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KZM語彙N1 1部6章


37 entriesCreated by daniel . — Last modified: 2015-03-01 10:28:16
取り上げる 【とりあげる】① to take up, to pick up ② to accept, to adopt, to listen to ③ to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive ④ to adopt (child)
販売 【はんばい】sales, selling, marketing
評判 【ひょうばん】① fame, reputation, popularity ② rumour (rumor), talk
早速 【さっそく】at once, immediately, without delay, promptly
続々 【ぞくぞく】successively, one after another
衛星 【えいせい】satellite
宣伝 【せんでん】propaganda, publicity, advertisement, advertising
欄 【らん】① column of text (e.g. in a newspaper) ② field (in a form, web page, etc.)
一部 【いちぶ】① one part, one portion, one section, some ② one copy (e.g. of a document)
閲覧 【えつらん】① inspection, reading ② browsing (the WWW, internet), web browsing
下火 【したび】burning low, waning, declining
掲載 【けいさい】① publication (e.g. article in paper), appearance, insertion ② to insert (e.g. an article), to run (e.g. in a newspaper)
誇張 【こちょう】exaggeration
好評 【こうひょう】popularity, favorable reputation, favourable reputation
購読 【こうどく】paid subscription (e.g. magazine)
創刊 【そうかん】launching (e.g. newspaper), first issue
中継 【ちゅうけい】relay, hook-up
特集 【とくしゅう】feature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
頻繁 【ひんぱん】frequent, incessant
不評 【ふひょう】bad reputation, disgrace, unpopularity
報じる 【ほうじる】to inform, to report
報道 【ほうどう】information, report, journalism
動画 【どうが】① animation, motion picture, moving image, video ② in-betweening (in anime)
求人 【きゅうじん】offer of job (situation)
大々的 【だいだいてき】great, grand, extensive, large-scale
部数 【ぶすう】no. of copies, circulation
放映 【ほうえい】televising
放送局 【ほうそうきょく】broadcasting office
更新 【こうしん】renewal, update, innovation, renovation
週刊誌 【しゅうかんし】weekly publication, weekly magazine
書き込む 【かきこむ】① to fill in (field, entry, etc.), to fill out (form) ② to post a message (e.g. on a bulletin-board) ③ to store
速報 【そくほう】prompt report, quick announcement
書き込み 【かきこみ】① writing ② entry (e.g. to a form) ③ posting (e.g. to a blog)
掲示板 【けいじばん】bulletin board, display board, notice board, electronic bulletin board, BBS
検索 【けんさく】looking up (e.g. a word in a dictionary), retrieval (e.g. data), searching for, referring to
投稿 【とうこう】contribution, submission, posting (e.g. to a newsgroup or mailing list)
博す 【はくす】① to win, to gain, to earn ② to spread (one's name, etc.)