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KZM語彙N1 1部2章2課



65 entriesCreated by daniel . — Last modified: 2015-02-25 06:37:53
取り替える 【とりかえる】to exchange, to replace
維持 【いじ】maintenance, preservation, improvement
寒気 【かんき】① chill, the shivers, shivering fit ② cold, coldness, cold air
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
げっそりbeing disheartened, losing weight
損なう 【そこなう】to harm, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to fail in doing
安静 【あんせい】rest
往診 【おうしん】doctor's visit, house call
過労 【かろう】overwork, strain
介抱 【かいほう】nursing, looking after
感染 【かんせん】infection, contagion
頑丈 【がんじょう】solid, firm, stout, burly, strong, sturdy
凝る 【こる】① to grow stiff ② to be absorbed in, to be devoted to, to be a fanatic, to elaborate
禁物 【きんもつ】taboo, forbidden thing
細胞 【さいぼう】cell (biology)
治療 【ちりょう】medical treatment, cure
謝絶 【しゃぜつ】refusal
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
心掛ける 【こころがける】to keep in mind, to bear in mind, to try, to aim to do, to endeavor, to endeavour
衰える 【おとろえる】to become weak, to decline, to wear, to abate, to decay, to wither, to waste away
先天的 【せんてんてき】a priori, inborn, innate, inherent, congenital, hereditary
全快 【ぜんかい】complete recovery of health
増進 【ぞうしん】promoting, increase, advance
体付き 【からだつき】body build, figure
聴診器 【ちょうしんき】stethoscope
発作 【ほっさ】fit, spasm
発病 【はつびょう】attack (disease)
不調 【ふちょう】bad condition, not to work out (i.e. a deal), disagreement, break-off, disorder, slump, out of form
補給 【ほきゅう】supply, supplying, replenishment
摩る 【さする】① to pat, to stroke ② to rub off, to polish, to grind, to graze, to scrape ③ to be equal to ④ to be about to reach
立ち寄る 【たちよる】to stop by, to drop in for a short visit
和らげる 【やわらげる】to soften, to moderate, to relieve
効き目 【ききめ】effect, virtue, efficacy, impression
害する 【がいする】① to injure, to damage, to harm, to hurt ② to kill ③ to hinder, to obstruct
腫れる 【はれる】to swell (from inflammation), to become swollen
くらくらdizziness, giddiness
ずきずきthrobbing pain, heartbreakingly
ひりひりprickling pain, smarting, stinging
むかむかnausea, queasy, surge of anger
持病 【じびょう】chronic disease
通院 【つういん】commuting to hospital
切目 【きれめ】break, pause, gap, end, rift, interruption, cut, section, notch, incision, end (of a task)
顔つき 【かおつき】(outward) looks, features, face, countenance, expression
食生活 【しょくせいかつ】eating habits
立ち向かう 【たちむかう】to fight against, to oppose, to face
急性 【きゅうせい】acute (e.g. illness)
処方 【しょほう】prescription
点滴 【てんてき】① raindrops, falling drop of water ② intravenous drip
副作用 【ふくさよう】reaction, secondary effect, side effect
腹痛 【はらいた】stomach ache, abdominal pain
兆候 【ちょうこう】sign, indication, omen, symptom
老化 【ろうか】ageing, aging, senile deterioration
早寝早起き 【はやねはやおき】early to bed early to rise
栄養失調 【えいようしっちょう】malnutrition
関節 【かんせつ】joints (knee joint, elbow joint, etc.)
結び目 【むすびめ】knot
自覚症状 【じかくしょうじょう】subjective symptoms
不摂生 【ふせっせい】neglect of health, intemperance
慢性 【まんせい】chronicity, chronic
胃腸薬 【いちょうやく】digestive medicine, medicine for the stomach and bowels
面会謝絶 【めんかいしゃぜつ】No Visitors
応急処置 【おうきゅうしょち】① emergency measure, emergency procedures, first-aid treatment ② temporary repairs, stop-gap treatment
ガンガンsound of large bell, sound of scolding voice, (pounding of) headache, intense
痙攣 【けいれん】convulsions, cramps
きりきりat once, right away, quickly