscomorpha) ② person of no worth, pisher, scrub
柏木 【かしわぎ】oak-tree
伴侶 【はんりょ】partner, companion
半袖 【はんそで】short sleeves
汎用 【はんよう】generic, general purpose, all-purpose
秘訣 【ひけつ】secret, mysteries, key
琵琶 【びわ】biwa (Japanese lute)
侮蔑 【ぶべつ】scorn, disdain, contempt, slight
復讐 【ふくしゅう】revenge
淵 【ふち】deep pool, abyss, the depths
払拭 【ふっしょく】wiping out, sweeping away
払拭 【ふっしき】wiping out, sweeping away
佃 【つくだ】cultivated rice field
佃 【てん】cultivated rice field
剃る 【する】to shave
かぼちゃpumpkin, squash
柏 【かしわ】oak, daimyo oak, Japanese emperor oak, Quercus dentata
斑 【まだら】spots, speckles, mottles
賭け 【かけ】betting, gambling, a gamble
綴 【つづり】① spelling ② orthography ③ patching, binding
綴り 【つづり】① spelling ② orthography ③ patching, binding
錨 【いかり】anchor
日韓 【にっかん】① Japan and (South) Korea ② Japanese and (South) Korean
あっちこっち① here and there ② to get things in the wrong order (back to front), to become muddled up
かなたこなた① here and there ② to get things in the wrong order (back to front), to become muddled up
あなたこなた① here and there ② to get things in the wrong order (back to front), to become muddled up
八幡 【はちまん】① Hachiman (God of War) ② Hachiman shrine
灘 【なだ】open sea
汎 【はん】pan-
ながらもthough, notwithstanding, although