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Most frequent words part 3

This continues the four compiled frequency lists. N4 and N5 are excluded. This gets us through approximately 7600 words on each of the four frequency lists.

1905 entriesCreated by Ryan M. — Last modified: 2015-03-10 16:33:15
がっかりfeel disappointed, dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
ざっとroughly, in round numbers
ドキドキthrob, beat (fast)
なんかthings like ..., or something like that ... (often derogatory)
ぶつぶつ① grunt, grumble, complaint, mutter ② pimples, spots, eruption, rash ③ cutting into small pieces ④ simmering
外出 【がいしゅつ】outing, trip, going out
今日は 【こんにちは】hello, good day (daytime greeting)
人間 【にんげん】① human being, man, person ② character (of a person)
年月 【としつき】months and years
見送り 【みおくり】seeing one off, farewell, escort
思わず 【おもわず】unintentionally, reflexively, spontaneously, involuntarily, instinctively
自ら 【みずから】for one's self, personally
借金 【しゃっきん】debt, loan, liabilities
手間 【てま】time, labour, labor
手入れ 【ていれ】① repairs, maintenance, tending, trimming, grooming ② crackdown, (police) raid
重大 【じゅうだい】serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
親しい 【したしい】intimate, close (e.g. friend)
親友 【しんゆう】close friend, bosom (old, intimate) friend, buddy, crony, chum
生地 【きじ】① cloth, material, texture ② one's true character ③ unglazed pottery ④ uncooked dough, batter
先ず 【まず】① first (of all), to start with, about, almost, anyway, well, now ② hardly (with neg. verb)
多少 【たしょう】more or less, somewhat, a little, some
貸し 【かし】loan, lending
台 【だい】① stand, rack, table ② support ③ belt ④ counter for machines, incl. vehicles ⑤ setting (e.g. in jewellery)
大会 【たいかい】convention, tournament, mass meeting, rally
知事 【ちじ】prefectural governor
地 【ち】① earth, ground, land, soil ② place ③ territory ④ bottom (of a package, book, etc.) ⑤ earth (one of the five elements)
地方 【ちほう】① area, locality, district, region, province ② countryside, rural area ③ coast (esp. as seen from the water) ④ person singing ballads in Noh, person in charge of music in a Japanese dance performance
会費 【かいひ】membership fee
学期 【がっき】school term, semester
休息 【きゅうそく】rest, relief, relaxation
金庫 【きんこ】safe, vault, treasury, provider of funds
欠ける 【かける】① to be chipped, to be damaged, to be broken ② to be lacking, to be missing ③ to be insufficient, to be short, to be deficient, to be negligent toward ④ (of the moon) to wane, to go into eclipse
欠点 【けってん】faults, defect, weakness
月曜 【げつよう】Monday
混ぜる 【まぜる】to mix, to stir, to blend
才能 【さいのう】talent, ability
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
取り消す 【とりけす】to cancel, to revoke
手伝い 【てつだい】① helper, assistant ② help
州 【しゅう】① state, province, county (UK), department (of ancient China) ② continent
宿 【やど】inn, lodging
女王 【じょおう】queen
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
食物 【しょくもつ】food, foodstuff
進める 【すすめる】to advance, to promote, to hasten
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
実に 【じつに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
石炭 【せきたん】coal
選手 【せんしゅ】player (in game), team member
前進 【ぜんしん】advance, drive, progress
全 【ぜん】all, whole, entire, complete, overall, pan-
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
組合 【くみあい】association, union
速度 【そくど】speed, velocity, rate
地区 【ちく】district, section, sector
地面 【じめん】ground, earth's surface
直ちに 【ただちに】at once, immediately, directly, in person
通学 【つうがく】commuting to school, school commute
本物 【ほんもの】genuine article
明ける 【あける】① to dawn, to grow light ② to end
役 【やく】① use, service, role ② post, position ③ scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.), hand
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
化 【か】action of making something, -ification
引っ掛かる 【ひっかかる】to be caught in, to be stuck in, to be cheated
煙突 【えんとつ】chimney, smokestack, funnel (of a ship), stovepipe
加減 【かげん】① addition and subtraction ② allowance for ③ degree, extent, measure ④ condition, state of health ⑤ seasoning, flavor, flavour, moderation, adjustment ⑥ influence (of the weather) ⑦ chance
可愛らしい 【かわいらしい】lovely, sweet
果実 【かじつ】fruit, nut, berry
過失 【かしつ】① error, blunder, accident ② fault, defect
害 【がい】injury, harm, evil influence, damage
願い 【ねがい】desire, wish, request, prayer, petition, application
禁煙 【きんえん】① No Smoking!, Smoking Prohibited! ② abstaining from smoking, quitting smoking
敬意 【けいい】respect, honour, honor
賢い 【かしこい】wise, clever, smart
交際 【こうさい】company, friendship, association, society, acquaintance
硬貨 【こうか】coin
婚約 【こんやく】engagement, betrothal
混雑 【こんざつ】confusion, congestion
座席 【ざせき】seat
済ませる 【すませる】to finish, to make an end of, to get through with, to let end
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
失望 【しつぼう】disappointment, despair
住宅 【じゅうたく】residence, housing, residential building
祝い 【いわい】congratulation, congratulations, celebration, festival, congratulatory gift
祝う 【いわう】to congratulate, to celebrate
順番 【じゅんばん】turn (in line), order of things, sequential order
照らす 【てらす】to shine on, to illuminate
賞 【しょう】prize, award
申し込む 【もうしこむ】to apply for, to make an application, to propose (marriage), to offer (mediation), to make an overture (of peace), to challenge, to lodge (objections), to request (an interview), to subscribe for, to book, to reserve
針 【はり】① needle, pin, hook ② stinger, thorn ③ hand (e.g. clock, etc.), pointer ④ staple (for a stapler) ⑤ needlework, sewing ⑥ malice ⑦ counter for stitches
成績 【せいせき】results, record, grades
生産 【せいさん】production, manufacture
接する 【せっする】① to come in contact with, to touch, to connect (with) ② to attend (to) ③ to receive (visitors)
設備 【せつび】equipment, device, facilities, installation
絶えず 【たえず】constantly, always, continually, steadily
尊敬 【そんけい】respect, esteem, reverence, honour, honor
団体 【だんたい】organization, organisation, association
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
頂上 【ちょうじょう】top, summit, peak
沈む 【しずむ】to sink, to feel depressed
底 【そこ】bottom, sole
天候 【てんこう】weather
倒す 【たおす】① to throw down, to bring down, to blow down, to fell, to knock down ② to kill, to defeat, to beat ③ to overthrow, to trip up, to ruin ④ to leave unpaid, to cheat
動詞 【どうし】verb
濃い 【こい】① deep (colour), dark ② strong (flavour, smell, etc.) ③ thick (consistency), dense ④ strong (possibility, etc.) ⑤ thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves"), close, deep (love, etc.)
髪の毛 【かみのけ】hair (head)
宝石 【ほうせき】gem, jewel
法 【ほう】① law, act, principle ② method ③ mood ④ dharma
陸 【りく】land, shore
税 【ぜい】tax
握手 【あくしゅ】handshake
勘定 【かんじょう】calculation, counting, consideration, reckoning, settlement of an account, allowance
傑作 【けっさく】① masterpiece, best work ② blunder, boner
高価 【こうか】high price
酸素 【さんそ】oxygen
飼う 【かう】to keep, to raise, to feed
事業 【じぎょう】project, enterprise, business, industry, operations
芝生 【しばふ】lawn
収穫 【しゅうかく】harvest, crop, ingathering
従って 【したがって】therefore, consequently, in accordance with
冗談 【じょうだん】jest, joke
譲る 【ゆずる】to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender
食卓 【しょくたく】dining table
唇 【くちびる】lips
新鮮 【しんせん】fresh
診察 【しんさつ】medical examination
製造 【せいぞう】manufacture, production
舌 【した】① tongue ② tongue-like object, clapper (of a bell), talon (of a lock)
粗末 【そまつ】crude, rough, plain, humble
素敵 【すてき】lovely, dreamy, beautiful, great, fantastic, superb, cool, capital
霜 【しも】frost
騒音 【そうおん】noise
属する 【ぞくする】① to entrust ② to send (a message, etc.)
怠る 【おこたる】to be negligent in doing something, to shirk, to be off one's guard
大抵 【たいてい】① mostly, ordinarily, usually, generally ② probably ③ most, almost all ④ (before a neg. form) ordinary ⑤ proper, appropriate, moderate
通訳 【つうやく】interpretation (i.e. oral translation)
釣 【つり】① fishing, angling ② change (e.g. for a purchase)
投票 【とうひょう】voting, poll
妨げる 【さまたげる】to disturb, to prevent, to obstruct, to hinder
裸 【はだか】naked, nude, bare
ぬるいlukewarm, tepid
我が儘 【わがまま】① selfishness, egoism, self-indulgence, wilfulness, willfulness ② disobedience ③ whim
やかましい① noisy, boisterous ② strict, faultfinding, carping, fussy
近頃 【ちかごろ】lately, recently, nowadays
尻 【しり】① buttocks, behind, rump, bottom ② undersurface, bottom ③ last place, end ④ consequence
親戚 【しんせき】relative
羨ましい 【うらやましい】① envious (feeling, etc.), jealous ② enviable (position, etc.)
鼠 【ねずみ】① mouse, rat ② dark gray, dark grey, slate (color, colour)
わざとon purpose
すぐ① immediately, at once, directly ② soon, before long, shortly ③ easily, without difficulty ④ right (near), nearby, just (handy)
掴む 【つかむ】to seize, to catch, to grasp, to grip, to grab, to hold, to catch hold of, to lay one's hands on
梯子 【はしご】① ladder ② stairs ③ going to several places in succession (e.g. barhopping)
うさぎrabbit, hare, cony
紐 【ひも】① string, cord ② man who is financially dependent on a woman (such as a gigolo or, in the case of a prostitute, a pimp), pimp
籠 【かご】basket, cage
うんざりtedious, boring, being fed up with
出入り 【でいり】in and out, coming and going, free association, income and expenditure, debits and credit
水分 【すいぶん】moisture
前 【ぜん】① the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor"), previous, one-time, former ② (before the name of an era) pre- (e.g. "premodern") ③ before, earlier
中間 【ちゅうかん】middle, midway, interim
中年 【ちゅうねん】middle-age, middle age, midlife, one's middle years
東西 【とうざい】① East and West ② whole country ③ Orient and Occident, Western and Eastern ④ Your attention, please!
意地悪 【いじわる】malicious, ill-tempered, unkind
家屋 【かおく】house, building
学力 【がくりょく】scholarship, knowledge, literary ability
元日 【がんじつ】New Year's Day
死体 【したい】dead body, corpse, cadaver
写る 【うつる】to be photographed, to be projected
手前 【てまえ】① before, this side ② one's standpoint, one's appearance ③ we ④ you
真っ先 【まっさき】the head, the foremost, beginning
真空 【しんくう】vacuum, hollow, empty
生意気 【なまいき】impertinent, saucy, cheeky, conceit, audacious, brazen
早口 【はやくち】fast-talking, rapid talking
大工 【だいく】carpenter
題名 【だいめい】title
地味 【じみ】plain, simple, subdued, sober
転がす 【ころがす】to roll
代える 【かえる】① to replace ② to exchange, to interchange ③ to substitute
名字 【みょうじ】surname, family name
ひっくり返る 【ひっくりかえる】to be overturned, to be upset, to topple over, to be reversed
温室 【おんしつ】greenhouse, hothouse, conservatory, glasshouse
貝 【かい】shell, shellfish
活力 【かつりょく】vitality, energy
教わる 【おそわる】to be taught
苦情 【くじょう】complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
空想 【くうそう】daydream, fantasy, fancy, vision
原始 【げんし】origin, primeval
原料 【げんりょう】raw materials
語学 【ごがく】language study
口実 【こうじつ】excuse, pretext
混合 【こんごう】① mixing, mixture, meld ② miscegenation
四角い 【しかくい】square, rectangular
四季 【しき】four seasons
始終 【しじゅう】continuously, from beginning to end, from first to last
留まる 【とまる】① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
寺院 【じいん】temple
持参 【じさん】bringing, taking, carrying
時速 【じそく】speed (per hour)
実習 【じっしゅう】practice, practise, training (esp. practical and hands-on), drill
出勤 【しゅっきん】going to work, at work
消防 【しょうぼう】fire fighting, fire department
神様 【かみさま】God
親類 【しんるい】relation, kin
進路 【しんろ】① route, course ② career, university choices, course (of future life)
水面 【すいめん】water's surface
水曜 【すいよう】Wednesday
勢い 【いきおい】① force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life ② influence, authority, power, might ③ impetus, momentum, course (of events) ④ naturally, necessarily
全集 【ぜんしゅう】complete works
想 【そう】① conception, idea, thought ② samjna (perception)
対立 【たいりつ】confrontation, opposition, antagonism
退院 【たいいん】leaving hospital, discharge from hospital
断定 【だんてい】conclusion, decision
長短 【ちょうたん】① length ② long and short, advantages and disadvantages, pluses and minuses, strong and weak points, merits and demerits
直線 【ちょくせん】straight line
通行 【つうこう】passage, passing
的確 【てきかく】precise, accurate
点数 【てんすう】marks, points, score, runs, number of items, credits
伝記 【でんき】biography, life story
表紙 【ひょうし】front cover, binding
物語る 【ものがたる】to tell, to indicate
有無 【うむ】① existence or nonexistence, presence or absence ② consent or refusal, yes or no ③ flag indicator, presence or absence marker
加熱 【かねつ】heating
課する 【かする】to levy, to charge, to assess, to impose, to assign
解く 【ほどく】to unfasten, to untie, to unwrap (e.g. parcel)
解答 【かいとう】answer, solution
各自 【かくじ】individual, each
危うい 【あやうい】① dangerous, risky, hazardous, perilous, precarious ② in danger, in jeopardy, critical, grave, at risk ③ uncertain, unreliable, insecure, unsteady, doubtful ④ close (i.e. a close call), narrow
起床 【きしょう】rising, getting out of bed
県庁 【けんちょう】prefectural office
険しい 【けわしい】① precipitous, rugged, inaccessible, impregnable, steep ② grim, severe, stern
原産 【げんさん】place of origin, habitat
工芸 【こうげい】industrial arts
更ける 【ふける】to get late, to advance, to wear on
肯定 【こうてい】positive, affirmation
荒い 【あらい】rough, rude, wild
鉱物 【こうぶつ】mineral
在学 【ざいがく】(enrolled) in school
産地 【さんち】producing area
刺さる 【ささる】to stick, to be stuck
思い込む 【おもいこむ】to be under impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to set one's heart on, to be bent on
社説 【しゃせつ】editorial, leading article
車輪 【しゃりん】(car) wheel
祝日 【しゅくじつ】national holiday
順々 【じゅんじゅん】in order, in turn
照る 【てる】to shine
延びる 【のびる】① to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to spread ② to make progress, to grow (beard, body height) ③ to grow stale (soba) ④ to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed ⑤ to be exhausted ⑥ to be postponed, to be prolonged
真似る 【まねる】to mimic, to imitate
姓 【せい】① surname, family name ② hereditary title (used in ancient Japan to denote rank and political standing)
性別 【せいべつ】distinction by sex, sex, gender
清掃 【せいそう】cleaning
接続 【せつぞく】① connection, attachment, union, join, joint, link ② changing trains ③ conjunction
先程 【さきほど】some time ago
泉 【いずみ】spring, fountain
祖先 【そせん】ancestor
相違 【そうい】difference, discrepancy, variation
束 【たば】bundle, bunch, sheaf
測量 【そくりょう】measurement, surveying
体制 【たいせい】order, system, structure, set-up, organization, organisation
対照 【たいしょう】contrast, antithesis, comparison
担ぐ 【かつぐ】① to shoulder, to carry on one's shoulder ② to take (someone) for a ride, to deceive, to take in
頂点 【ちょうてん】top, summit
当初 【とうしょ】at first
突く 【つく】① to prick, to stab ② to poke, to prod, to push, to thrust, to nudge, to hit, to strike ③ to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.) ④ to attack ⑤ to brave (the rain, etc.)
不可 【ふか】wrong, bad, improper, unjustifiable, inadvisable
枚数 【まいすう】① the number of flat things ② win-loss difference which influences the ranking of sumo wrestlers
延ばす 【のばす】to postpone
お辞儀 【おじぎ】bow, bowing
宴会 【えんかい】party, banquet
恩恵 【おんけい】grace, favor, favour, blessing, benefit
隔てる 【へだてる】to be shut out, to separate, to isolate
学級 【がっきゅう】(school) class
器具 【きぐ】utensil, apparatus, implement, device, gadget
休養 【きゅうよう】rest, break, recreation
恐縮 【きょうしゅく】shame, very kind of you, sorry to trouble
驚かす 【おどろかす】to surprise, to frighten, to create a stir
愚か 【おろか】foolish, stupid
あくびyawn, yawning (and stretching)
娯楽 【ごらく】pleasure, amusement
後輩 【こうはい】junior (at work or school)
御覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
碁 【ご】Go (board game of capturing territory)
公衆 【こうしゅう】the public, general public
恨む 【うらむ】① to resent, to curse, to feel bitter, to blame, to bear a grudge ② to regret
砕く 【くだく】to break, to smash
削る 【けずる】① to shave (wood or leather), to sharpen, to plane, to whittle, to pare, to scrape off ② to cross out, to reduce, to curtail, to remove, to erase, to delete
酸性 【さんせい】① acidity ② acidic
氏名 【しめい】full name, identity
煮る 【にる】to boil, to cook
寿命 【じゅみょう】life span
縮める 【ちぢめる】to shorten, to reduce, to boil down, to shrink
循環 【じゅんかん】circulation, rotation, cycle
巡査 【じゅんさ】police, policeman
順序 【じゅんじょ】order, sequence, procedure
将棋 【しょうぎ】shogi, Japanese chess, xianqi
小遣い 【こづかい】pocket money, spending money, pin money, allowance
上級 【じょうきゅう】advanced level, high grade, senior
飾り 【かざり】decoration
振り 【ふり】① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
垂直 【すいちょく】vertical, perpendicular
盛り 【さかり】① peak (e.g. of cherry blossom season), height (e.g. of summer) ② prime (of one's life), one's best days ③ rutting, being in heat
西暦 【せいれき】Christian Era, CE, anno domini, AD
節 【ふし】① joint, knuckle ② tune, melody ③ knot (in wood), node in a bamboo stem ④ part, notable characteristic
創作 【そうさく】production, literary creation, work
爽やか 【さわやか】fresh, refreshing, invigorating, clear, fluent, eloquent
葬式 【そうしき】funeral
対策 【たいさく】counter-plan, counter-measure
淡水 【たんすい】fresh water
地盤 【じばん】stronghold, base, (the) ground
彫る 【ほる】① to carve, to engrave, to sculpt, to chisel ② to tattoo
彫刻 【ちょうこく】carving, engraving, sculpture
調節 【ちょうせつ】regulation, adjustment, control
鉄砲 【てっぽう】① gun ② wooden pole that sumo wrestlers strike in practice (practise)
吐く 【はく】① to breathe ② to tell (lies) ③ to vomit, to disgorge
兵隊 【へいたい】soldier, sailor
おしゃれ① smartly dressed, stylish, fashion-conscious ② someone smartly dressed ③ to dress up, to be fashionable
汲む 【くむ】① to draw (water), to ladle, to dip, to scoop, to pump ② to have a drink together ③ to consider, to sympathize with, to sympathise with
繋げる 【つなげる】to tie, to fasten, to connect, to transfer (phone call)
みっともないshameful, indecent
縞 【しま】stripe, bar, streak
塵 【ちり】dust, dirt
目眩 【めまい】dizziness, giddiness, vertigo
芯 【しん】① wick, marrow, staple (for stapler), (pencil) lead, stuffing, pith ② core, heart, centre, center
纏まる 【まとまる】to be collected, to be settled, to be in order
きちっとexactly, perfectly
きっちり① punctually, on the dot, precisely ② closely, tightly, (fits) like a glove ③ without fail
きっぱりclearly, plainly, decisively, distinctly, flatly
くっきりdistinctly, clearly, boldly
ぶらぶらdangle heavily, swing, sway to and fro, aimlessly, idly, lazily, loiter, loaf, stroll idly
苦しめる 【くるしめる】to torment, to harass, to inflict pain
私鉄 【してつ】private railway
助 【じょ】help, rescue, assistant
投書 【とうしょ】letter to the editor, letter from a reader, contribution
家宅 【かたく】domicile, premises
固体 【こたい】solid (body), solid matter, solid-state
造船 【ぞうせん】shipbuilding
明白 【めいはく】obvious, clear, plain, evident, apparent, explicit, overt
熟 【つくづく】completely, really, thoroughly, deeply, severely, intently
忠実 【ちゅうじつ】① faithful, loyal, devoted ② hardworking, painstaking, diligent ③ healthy, fit
案じる 【あんじる】to be anxious, to ponder
尉 【じょう】jailer, gaoler, old man, rank, company officer
異動 【いどう】change
異論 【いろん】different opinion, objection
衣料 【いりょう】clothing
育ち 【そだち】breeding, growth
一括 【いっかつ】all together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up
一変 【いっぺん】complete change, about-face
一律 【いちりつ】evenness, uniformity, monotony, equality
運搬 【うんぱん】transport, carriage
縁側 【えんがわ】veranda, porch, balcony, open corridor
鉛 【なまり】lead (the metal)
臆病 【おくびょう】cowardice, timidity
化ける 【ばける】① to appear in disguise, to take the form of ② to change for the worse, to corrupt
化石 【かせき】fossil, petrifaction, fossilization, fossilisation
家計 【かけい】household economy, family finances
家出 【いえで】running away from home, leaving home
家畜 【かちく】domestic animals, livestock, cattle
家来 【けらい】retainer, retinue, servant
花粉 【かふん】pollen
過疎 【かそ】depopulation
外方 【そっぽ】look (or turn) the other way
外来 【がいらい】① external origin, imported ② outpatient
学歴 【がくれき】academic background
楽観 【らっかん】optimism
滑らか 【なめらか】smoothness, glassiness
叶う 【かなう】to come true (wish)
勘弁 【かんべん】pardon, forgiveness, forbearance
干渉 【かんしょう】interference, intervention
慣行 【かんこう】customary practice, customary practise, habit, traditional event
慣習 【かんしゅう】usual (historical) custom
換算 【かんさん】conversion (e.g. yen to dollars), change, exchange, translation (numerical)
簡潔 【かんけつ】brevity, conciseness, simplicity
簡素 【かんそ】simplicity, plain
緩む 【ゆるむ】to become loose, to slacken
緩める 【ゆるめる】to loosen, to slow down
緩やか 【ゆるやか】① loose, slack ② gentle, easy, slow ③ lenient, liberal, lax
頑固 【がんこ】stubbornness, obstinacy
頑丈 【がんじょう】solid, firm, stout, burly, strong, sturdy
喜劇 【きげき】comedy, funny show
器官 【きかん】organ (of body), instrument
期日 【きじつ】fixed date, settlement date
汽船 【きせん】steamship, steamboat, steamer
規約 【きやく】agreement, rules, code, protocol, convention
戯曲 【ぎきょく】play, drama
議決 【ぎけつ】resolution, decision, vote
久しい 【ひさしい】long, long-continued, old (story)
休める 【やすめる】to rest, to suspend, to give relief
救い 【すくい】help, aid, relief, salvation
窮屈 【きゅうくつ】narrow, tight, stiff, rigid, uneasy, formal, constrained
給仕 【きゅうじ】office boy (girl), page, waiter
給食 【きゅうしょく】school lunch, providing a meal
拒絶 【きょぜつ】refusal, rejection
許容 【きょよう】permission, pardon
強行 【きょうこう】① forcing, enforcement ② forced, enforced
教訓 【きょうくん】lesson, precept, moral instruction
教職 【きょうしょく】teaching certificate, the teaching profession
脅す 【おどす】to threaten, to menace
脅迫 【きょうはく】threat, menace, coercion, terrorism
郷土 【きょうど】native place, birth-place, one's old home
均衡 【きんこう】equilibrium, balance
軍艦 【ぐんかん】warship, battleship
計器 【けいき】meter, gauge
激励 【げきれい】encouragement
結び付ける 【むすびつける】to combine, to join, to tie on, to attach with a knot, to bind (e.g. an address)
血管 【けっかん】blood vessel
健在 【けんざい】in good health, well, going strong
軒並 【のきなみ】① row of houses, every door ② totally, altogether, across the board
元来 【がんらい】originally, primarily, essentially, logically, naturally
原点 【げんてん】origin (coordinates), starting point
原文 【げんぶん】the text, original
言論 【げんろん】(one's) speech, expression of views, discussion
呼び止める 【よびとめる】to challenge, to call somebody to halt
孤独 【こどく】isolation, loneliness, solitude
孤立 【こりつ】isolation, helplessness
公団 【こうだん】public corporation
好ましい 【このましい】nice, likeable, desirable
好評 【こうひょう】popularity, favorable reputation, favourable reputation
巧み 【たくみ】skill, cleverness
巧妙 【こうみょう】ingenious, skillful, clever, deft
皇居 【こうきょ】Imperial Palace
荒廃 【こうはい】ruin, destruction, devastation, waste, decay
行進 【こうしん】march, parade
講習 【こうしゅう】short course, training
購買 【こうばい】purchase, buy
降水 【こうすい】rainfall, precipitation
高騰 【こうとう】sudden price jump, steep price rise
合間 【あいま】interval
根底 【こんてい】root, basis, foundation
混同 【こんどう】confusion, mixing, merger
差異 【さい】difference, disparity
催す 【もよおす】① to hold (a meeting), to give (a dinner), to show signs of ② to feel (sensation, emotion, etc.)
再会 【さいかい】another meeting, meeting again, reunion
再発 【さいはつ】return, relapse, reoccurrence
採掘 【さいくつ】mining
採算 【さいさん】profit
雑談 【ざつだん】chatting, idle talk
山岳 【さんがく】mountains
桟橋 【さんばし】wharf, bridge, jetty, pier
産出 【さんしゅつ】yield, produce
残高 【ざんだか】(bank) balance, remainder
仕上げる 【しあげる】to finish up, to complete
使命 【しめい】mission, errand, message
始発 【しはつ】first train
始末 【しまつ】① management, dealing, settlement ② cleaning up, getting rid of ③ end result (usu. bad)
志す 【こころざす】to plan, to intend, to aspire to, to set aims (sights on)
志望 【しぼう】wish, desire, ambition
指令 【しれい】orders, instructions, directive, command
氏 【うじ】family name, lineage, birth
視覚 【しかく】sense of sight, vision
雌 【めす】female (animal)
自在 【じざい】freely, at will
辞退 【じたい】declining, refusal, nonacceptance, turning down, withdrawal (e.g. candidacy), pulling out (e.g. race), excusing oneself
失脚 【しっきゃく】losing one's standing, being overthrown, falling
斜面 【しゃめん】slope, slanting surface, bevel
弱 【じゃく】weakness, the weak, little less than
弱る 【よわる】to weaken, to be troubled, to be downcast, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed, to impair
主観 【しゅかん】① subjectivity, subject, ego ② one's personal opinion, one's own idea
取り巻く 【とりまく】to surround, to circle, to enclose
取り除く 【とりのぞく】to remove, to deinstall, to take away, to set apart
取り調べる 【とりしらべる】to investigate, to examine
取り付ける 【とりつける】to furnish, to install, to get someone's agreement
手掛ける 【てがける】to handle, to manage, to work with, to rear, to look after, to have experience with
手近 【てぢか】near, handy, within reach, familiar
手軽 【てがる】easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
手配 【てはい】arrangement, search (by police)
狩り 【かり】hunting
首脳 【しゅのう】head, brains, leading spirit
受け継ぐ 【うけつぐ】to inherit, to succeed, to take over
受け付ける 【うけつける】to be accepted, to receive (an application)
授ける 【さずける】to grant, to award, to teach
樹木 【じゅもく】trees and shrubs, arbour, arbor
就業 【しゅうぎょう】employment, starting work
終日 【しゅうじつ】all day, for a whole day
集計 【しゅうけい】totalization, totalisation, aggregation, tally (e.g. votes)
出血 【しゅっけつ】bleeding, haemorrhage, hemorrhage
出世 【しゅっせ】promotion, successful career, eminence
出品 【しゅっぴん】exhibit, display
所在 【しょざい】whereabouts
所持 【しょじ】possession, owning
渚 【なぎさ】water's edge, beach, shore
書評 【しょひょう】book review
女史 【じょし】① Ms (nuance of status), Miss, Madame ② highbrow (woman), cerebral
除外 【じょがい】exception, exclusion
召す 【めす】① to call, to invite, to send for, to summon ② to eat, to drink ③ to put on, to wear ④ to ride ⑤ to catch (a cold), to take (a bath), to tickle (one's fancy), to put on (years), to commit (seppuku) ⑥ to do
奨励 【しょうれい】encouragement, promotion, message, address, inducement, incitement, stimulation
尚更 【なおさら】all the more, still less
承諾 【しょうだく】consent, acquiescence, agreement
上がり 【あがり】① ascent, rise, slope ② freshly-drawn green tea (esp. in sushi shops) ③ advance income, crop yield ④ death, spinning, completion, stop, finish ⑤ after (rain), ex (official, etc.) ⑥ (end) results (e.g. of crafts like painting, pottery, etc.), how something comes out
丈 【たけ】height, stature, length, measure, all (one has)
情熱 【じょうねつ】passion, enthusiasm, zeal
織る 【おる】to weave
色彩 【しきさい】colour, color, hue, tints
信者 【しんじゃ】believer, adherent, devotee
信任 【しんにん】trust, confidence, credence
心細い 【こころぼそい】helpless, forlorn, hopeless, unpromising, lonely, discouraging, disheartening
心中 【しんじゅう】double suicide, lovers suicide
新興 【しんこう】rising, developing, emergent
新築 【しんちく】new building, new construction
申し出る 【もうしでる】to report to, to tell, to suggest, to submit, to request, to make an offer, to come forward with information
真下 【ました】right under, directly below
真相 【しんそう】truth, real situation
神聖 【しんせい】holiness, sacredness, dignity
神秘 【しんぴ】mystery
紳士 【しんし】gentleman
親善 【しんぜん】friendship
診療 【しんりょう】medical examination and treatment, diagnosis
辛抱 【しんぼう】patience, endurance
人体 【じんたい】human body
刃 【は】edge (of a knife or sword)
甚だ 【はなはだ】very, greatly, exceedingly
尽きる 【つきる】to be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end
水源 【すいげん】source of river, fountainhead
粋 【すい】① chic, stylish, refined, sophisticated, smart ② understanding, sympathetic ③ the best
衰える 【おとろえる】to become weak, to decline, to wear, to abate, to decay, to wither, to waste away
遂げる 【とげる】to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out
世代 【せだい】generation, the world, the age
是正 【ぜせい】correction, revision
制服 【せいふく】uniform
征服 【せいふく】conquest, subjugation, overcoming
成熟 【せいじゅく】maturity, ripeness
成年 【せいねん】adult age, majority
整える 【ととのえる】① to put in order, to arrange, to adjust ② to get ready, to prepare ③ to raise money
整数 【せいすう】integer, whole number
正解 【せいかい】correct, right, correct interpretation (answer, solution)
正常 【せいじょう】normalcy, normality, normal
正体 【しょうたい】natural shape, one's true colors, one's true colours, true character, consciousness, senses
正当 【せいとう】just, justifiable, right, due, proper, equitable, reasonable, legitimate, legal, lawful
生育 【せいいく】growth, development, breeding
盛る 【もる】① to serve (food, etc.) ② to fill up ③ to prescribe
誠実 【せいじつ】sincere, honest, faithful
静止 【せいし】stillness, repose, standing still
惜しむ 【おしむ】① to be frugal, to be sparing ② to value, to hold dear ③ to regret (e.g. a loss), to feel sorry (for) ④ to be unwilling, to be reluctant
切ない 【せつない】① painful, heartrending, trying ② oppressive, suffocating, miserable
設置 【せっち】establishment, institution
説く 【とく】to explain, to advocate, to preach, to persuade
占領 【せんりょう】occupation, capture, possession, have a room to oneself
専ら 【もっぱら】wholly, solely, entirely, exclusively, devotedly, fixedly
専修 【せんしゅう】specialization, specialisation
染みる 【しみる】① to pierce, to penetrate, to soak in, to permeate ② to (enter a wound or sensitive area and) sting ③ to be infected (with vice), to be steeped (with prejudice)
船舶 【せんぱく】ship
選挙 【せんきょ】election
前例 【ぜんれい】precedent
全滅 【ぜんめつ】annihilation
禅 【ぜん】① dhyana (profound meditation) ② Zen (Buddhism)
素朴 【そぼく】simplicity, artlessness, naivete
阻む 【はばむ】to keep someone from doing, to stop, to prevent, to check, to hinder, to obstruct, to oppose, to thwart
操る 【あやつる】to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
葬る 【ほうむる】to bury, to inter, to entomb, to consign to oblivion, to shelve
走行 【そうこう】running a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), running to program, job, etc., traveling, travelling
送金 【そうきん】remittance, sending money
騒動 【そうどう】strife, riot, rebellion, turmoil
増強 【ぞうきょう】augment, reinforce, increase
憎しみ 【にくしみ】hatred
速やか 【すみやか】speedy, prompt, smooth
他方 【たほう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the other hand
妥協 【だきょう】compromise, giving in
妥結 【だけつ】settlement, an agreement
体格 【たいかく】physique, constitution
体力 【たいりょく】physical strength
対 【つい】① pair, couple, set ② antithesis ③ counter for items that come in pairs ④ counter for sets (of clothes, small furniture, utensils, etc.)
対談 【たいだん】talk, dialogue, conversation
対等 【たいとう】equivalent
帯びる 【おびる】① to wear (sword, decoration, etc.), to carry ② to be entrusted (e.g. with a mission), to take on ③ to have a trace of, to be tinged with
態勢 【たいせい】attitude, conditions, preparations
退学 【たいがく】dropping out of school
退治 【たいじ】extermination
嘆く 【なげく】to sigh, to lament, to grieve
鍛える 【きたえる】to forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
団結 【だんけつ】unity, union, combination
弾む 【はずむ】to spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to treat oneself to, to splurge on
弾力 【だんりょく】elasticity, flexibility
断言 【だんげん】assertion, declaration, affirmation
知性 【ちせい】intelligence
地元 【じもと】① home area, home town ② local
恥 【はじ】shame, embarrassment
蓄積 【ちくせき】accumulation, accumulate, store
着工 【ちゃっこう】start of (construction) work
中枢 【ちゅうすう】centre, center, pivot, mainstay, nucleus, backbone, central figure, pillar, key man
中断 【ちゅうだん】interruption, suspension, break
中毒 【ちゅうどく】① poisoning ② addiction
抽選 【ちゅうせん】lottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
徴収 【ちょうしゅう】collection, levy
潮 【しお】① tide, current ② salt water ③ opportunity
蝶 【ちょう】butterfly
調印 【ちょういん】signature, signing, sealing
調停 【ちょうてい】arbitration, conciliation, mediation
調和 【ちょうわ】harmony
直感 【ちょっかん】intuition, instinct, insight, hunch
沈黙 【ちんもく】silence, reticence
津波 【つなみ】tsunami, tidal wave
追い込む 【おいこむ】to herd, to corner, to drive
追い出す 【おいだす】to expel, to drive out
追及 【ついきゅう】① investigation (e.g. into someone's guilt), questioning, pressing, hounding, pinning down ② catching up, overtaking
追跡 【ついせき】pursuit, tracking (e.g. in computer graphics), keeping records on, tracing
痛感 【つうかん】feeling keenly, fully realizing
停滞 【ていたい】stagnation, tie-up, congestion, retention, accumulation, falling into arrears
定義 【ていぎ】definition
定年 【ていねん】retirement age
邸宅 【ていたく】mansion, residence
適応 【てきおう】adaptation, accommodation, conformity
天国 【てんごく】paradise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven
伝達 【でんたつ】transmission (e.g. news), communication, delivery, conveyance, transfer, relay, propagation, conduction
田園 【でんえん】① country, rural districts ② cultivated land, fields
徒歩 【とほ】walking, going on foot
途上 【とじょう】① en route, half-way ② on the road, in the street
土手 【どて】embankment, bank
土俵 【どひょう】① arena, esp. in sumo ② forum (e.g. for discussion) ③ sandbag, gabion
棟 【とう】① large building ② counter for buildings, apartments, etc.
統制 【とうせい】regulation, control
特派 【とくは】send specially, special envoy
肉親 【にくしん】blood relationship, blood relative
念願 【ねんがん】one's heart's desire, earnest petition
発作 【ほっさ】fit, spasm
判決 【はんけつ】judicial decision, judgement, judgment, sentence, decree
扉 【とびら】① door, gate, opening ② title page
品種 【ひんしゅ】① kind (of goods), brand ② (taxonomical) form ③ breed, cultivar
不審 【ふしん】incomplete understanding, doubt, question, distrust, suspicion, strangeness, infidelity
奮闘 【ふんとう】hard struggle, strenuous effort
並列 【へいれつ】arrangement, parallel, abreast
補助 【ほじょ】assistance, support, aid, auxiliary
募る 【つのる】① to invite contributions, etc., to solicit help, participation, etc., to recruit (e.g. soldiers) ② to grow violent, to become stronger, to become worse
奉仕 【ほうし】attendance, service, ministry, church work
放射 【ほうしゃ】radiation, emission
脈 【みゃく】pulse
面会 【めんかい】meeting (face-to-face), interview
良好 【りょうこう】favorable, favourable, satisfactory
連なる 【つらなる】to extend, to stretch out, to stand in a row
脅かす 【おびやかす】① to intimidate, to scare ② to jeopardize, to endanger, to imperil
襟 【えり】neck, collar, lapel, neckband
汚れ 【よごれ】dirt, filth
あからさまplain, frank, candid, open, direct, straightforward, unabashed, blatant, flagrant
くすぐったい① ticklish ② embarrassing
しみじみ① earnestly, keenly, fully, deeply, heartily, seriously ② calmly
滑稽 【こっけい】funny, humorous, humourous, comical, laughable, ridiculous, joking
怯える 【おびえる】to become frightened, to be frightened (of), to be scared (of)
戸惑う 【とまどう】to be bewildered, to be perplexed
誤魔化す 【ごまかす】to deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
辿り着く 【たどりつく】to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle, to grope along to, to barely manage to reach, to finally arrive at, to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)
壷 【つぼ】① jar, pot, vase ② dice cup ③ depression (i.e. the basin of a waterfall) ④ (figurative) bull's-eye ⑤ key point (of a conversation, etc.) ⑥ acupuncture point, moxibustion point ⑦ fingerboard (of a shamisen, etc.)
賭ける 【かける】to wager, to bet, to risk, to stake, to gamble
炒める 【いためる】to cook, to fry, to saute, to stir-fry
偏る 【かたよる】to be one-sided, to incline, to be partial, to be prejudiced, to lean, to be biased, to be biassed
麻痺 【まひ】paralysis, palsy, numbness, stupor
憂鬱 【ゆううつ】depression, melancholy, dejection, gloom
おおい① hey!, oi! ② me
おっさん① rude term for middle-aged man ② Buddhist priest
おっぱいbreasts, suck (nipple), tits
お天気 【おてんき】① weather ② temper, mood
きらきらglitter, sparkle, glisten, twinkle
ぐるaccomplice, cohort
じりじりrunning out of patience, slowly approaching, scorching sun, sound of alarm bell
ずらすto shift, to slide (e.g., something away from something else), to move (e.g., something out of the way), to put off, to delay
ぞっとshiver, shudder
ちょっぴりvery little bit, just a smidgin, wee bit
ちらちらfluttering, flickering, intermittently
つばさextra-high-speed Touhoku-line Shinkansen
ニヤニヤgrinning, broad grin, smirk
ばらばらscattered, disperse, loose, disconnected, in pieces, in drops, rustling
ぱっとsuddenly, in a flash, rapidly, nimbly, alertly
ひょいとby chance, suddenly, accidentally, with agility
むっつり① sullenly, taciturnly, morosely, gloomily, silently ② taciturn person, uncommunicative person
やばい① awful (young persons' slang), terrible, crap ② terrific (young persons' slang), amazing, cool
アナウンス① announcement ② to announce
アルミaluminum (Al), aluminium
アルミニウムaluminum (Al), aluminium
アンテナ① antenna ② person who collects information or opinions
イブeve (esp. Christmas Eve), the night before
インテル① Intel (chip manufacturer) ② interline leads
エアコンair-conditioner, air-conditioning
オルガンorgan (musical instrument)
カフェ① cafe ② hostess bar (serving western alcoholic beverages; Taisho and Showa period)
クール① cool (temperature, color, etc.) ② cool (i.e. calm and collected) ③ cool (i.e. fashionable, attractive, etc.) ④ course (of medical treatment) ⑤ season (series) of a television program (usu. 13 installments over a 3-month period)
クレーム① customer complaint seeking compensation, claim (for compensation) ② (general) complaint, objection ③ cream
クレジットカードcredit card
ゲート① gate (for entry, boarding, etc.) ② gate ③ logic element
コンタクト① contact ② contact lens
コンパクト① compact ② (powder) compact (portable makeup & mirror case)
コンビニconvenience store
サロン① salon ② sarong
サンディエゴSan Diego
シャッター① camera shutter ② shutter (door, window, etc.)
シンク① sink ② sync (synchronous)
スチュワーデスstewardess, (female) flight attendant
ストック① stock ② ski pole
スナック① snack ② snack bar
スペクトルspectrum (radio, etc.), spectral, spectra
タイル① tile ② coating
チェロcello, violoncello
チャック① chuck (device for holding a workpiece in a lathe or a tool in a drill) ② fastener, zipper
テレビ局 【てれびきょく】television station
ディフェンスdefense, defence
デザート① dessert ② desert
ナイターgame under lights (e.g. baseball), night game
ネイティブ① native ② native speaker (of English)
ノブ① knob ② doorknob
ハーフ① half ② someone of mixed race
バグ(computer) bug
パーツparts (as in computer parts)
パーマpermanent wave, perm
パジャマpajamas, pyjamas
パチンコ① pachinko (Japanese pinball) ② slingshot, catapult
パトカーpatrol car
パンチ① punch (a strike with the fist) ② punch (a hole), punch (a ticket), a hole punch, a hole puncher ③ punch (a drink)
パンフレットbrochure, pamphlet
ピンチ① pinch, crisis ② clothespin
ファミコンvideo game system (from family computer - Nintendo tradename)
フォーマット(computer) format
フォロー① follow ② followup (e.g. netnews) ③ backing-up, covering for
フォワードforward (in a ball game, contract, etc.)
フロア① floor ② follower
フロント① front ② reception (hotel, etc.), front desk
ブルー① blue (colour, color) ② sad, down (in the dumps)
ブレイク① break (e.g. holiday, rest-period) ② break (e.g. ordering two boxers apart) ③ break (to win or score well against an opponent's serve) ④ brake ⑤ suddenly becoming popular (from break)
ベテランperson with a lot of experience, old hand, veteran (in a particular field)
ボーイ① boy ② bellboy, porter, waiter
ボリューム① volume ② any kind of adjustment knob, not necessarily for sound
マウス① (lab) mouse ② mouse ③ mouth
マジック① magic ② magic marker
マック① Mac ② McDonald's
マット① mat ② matte (metallurgical) ③ matte, matt, mat (finish, etc.)
マニア① enthusiast ② mania, enthusiasm
マラソンmarathon, long-distance race
マルチmulti- (e.g. multimedia, multilevel marketing, multi-post)
ミッション① mission ② transmission
モール① mall ② maul (in rugby) ③ mole ④ Moor
モラル① morals, morality, ethics ② morale
ライター① lighter ② writer
ラップ① lap ② wrap ③ cling film ④ rap
リビング① living, lifestyle ② living room
リフォームrenovation (e.g. a house), redecoration, makeover, updating
レート① rate ② late
レジ(cash) register
レバー① lever, joystick ② liver
ロッカー① locker ② rocker
ロビーlobby, lounge
何ら 【なんら】① whatever, what, what sort of, any kind of ② nothing whatever (with neg. verb)
何かと 【なにかと】one way or another
ヵ月 【かげつ】(number of) months
外人 【がいじん】foreigner
午 【うま】seventh sign of Chinese zodiac (The Horse, 11am-1pm, south, May)
後日 【ごじつ】in the future, another day, later
今や 【いまや】now
左前 【ひだりまえ】downward course, being badly off, wearing a kimono with the right side tucked under the left
山中 【さんちゅう】among the mountains
四国 【しこく】Shikoku (smallest of the four main islands of Japan)
十月 【じゅうがつ】October
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
小山 【こやま】hill, knoll
上げ 【あげ】rise in price, making a tuck
上気 【じょうき】dizziness, rush of blood to the head
生後 【せいご】post-natal, since birth
生前 【せいぜん】while alive, during one's lifetime
西南 【せいなん】south-west
大国 【たいこく】large country, major powers
大名 【だいみょう】daimyo (Japanese feudal lord), daimio
中学生 【ちゅうがくせい】junior high school student, middle school pupil
中前 【ちゅうぜん】front of center field, front of centre field
長時間 【ちょうじかん】long period of time, long playing
長年 【ながねん】long time, many years
天 【あま】① sky ② heaven ③ svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth) ④ deva (divine being of Buddhism)
東アジアEast Asia
入国 【にゅうこく】entry to a country
見え 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
女学校 【じょがっこう】girl's school
アポロ① (Project) Apollo ② Apollo (god of Greek and Roman mythology)
ウィンドウ① window ② window (shop display)
ウェア① -ware ② -wear (clothing), (sports) wear
グレイ① grey (gray) ② gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
ジンgin, jin
バット① bat (in baseball, cricket, etc.) ② tray (from fre: bateau or eng: vat)
パンク① puncture, flat tyre (tire), bursting ② punk
ビート① beet ② beat
ペット① pet ② trumpet
悪意 【あくい】① ill will, spite, evil intention ② bad meaning ③ (criminal) malice ④ mala fides (criminal intent to deceive)
悪質 【あくしつ】bad quality, malignancy, vicious, malignant
医大 【いだい】medical university, medical school, med school
一新 【いっしん】complete change, reform, restoration, remodeling, remodelling, renewal
引き分ける 【ひきわける】to pull apart, to separate
飲料 【いんりょう】(a) drink
右足 【みぎあし】① right foot ② right leg
下水道 【げすいどう】drain, sewer, drainage system
下方 【かほう】lower region, lower part
下野 【げや】retirement from public office
家名 【かめい】① family name, house name ② family honour, family honor
歌人 【かじん】(Japanese) poet
火力 【かりょく】heating power, steam power
開店 【かいてん】opening (of a shop)
外野 【がいや】outfield
館長 【かんちょう】superintendent, director, curator, chief librarian
気楽 【きらく】at ease, comfortable
きまずいunpleasant, awkward
急死 【きゅうし】sudden death
急きょ 【きゅうきょ】hurriedly, in a hurry
強大 【きょうだい】mighty, powerful
近海 【きんかい】coastal waters, adjacent seas
空白 【くうはく】blank space, vacuum, space, null (NUL)
見知らぬ 【みしらぬ】unknown, unacquainted, strange
言うまでもない 【いうまでもない】it goes without saying, there is no need to say so, but of course, it is needless to say, it need scarcely be said
言動 【げんどう】speech and conduct
後世 【こうせい】posterity, future life, life to come
公安 【こうあん】public safety, public welfare
公使 【こうし】minister (of legation)
公転 【こうてん】revolution (of heavens)
口元 【くちもと】the mouth, shape of the mouth, near an entrance
口ごもる 【くちごもる】to hesitate to say, to mumble, to hem and haw, to falter
広がり 【ひろがり】spread, span
広東 【かんとん】① Guangdong (China), Kwangtung ② Guangzhou, Kwangchow, Canton (China)
行く手 【ゆくて】one's way, one's path
高地 【こうち】high ground, plateau, heights
作り出す 【つくりだす】① to manufacture, to produce, to raise (crops) ② to invent, to dream up
作り方 【つくりかた】① style of building, construction, workmanship, way of making ② recipe ③ how to grow (something)
作動 【さどう】operation, functioning, running
仕業 【しわざ】act, action, deed
仕手 【して】① doer, performer ② protagonist (in noh or kyogen), hero, leading part, main character ③ speculator (in trading)
使い方 【つかいかた】way to use something, treatment, management (of help)
使者 【ししゃ】messenger, envoy, emissary
始動 【しどう】starting (in machines), activation
思いっきり 【おもいっきり】with all one's strength, with all one's heart, resignation, resolution
持ち出す 【もちだす】① to take out, to carry out, to bring out from where it belongs ② to mention something, to broach a topic, to bring up (a subject), to raise (an issue), to mention
自国 【じこく】one's own country
自作 【じさく】one's own work
自発 【じはつ】spontaneous
車体 【しゃたい】body (of car), frame
借入金 【かりいれきん】loan, loan payable, debt
主として 【しゅとして】mainly
手がける 【てがける】to make, to do, to produce, to work on
手口 【てぐち】modus operandi, criminal technique, trick
住友 【すみとも】Sumitomo (company)
住友銀行 【すみともぎんこう】Sumitomo Bank
重心 【じゅうしん】① centre of gravity (center) ② centroid, barycenter ③ (one's) balance
出方 【でかた】① attitude, move ② theater usher, theatre usher
春秋 【しゅんじゅう】① spring and autumn, spring and fall, months and years ② the Chronicles of Lu or the Spring and Autumn Annals - one of the Five Classics
食用 【しょくよう】for use as food, edible
新車 【しんしゃ】new car
新生 【しんせい】rebirth, new birth, nascent
新入 【しんにゅう】newly arrived, joined, newly-entered
真意 【しんい】real intention, true motive, true meaning
親子 【おやこ】parent and child
親族 【しんぞく】relatives
図書 【としょ】books
水力 【すいりょく】hydraulic power, water power
世界一 【せかいいち】best in the world
世話人 【せわにん】sponsor, manager, go-between, mediator, agent
生体 【せいたい】organism, living body
西口 【にしぐち】west entrance
青ざめる 【あおざめる】to become pale, to turn pale
先物 【さきもの】futures
前夜 【ぜんや】last night, the previous night
走り去る 【はしりさる】to run away
送り出す 【おくりだす】to send out, to forward, to show (a person) out
足らず 【たらず】just under, a little less than, just short of
足場 【あしば】scaffold, footing, foothold
多大 【ただい】heavy, much
体長 【たいちょう】length of an animal (sometimes including and sometimes excluding the tail)
台地 【だいち】plateau, tableland, eminence
大急ぎ 【おおいそぎ】urgent, pressing
大物 【おおもの】important person, big-shot, big game (animal, fish)
たどり着く 【たどりつく】to struggle on to, to arrive somewhere after a struggle, to grope along to, to barely manage to reach, to finally arrive at, to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)
中京 【ちゅうきょう】Nagoya and environs
中道 【ちゅうどう】① middle of the road, moderation, golden mean ② the middle (of what one is doing), half-way ③ middle way, middle path
町長 【ちょうちょう】town headman, town mayor
通話 【つうわ】① telephone call, talking, calling ② counter for telephone calls
転送 【てんそう】transfer, transmission, (telephone call, e-mail, etc.) forwarding
東京 【とうきょう】Tokyo (current capital of Japan)
同時に 【どうじに】coincident with, while, simultaneously
肉 【しし】① flesh ② meat ③ the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) ④ thickness ⑤ ink pad
年明け 【としあけ】① beginning of the year, early in the new year ② expiration of a term of service
文字通り 【もじどおり】① literal ② literally
映し出す 【うつしだす】to project, to reflect
火口 【ひぐち】a burner, origin of a fire
上野 【うえの】section of Tokyo
お守り 【おまもり】charm, amulet
暗がり 【くらがり】darkness
意味合い 【いみあい】implication, nuance
医科 【いか】medical science, medical department
一線 【いっせん】line
一直線 【いっちょくせん】straight line
一等 【いっとう】first-class, first-rank, A1, the most, the best
一門 【いちもん】family, dependents, household, kin, clan, group of related sumo stables
駅伝 【えきでん】stagecoach, post horse
横たえる 【よこたえる】to lie down, to lay (oneself) down
王家 【おうけ】royal family
王室 【おうしつ】royal family
王族 【おうぞく】royalty
下回る 【したまわる】to be less than, to be lower than, to fall just short of, to be just under
加 【か】① addition, increase ② Canada
加算 【かさん】addition, adding
会頭 【かいとう】society president
回想 【かいそう】reflection, reminiscence
海辺 【かいへん】beach, seashore
額面 【がくめん】face value, par
感じ取る 【かんじとる】to feel
間合い 【まあい】interval, distance between opponents (kendo)
顔立ち 【かおだち】looks, features
気取る 【きどる】to affect, to put on airs
客室 【きゃくしつ】drawing room, guest room
急進 【きゅうしん】rapid progress, radical
急落 【きゅうらく】sudden fall, sharp fall, sudden drop, sharp drop
泣き声 【なきごえ】cry, crying voice
魚類 【ぎょるい】the fishes
曲る 【まがる】① to bend, to curve, to warp, to wind, to twist ② to turn ③ to be awry, to be askew, to be crooked
曲目 【きょくもく】program, programme, musical selection, tunes
近辺 【きんぺん】neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity
区長 【くちょう】ward headman
計量 【けいりょう】① measurement, computation ② metric, measure
決め手 【きめて】① person who decides ② deciding factor, clincher, trump card, winning move
月額 【げつがく】monthly amount (sum)
見合う 【みあう】① to exchange glances ② to correspond, to counterbalance
見受ける 【みうける】to catch sight of, to see, to suppose
見返り 【みかえり】collateral
原動力 【げんどうりょく】motive power, driving force
言い返す 【いいかえす】to repeat, to talk back, to answer back
後頭部 【こうとうぶ】back of head
公費 【こうひ】public expenditure
向き合う 【むきあう】to be opposite, to face each other
幸 【さち】① good luck, fortune, happiness ② harvest, yield
広州 【こうしゅう】Guangzhou (China), Canton
校内 【こうない】within a school
高温 【こうおん】high temperature
高額 【こうがく】large sum (money)
合金 【ごうきん】alloy
合宿 【がっしゅく】lodging together, training camp, boarding house
合体 【がったい】① union, coalescence, amalgamation, combination, alliance, annexation, incorporation ② copulation, penetration
合理 【ごうり】rational
国庫 【こっこ】national treasury
混迷 【こんめい】turmoil, chaos, confusion
才子 【さいし】talented man, clever man
才 【さい】① -years-old ② ability, gift, talent, aptitude, genius
細やか 【ささやか】meagre, meager, modest
坂道 【さかみち】hill road
参画 【さんかく】taking part in planning
参事 【さんじ】secretary, councillor, councilor
算定 【さんてい】calculation, estimation, computation
仕草 【しぐさ】action, acting, gesture, bearing, treatment, behavior, behaviour
四半期 【しはんき】quarter (of a year)
市中 【しちゅう】in the city
市電 【しでん】municipal railway, city streetcar, tram
市役所 【しやくしょ】municipal office, council, city hall
私的 【してき】personal, private, proprietary
紙面 【しめん】space (page)
次元 【じげん】① dimension ② perspective, point of reference, level (of something)
次長 【じちょう】vice-, assistant director, vice-director
実り 【みのり】① ripening (of a crop) ② crop, harvest
実業 【じつぎょう】industry, business
実体 【じったい】substance, entity, object
車内 【しゃない】inside a carriage
首長 【しゅちょう】head (of organization, organisation), chief
受注 【じゅちゅう】accepting orders
受理 【じゅり】acceptance
拾い上げる 【ひろいあげる】to pick up, to pick out
終身 【しゅうしん】the whole life
宿る 【やどる】① to lodge, to dwell ② to be pregnant
出回る 【でまわる】to appear on the market, to be moving
出向 【しゅっこう】being transferred, proceeding, leaving for
出港 【しゅっこう】departure, clearance (of a ship)
書面 【しょめん】document, letter
商会 【しょうかい】firm, company
商工 【しょうこう】commerce and industry
商事 【しょうじ】commercial affairs
商船 【しょうせん】merchant ship
商用 【しょうよう】on business, for business, business purpose
上半期 【かみはんき】the first half-year, first half of the year
上流 【じょうりゅう】upper stream, upper classes
乗り 【のり】① riding, ride ② spread (of paints) ③ (two)-seater ④ mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood)
乗員 【じょういん】crew
乗船 【じょうせん】embarking, embarkation, boarding
常時 【じょうじ】usually, ordinarily
食生活 【しょくせいかつ】eating habits
新着 【しんちゃく】new arrivals, new acquisitions
申しあげる 【もうしあげる】① to say, to tell, to state ② to do for
真顔 【まがお】serious look
神道 【しんとう】Shinto
身元 【みもと】person's identity, ID, past, background
身内 【みうち】one's whole body, relatives, friends, followers
進退 【しんたい】movement, course of action, advance or retreat
人選 【じんせん】personnel selection
図面 【ずめん】drawing, diagram, plans, blueprint
数量 【すうりょう】quantity, volume
生き残る 【いきのこる】to survive
西部 【せいぶ】the west, western part, the West
石橋 【いしばし】stone bridge
切断 【せつだん】cutting, severance, section, amputation, disconnection
船員 【せんいん】sailor
選出 【せんしゅつ】election
前線 【ぜんせん】front line, (weather) front
前部 【ぜんぶ】front part, fore, front
全額 【ぜんがく】total, full amount, sum
全曲 【ぜんきょく】all compositions, the entire composition
全勝 【ぜんしょう】complete victory, winning the sumo tournament with no losses
全土 【ぜんど】the whole nation (land, country)
全日空 【ぜんにっくう】All Nippon Airways, ANA
全文 【ぜんぶん】whole passage, full text, whole sentence, full paragraph
組長 【くみちょう】boss (yakuza)
相次ぐ 【あいつぐ】to follow in succession
草の根 【くさのね】grassroots, rank and file, the roots of grass
側近 【そっきん】close associate, close aide, brains-truster
他国 【たこく】foreign country, another province
他社 【たしゃ】another company, other company
太平洋 【たいへいよう】Pacific Ocean
打ち出す 【うちだす】to begin, to beat, to end, to close, to set out (forth), to work out, to hammer out
体育館 【たいいくかん】gymnasium
体感 【たいかん】bodily sensation, sense, experience
体形 【たいけい】form, figure
対外 【たいがい】external, foreign
対岸 【たいがん】opposite shore
待ち受ける 【まちうける】to await, to expect
代数 【だいすう】algebra
代打 【だいだ】pinch-hitting
代物 【しろもの】thing, article, goods, fellow, affair
台頭 【たいとう】rise of, appearance of, raising one's head, coming to power, becoming famous, (being in the) forefront, prominence
大根 【だいこん】① daikon radish (Raphanus sativus) ② ham actor
大声 【おおごえ】large voice
大都市 【だいとし】metropolis, large city
たたき① mince (minced meat or fish) ② hard-packed dirt (clay, gravel, etc.) floor, concrete floor
単身 【たんしん】alone, unaided, away from home
炭 【すみ】charcoal
知り合う 【しりあう】to get to know (someone), to make acquaintance
着実 【ちゃくじつ】steady, sound, trustworthy, solid
中型 【ちゅうがた】medium sized
町村 【ちょうそん】towns and villages
町内 【ちょうない】neighborhood, neighbourhood, street, block, town
飛び上がる 【とびあがる】to spring, to jump up, to fly up, to skip
長調 【ちょうちょう】major key (music)
直営 【ちょくえい】direct management
直流 【ちょくりゅう】direct current, DC
定住 【ていじゅう】settlement
庭園 【ていえん】garden, park
店頭 【てんとう】shop front, counter, shop, over-the-counter (financial)
伝道 【でんどう】proselytizing, evangelism, missionary work
当の 【とうの】the ... in question
内野 【ないや】(baseball) infield, diamond
能楽 【のうがく】Noh play
買い取る 【かいとる】to buy, to purchase
半数 【はんすう】① half the number ② haploid
半導体 【はんどうたい】semiconductor, solid-state
部数 【ぶすう】no. of copies, circulation
文部 【もんぶ】Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
薬物 【やくぶつ】medicines, drugs
流血 【りゅうけつ】bloodshed
留意 【りゅうい】heeding, paying attention, bearing in mind
申し立て 【もうしたて】statement, account (of something), declaration, allegation
遊ばす 【あそばす】① to let one play, to leave idle ② to do
水深 【すいしん】depth of water
お疲れ様 【おつかれさま】① thank you, many thanks, much appreciated ② that's enough for today
愛らしい 【あいらしい】pretty, charming, lovely, adorable
愛好 【あいこう】love, adoration
愛国 【あいこく】love of (one's) country, patriotism
愛国心 【あいこくしん】patriotic feelings, patriotism
愛人 【あいじん】lover, mistress
圧勝 【あっしょう】complete victory
移送 【いそう】transfer, transport, removal
域外 【いきがい】outside the area
域内 【いきない】inside the area
一因 【いちいん】cause
一際 【ひときわ】conspicuously, noticeably, remarkably, still more, especially
一説 【いっせつ】one theory (opinion), another theory (opinion)
一掃 【いっそう】clean sweep
一任 【いちにん】entrusting
一般人 【いっぱんじん】an ordinary person
因子 【いんし】factor, divisor, element
飲み干す 【のみほす】to drink up, to drain (cup)
営利 【えいり】money-making, commercialized, commercialised
円筒 【えんとう】cylinder
塩化 【えんか】chloride
奥深い 【おくふかい】profound, deep
奥様 【おくさま】wife, your wife, his wife, married lady, madam
押し退ける 【おしのける】to push aside, to brush aside
王将 【おうしょう】① king ② king (for senior player) (shogi)
降り立つ 【おりたつ】① to go down and stand ② to alight, to get down
下腹部 【かふくぶ】abdomen
どことなくsomehow, for some reason, vaguely
科学技術庁 【かがくぎじゅつちょう】Science and Technology Agency
かばhippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)
課す 【かす】to levy, to charge, to assess, to impose, to assign
過熱 【かねつ】superheating, overheating
解約 【かいやく】cancellation of contract
改選 【かいせん】re-election
改組 【かいそ】reorganization, reorganisation
改築 【かいちく】structural alteration of building, reconstruction
各駅 【かくえき】every station
各紙 【かくし】every newspaper (magazine)
患う 【わずらう】to fall ill
汗ばむ 【あせばむ】to be sweaty
管制 【かんせい】control
管内 【かんない】within the jurisdiction of
幾何 【きか】geometry
機運 【きうん】opportunity
機材 【きざい】machine parts, machinery, equipment
起因 【きいん】cause
休刊 【きゅうかん】suspension of publication
給 【きゅう】wage, recompense
旧姓 【きゅうせい】one's former (maiden) name
居酒屋 【いざかや】bar, pub, tavern
共済 【きょうさい】mutual aid
共生 【きょうせい】symbiosis, paragenesis, union
共用 【きょうよう】common use, communal use, sharing
協賛 【きょうさん】support, mutual aid, cooperation, approval, authorization, authorisation
教官 【きょうかん】teacher, instructor, professor
教団 【きょうだん】religious organization, religious organisation
極右 【きょくう】extreme right
均等 【きんとう】equality, uniformity, evenness
禁輸 【きんゆ】embargo
近接 【きんせつ】neighboring, neighbouring, adjacent, adjoin
銀貨 【ぎんか】silver coin
苦戦 【くせん】hard fight, close game
苦悩 【くのう】suffering, distress, affliction, anguish, agony, trouble
軍機 【ぐんき】military secret
軍勢 【ぐんぜい】military forces, hosts, troops
軍政 【ぐんせい】military government
敬遠 【けいえん】① pretending to respect someone while in fact staying distant from him ② keeping at a distance ③ kicking upstairs, giving a batter an "intentional walk"
景観 【けいかん】scenery
経理 【けいり】management, accounting
計測 【けいそく】measurement, measure, instrumentation
警報 【けいほう】alarm, warning
芸者 【げいしゃ】geisha, Japanese singing and dancing girl
劇的 【げきてき】dramatic
決済 【けっさい】settlement, payment of account
見せ付ける 【みせつける】to display, to show
見極める 【みきわめる】to see through, to probe, to make sure of
見失う 【みうしなう】to lose sight of, to miss
見捨てる 【みすてる】to abandon, to fail, to desert, to forsake
見抜く 【みぬく】to see through
賢者 【けんじゃ】wise man, sage
減額 【げんがく】reduction, diminution, abatement
減収 【げんしゅう】fall, decrease (in income)
減反 【げんたん】reduction (of crop size), reduction of acreage (under cultivation)
現時点 【げんじてん】present point (i.e. in history), at the present time
個室 【こしつ】private room
ご苦労 【ごくろう】trouble (I have put you through)
御所 【ごしょ】old imperial palace
公職 【こうしょく】public office
公布 【こうふ】official proclamation, announcement, promulgation (e.g. of regulations)
厚相 【こうしょう】Welfare Minister
いいかげん① irresponsible, perfunctory, careless ② lukewarm, half-baked, halfhearted, vague ③ reasonable, moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders) ④ considerably, quite, rather, pretty
好機 【こうき】good opportunity, chance
好投 【こうとう】good (nice) pitching
広域 【こういき】wide area
紅白 【こうはく】red and white, colours for festive or auspicious occasions (colors)
航空機 【こうくうき】aircraft, aeroplane, airplane
航行 【こうこう】cruise, navigation, sailing
航法 【こうほう】sailing, navigation
荒木 【あらき】logs in bark, rough wood
講和 【こうわ】peace, conclude peace
高値 【たかね】high price
号令 【ごうれい】order, command
合戦 【かっせん】battle, engagement
合法 【ごうほう】legal, lawful, legality
告発 【こくはつ】indictment, prosecution, complaint
国税局 【こくぜいきょく】revenue office, taxation bureau
国税庁 【こくぜいちょう】National Tax Agency (Japan), Internal Revenue Service (USA), IRS
国富 【こくふ】national wealth
国民総生産 【こくみんそうせいさん】gross national product, GNP
骨格 【こっかく】① skeleton, skeletal structure, build, frame, physique ② framework
骨子 【こっし】bones, marrow, essentials
根性 【こんじょう】will-power, guts, temper, nature, spirit
差し込む 【さしこむ】① to insert, to put in, to thrust in, to plug in ② to shine in, to flow in ③ to jam a batter (with an inside pitch) (baseball)
差し止め 【さしとめ】prohibition, ban, suspension
査定 【さてい】assessment, investigation, audit, revision
座り込む 【すわりこむ】to sit down (and bask), to sit-in (in protest)
再選 【さいせん】re-election
再度 【さいど】twice, again, second time
再燃 【さいねん】recurrence, revival, resuscitation
最寄り 【もより】nearest, neighbouring, neighboring, nearby
最期 【さいご】one's last moment, one's time of death
最強 【さいきょう】strongest
最小限 【さいしょうげん】minimum, lowest
最低限 【さいていげん】minimum
採取 【さいしゅ】picking, collecting, harvesting
歳出 【さいしゅつ】annual expenditure
歳入 【さいにゅう】annual revenue or income
際立つ 【きわだつ】to be prominent, to be conspicuous
在来 【ざいらい】pre-existing, already there, conventional
罪人 【ざいにん】criminal, sinner
昨晩 【さくばん】last night
殺意 【さつい】intent to kill, intent to murder
三越 【みつこし】Mitsukoshi (department store)
賛同 【さんどう】approval, endorsement
賛否 【さんぴ】yes and no, for and against
仕込む 【しこむ】① to train, to teach, to educate ② to acquire (information), to learn, to cram ③ to stock, to stock up on ④ to prepare (esp. ingredients for brewing) ⑤ to insert, to build into, to fit
史学 【しがく】study of history
市況 【しきょう】market conditions
市販 【しはん】① selling on the market (in the marketplace, in stores, etc.), making something commercially available ② commercial (e.g. software), over-the-counter, off-the-shelf, store-bought
指針 【ししん】compass needle (cursor), guideline, pointer
支社 【ししゃ】branch office
停める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
死因 【しいん】cause of death
緒 【いとぐち】thread end, beginning, clue
資材 【しざい】(raw) material
資質 【ししつ】nature, disposition
事象 【じしょう】event, phenomenon, matter
事変 【じへん】accident, disaster, incident, uprising, emergency
似顔 【にがお】portrait, likeness
持ち越す 【もちこす】to carry over, to carry forward, to keep (for later), to defer
治水 【ちすい】flood control
自給 【じきゅう】self-support
自由党 【じゆうとう】Liberal Party
自律 【じりつ】autonomy
辞表 【じひょう】letter of resignation
識別 【しきべつ】discrimination, discernment, identification
湿地 【しっち】wetland, wetlands
実効 【じっこう】practical effect, efficacy, efficiency
実在 【じつざい】reality, existence
社会党 【しゃかいとう】Socialist Party
車種 【しゃしゅ】car make, car model
主将 【しゅしょう】commander-in-chief, (team) captain
首席 【しゅせき】① head, chief ② chairman, governor, president ③ top student, head of the class ④ top seat, first desk (in orchestra)
取り込む 【とりこむ】to take in, to capture (e.g. image), to introduce, to be busy
取り付く 【とりつく】to cling to, to grapple with, to possess, to stick to
手腕 【しゅわん】ability
種族 【しゅぞく】race, tribe, family, species
種別 【しゅべつ】classification, assortment
受信 【じゅしん】reception (e.g. radio), receipt
受領 【じゅりょう】receipt (of letter), acknowledgement, acceptance
収拾 【しゅうしゅう】control, settling, coping
周知 【しゅうち】common knowledge, (something) well-known
周波数 【しゅうはすう】frequency (of waves)
終止符 【しゅうしふ】① full stop, period ② end
集積 【しゅうせき】accumulation
集約 【しゅうやく】① intensive ② collect(ed), summarize(d), summarise(d)
出願 【しゅつがん】application
順守 【じゅんしゅ】compliance, adherence (to a set of rules), (religious) observance
書簡 【しょかん】letter, note, epistle, correspondence
勝ち越し 【かちこし】more wins than losses (sport)
召集 【しょうしゅう】convening, calling together (e.g. parliament)
商法 【しょうほう】trade, business, commerce, commercial law
将軍 【しょうぐん】general, shogun
小児 【しょうに】young child, infant
少将 【しょうしょう】major general, rear admiral, air commodore
招集 【しょうしゅう】calling or convening (a meeting, assembly, congress)
照れる 【てれる】to be shy, to feel awkward
照準 【しょうじゅん】alignment
上限 【じょうげん】upper limit, maximum
上告 【じょうこく】jokoku appeal (final appeal to a higher court)
食い込む 【くいこむ】① to eat into, to encroach, to erode ② to be wedged (a girl), i.e. underwear pulled from the back, driving it between the buttocks
のしかかる① to lean on, to weigh on ② to bend over, to lean forward
伸び悩む 【のびなやむ】to be sluggish (business)
信念 【しんねん】belief, faith, conviction
寝床 【ねどこ】bed, berth, crib, cot, kip
心境 【しんきょう】mental state
心地良い 【ここちよい】comfortable, pleasant
新刊 【しんかん】new book, new publication
新党 【しんとう】new (political) party
震え 【ふるえ】shivering, trembling
人殺し 【ひとごろし】murder, murderer
制止 【せいし】control, check, restraint, inhibition
性的 【せいてき】① (relating to) gender ② sex, sexual
政界 【せいかい】political world
政令 【せいれい】government ordinance, cabinet order
生き延びる 【いきのびる】to survive, to live long
精 【せい】① spirit, sprite, nymph ② energy, vigor (vigour), strength ③ fine details ④ semen
精度 【せいど】precision, accuracy
精力 【せいりょく】energy, vigor, vigour, vitality
税額 【ぜいがく】amount of tax
石灰 【せっかい】lime, quicklime, caustic lime
石段 【いしだん】(flight of) stone steps
接待 【せったい】① reception, welcome, serving (food) ② business entertainment
説教 【せっきょう】propound, preach, sermon
絶好 【ぜっこう】best, ideal, perfect
専念 【せんねん】absorption, give undivided attention, devote oneself to
戦火 【せんか】war
戦時 【せんじ】war time
戦車 【せんしゃ】tank (military vehicle)
戦場 【せんじょう】battlefield, battleground
洗礼 【せんれい】baptism
選任 【せんにん】nomination (of a pereson to a position), selection, election, assignment, appointment
前髪 【まえがみ】forelock, bangs
全容 【ぜんよう】full portrait, whole aspect, full story
双方 【そうほう】two way, both parties, mutual, both
はしゃぐto make merry, to frolic, to be in high spirits
相棒 【あいぼう】partner, pal, accomplice
窓際 【まどぎわ】(at the) window
総理府 【そうりふ】Prime Minister's office, PMO
総量 【そうりょう】aggregate amount
装う 【よそおう】① to dress ② to pretend, to feign
送り込む 【おくりこむ】to send in
送付 【そうふ】sending, forwarding, remitting
増設 【ぞうせつ】extension, expansion
造形 【ぞうけい】molding, moulding, modelling (i.e. plastic arts), modeling
足並み 【あしなみ】pace, step
続行 【ぞっこう】continuation, continuance, going on, resuming
卒業生 【そつぎょうせい】graduate, alumnus
待機 【たいき】alert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders
貸付 【かしつけ】loan
退官 【たいかん】retirement from office
代官 【だいかん】Edo-period prefectural governor (magistrate, bailiff)
大差 【たいさ】great difference
大蔵 【おおくら】Ministry of Finance
宅地 【たくち】building lot, residential land
担任 【たんにん】① in charge (of something) ② homeroom teacher
断絶 【だんぜつ】① extinction, discontinuation, interruption ② severance, rupture ③ to become extinct, to cease to exist ④ to sever, to break off, to divide (between two things)
男優 【だんゆう】actor
知覚 【ちかく】perception
置き換える 【おきかえる】to replace, to move, to change the position of
遅延 【ちえん】delay, latency
着込む 【きこむ】① to wear extra clothes ② to dress formally
中略 【ちゅうりゃく】omission, ellipsis
仲介 【ちゅうかい】agency, intermediation
仲良く 【なかよく】making friends with, getting along well with, on cordial terms
駐在 【ちゅうざい】① residence, stay ② residential police box, residential police box officer
著作 【ちょさく】writing, book
朝刊 【ちょうかん】morning newspaper
超人 【ちょうじん】① superman, superwoman ② Ubermensch (e.g. Nietzsche's ideal man of the future), overman
直接的 【ちょくせつてき】direct
追い詰める 【おいつめる】to corner, to drive to the wall, to run down, to track down, to chase after
通り抜ける 【とおりぬける】to cut through, to go through
通報 【つうほう】① report, tip, bulletin ② message (in information and communication theory)
低減 【ていげん】decrease, reduction, fall, depreciation, mitigation
滴 【しずく】drop (of water), drip
滴る 【したたる】to drip, to drop, to trickle
適合 【てきごう】conform, compatible, adaptable
点在 【てんざい】dotted with
殿 【どの】form of address used for official letters and business letters, and in letters to inferiors, Mr
都民 【とみん】city populace, resident of Tokyo
度胸 【どきょう】courage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
東宝 【とうほう】Toho (Japanese film studio)
入り込む 【はいりこむ】① to go into, to come into, to penetrate, to get in, to step in (a house) ② to become complicated
抜群 【ばつぐん】① preeminence, distinction, extraordinariness ② outstanding, excellent, exceptional, surpassing, extraordinary, distinguished
反戦 【はんせん】anti-war
非公開 【ひこうかい】private
閉ざす 【とざす】to shut, to close, to lock, to fasten, to plunge (in grief)
変則 【へんそく】irregularity
暮れ 【くれ】year end, sunset, nightfall, end
暴行 【ぼうこう】assault, outrage, act of violence
暴走 【ぼうそう】running wildly, reckless driving, runaway, rampage
北欧 【ほくおう】Northern Europe, land of the Norsemen, Scandinavia
本位 【ほんい】standard, basis, principle
満了 【まんりょう】expiration, termination
なくす① to lose something ② to get rid of ③ to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
有難い 【ありがたい】grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude
余 【よ】over, more than
要件 【ようけん】① important matter ② requirement, requisite, necessary condition, sine qua non
浴場 【よくじょう】bath (tub, bath-house)
裏側 【うらがわ】the reverse, other side, lining
連発 【れんぱつ】running continuously, firing in rapid succession
子猫 【こねこ】kitten
実権 【じっけん】real power
辞す 【じす】① to excuse oneself, to take one's leave ② to quit, to resign, to retire, to leave post ③ to decline, to turn down ④ unhesitatingly
利便 【りべん】convenience
逃げ切る 【にげきる】to get away, to manage to hold on
郵貯 【ゆうちょ】postal (post-office) savings (deposit)
愚図愚図 【ぐずぐず】slowly, tardily, hesitatingly, lingering, complaining
こだわる① to fuss over, to be particular about ② to be obsessive, to be fixated
哀願 【あいがん】supplication, appeal, entreaty, petition
握り締める 【にぎりしめる】to grasp tightly
囲碁 【いご】Go (board game of capturing territory)
威嚇 【いかく】① menace, threat, intimidation ② to threaten, to intimidate
威厳 【いげん】dignity, majesty, solemnity, gravity
してやるto do for (someone)
異国 【いこく】foreign country
異変 【いへん】unusual phenomenon, unusual event, abnormal event, accident
異母 【いぼ】different mother
異名 【いみょう】another name, nickname, alias
遺構 【いこう】remains
遺骨 【いこつ】remains, ashes of deceased
一斉に 【いっせいに】simultaneously, all at once
一躍 【いちやく】(at) one bound
逸話 【いつわ】anecdote
芋 【いも】① tuber, taro, potato ② yokel, bumpkin
引き裂く 【ひきさく】to tear up, to tear off, to split
陰謀 【いんぼう】plot intrigue, conspiracy
渦巻く 【うずまく】to whirl, to eddy, to swirl, to curl (smoke)
宴 【うたげ】party, banquet, feast
炎上 【えんじょう】① blazing up ② destruction of a large building by fire ③ flood of comments to a blog, exceeding what the blog's owner can answer
遠隔 【えんかく】distant, remote, isolated
塩基 【えんき】base
穏健 【おんけん】quiet, dependable, uniform, (politically) moderate
唄 【うた】① song ② classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka) ③ modern poetry
火器 【かき】firearms, guns
火鉢 【ひばち】brazier
稼げる 【かせげる】to work, to earn income
霞 【かすみ】① mist, haze ② dimness (of sight)
画廊 【がろう】(picture) gallery
がき① brat, kids ② preta (hungry ghost), ghoul
回廊 【かいろう】corridor, gallery, hallway, cloister (i.e. covered walk typically circling a building or garden, esp. in a palace or place of worship)
怪しむ 【あやしむ】to suspect
改憲 【かいけん】constitutional change
改宗 【かいしゅう】religious conversion
概算 【がいさん】approximation, rough estimate
垣 【かき】fence
隔離 【かくり】isolation, segregation, separation, quarantine
堪能 【たんのう】① proficient, skillful ② satisfaction ③ fortitude
完結 【かんけつ】conclusion, completion
官吏 【かんり】government official, clerk
歓喜 【かんき】delight, great joy
監禁 【かんきん】confinement
監修 【かんしゅう】(editorial) supervision, general editorship
肝炎 【かんえん】hepatitis
艦船 【かんせん】(ocean) vessels, warship
関節 【かんせつ】joints (knee joint, elbow joint, etc.)
眼下 【がんか】under one's eyes, below
基幹 【きかん】mainstay, nucleus, key
旗揚げ 【はたあげ】① raising an army ② launching business
既成 【きせい】established, completed, existing
棋士 【きし】shogi or go player
機雷 【きらい】(sea) mine
宮内庁 【くないちょう】Imperial Household Agency
急騰 【きゅうとう】sudden rise, jump, sharp rise
救急 【きゅうきゅう】first-aid, emergency (aid)
救出 【きゅうしゅつ】rescue, extricate, reclaim, deliverance
求刑 【きゅうけい】prosecution
旧暦 【きゅうれき】Japan's old (lunisolar) calendar
拒む 【こばむ】to refuse, to reject, to decline
挙動 【きょどう】conduct, behavior, behaviour
虚偽 【きょぎ】untrue, falsehood, fiction, deception, vanity
競艇 【きょうてい】boat race
共謀 【きょうぼう】conspiracy, complicity
恐慌 【きょうこう】panic, scare, consternation
狂言 【きょうげん】① kyogen (farce played during a Noh cycle), play, drama ② make-believe, ruse, trick
矯正 【きょうせい】correction, remedy
興味深い 【きょうみぶかい】very interesting, of great interest
暁 【あかつき】dawn, daybreak, in the event of
緊密 【きんみつ】rigour, rigor, closeness, compactness, tightly knit
駆使 【くし】① free use ② to use freely, to make free use of, to have good command (e.g. of a language) ③ to drive someone on
空洞 【くうどう】cave, hollow, cavity
かがめるto stoop, to bend
屈指 【くっし】leading, foremost, preeminent, outstanding, one of the best
桑 【くわ】mulberry (tree)
刑法 【けいほう】criminal law, penal code
系図 【けいず】family tree, pedigree, genealogy
継投 【けいとう】relieving the (starting) pitcher
軽傷 【けいしょう】minor injury
迎撃 【げいげき】intercept, interception, counter attack
撃退 【げきたい】repulse, repel (i.e. the enemy)
激化 【げきか】intensification, aggravation
激減 【げきげん】dropping sharply, decreasing rapidly
激戦 【げきせん】fierce (hard-fought) battle, hot contest
激怒 【げきど】rage, indignation, exasperation
激動 【げきどう】terrible shock, agitation, upheaval
決闘 【けっとう】duel, shoot-out
兼務 【けんむ】holding two posts concurrently
拳銃 【けんじゅう】pistol, handgun, revolver
見据える 【みすえる】to gaze at, to stare at, to focus on, to make sure of
顕著 【けんちょ】remarkable, striking, obvious
元帥 【げんすい】(field) marshal, (fleet) admiral, general of the army
幻覚 【げんかく】hallucination, illusion
幻想 【げんそう】illusions
弦楽 【げんがく】music for strings
源流 【げんりゅう】① current-limiting ② source or headwaters (e.g. of a river) ③ origin of something continuous
個展 【こてん】one-man exhibition, one-woman exhibition
戸惑い 【とまどい】being at sea, losing one's bearings, confusion, wonderment
呉 【ご】giving, doing (something) for
後遺症 【こういしょう】prognostic symptoms, after-effect
公益 【こうえき】public, public good
功労 【こうろう】meritorious deed, services
口笛 【くちぶえ】whistle
工房 【こうぼう】workshop, studio
広範 【こうはん】wide, extensive, comprehensive, far-reaching, widespread
広範囲 【こうはんい】extensive, vast range, wide scope
恒例 【こうれい】established practice, established practise, custom
控え 【ひかえ】① reserve, spare, backup ② note, memorandum ③ duplicate, copy, stub (of a ticket, etc.) ④ waiting one's turn
控訴 【こうそ】koso appeal (initial appeal to a higher court)
攻勢 【こうせい】offensive (movement), aggression
攻略 【こうりゃく】① capture ② walkthrough or specific advice (e.g. in computer games)
皇室 【こうしつ】Imperial household
皇族 【こうぞく】imperial family, royalty
硬派 【こうは】tough elements, hard-liners, stalwarts
綱領 【こうりょう】general plan, main points, summary, platform (e.g. for a campaign), mission statement
鋼鉄 【こうてつ】steel
高貴 【こうき】high class, noble
併せる 【あわせる】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
合憲 【ごうけん】constitutionality
告訴 【こくそ】accusation, complaint, charge, legal action
国旗 【こっき】national flag
婚姻 【こんいん】marriage, matrimony
沙汰 【さた】① affair, state, incident, issue, matter ② verdict, sentence ③ directions, orders, command, instructions ④ notice, information, communication, news, message, tidings, update
砂浜 【すなはま】sandy beach
債券 【さいけん】bond, debenture
催眠 【さいみん】hypnotism
最高峰 【さいこうほう】highest peak, most prominent, highest authority
宰相 【さいしょう】prime minister
祭壇 【さいだん】altar
斎場 【さいじょう】funeral hall
財閥 【ざいばつ】zaibatsu, plutocrats, financial clique, chaebol (Korean)
三塁打 【さんるいだ】three-base hit, triple
山陰 【やまかげ】① place in the shade of a mountain, shelter of the mountains ② mountain recess
散策 【さんさく】walking, strolling
使節 【しせつ】envoy, embassy, mission, delegate
市街地 【しがいち】town areas
師匠 【ししょう】① master, teacher ② sumo coach who owns his stable
志願 【しがん】aspiration, volunteering, desire
思惟 【しい】thought, thinking, speculation
指標 【しひょう】index, indices, indicator
支障 【ししょう】obstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
旨い 【うまい】fortunate, splendid, promising
紫色 【むらさきいろ】violet
諮問 【しもん】question, enquiry, inquiry
事典 【じてん】cyclopedia, encyclopedia
字幕 【じまく】subtitle (movie)
慈悲 【じひ】compassion, benevolence, charity, mercy
時価 【じか】current value, price, market value
自称 【じしょう】self-styled, would-be, calling oneself
式典 【しきてん】ceremony, rites
漆黒 【しっこく】jet black
疾走 【しっそう】sprint, dash, scampering
実証 【じっしょう】actual proof
射程 【しゃてい】range (e.g. of a rifle, missile, etc.)
社債 【しゃさい】corporate bond, corporate debenture
謝罪 【しゃざい】apology
謝礼 【しゃれい】reward, honorarium
遮断 【しゃだん】isolation, cut off, blockade, quarantine, interception, deprivation
借款 【しゃっかん】(international) loan
釈明 【しゃくめい】explanation, vindication
主砲 【しゅほう】main battery, main armament
手綱 【たづな】bridle, reins
朱 【あけ】① scarlet, red ② blood
狩る 【かる】to hunt (e.g. animals), to go looking for (e.g. flowers, etc.), to gather (e.g. mushrooms), to pick (e.g. fruit)
狩猟 【しゅりょう】hunting
受託 【じゅたく】being entrusted with, taking charge of
受諾 【じゅだく】acceptance
授受 【じゅじゅ】give and receive
樹脂 【じゅし】resin, rosin
囚人 【しゅうじん】prisoner
収縮 【しゅうしゅく】deflation, contraction, shrinking, constriction
収納 【しゅうのう】crop, harvest, receipts, putting or stowing away
就労 【しゅうろう】actual work
修める 【おさめる】① to study, to complete (a course), to cultivate, to master ② to order (one's life) ③ to repair (a fault one has committed)
修復 【しゅうふく】repair, mending
襲名 【しゅうめい】succession to another's professional name
充血 【じゅうけつ】congestion (with blood)
充電 【じゅうでん】① charging (electrically) ② electrification
獣 【じゅう】beast, brute
銃声 【じゅうせい】gunshot, (gun) report
出撃 【しゅつげき】sortie, sally
出陣 【しゅつじん】departure for the front
瞬時 【しゅんじ】moment, instant
旬 【しゅん】season (e.g. fruit, fish)
巡回 【じゅんかい】going around, patrol, round, tour
書房 【しょぼう】library, bookstore, bookshop
序盤 【じょばん】the opening(s) (e.g. in a game of go or chess)
傷害 【しょうがい】① wound, injury, accident, casualty ② assault
傷口 【きずぐち】wound
傷者 【しょうしゃ】wounded person, casualty, injured person
償還 【しょうかん】repayment, redemption, amortization, amortisation
償却 【しょうきゃく】① repayment, redemption ② depreciation ③ amortization, amortisation
小規模 【しょうきぼ】small scale
小銃 【しょうじゅう】rifle, small arms
招致 【しょうち】invitation
掌握 【しょうあく】grasping, seizing, holding
松原 【まつばら】pine grove
症候群 【しょうこうぐん】syndrome
硝煙 【しょうえん】gunpowder smoke
称える 【たたえる】to extol, to give praise
証書 【しょうしょ】bond, deed, certificate
条項 【じょうこう】clause, article, stipulations
条文 【じょうぶん】text, provisions (act, treaty)
浄化 【じょうか】purification, cleanup
譲渡 【じょうと】transfer, assignment, conveyance
信託 【しんたく】trust, entrusting
侵害 【しんがい】infringement, violation, trespass, impairment
審理 【しんり】trial
振り切る 【ふりきる】to shake off, to shake free from
浸る 【ひたる】to be soaked in, to be flooded, to be immersed in
進撃 【しんげき】advance, charge
刃物 【はもの】edged tool, cutlery
尋常 【じんじょう】common, usual
尋問 【じんもん】cross-examination, interrogation, questioning
陣地 【じんち】(military) encampment, position
垂らす 【たらす】① to dribble, to spill ② to suspend, to hang down, to slouch, to dangle
推移 【すいい】transition, change
推計 【すいけい】estimate, estimation
推奨 【すいしょう】recommendation, endorsement
遂行 【すいこう】accomplishment, execution
正統 【せいとう】legitimate, orthodox, traditional
生殖 【せいしょく】reproduction
盛り込む 【もりこむ】to incorporate, to include
盛り上げる 【もりあげる】① to pile up, to heap up ② to stir up, to enliven, to bring to a climax
聖人 【せいじん】saint, sage, holy man
製薬 【せいやく】medicine manufacture, drug manufacture
誠に 【まことに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
石垣 【いしがき】stone wall
切り離す 【きりはなす】to detach, to decapitate, to cut loose, to let loose, to dismember
切り裂く 【きりさく】to cut off, to cut up, to tear to pieces
摂取 【せっしゅ】① intake, absorption, adoption ② assimilation
折衝 【せっしょう】negotiation
絶句 【ぜっく】① being lost for words, becoming speechless ② jueju (Chinese quatrain with lines of either five or seven syllables)
先駆 【せんく】① forerunner, pioneer, precursor ② herald ③ outrider, pilot car
先駆ける 【さきがける】to be the first
占拠 【せんきょ】occupation
宣告 【せんこく】sentence, verdict, pronouncement
扇 【おうぎ】folding fan
旋回 【せんかい】revolution, rotation, turning, swiveling, circling
旋律 【せんりつ】melody, tune
繊細 【せんさい】delicate, dainty, fine, slim, sensitive, subtle
選択肢 【せんたくし】choices, alternatives, options
疎い 【うとい】① distant, estranged, disinterested ② poorly informed, unfamiliar, ignorant
素子 【そし】① element (esp. component in electronics), elemental device, device ② data, datum
阻害 【そがい】obstruction, inhibition
創価学会 【そうかがっかい】Soka Gakkai (lay organization, based on Nichiren Buddhism) (organisation), lit: Value-Creation Society
創始 【そうし】creation, founding, initiating
倉敷 【くらしき】storage charges
挿入 【そうにゅう】insertion, incorporation, infixing
操 【みさお】chastity, fidelity, honour, honor, faith
総括 【そうかつ】synthesis, recap, generalize, generalise
総統 【そうとう】① supreme ruler, generalissimo ② president (of Taiwan) ③ fuhrer, fuehrer
草案 【そうあん】draft, draught
葬儀 【そうぎ】funeral service
遭遇 【そうぐう】encounter
増殖 【ぞうしょく】increase, multiplication, propagation
臓器 【ぞうき】viscera, internal organs
即日 【そくじつ】same day
俗 【ぞく】mark in dictionary indicating slang, customs, manners, the world, worldliness, vulgarity, mundane things, the laity
属性 【ぞくせい】attribute, property, context
尊厳 【そんげん】dignity, majesty, sanctity
多彩 【たさい】variegated, varicoloured, multi-colored, diverse
打診 【だしん】percussion, tapping (medical), sounding someone out, probe
耐久 【たいきゅう】endurance, persistence
退却 【たいきゃく】retreat, withdrawal, retirement
代謝 【たいしゃ】renewal, regeneration, metabolism
大相撲 【おおずもう】professional sumo wrestling
大騒ぎ 【おおさわぎ】clamour, uproar, tumult
大砲 【たいほう】gun, cannon, artillery
第一歩 【だいいっぽ】first step
卓球 【たっきゅう】table tennis, ping-pong
沢 【さわ】① swamp, marsh ② mountain stream, valley, dale
奪還 【だっかん】recovery, rescue, recapture
脱却 【だっきゃく】ridding (freeing) oneself
脱皮 【だっぴ】shedding, molting, emergence
棚上げ 【たなあげ】shelving, pigeonholing
単価 【たんか】unit price, unit cost
探索 【たんさく】search, lookup, hunt, (item of) research, exploration, investigation
短詩 【たんし】verselet
地雷 【じらい】land mine
痴漢 【ちかん】masher, molester, pervert
窒素 【ちっそ】nitrogen (N)
中華 【ちゅうか】Chinese (e.g. food)
中佐 【ちゅうさ】lieutenant colonel, commander (navy)
中途半端 【ちゅうとはんぱ】halfway, half measures, unfinished, incomplete, by halves, half-baked, half-cocked
仲裁 【ちゅうさい】arbitration, intercession, mediation
忠誠 【ちゅうせい】loyalty, sincerity
抽出 【ちゅうしゅつ】① extraction, abstraction ② selection (from a group), sampling, eduction
抽象 【ちゅうしょう】abstract
鋳造 【ちゅうぞう】casting, founding, minting
徴兵 【ちょうへい】conscription, recruitment, enlistment
懲戒 【ちょうかい】discipline, punishment, reprimand
挑発 【ちょうはつ】provocation, stirring up, arousal
朝鮮半島 【ちょうせんはんとう】Korean peninsula
聴衆 【ちょうしゅう】audience, attendance, hearers
長距離 【ちょうきょり】long distance, long haul
長寿 【ちょうじゅ】longevity
直撃 【ちょくげき】direct hit
賃貸 【ちんたい】lease, rent, hire
陳述 【ちんじゅつ】statement, declaration
陳情 【ちんじょう】petition, appeal
追撃 【ついげき】pursuit
通称 【つうしょう】popular name, nickname, alias
つたivy (esp. Boston ivy, Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
つばき① common camellia, Camellia japonica ② tea produced in the mountains
坪 【つぼ】unit of land measurement, 3.95 square yards, 3.31 square meters
鶴 【つる】crane (any bird of the family Gruidae, esp. the red-crowned crane, Grus japonensis)
堤 【つつみ】bank, embankment, dike
提唱 【ていしょう】advocacy, proposal
提督 【ていとく】admiral, commodore
締まる 【しまる】① to be shut, to close, to be closed ② to be locked ③ to tighten, to be tightened ④ to become sober, to become tense
締結 【ていけつ】① conclusion, execution (of a contract), entering (into treaty) ② fastening (as in a joint)
敵意 【てきい】hostility, animosity
撤収 【てっしゅう】withdrawal
撤廃 【てっぱい】annulment, abolition, repeal, rescission
添付 【てんぷ】attachment (e.g. email), appendix (e.g. of a report, document, etc), annex, appendage, annexure
土器 【どき】① earthenware ② unglazed (bisque-fired) earthenware
土壌 【どじょう】soil
党派 【とうは】faction
桃 【もも】peach, prunus persica (tree)
藤 【ふじ】wisteria, Wisteria floribunda
踏み出す 【ふみだす】to step forward, to advance
同級生 【どうきゅうせい】classmate, classmates
忍び込む 【しのびこむ】to creep in, to steal in
年賀状 【ねんがじょう】New Year's card
派閥 【はばつ】clique, faction
はやぶさfalcon (esp. the peregrine falcon, Falco peregrinus)
かなしいsad, sorrowful
標高 【ひょうこう】elevation, height above sea level
浮揚 【ふよう】floating (in the air)
併合 【へいごう】merger, joining into one, melding, merging, annexation, absorption
平穏 【へいおん】tranquil, calm, restful, peaceful, quiet
保留 【ほりゅう】① reserve, putting on hold, deferment ② hold (e.g. telephone button), pending
包括 【ほうかつ】inclusion, complete coverage, comprehensiveness
無償 【むしょう】no compensation, free of charge
容赦 【ようしゃ】① pardon, forgiveness, mercy ② leniency, going easy (on someone)
離脱 【りだつ】withdrawal, secession, separation, breakaway
立案 【りつあん】draft, draught, (rough) design
料亭 【りょうてい】(traditional Japanese) restaurant
かわいそうpoor, pitiable, pathetic, pitiful
凶器 【きょうき】dangerous weapon
よい① good, excellent, fine, nice, pleasant, agreeable ② sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), ready, prepared ③ profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.), beneficial ④ OK
犠飛 【ぎひ】sacrifice fly (baseball)
創出 【そうしゅつ】creation (e.g. work of art)
氏族 【しぞく】clan, family
壁面 【へきめん】surface of a wall
銀河系 【ぎんがけい】galaxy, galactic system
態とらしい 【わざとらしい】unnatural, affected, studied, forced
うろたえるto be flustered, to lose one's presence of mind
ほんのりslightly, faintly
ぼけ① idiot, fool, touched in the head (from), out of it (from), space case ② funny man (of a comedy duo), (in comedy) silly or stupid line ③ Alzheimer's (impol)
パット① putt ② pat
ポップ① pop ② signage, display, billboard (as used to decorate arcade games)
宛てがう 【あてがう】① to allot, to allocate ② to supply with, to furnish ③ to fit to, to fasten to, to apply to
衣裳 【いしょう】clothing, costume, outfit, garment, dress
一転 【いってん】turn, complete change
一瞥 【いちべつ】(a) glance, (a) look
迂回 【うかい】① detour ② to detour, to circumvent ③ turning movement (mil)
うかつcareless, stupid, thoughtless, heedless, unobservant, inadvertant, incautious
華僑 【かきょう】overseas Chinese merchants
俄に 【にわかに】suddenly
海苔 【のり】nori (edible seaweed, esp. species Porphyra tenera and others of genus Porphyra, usu. dried and pressed into sheets), laver
恰も 【あたかも】as if, as it were
かも① duck ② easy mark, sucker, sitting duck
くらぶclub, fraternity, sorority, clubhouse
りす① squirrel (excluding flying squirrels) ② Japanese squirrel (Sciurus lis)
袴 【はかま】man's formal divided skirt
杭 【くい】stake, picket
湊 【みなと】harbour, harbor, port
惚れる 【ほれる】to fall in love, to be in love, to be charmed with, to lose one's heart to
痕跡 【こんせき】trace, traces, vestige, vestiges
砦 【とりで】fortress
残骸 【ざんがい】ruins, wreckage
執拗 【しつよう】persistent, obstinate, tenacious, relentless, insistent, importunate, persevering, stubborn
失踪 【しっそう】absconding, disappearance
腫瘍 【しゅよう】neoplasm, tumor, tumour
呪う 【のろう】to curse, to put a curse on, to detest intensely
所詮 【しょせん】after all
招聘 【しょうへい】① invitation, call ② to invite
焼酎 【しょうちゅう】shochu (Japanese liquor similar to vodka)
拭う 【ぬぐう】to wipe
訊ねる 【たずねる】① to ask, to enquire, to inquire ② to search, to look for, to look into, to investigate
厨房 【ちゅうぼう】kitchen, galley
蝉 【せみ】cicada, locust
戦慄 【せんりつ】shudder, shiver, tremble with fear, horrible, terrible, hair-raising
煽る 【あおる】to fan, to agitate, to stir up
狙撃 【そげき】shooting, sniping
僧侶 【そうりょ】priest, monk
槍 【やり】① spear, lance ② javelin ③ lance (shogi piece)
漕ぎ着ける 【こぎつける】to row (a boat) up to (a pier), to attain, to reach (a certain stage), to manage to do
舵 【かじ】rudder, helm
楕円 【だえん】ellipse
堆積 【たいせき】pile (of things), depositing (in a pile), accumulation (sediment)
中頃 【なかごろ】about the middle
綴る 【つづる】① to spell ② to compose, to frame, to write ③ to bind together (e.g. the pages of a book), to sew up, to stitch together, to patch
爪先 【つまさき】tiptoe
吾嬬 【あづま】① eastern Japan ② six-stringed Japanese zither ③ my spouse
頭巾 【ずきん】hood, kerchief
剥奪 【はくだつ】deprivation, divestiture, revocation
復讐 【ふくしゅう】revenge
糞 【くそ】damn (adds emphasis and or annoyance to next word, e.g. damn hot, damn kids, etc.), damned
穿く 【はく】① to put on (or wear) lower-body clothing (i.e. pants, skirt, etc.), to put on (or wear) footwear ② to affix a sword to one's hip ③ to affix a bowstring to a bow
唖然 【あぜん】dumbfounded, in mute amazement
ない① not (verb-negating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation) ② emphatic suffix (used after the root of an adjective)
掉尾 【ちょうび】final effort, end