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Most frequent words part 4

This continues the four compiled frequency lists. N4 and N5 are excluded. This gets us through approximately 10,000 words on each of the four frequency lists.

1810 entriesCreated by Ryan M. — Last modified: 2015-03-10 17:26:55
その上 【そのうえ】① in addition, furthermore ② above (which), on top of (which)
今にも 【いまにも】at any time, soon
大して 【たいして】(not so) much, (not) very
来 【らい】① next (year, etc.) ② since (last month, etc.)
中 【ちゅう】① medium, average, middle ② moderation ③ middle school ④ China ⑤ in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people) ⑥ during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.), while
気体 【きたい】vapour, vapor, gas
空っぽ 【からっぽ】empty, vacant, hollow
早く 【はやく】① early, soon ② quickly, swiftly, rapidly, fast
題 【だい】① title, subject, theme, topic ② problem (on a test), question ③ counter for questions (on a test)
立ち止まる 【たちどまる】to stop, to halt, to stand still
者 【しゃ】someone of that nature, someone doing that work
火曜 【かよう】Tuesday
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
黒板 【こくばん】blackboard
作物 【さくもつ】produce (e.g. agricultural), crops
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
車庫 【しゃこ】garage, car shed, carport
代表 【だいひょう】representative, representation, delegation, type, example, model
知能 【ちのう】intelligence, brains
地平線 【ちへいせん】horizon (related to land)
長所 【ちょうしょ】strong point, merit, virtue, advantage
日光 【にっこう】sunlight
発明 【はつめい】invention
費用 【ひよう】cost, expense
飛び出す 【とびだす】① to jump out, to rush out, to fly out ② to appear (suddenly) ③ to protrude, to project ④ to butt in
平ら 【たいら】flatness, level, smooth, calm, plain, sitting tailor fashion
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
命 【いのち】(mortal) life
流行る 【はやる】① to be popular, to come into fashion ② to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic ③ to flourish, to thrive
乗せる 【のせる】① to give (someone) a ride, to give a lift, to pick up, to help on board ② to deceive, to take for a ride
衣服 【いふく】clothes
幾分 【いくぶん】① somewhat, to some extent, to some degree ② some, part, portion
欠席 【けっせき】absence, non-attendance
支出 【ししゅつ】expenditure, expenses
女優 【じょゆう】actress
食欲 【しょくよく】appetite (for food)
制限 【せいげん】restriction, restraint, limitation, limit
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
性質 【せいしつ】nature, property, disposition
成長 【せいちょう】growth, grow to adulthood
双子 【ふたご】twins, a twin
尊重 【そんちょう】respect, esteem, regard
大層 【たいそう】very much, exaggerated, very fine
遅刻 【ちこく】lateness, late coming
適度 【てきど】moderate
頭痛 【ずつう】headache
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
熱中 【ねっちゅう】nuts!, enthusiasm, zeal, mania
瓶 【びん】bottle
服装 【ふくそう】garments, attire
便り 【たより】① news, tidings, information, correspondence, letter ② news from ...
豊富 【ほうふ】abundance, wealth, plenty, bounty
郵送 【ゆうそう】mailing
溶ける 【とける】to melt, to thaw, to fuse, to dissolve
凍る 【こおる】to freeze, to be frozen over, to congeal
蚊 【か】mosquito
掲示 【けいじ】notice, bulletin, post, posting, placard
行儀 【ぎょうぎ】manners, behavior, behaviour
穀物 【こくもつ】grain, cereal, corn
揚げる 【あげる】① to deep-fry ② to raise, to elevate ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑥ to earn (something desirable) ⑦ (of the tide) to come in
食器 【しょっき】tableware
清潔 【せいけつ】① clean, hygenic, sanitary ② pure, virtuous, immaculate
絶滅 【ぜつめつ】destruction, extinction
組織 【そしき】① organization, organisation ② structure, construction ③ tissue ④ system
大統領 【だいとうりょう】president, chief executive
提出 【ていしゅつ】① to present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in ② presentation, submission, filing
笛 【ふえ】flute, pipe, whistle
徹底 【てってい】thoroughness, completeness, consistency
徹夜 【てつや】all night, all-night vigil, sleepless night
同意 【どうい】① agreement, consent, same opinion, approval ② same meaning
道徳 【どうとく】morals
虹 【にじ】rainbow
離す 【はなす】to part, to divide, to separate, to release
影 【かげ】① shadow, silhouette ② reflection, image ③ presence, sign ④ light (stars, moon)
引っ張る 【ひっぱる】① to pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag ② to pull the ball (baseball)
撒く 【まく】to scatter, to sprinkle, to sow (seeds)
いとこmale cousin
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
袖 【そで】sleeve
おとなしいobedient, docile, quiet
覗く 【のぞく】① to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.) ② to look down into (a ravine, etc.) ③ to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.) ④ to sneak a look at, to take a quick look at ⑤ to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.) ⑥ to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.), to peek through (sky though a forest canopy, etc.)
莫大 【ばくだい】enormous, vast
物凄い 【ものすごい】earth-shattering, staggering, to a very great extent, terrible, frightful, horrible
ただ① ordinary, common, usual ② free of charge ③ unaffected, as is, safe ④ only, merely, just, simply ⑤ but, however, nevertheless
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
かかるto suffer from
うろうろloiteringly, aimless wandering
のろのろslowly, sluggishly
ぶら下げる 【ぶらさげる】to hang, to suspend, to dangle, to swing, to carry
見本 【みほん】sample
出来上がる 【できあがる】① to be completed, to be finished, to be ready (e.g. to serve or eat) ② to be very drunk
大木 【たいぼく】large tree
長男 【ちょうなん】eldest son
日時 【にちじ】date and time
ローマ字 【ろーまじ】Latin alphabet, transliteration of Japanese in "Roman" or Latin letters, romanization, romanisation, romaji
引き分け 【ひきわけ】draw (in competition), tie game
屋外 【おくがい】outdoors, alfresco
下町 【したまち】Shitamachi, lower parts of town
下品 【げひん】vulgarity, meanness, indecency, coarseness
火口 【かこう】crater, caldera
言い出す 【いいだす】to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
広める 【ひろめる】to broaden, to propagate
仕上がる 【しあがる】to be finished, to be completed, to be done
重たい 【おもたい】heavy, massive, serious, important, severe, oppressed
重力 【じゅうりょく】gravity
上品 【じょうひん】elegant, refined, polished
水着 【みずぎ】bathing suit, swimsuit, swimmers
地名 【ちめい】place name
注 【ちゅう】annotation, explanatory note, comment
転がる 【ころがる】to roll, to tumble
名作 【めいさく】masterpiece
夕日 【ゆうひ】(in) the evening sun, setting sun
近々 【ちかぢか】soon, nearness, before long
館 【かん】house, hall, building
雨戸 【あまど】sliding storm shutter
下線 【かせん】underline, underscore
活字 【かつじ】printing type
客間 【きゃくま】parlor, parlour, guest room
曲線 【きょくせん】curve
光線 【こうせん】beam, light ray
校庭 【こうてい】schoolyard, campus
算数 【さんすう】arithmetic
留める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
歯車 【はぐるま】gear, cog-wheel
次いで 【ついで】next, secondly, subsequently
実る 【みのる】to bear fruit, to ripen
実物 【じつぶつ】real thing, original, actual
実例 【じつれい】example, illustration, precedent
弱点 【じゃくてん】weak point, weakness
小指 【こゆび】① little finger, pinky ② little toe
心身 【しんしん】mind and body
心当たり 【こころあたり】having some knowledge of, happening to know
深まる 【ふかまる】to deepen, to heighten, to intensify
親指 【おやゆび】thumb
人通り 【ひとどおり】pedestrian traffic
正門 【せいもん】main gate, main entrance
線路 【せんろ】line, track, roadbed
電流 【でんりゅう】electric current
当日 【とうじつ】appointed day, very day
内科 【ないか】① internal medicine, i.e. treatment by medical procedures rather than surgical procedures ② department of internal medicine (hospital, etc.)
内線 【ないせん】phone extension, indoor wiring, inner line
南米 【なんべい】South America
半島 【はんとう】peninsula
満員 【まんいん】full house, no vacancy, sold out, standing room only, full (of people), crowded
無数 【むすう】countless number, infinite number
名所 【めいしょ】① famous place ② name of a part (of an instrument, etc.) ③ name and address
ため息 【ためいき】sigh
混ざる 【まざる】to be mixed (colours, liquids, odours...), to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to join
集 【しゅう】collection, compilation
くっ付ける 【くっつける】to attach
引っ込む 【ひっこむ】to draw back, to sink, to cave in
園芸 【えんげい】horticulture, gardening
下降 【かこう】downward, descent, fall, drop, subsidence
格別 【かくべつ】exceptional
規律 【きりつ】① order, observance, discipline ② rules, law, regulations
客席 【きゃくせき】guest seating
極力 【きょくりょく】to the utmost, to the best of one's ability
偶数 【ぐうすう】even number
血圧 【けつあつ】blood pressure
公害 【こうがい】pollution, public nuisance, contamination
公務 【こうむ】official business, public business
効力 【こうりょく】effect, efficacy, validity, potency
採点 【さいてん】marking, grading, looking over
雑音 【ざつおん】noise (jarring, grating)
刺身 【さしみ】sashimi (sliced raw fish)
脂 【あぶら】fat, tallow, lard, grease
治める 【おさめる】① to govern, to manage ② to subdue
湿る 【しめる】to be wet, to become wet, to be damp
湿度 【しつど】level of humidity
出迎える 【でむかえる】to meet, to greet
勝敗 【しょうはい】victory or defeat, issue (of battle), outcome
畳む 【たたむ】① to fold (clothes) ② to close (a shop) ③ to vacate
水滴 【すいてき】drop of water
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
占う 【うらなう】to tell someone's fortune, to forecast, to predict, to divine
代名詞 【だいめいし】① pronoun ② synonym, classic example, pattern, byword, representative
中途 【ちゅうと】in the middle, half-way
昼寝 【ひるね】nap (afternoon), siesta
貯蔵 【ちょぞう】storage, preservation
超過 【ちょうか】excess, being more than
永い 【ながい】① long (distance) ② long (time), lengthy
通信 【つうしん】correspondence, communication, transmission, news, signal
停車 【ていしゃ】stopping (e.g. train)
停電 【ていでん】power outage, electricity outage, blackout, failure of electricity supply
頭脳 【ずのう】head, brains, intellect
突き当たる 【つきあたる】to run into, to collide with
農産物 【のうさんぶつ】agricultural produce
背負う 【せおう】to be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
判事 【はんじ】judge, judiciary
分解 【ぶんかい】① disassembly, dismantling, disaggregating, analysis, disintegrating, decomposing, degrading ② factorization ③ decomposition, resolution ④ deblocking
編 【へん】① compilation (of a text), editing ② volume (of a text) ③ completed literary work
報 【ほう】information, news, report
名詞 【めいし】noun
有り難い 【ありがたい】grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude
夕刊 【ゆうかん】evening paper
出掛ける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
挟む 【はさむ】to interpose, to hold between, to insert
干す 【ほす】① to air, to dry, to desiccate ② to drain (off) ③ to drink up ④ to deprive of a role, job, etc. (usu. in the passive)
辛い 【づらい】difficult to (do something)
緯度 【いど】latitude (nav.)
応対 【おうたい】receiving, dealing with
卸す 【おろす】① to sell wholesale ② to grate (e.g. vegetables) ③ to cut up fish
器械 【きかい】① machine, mechanism ② instrument, appliance, apparatus
飢える 【うえる】to starve, to thirst, to be hungry
謙虚 【けんきょ】modesty, humility
賢明 【けんめい】wisdom, intelligence, prudence
戸棚 【とだな】cupboard, locker, closet, wardrobe
催し 【もよおし】event, festivities, function, social gathering, auspices, opening, holding (a meeting)
催促 【さいそく】request, demand, claim, urge (action), press for
災難 【さいなん】calamity, misfortune, disaster
紙幣 【しへい】paper money, notes, bills
棄てる 【すてる】to throw away, to cast aside, to abandon, to resign, to break up with (someone)
車掌 【しゃしょう】(train) conductor
初級 【しょきゅう】elementary level
初旬 【しょじゅん】first 10 days of the month
上旬 【じょうじゅん】first 10 days of month
酢 【す】vinegar
水素 【すいそ】hydrogen
寸法 【すんぽう】measurement, size, extent, dimension
惜しい 【おしい】① regrettable, disappointing ② precious, dear, valuable ③ too good for, deserving better ④ almost but not quite
洗剤 【せんざい】detergent, washing material
染み 【しみ】stain, spot
粗筋 【あらすじ】outline, summary
草履 【ぞうり】zori (Japanese footwear sandals)
太鼓 【たいこ】drum
脱線 【だっせん】derailment, digression
定価 【ていか】list price, regular price, established price
吐き気 【はきけ】nausea, sickness in the stomach
瞳 【ひとみ】① pupil (of eye) ② eye
標準 【ひょうじゅん】standard, level, norm
風呂敷 【ふろしき】wrapping cloth, cloth wrapper
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
摩擦 【まさつ】friction, rubbing, rubdown, chafe
茂る 【しげる】to grow thickly, to be in full leaf, to be rampant, to luxuriate, to be luxurious
要旨 【ようし】point, essentials, gist, summary, fundamentals
浴室 【よくしつ】bathroom, bath
炊く 【たく】to cook (esp. grain, pulses, etc., such as rice or beans), to boil
草臥れる 【くたびれる】to get tired, to wear out
くだらないgood-for-nothing, stupid, trivial, worthless
跨ぐ 【またぐ】to straddle
でたらめ① irresponsible utterance, nonsense, bullshit, codswallop ② random, haphazard, unsystematic
尖る 【とがる】① to taper to a point, to become sharp ② to look displeased, to look sour
遡る 【さかのぼる】to go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
おおよそabout, roughly, as a rule, approximately
つぶれる① to be smashed ② to become useless, to cease functioning ③ to go bankrupt
もちsticky rice cake
がっくりheartbroken, crestfallen
がっちりsolidly built, tightly, shrewd, calculating
しょっちゅうalways, constantly, frequently, often
すんなりpass with no objection, slim, slender
ずるずるsound or act of dragging, loose, inconclusive but unwanted situation, trailingly
ちらっとat a glance, by accident
てっきりsurely, certainly, beyond doubt
とんだ① unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, unexpected ② terrible, awful, serious
ぼやくto grumble, to complain
ややこしいpuzzling, tangled, complicated, complex
文 【ふみ】letter, writings
申し出 【もうしで】proposal, request, claim, report, notice
喫茶 【きっさ】tea drinking, tea house
お供 【おとも】attendant, companion
案の定 【あんのじょう】just as one thought, as usual
意気込む 【いきごむ】to be enthusiastic about
異議 【いぎ】objection, dissent, protest
異性 【いせい】the opposite sex
医院 【いいん】doctor's office (surgery), clinic, dispensary
一別 【いちべつ】parting
一様 【いちよう】uniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality, homogeneity
陰気 【いんき】gloom, melancholy
押し切る 【おしきる】① to face down the opposition, to overcome resistance, to have one's own way ② to press and cut
乙 【おつ】① second (party to an agreement), the B party (e.g. in a contract), the latter ② strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic
課外 【かがい】extracurricular
過ち 【あやまち】fault, error, indiscretion, faux pas
霞む 【かすむ】① to grow hazy, to be misty ② to be overshadowed
解剖 【かいぼう】① dissection, autopsy ② analysis
回送 【かいそう】forwarding
海運 【かいうん】maritime, marine transportation
海抜 【かいばつ】height above sea level
概説 【がいせつ】general statement, outline
核心 【かくしん】kernel, core
楽譜 【がくふ】score (music)
寒気 【さむけ】① chill, the shivers, shivering fit ② cold, coldness, cold air
勧誘 【かんゆう】invitation, solicitation, canvassing, canvasing, inducement, persuasion, encouragement
寛容 【かんよう】forbearance, tolerance, generosity
感慨 【かんがい】strong feelings, deep emotion
感度 【かんど】sensitivity, reception (e.g. radio and television), severity (quake)
慣例 【かんれい】custom, precedent, of convention
観衆 【かんしゅう】spectators, onlookers, members of the audience
丸っきり 【まるっきり】completely, perfectly, just as if
眼球 【がんきゅう】eyeball
岩石 【がんせき】rock
危ぶむ 【あやぶむ】to fear, to have misgivings, to be doubtful, to mistrust
気質 【きしつ】spirit, character, trait, temperament, turn of mind, disposition
気流 【きりゅう】atmospheric current, air current, airflow
休戦 【きゅうせん】truce, armistice
享受 【きょうじゅ】reception, acceptance, enjoyment, being given
共鳴 【きょうめい】resonance, sympathetic (sound), (being in) sympathy
境遇 【きょうぐう】environment, circumstances
強請る 【ねだる】① to tease, to coax ② to solicit, to demand, to extort
恐れ入る 【おそれいる】① to be sorry, to feel small ② to be grateful ③ to be amazed, to be filled with awe, to be surprised ④ to be disconcerted, to be embarrassed
教習 【きょうしゅう】training, instruction
郷里 【きょうり】birth-place, home town
驚異 【きょうい】wonder, miracle
凝らす 【こらす】to concentrate, to devote, to apply, to strain, to rack
勤労 【きんろう】labor, labour, exertion, diligent service
吟味 【ぎんみ】testing, scrutiny, careful investigation
空しい 【むなしい】vacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless
空腹 【くうふく】hunger
群がる 【むらがる】to swarm, to gather
軍服 【ぐんぷく】military or naval uniform
結び 【むすび】ending, conclusion, union
結核 【けっかく】tuberculosis, tubercule
懸賞 【けんしょう】offering prizes, winning, reward
見習う 【みならう】to follow another's example
見地 【けんち】point of view
元首 【げんしゅ】ruler, sovereign
戸籍 【こせき】census, family register
誤差 【ごさ】measurement error, calculation error
交わる 【まじわる】to cross, to intersect, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
交互 【こうご】mutual, reciprocal, alternate
光沢 【こうたく】brilliance, polish, lustre, luster, glossy finish (of photographs)
公用 【こうよう】① government business, official business ② public, official, governmental
口頭 【こうとう】oral
慌ただしい 【あわただしい】busy, hurried, confused, flurried
考古学 【こうこがく】archaeology, archeology
鉱業 【こうぎょう】mining industry
合わす 【あわす】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
合わせ 【あわせ】joint together, opposite, facing
合致 【がっち】agreement, concurrence, conformance, compliance
国定 【こくてい】state-sponsored, national
昆虫 【こんちゅう】insect, bug
根回し 【ねまわし】making necessary arrangements, laying the groundwork
混血 【こんけつ】mixed race, mixed parentage
差額 【さがく】balance, difference, margin
砂利 【じゃり】gravel, ballast, pebbles
最善 【さいぜん】the very best
採決 【さいけつ】vote, roll call
採集 【さいしゅう】collecting, gathering
細菌 【さいきん】bacillus, bacterium, germ
察する 【さっする】① to guess, to sense, to presume, to judge ② to sympathize with, to sympathise with
雑 【ざつ】① rough, crude, sloppy, messy ② miscellaneous
雑貨 【ざっか】miscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
産物 【さんぶつ】product, result, fruit
残酷 【ざんこく】cruelty, harshness
仕切る 【しきる】① to partition, to divide, to mark off, to itemize ② to direct, to take control, to manage, to take responsibility ③ to settle accounts ④ to toe the mark
仕入れる 【しいれる】to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
仕立てる 【したてる】to tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
使用人 【しようにん】employee, servant
思い付き 【おもいつき】plan, idea, suggestion
指図 【さしず】instruction, mandate, directions
私有 【しゆう】private ownership
脂肪 【しぼう】fat, grease, blubber
飼育 【しいく】breeding, raising, rearing
児 【じ】child
時差 【じさ】time difference
自我 【じが】self, the ego
写し 【うつし】copy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
弱まる 【よわまる】to abate, to weaken, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed
手際 【てぎわ】performance, skill, tact
手錠 【てじょう】handcuffs, manacles
手数 【てすう】trouble, labor, labour, handling
周期 【しゅうき】cycle, period
修士 【しゅうし】Masters degree program (programme)
終始 【しゅうし】① beginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end ② consistently, the whole time
祝賀 【しゅくが】celebration, congratulations
出くわす 【でくわす】to happen to meet, to come across
出題 【しゅつだい】proposing a question
出動 【しゅつどう】sailing, marching, going out, dispatch
準急 【じゅんきゅう】semi-express train (slower than an express), local express train
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
処罰 【しょばつ】punishment
初版 【しょはん】first edition
所定 【しょてい】fixed, prescribed, certain, given
宵 【よい】evening, early night hours
小切手 【こぎって】cheque, check
小銭 【こぜに】coins, small change
消息 【しょうそく】① news (from somebody), letter, contact ② (somebody's) whereabouts, (somebody's) movements
城下 【じょうか】land near the castle
情 【じょう】feelings, emotion, passion
情け 【なさけ】① pity, sympathy, compassion ② affection
織物 【おりもの】textile, fabric
食い違う 【くいちがう】to cross each other, to run counter to, to differ, to clash, to go awry
寝かせる 【ねかせる】to put to bed, to lay down, to ferment
心掛ける 【こころがける】to keep in mind, to bear in mind, to try, to aim to do, to endeavor, to endeavour
心情 【しんじょう】sentiment, emotions, one's feelings, one's heart
心得 【こころえ】knowledge, information
振り返る 【ふりかえる】to turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look back
振動 【しんどう】oscillation, vibration
真珠 【しんじゅ】pearl
真上 【まうえ】just above, right overhead
進度 【しんど】progress
人柄 【ひとがら】personality, character, personal appearance, gentility
迅速 【じんそく】quick, fast, rapid, swift, prompt, streamlined, expedited, expeditious
推理 【すいり】reasoning, inference, mystery or detective genre (movie, novel, etc.)
崇拝 【すうはい】worship, adoration, admiration, cult
澄ます 【すます】to clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, to look prim, to put on airs
政策 【せいさく】political measures, policy
生死 【せいし】① life and death ② samsara (cycle of death and rebirth) ③ death
生身 【なまみ】① living flesh, flesh and blood ② physical body of Buddha or a bodhisattva
盛大 【せいだい】grand, prosperous, magnificent
精密 【せいみつ】precise, exact, detailed, minute, close
製法 【せいほう】manufacturing method, recipe, formula
責務 【せきむ】duty, obligation
絶える 【たえる】① to die out, to peter out, to become extinct ② to cease, to be stopped, to be discontinued, to be cut off
潜水 【せんすい】diving
前提 【ぜんてい】preamble, premise, reason, prerequisite, condition, assumption, hypothesis, given
前途 【ぜんと】future prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
措置 【そち】measure, measures, step
素早い 【すばやい】① fast, quick, prompt, nimble, agile ② quick (to understand), sharp (judgement)
壮大 【そうだい】magnificent, grand, majestic, splendid
多忙 【たぼう】busy, pressure of work
多様 【たよう】diverse, varied
対比 【たいひ】contrast, comparison
対面 【たいめん】interview, meeting
対話 【たいわ】interactive, interaction, conversation, dialogue
待ち合わせ 【まちあわせ】appointment
待遇 【たいぐう】treatment, reception
代用 【だいよう】substitution
台本 【だいほん】script, libretto, scenario
大柄 【おおがら】large build, large pattern
達者 【たっしゃ】skillful, in good health
達成 【たっせい】achievement
単一 【たんいつ】single, simple, sole, individual, unitary
単調 【たんちょう】monotony, monotone, dullness
断面 【だんめん】cross-section
地主 【じぬし】landlord, landowner
恥じる 【はじる】to feel ashamed
着目 【ちゃくもく】attention
中継 【ちゅうけい】relay, hook-up
中傷 【ちゅうしょう】slander, libel, defamation
腸 【ちょう】guts, bowels, intestines
直面 【ちょくめん】① confrontation ② to face, to confront, to encounter
沈める 【しずめる】to sink, to submerge
追放 【ついほう】exile, banishment
定まる 【さだまる】to become settled, to be fixed
提供 【ていきょう】offer, tender, program sponsoring, programme sponsoring, furnishing, provisioning, supply
天下 【てんか】the world, whole country, descent from heaven, having one's own way, the public, the ruling power
転居 【てんきょ】moving, changing residence
電源 【でんげん】① source of electricity, electrical power ② power (button on TV, etc.)
登録 【とうろく】registration, accession, register, entry, record
途絶える 【とだえる】to stop, to cease, to come to an end
土台 【どだい】foundation, base, basis
土木 【どぼく】public works
当て 【あて】object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
統治 【とうち】rule, reign, government, governing
到底 【とうてい】(cannot) possibly, no matter how
討議 【とうぎ】debate, discussion
踏み込む 【ふみこむ】① to step into (e.g. someone else's territory), to break into, to raid ② to come to grips with, to get to the core of
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃走 【とうそう】flight, desertion, escape
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
同居 【どうきょ】coexistence, living together
同調 【どうちょう】sympathy, agreement with, alignment, conformity, tuning
憧れ 【あこがれ】yearning, longing, aspiration
特権 【とっけん】privilege, special right
独自 【どくじ】original, peculiar, characteristic, proprietary
独創 【どくそう】originality
読み上げる 【よみあげる】to read out loud (and clearly), to call a roll
内心 【ないしん】innermost thoughts, real intention, inmost heart, one's mind, in the heart
肉体 【にくたい】the body, the flesh
年長 【ねんちょう】seniority
倍率 【ばいりつ】magnification, leverage, amplification, scaling factor, scale factor
発言 【はつげん】utterance, speech, proposal
発病 【はつびょう】attack (disease)
微笑 【びしょう】smile
不在 【ふざい】absence
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
浮気 【うわき】① extramarital sex, affair, fooling around ② infidelity, wantonness, unfaithfulness, inconstancy, fickleness, caprice
侮辱 【ぶじょく】insult, contempt, slight
風俗 【ふうぞく】① manners, customs ② sex service, sex industry
分配 【ぶんぱい】division, sharing, distribution, dissemination, allocation
文化財 【ぶんかざい】cultural assets, cultural property
平方 【へいほう】square (e.g. metre), square
偏見 【へんけん】prejudice, narrow view
便宜 【べんぎ】convenience, accommodation, advantage, expedience
弁解 【べんかい】justification, rationalization, pretext, explanation, exculpation, defence, defense, excuse
補充 【ほじゅう】① supplementation, supplement, replenishment, replenishing, replacement, refilling ② to replace, to refill, to replenish
報ずる 【ほうずる】to inform, to report
放り込む 【ほうりこむ】to throw into
放出 【ほうしゅつ】release, emit
褒美 【ほうび】reward, prize
本国 【ほんごく】one's own country
麻 【あさ】flax, linen, hemp
膜 【まく】membrane, film
密度 【みつど】density
民謡 【みんよう】folk song, popular song
明かす 【あかす】① to pass (e.g. the night), to spend ② to reveal, to divulge
免除 【めんじょ】exemption, exoneration, discharge
問い合わせる 【といあわせる】to enquire, to inquire, to seek information
野外 【やがい】fields, outskirts, open air, suburbs
野心 【やしん】ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
有する 【ゆうする】to own, to be endowed with
有益 【ゆうえき】beneficial, profitable
揺さぶる 【ゆさぶる】to shake, to jolt, to rock, to swing
用品 【ようひん】articles, supplies, parts
要する 【ようする】to need, to demand, to take, to require
養う 【やしなう】to rear, to maintain, to support (e.g. family), to cultivate
落下 【らっか】fall, drop, come down
乱れる 【みだれる】① to be disordered, to be disarranged, to be disarrayed, to be disheveled, to be dishevelled ② to be discomposed, to be upset, to get confused, to be disturbed ③ to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)
利子 【りし】interest (bank)
利息 【りそく】interest (bank)
了解 【りょうかい】comprehension, consent, understanding, roger (on the radio)
練る 【ねる】① to knead, to work over ② to polish up (e.g. a plan) ③ to drill, to train
朗読 【ろうどく】reading aloud, recitation
天皇 【すめらぎ】Emperor of Japan
運送 【うんそう】transport, freight, shipping
小売 【こうり】retail
総合 【そうごう】① synthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite ② comprehensive
養護 【ようご】nursing, (protective) care
行ける 【いける】to look (taste, etc.) good
お世辞 【おせじ】flattery, compliment
宛てる 【あてる】to address
引っ掛ける 【ひっかける】① to hang (something) on (something), to throw on (clothes) ② to hook, to catch, to trap, to ensnare ③ to cheat, to evade payment, to jump a bill ④ to drink (alcohol) ⑤ to splash someone (with) ⑥ to hit the ball off the end of the bat (baseball)
華奢 【きゃしゃ】① luxury, pomp ② delicate, slender, gorgeous
灌漑 【かんがい】irrigation
竿 【さお】① rod, pole ② neck (of a shamisen, etc.), shamisen ③ beam (i.e. the crossbar of a balance) ④ single line (esp. as a flying formation for geese) ⑤ counter for flags (on poles), counter for long, thin Japanese sweets (e.g. youkan)
奇数 【きすう】odd number
くだん① the above-mentioned, the said, (man, incident, etc.) in question ② the usual
語彙 【ごい】vocabulary, lexicon, lexis, terminology
差し引く 【さしひく】① to deduct, to take away, to dock ② to make allowances for something, to bear something in mind ③ to ebb and flow
刺繍 【ししゅう】embroidery
嫉妬 【しっと】jealousy, envy
渋い 【しぶい】① tasteful (clothing), cool, an aura of refined masculinity ② astringent, sullen, bitter (taste), raspy (voice) ③ grim, quiet ④ sober, stingy
裾 【すそ】(trouser) cuff, (skirt) hem, cut edge of a hairdo, fringe, foot of mountain
脆い 【もろい】brittle, fragile, tender-hearted
赤らめる 【あからめる】to blush, to redden
漕ぐ 【こぐ】① to row, to scull, to paddle ② to pedal (e.g. bicycle) ③ to swing (on a swing) ④ to operate a hand pump ⑤ to push through (deep snow, the jungle, etc.)
耽る 【ふける】① to indulge in, to give oneself up to, to be obsessed by ② to be engrossed in, to be lost in, to be absorbed in
頂 【いただき】crown (of head), summit (of mountain), spire
賑わう 【にぎわう】to prosper, to flourish, to do thriving business, to be crowded with people
役立つ 【やくだつ】to be useful, to be helpful, to serve the purpose
歪む 【いがむ】to warp, to swerve, to deflect, to be crooked, to be distorted, to be bent, to incline, to slant, to be perverted, to be gross-grained, to get bent, to be strained
あどけないinnocent, cherubic
カッとflare up, flying into a rage
かみさん① (one's) wife ② (someone's) wife ③ landlady
くるくるlike a small spinning object, winding up a long string, etc.
さらさら① rustling, murmuring ② fluently ③ silky (hair)
しんどい① tired, frazzled ② tiresome, worrisome, bothersome
すらり① long, slender and well-proportioned ② smooth, continuous (movement)
せしめるto cheat someone out of, to wangle
そうだ① that is so, that is right, it looks to me, I am of the impression ② people say that (after plain verb, adj), it is said that, I hear that
たじろぐto falter, to wince
ちっぽけvery small, tiny
のみonly, nothing but
ばばshit, bullshit
ひんやりto feel (pleasantly) cool
びっしりclosely packed, crowded close
ぶら下がる 【ぶらさがる】to hang from, to dangle, to swing
ぶるぶるshivering with cold or fear, shaking, trembling
ぼろぼろ① worn-out, torn, crumbling, tattered ② tears or grain of rice falling
やくざ① professional gambler or ruffian (esp. a member of the Japanese mafia), yakuza (member) ② uselessness, purposelessness
よろよろunsteady on its feet, tottering
わくわくtremble, get nervous, excitedly, thrilled
アイスホッケーice hockey
アクセント① accent (in language) ② stress, highlight, accent
アドバイザーadviser, advisor
アンケートquestionnaire, survey
アンプ① amp, ampere ② amplifier
エール① yell, cheerleading shout ② ale
エスカレートescalate, escalation
オーク① oak ② orc
カセット① cassette (tape) ② game cartridge
カヴァー① cover (e.g. book) ② kava (Piper methysticum)
カルシウムcalcium (Ca)
キープ① keep ② quipu, quippu
キャップ① cap ② top reporter at a newspaper's local office ③ captain
ギャング① gang ② gangster
クーラーcooler, air conditioner
クッキー① cookie, biscuit ② cookie (browser-related file sent from a WWW server)
コック① cook ② tap, spigot, faucet, cock ③ cock (male fowl) ④ cock (penis)
コネconnection, pull
コマーシャルcommercial (e.g. TV)
サラリーマンoffice worker, company employee
スーパーボウルSuper Bowl
スタメンstarting member
ストライキstrike (i.e. industrial action)
スポーツカーsports car
スマート① smart, stylish ② slim
ダラスDallas (Texas)
チーズ① cheese ② say cheese! (when taking photographs)
ティッシュ(facial) tissues
トランク① suitcase, trunk ② trunk (of a car), boot ③ (trunk) line
トレーナー① trainer (someone who works with sports athletes) ② sweatshirt
ナンバーワンnumber one
ニッケルnickel (Ni)
ニュートン① newton (N) (SI unit of force) ② Newton (Sir Isaac)
ネックneck, bottleneck
ヒール① heel ② heel (pro-wrestling) ③ heal
ビラholiday house, villa
ピストンpiston, plunger
フィートfeet, foot
フライト① flight ② fright
フワフワlight, airy, fluffy
ブラウザ(web) browser
プリン① (custard) pudding ② purine
ベランダbalcony, verandah
ベンツ① (Mercedes) Benz ② vent
ホームランhome run
ホップ① hop ② hops (Humulus lupulus)
ホンphon (unit of loudness)
ボディー① body ② buddy
ボルト① volt ② bolt
ポルシェPorsche (German car brand)
マクドナルドMcDonald's (restaurant)
マスメディアmass media
ミスターmister, Mr
メーター① meter (i.e. measuring device) ② metre (i.e. 100 cm), meter
メロディー① melody ② chime
ユーモアhumor, humour
ヨーグルトyoghurt, yoghourt
ライスrice (esp. when served on a plate)
ラック① rack ② ruck ③ luck
ラベル① label (i.e. sticker) ② label (i.e. record label)
ラボ① laboratory ② language laboratory
ラマllama (Lama glama)
リーディング① reading ② leading
リフト① lift ② rift
リモコンremote control
レス① response ② less ③ -less ④ loess
レパートリーrepertoire, repertory
一つ一つ 【ひとつひとつ】one-by-one, separately, in detail
外食 【がいしょく】eating out
月間 【げっかん】month-long period, (during) month
見下す 【みくだす】to despise, to look down on
国外 【こくがい】outside the country
国名 【こくめい】country name
今さら 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
三男 【さんなん】three men, third son
山間 【さんかん】among the mountains
女らしい 【おんならしい】womanly, ladylike, feminine
女子高 【じょしこう】girls' high school
人前 【にんまえ】portion of food
人名 【じんめい】person's name
先見 【せんけん】foresight, anticipation
川上 【かわかみ】upper reaches of a river
大まか 【おおまか】① rough (e.g. sketch, approximation), broad ② generous, openhanded
大雨 【おおあめ】heavy rain
男らしい 【おとこらしい】manly
天下り 【あまくだり】retiring high-ranking government officials taking a lucrative job in a private or semi-private corporation
年下 【としした】younger, junior
父上 【ちちうえ】father (esp. used in samurai families prior to the Meiji period)
父母 【ちちはは】father and mother, parents
分かつ 【わかつ】① to divide, to separate ② to share, to distribute ③ to distinguish
分校 【ぶんこう】branch school
母子 【ぼし】mother and child
北上 【ほくじょう】going north
本書 【ほんしょ】text, script, this book
年々 【ねんねん】years, year by year, annually, considering his age
長大 【ちょうだい】very long, great length
カットcut, cutting
グラフィック① graphic ② graphic magazine, pictorial magazine
ドライdry (esp. as in not wet or as in dry humour)
悪人 【あくにん】bad man, villain
安らか 【やすらか】peaceful, tranquil, calm, restful
安売り 【やすうり】discount, bargain sale, selling cheaply
意気 【いき】spirit, heart, disposition
一室 【いっしつ】one room
いち早く 【いちはやく】promptly, quickly, without delay
引かれる 【ひかれる】to be charmed by, to be attracted (to)
運動会 【うんどうかい】athletic meet
屋台 【やたい】① cart, esp. food cart ② (festival) float
音質 【おんしつ】tone quality, sound quality
歌集 【かしゅう】anthology, book of poetry
画質 【がしつ】image quality (film, video, etc.)
会食 【かいしょく】dining together, mess
空ける 【あける】to empty, to clear out, to make space, to make room
開花 【かいか】blooming
開口 【かいこう】① opening, aperture (e.g. camera) ② opening one's mouth, beginning to speak ③ open, broad
開場 【かいじょう】opening
帰り道 【かえりみち】the way back or home, return trip
究明 【きゅうめい】investigation (esp. in academic and scientific contexts)
強み 【つよみ】forte
強風 【きょうふう】strong wind
強か 【したたか】determined, stubborn, hearty, severe
建国 【けんこく】founding of a nation
言い分 【いいぶん】one's say, one's point, complaint, excuse
古びる 【ふるびる】to look old, to get old
古今 【ここん】ancient and modern times, all ages, past and present
古来 【こらい】from time immemorial, ancient, time-honoured, time-honored
公言 【こうげん】declaration, profession
口ぶり 【くちぶり】way of speaking, intimation
行員 【こういん】bank clerk
国歌 【こっか】national anthem
黒海 【こっかい】Black Sea
黒色 【こくしょく】black (colour, color)
山道 【さんどう】mountain road, mountain trail
子音 【しいん】consonant
思いやり 【おもいやり】consideration, sympathy
思しい 【おぼしい】apparently
仕度 【したく】preparation, arrangements
死去 【しきょ】death
試写 【ししゃ】preview, private showing
事後 【じご】after-, post-, ex-
持ち歩く 【もちあるく】to carry
持ち上がる 【もちあがる】to lift, to happen, to occur, to come up, to turn up
自家 【じか】own, personal, autologous
自社 【じしゃ】① one's company, company one works for ② in-house, belonging to the company
自前 【じまえ】① taking care one's responsibilities by oneself, one's own efforts, one's own expense ② going into business for oneself (selling one's own products), entrepreneur of such a business
自白 【じはく】confession, acknowledgement, acknowledgment
自力 【じりき】by oneself, self-made
社名 【しゃめい】name of company
借り入れ 【かりいれ】debt
借地 【しゃくち】leased land
主たる 【しゅたる】main, principal, major
手持ち 【てもち】holdings, goods on hand
手書き 【てがき】① handwriting ② skilled penman
手先 【てさき】① fingers ② underling, stooge, subordinate, pawn
手動 【しゅどう】manual (operation)
集い 【つどい】meeting, get-together (e.g. among friends)
住まう 【すまう】to live, to reside, to inhabit
小道 【こみち】path, lane
小物 【こもの】accessories, small articles
色気 【いろけ】① colouring, coloring, shade of colour, shade of color ② interest in the opposite sex, sex appeal, sensuality, seductiveness, glamor, glamour, sexual passion ③ romance, poetry, charm ④ desire, interest, inclination, ambition
食い止める 【くいとめる】to check, to hold back
真夜中 【まよなか】dead of night, midnight
親方 【おやかた】① master ② coach in professional sumo
人事院 【じんじいん】National Personnel Authority
人道 【じんどう】humanity, sidewalk, footpath
水銀 【すいぎん】mercury
水色 【みずいろ】light blue
赤十字 【せきじゅうじ】Red Cross
先立つ 【さきだつ】to lead, to precede, to die before someone, to go before, to take precedence
前年度 【ぜんねんど】preceding fiscal year
早起き 【はやおき】early rising
走り 【はしり】the first (harvest, catch) of the season or year
多重 【たじゅう】multiple, multiplex
体 【たい】① body, physique, posture ② shape, form, style ③ substance, identity, reality ④ field ⑤ counter for humanoid forms (e.g. dolls, statues, corpses, etc.)
代理人 【だいりにん】proxy, agent, substitute, deputy, alternate, representative, attorney
大作 【たいさく】epic
大別 【たいべつ】general classification
地道 【じみち】steady, honest, sober, straightforward
茶屋 【ちゃや】tea house, tea dealer
着用 【ちゃくよう】have on, wearing
天理 【てんり】natural laws, rule of heaven
店主 【てんしゅ】shopkeeper
転用 【てんよう】diversion, putting something to another use
道のり 【みちのり】① distance, journey, itinerary ② way, process
読売 【よみうり】Yomiuri (newspaper)
南方 【なんぽう】south, southern, southward
不時 【ふじ】emergency, unexpectedness
分家 【ぶんけ】branch family
聞き手 【ききて】① hearer, listener, audience ② interviewer, questioner
歩行 【ほこう】walk
母方 【ははかた】mother's side of family
有名人 【ゆうめいじん】celebrity
用地 【ようち】site
理事 【りじ】director, board of directors
旅立つ 【たびだつ】to begin a trip
店 【てん】-store, -shop
引きつる 【ひきつる】to have a cramp (spasm, convulsion, twitch), to become stiff
真中 【まんなか】middle, centre, center, mid-way
見た目 【みため】appearance
文教 【ぶんきょう】education, culture
休館 【きゅうかん】library or museum closure
お子様 【おこさま】child (someone else's)
お返し 【おかえし】① return gift, return favour (favor) ② revenge ③ change (in a cash transaction)
育英 【いくえい】education
飲酒 【いんしゅ】drinking alcohol (sake)
羽目 【はめ】① panel, wainscoting, wainscotting ② plight, fix, bind, awkward situation, difficult situation, mess
横行 【おうこう】① walking sideways, staggering, striding ② being rampant, being widespread, being prevalent
屋内 【おくない】indoor (court, pool, etc.)
音速 【おんそく】speed of sound
音量 【おんりょう】volume (sound)
下期 【しもき】second half of the fiscal year
歌曲 【かきょく】melody, tune, song
回し 【まわし】sumo wrestler's loincloth
回帰 【かいき】return (to), revolution, recurrence, recursion, comeback, revival
快活 【かいかつ】cheerful, lively, lighthearted
開港 【かいこう】open port, opening a port
外角 【がいかく】outside corner, external angle
外遊 【がいゆう】foreign travel
丸太 【まるた】log
岩山 【いわやま】rocky mountain
帰化 【きか】naturalization, naturalisation
気球 【ききゅう】balloon, blimp
逆行 【ぎゃっこう】① reverse movement, retrogression, going backwards, moving in the wrong direction, running counter to (e.g. the laws of nature), running against (e.g. the tide of the times) ② retrogradation (astronomy), retrogression
逆上 【ぎゃくじょう】frenzy, distraction
逆風 【ぎゃくふう】head wind, adverse wind
急所 【きゅうしょ】① vitals, tender spot ② key (of a problem), crux, essential point, secret
求心力 【きゅうしんりょく】centripetal force, cohesive power, unifying force
泣ける 【なける】to shed tears, to be moved to tears
旧式 【きゅうしき】old type, old style
旧来 【きゅうらい】traditional, from ancient times, formerly
協和 【きょうわ】concord, harmony, concert
強打 【きょうだ】smiting, blow
禁ずる 【きんずる】to forbid, to suppress
係長 【かかりちょう】chief clerk
形見 【かたみ】memento, souvenir
月面 【げつめん】moon's surface
見て取る 【みてとる】to perceive, to grasp (the situation)
見通す 【みとおす】to see without obstruction, to forecast, to predict
見当たる 【みあたる】to be found
原画 【げんが】original picture
原生 【げんせい】spontaneous generation, primeval, primitive
表れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
戸数 【こすう】number of households (houses)
後部 【こうぶ】rear, stern
語り合う 【かたりあう】to talk together
語調 【ごちょう】tone (of voice), note, accent
交配 【こうはい】mating, crossbreeding, cross-fertilization, cross-fertilisation
公営 【こうえい】public management
公庫 【こうこ】finance corporation
工費 【こうひ】construction cost
校正 【こうせい】① proofreading, correction of press ② calibration
校門 【こうもん】school gate
考え直す 【かんがえなおす】to reconsider, to rethink, to reassess
合作 【がっさく】collaboration, joint work
今期 【こんき】the present term
根強い 【ねづよい】firmly rooted, deep-seated
才気 【さいき】wisdom
細か 【こまか】small, fine, detailed, stingy
細部 【さいぶ】details
昨今 【さっこん】nowadays, recently
昨春 【さくしゅん】last spring, the spring of last year
参列 【さんれつ】attendance, participation, presence
算出 【さんしゅつ】calculation, computation
仕組む 【しくむ】to devise, to arrange, to plan, to plot
市外 【しがい】outside the city area, suburbs
市部 【しぶ】urban areas
思い当たる 【おもいあたる】to come to mind, to recall, to think of
美味い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
試練 【しれん】test, trial, probation, ordeal, tribulation
自伝 【じでん】autobiography
自負 【じふ】conceit, bragging about one's own ability
室内楽 【しつないがく】chamber music
実数 【じっすう】real number
実名 【じつめい】real name
弱者 【じゃくしゃ】weak person, the weak
弱体 【じゃくたい】weak (organization, organisation)
取り下げる 【とりさげる】to withdraw, to abandon (e.g. a lawsuit)
取り残す 【とりのこす】to leave behind
手形 【てがた】① draft, draught, promissory note ② signed hand-print (sumo)
手助け 【てだすけ】a help
手放す 【てばなす】to release, to relinquish, to sell, to part with, to send away
受け皿 【うけざら】① saucer ② receptacle for things, receiving something (e.g. funds)
受取る 【うけとる】① to receive, to get, to accept ② to take, to interpret, to understand
集う 【つどう】to meet, to assemble, to congregate
重苦しい 【おもくるしい】heavy, gloomy, awkward, cumbrous, oppressive, leaden
出向く 【でむく】to go to, to proceed to, to leave for
出番 【でばん】one's turn
準決勝 【じゅんけっしょう】semifinal (in sports)
所見 【しょけん】view, opinion, finding, findings
助役 【じょやく】assistant official
女流 【じょりゅう】woman writer
勝者 【しょうしゃ】winner, victor
商談 【しょうだん】business discussion, negotiation
小石 【こいし】pebble
小雪 【こゆき】light snow
小道具 【こどうぐ】props, (stage) properties, gadgets
上申 【じょうしん】report to a superior
上部 【じょうぶ】top part, surface
植林 【しょくりん】afforestation
新 【しん】① new, neo- ② Gregorian calendar ③ Xin (dynasty of China)
新旧 【しんきゅう】new and old, incoming and outgoing
新曲 【しんきょく】new piece, new song
新星 【しんせい】new face (star), nova
深み 【ふかみ】depth, deep place
申し合わせる 【もうしあわせる】to arrange, to make an appointment, to agree upon
申し立てる 【もうしたてる】to declare, to plead
真っ向 【まっこう】brow, front, helmet front
神学 【しんがく】theology
神楽 【かぐら】ancient Shinto music and dancing
身じろぐ 【みじろぐ】to stir, to move
身代金 【みのしろきん】ransom
身辺 【しんぺん】one's person, around one's person
進入 【しんにゅう】penetration, entry
人情 【にんじょう】① humanity, empathy, kindness, sympathy ② human nature, common sense, customs and manners
人道的 【じんどうてき】humane
図式 【ずしき】diagram, graph, schema
声楽 【せいがく】vocal music
西側 【にしがわ】west side, west bank
赤外線 【せきがいせん】infra-red rays
切り取る 【きりとる】to cut off, to excise, to tear off, to cut out, to whittle down, to tear out, to cut down, to amputate
先取 【せんしゅ】earning the first (runs), preoccupation
先取り 【さきどり】① receiving in advance, taking before others ② prefetch ③ anticipatory completion, finishing another person's sentence in anticipation of what likely to be said next
船室 【せんしつ】stateroom, cabin
選別 【せんべつ】selection, classification, sorting, screening, triage
前回 【ぜんかい】previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
前身 【ぜんしん】antecedents, ancestor, previous position, previous existence, predecessor organization, predecessor organisation
前面 【ぜんめん】① front part, frontage, facade ② initial pledge (e.g. election), opening slogan
全焼 【ぜんしょう】burned down, entirely destroyed
全日 【ぜんじつ】all days
草原 【そうげん】grass-covered plain, grasslands, meadows, savannah, prairie, steppe
走り回る 【はしりまわる】to run around
多額 【たがく】large amount of money
打数 【だすう】times at bat (baseball)
退去 【たいきょ】① departure, leaving, going away, evacuation ② recession
退出 【たいしゅつ】withdrawal, leaving
代役 【だいやく】important mission, heavy role, substitute actor, stand-in, double
大昔 【おおむかし】great antiquity, old-fashioned, long ago
谷川 【たにがわ】mountain stream
短時間 【たんじかん】short time
談合 【だんごう】① consultation, discussion, conference ② collusion, bid-rigging
直下 【ちょっか】directly under, price cut, fall perpendicularly
通商 【つうしょう】commerce, trade
低迷 【ていめい】hanging low (over), hovering around (price level), low hanging (e.g. clouds), sluggish (e.g. economy), slump, recession
定か 【さだか】definite, sure
定額 【ていがく】ration, fixed amount
定時 【ていじ】regular time, stated period
定例 【ていれい】regularity
天命 【てんめい】God's will, karma, destiny, Heaven's decree, one's life
転身 【てんしん】(job) turnover
点字 【てんじ】Braille
伝送 【でんそう】transmission, communication, circulation, dissemination, diffusion, propagation, delivery
度合い 【どあい】degree, extent
当社 【とうしゃ】(this) shrine, (this) firm
当店 【とうてん】this store
当分 【とうぶん】for the present, currently, presently, at this time, for the next while
頭角 【とうかく】distinguishing oneself, standing out, top of the head
頭部 【とうぶ】① head, cranium ② cephalic
動植物 【どうしょくぶつ】plants and animals, flora and fauna
同点 【どうてん】deadlock, tie, draw
読み返す 【よみかえす】to reread, to read again
入所 【にゅうしょ】entrance, admission, imprisonment, internment
年内 【ねんない】by the end of the year
波長 【はちょう】wavelength
犯行 【はんこう】crime, criminal act, offence, offense
飛び立つ 【とびたつ】to jump up, to start up, to leap to one's feet, to fly away, to take off
表記 【ひょうき】writing (something), giving an address, declaration, inscribing on the face of, publishing (info), listing (prices), addressing (a package)
負 【ふ】negative, minus
放題 【ほうだい】as much as you would like to, as much as one likes
無人 【むじん】① lack of help ② unmanned, uninhabited
無名 【むめい】unsigned, nameless, anonymous, anonymity
目当て 【めあて】object, purpose, guide, end, view
曜日 【ようび】day of the week
陽子 【ようし】proton
落ち 【おち】① slip, omission ② outcome, final result, the end ③ punch line (of a joke)
落語 【らくご】rakugo story, (telling) a comic story
力投 【りきとう】powerful pitching
林道 【りんどう】path through forest, woodland path
申し入れ 【もうしいれ】proposal, offer, report, proposition, notice
一向に 【いっこうに】(not) at all
投下 【とうか】① throwing down, dropping, airdrop ② investment
深山 【みやま】mountain recess, deep in the mountains
自由形 【じゆうがた】freestyle (e.g. swimming event)
合 【ごう】① 0.18039 litres (liters) ② 0.3306 metres square (meters) ③ one-tenth of the way from the base to the summit of a mountain ④ (astronomical) conjunction ⑤ counter for covered containers ⑥ counter for matches, battles, etc.
ぶつ① stock, products ② stolen goods, loot, spoils
へばり付く 【へばりつく】to cling to
愛用 【あいよう】favorite, favourite, habitual use
悪党 【あくとう】scoundrel, rascal, villain
安値 【やすね】low price
安置 【あんち】enshrinement, installation (of image)
位置づけ 【いちづけ】placement, fixed position, mapping out, location
委任 【いにん】charge, trust
一軍 【いちぐん】an army, the whole army, first string players (sports)
一座 【いちざ】① party, those present, troupe ② first seat
因果 【いんが】cause and effect, karma, fate
引き込む 【ひきこむ】to draw in, to win over
引き抜く 【ひきぬく】① to extract, to uproot, to pull out ② to headhunt, to lure away
引き戻す 【ひきもどす】to bring back, to restore
引っ込める 【ひっこめる】to draw in, to take in
栄光 【えいこう】glory
永住 【えいじゅう】permanent residence
演歌 【えんか】① enka, traditional-style Japanese popular ballad ② troubadour
演芸 【えんげい】entertainment, performance
演目 【えんもく】musical program, musical programme
奥行き 【おくゆき】depth, length
押し倒す 【おしたおす】to push down
横領 【おうりょう】usurpation, embezzlement, misappropriation
王権 【おうけん】royalty
温存 【おんぞん】preserve, retain
河童 【かっぱ】① kappa (mythical water-dwelling creatures) ② excellent swimmer ③ cucumber ④ rolled sushi containing a stick of cucumber
火照る 【ほてる】to feel hot, to flush, to burn
過言 【かごん】exaggeration, saying too much
過度 【かど】excess, immoderation
解像度 【かいぞうど】resolution (e.g. display, dpi), granularity (e.g. timer)
解読 【かいどく】deciphering, decoding
皆無 【かいむ】nothing
開演 【かいえん】curtain raising, starting (e.g. play, concert)
外信 【がいしん】external communication
各所 【かくしょ】each place, various places
格安 【かくやす】cheap, reasonable
格段 【かくだん】special, exceptional, remarkable
格付け 【かくづけ】rating, classification, allocation, grading
学識 【がくしき】scholarship, scientific attainments
巻き 【まき】① roll (e.g. of cloth) ② winding ③ volume (of book)
完走 【かんそう】running the race, staying the course
完敗 【かんぱい】complete defeat, utter defeat, annihilation
甘美 【かんび】sweet (e.g. fruit, melody, dream), luscious
簡略 【かんりゃく】simple, simplicity
まぬけstupidity, idiot, dunce, blockhead
含有 【がんゆう】contain, include
寄せ 【よせ】① last moves (in go, shogi, or chess), endgame ② gathering, collecting, coming together
寄港 【きこう】stopping at a port
機長 【きちょう】pilot
機内 【きない】inside a plane
帰省 【きせい】homecoming, returning home
気性 【きしょう】disposition, temperament
祈願 【きがん】prayer
疑わしい 【うたがわしい】doubtful, questionable, uncertain, disputable, suspicious
疑念 【ぎねん】doubt, suspicion, misgivings, scruples
議院 【ぎいん】congress or parliament
議事 【ぎじ】proceedings
議場 【ぎじょう】assembly hall, the House
詰め 【つめ】① stuffing, packing ② end (esp. the foot of a bridge) ③ lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony ④ tea master ⑤ endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively) ⑥ sweet eel sauce ⑦ appointment to a particular workplace ⑧ using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment) ⑨ (after the -masu stem of a verb) continuing, keep doing for period of time
詰め込む 【つめこむ】to cram, to stuff, to jam, to squeeze, to compress, to pack, to crowd
休職 【きゅうしょく】temporary retirement, suspension from office
急務 【きゅうむ】urgent business
給水 【きゅうすい】water supply
給油 【きゅうゆ】supply of oil
漁港 【ぎょこう】fishing harbour, fishing harbor
競売 【きょうばい】auction
強要 【きょうよう】coercion, extortion, compulsion, force
教職員 【きょうしょくいん】teaching staff, faculty
胸中 【きょうちゅう】one's heart, one's mind, one's intentions
胸部 【きょうぶ】chest, breast
極限 【きょくげん】utmost limits, limit
極度 【きょくど】maximum, extreme, utmost, curvature
均一 【きんいつ】uniformity, equality
近況 【きんきょう】recent state, present state, present condition, current status, current circumstances
金貨 【きんか】gold coin
区民 【くみん】ward residents
苦境 【くきょう】trouble, crisis, predicament, squeeze, pinch
空席 【くうせき】vacancy, vacant seat, room
形容 【けいよう】form, figure, qualification, description, modifying, figure of speech
景勝 【けいしょう】picturesque scenery
景品 【けいひん】gift, premium
芸能人 【げいのうじん】performer
見積もる 【みつもる】to estimate
減産 【げんさん】reduction in production
減速 【げんそく】deceleration
減量 【げんりょう】loss in quantity
現物 【げんぶつ】① actual article or goods ② spots (stocks, foreign exchange, commodities, etc.) ③ (in) kind (income, benefit, rent, taxes, investment, etc.)
言説 【げんせつ】remark, statement, discourse
固め 【かため】hardening, defense, defence, fortifying, pledge
互換 【ごかん】transposition, interchangeable, compatible (e.g. PC)
後押し 【あとおし】pushing, backing, boosting, supporting
後続 【こうぞく】succeeding, following, trailing
御用 【ごよう】your order, your business, official business
御礼 【おれい】thanking, expression of gratitude
誤算 【ごさん】miscalculation
光栄 【こうえい】honour, honor, glory, privilege
効用 【こうよう】use, utility, effect, benefit
厚着 【あつぎ】wearing thick clothes
口付け 【くちづけ】kiss
好感 【こうかん】good feeling, good will, favourable impression, favorable impression
好転 【こうてん】changing for the better
工兵 【こうへい】engineer
工法 【こうほう】method of construction
校則 【こうそく】school regulations
構内 【こうない】premises, grounds, campus, in-house
港湾 【こうわん】harbours, harbors
硬式 【こうしき】hardball (tennis, baseball)
航路 【こうろ】course, (sea) route, run
行革 【ぎょうかく】administrative reform
降り注ぐ 【ふりそそぐ】to rain incessantly, to downpour
降参 【こうさん】giving in to, giving up, surrender
高圧 【こうあつ】high voltage, high pressure
高卒 【こうそつ】high school graduate
国技 【こくぎ】national sport (e.g. sumo)
国税 【こくぜい】national tax
国宝 【こくほう】national treasure
腰痛 【ようつう】lower back (or hip) pain, lumbago
混成 【こんせい】mixed (e.g. team, chorus)
混戦 【こんせん】free-for-all fight
最悪 【さいあく】the worst
最短 【さいたん】shortest
最良 【さいりょう】the best, ideal
歳暮 【せいぼ】end of the year, year-end gift
在職 【ざいしょく】being in office
在任 【ざいにん】being in office
在留 【ざいりゅう】stay, remain, reside
罪悪 【ざいあく】crime, sin, vice
刷新 【さっしん】reform, renovation
察し 【さっし】consideration, guess, conjecture, judgment, judgement
察知 【さっち】sense, infer
すり抜ける 【すりぬける】to slip through, to make one's way through quickly
殺到 【さっとう】rush, flood
雑草 【ざっそう】weed
参事官 【さんじかん】councillor, councilor
参拝 【さんぱい】visit to a shrine or temple, paying homage at a shrine or temple
山城 【やましろ】mountain castle
散乱 【さんらん】dispersion, scattering
産卵 【さんらん】egg-laying, spawning
使徒 【しと】apostle, disciple
刺し 【さし】① sharpened tube for testing rice in bags ② sashimi (sliced raw fish)
史実 【しじつ】historical fact
市政 【しせい】municipal government
支え 【ささえ】support, stay, prop
紙袋 【かみぶくろ】paper bag
時限 【じげん】① (school) period ② period or division of time, time limit
時効 【じこう】① statute of limitations, lapse of rights after a period of time, prescription (including acquisitive and extinctive prescription) ② ageing, aging
失点 【しってん】run charged to the pitcher
若さ 【わかさ】youth
種子 【しゅし】seed, pit
酒造 【しゅぞう】sake brewing
受容 【じゅよう】reception
授賞 【じゅしょう】awarding a prize
収束 【しゅうそく】① convergence, tie up ② reaching resolution, firming up (plans, etc.), coming together ③ returning to normal
住職 【じゅうしょく】chief priest (of a Buddhist temple)
祝福 【しゅくふく】blessing
純正 【じゅんせい】genuine, pure, perfect
処女 【しょじょ】virgin, maiden
処方 【しょほう】prescription
初める 【そめる】to begin to
初心 【しょしん】original intention, initial resolution
初代 【しょだい】first generation, founder
初老 【しょろう】middle-aged, aging, ageing, age 40
所在地 【しょざいち】location
助演 【じょえん】co-star
助成 【じょせい】assisting, assistance, fostering, aiding
女児 【じょじ】baby girl, primary schoolgirl
除名 【じょめい】expulsion, excommunication
勝ち抜く 【かちぬく】to win through
将校 【しょうこう】commissioned officer
消失 【しょうしつ】die out, disappear, vanish
賞状 【しょうじょう】honorable certificate, honourable certificate
上越 【じょうえつ】area on Japan Sea side of Japan, including Niigata
上官 【じょうかん】superior officer
上積み 【うわづみ】① deck cargo, upper layer of goods ② extra ③ to pile on top of
上層 【じょうそう】upper stratum (classes, stories, storeys)
乗り越える 【のりこえる】to climb over, to ride across, to surmount
城下町 【じょうかまち】castle town, town around castle
常設 【じょうせつ】standing (a thing, in a place), permanent
常連 【じょうれん】① regular customer, regular patron, frequenter ② constant companion
情景 【じょうけい】spectacle, sight, scene
情報処理 【じょうほうしょり】data processing
情況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
触れ合う 【ふれあう】to come into contact with, to touch (each other), to have a brush with
新鋭 【しんえい】freshly picked, newly produced
神経質 【しんけいしつ】nervousness, (being) highly strung, sensitiveness, neurotic
吹き込む 【ふきこむ】① to blow into, to breathe into ② to inspire, to indoctrinate ③ to record (music, video, etc.)
吹き飛ぶ 【ふきとぶ】① to be blown off, to blow off, to blow away ② to vanish, to disappear
吹っ飛ぶ 【ふっとぶ】to blow off, to be blown off
水害 【すいがい】water damage, flood disaster
水夫 【すいふ】sailor, seaman
性欲 【せいよく】sexual desire
成金 【なりきん】① upstart, nouveau riche, new rich, narikin, coming into wealth suddenly ② (orig. meaning) piece promoted to gold general (in shogi)
政変 【せいへん】coup
静けさ 【しずけさ】stillness, silence, hush, calm, serenity
税務 【ぜいむ】taxation business
積み重ねる 【つみかさねる】to pile up, to accumulate
積み上げる 【つみあげる】to pile up, to make a heap, to lay bricks
接合 【せつごう】① union, joining ② (biological) conjugation
接種 【せっしゅ】inoculation, vaccination
接点 【せってん】① tangent point, point of contact ② contact (electrical, etc.), point of agreement, interaction ③ single-bit IO point
折り畳む 【おりたたむ】to fold up, to fold into layers
先制 【せんせい】preempt, head-start (of several runs) (baseball)
専業 【せんぎょう】special occupation, principal occupation, specialty, monopoly
専任 【せんにん】full-time service
専務 【せんむ】managing director, special duty, conductor
河岸 【かわぎし】① river bank, riverside ② fish market
戦犯 【せんぱん】war criminal
戦略 【せんりゃく】strategy, tactics
戦列 【せんれつ】line of battle
洗面 【せんめん】wash up (one's face), have a wash
洗練 【せんれん】polish, refinement
もぐり込む 【もぐりこむ】to slip into, to crawl into (under), to conceal oneself (under)
全権 【ぜんけん】plenipotentiary powers, full authority
祖国 【そこく】fatherland, native country
争点 【そうてん】point at issue
総理 【そうり】prime minister, leader, overseer (of national affairs), president
増産 【ぞうさん】production increase
増資 【ぞうし】increase of capital
増収 【ぞうしゅう】increase in yield
造語 【ぞうご】coined word
続編 【ぞくへん】continuation, sequel
打倒 【だとう】knockdown (e.g. in boxing), overthrow, defeat
打破 【だは】break-down, defeat, abolish
大笑い 【おおわらい】great laughter, burst of laughter
宅配 【たくはい】home delivery
達人 【たつじん】master, expert
探し出す 【さがしだす】to find out, to smoke out, to ferret out, to chase up
探求 【たんきゅう】quest, pursuit
探査 【たんさ】probe, inquiry, enquiry, investigation
断固 【だんこ】firm, determined, resolute, conclusive
断続 【だんぞく】intermittent
断片 【だんぺん】fragment, crumb, shred, bits and pieces
遅らせる 【おくらせる】to put something off
着任 【ちゃくにん】take up a new post
中将 【ちゅうじょう】lieutenant general, vice-admiral
中性子 【ちゅうせいし】neutron
貯める 【ためる】to save (i.e. in a bank)
貯水 【ちょすい】storage of water
長老 【ちょうろう】eldest, senior
追い払う 【おいはらう】to drive away
痛める 【いためる】to hurt, to injure, to cause pain, to worry, to bother, to afflict, to be grieved over
通達 【つうたつ】notification, directive (e.g. from higher to lower levels of the administration)
停戦 【ていせん】armistice, ceasefire
鉄骨 【てっこつ】steel frame
伝承 【でんしょう】transmission, hand down (information), legend, tradition, folklore
電信 【でんしん】telegraph
渡航 【とこう】voyage
党首 【とうしゅ】party leader
投げ込む 【なげこむ】to throw into
投げ捨てる 【なげすてる】to throw away
投機 【とうき】speculation, venture, stockjobbing, gambling (on stocks)
逃げ込む 【にげこむ】to take refuge in, to succeed in running away
働き掛ける 【はたらきかける】to work on someone, to influence, to appeal to, to begin to work
動議 【どうぎ】a motion
同種 【どうしゅ】same kind (race), homogeneousness
同性愛 【どうせいあい】homosexual love
同窓会 【どうそうかい】graduate's association, alumni meeting, class reunion
突起 【とっき】protuberance
濃厚 【のうこう】density, richness, concentration, tension
薄汚い 【うすぎたない】filthy, dirty (looking), drab
発刊 【はっかん】publish, start (new) publication
判例 【はんれい】(judicial) precedent
非公式 【ひこうしき】informal
不法 【ふほう】lawlessness, injustice, illegality, unlawfulness
付け 【つけ】① fixed ② bill, bill of sale ③ tab (for later payment), credit
付け根 【つけね】root, joint, base, crotch
武術 【ぶじゅつ】the martial arts, Wushu, military arts
舞踊 【ぶよう】dancing, dance
粉 【こ】flour, meal, powder
兵員 【へいいん】military strength, military personnel
兵役 【へいえき】military service, conscription
閉じ込める 【とじこめる】to lock up, to shut up, to imprison
変数 【へんすう】variable (e.g. math), parameter
捕食 【ほしょく】predation, eating prey, preying upon
報復 【ほうふく】retribution, revenge, retorsion
暴落 【ぼうらく】slump, crash, heavy fall, decline
本尊 【ほんぞん】① principal object of worship at a temple (usu. a buddha or bodhisattva), principal image, idol ② the man himself, the person at the heart of the matter
未亡人 【みぼうじん】widow
未明 【みめい】early dawn, grey of morning, gray of morning
民法 【みんぽう】civil law, civil code
無責任 【むせきにん】irresponsibility
木造 【もくぞう】wooden, made of wood
有識者 【ゆうしきしゃ】expert, knowledgeable person
遊説 【ゆうぜい】election tour, election campaign, stumping
夕刻 【ゆうこく】evening, evening hour
幼なじみ 【おさななじみ】childhood friend, friend from infancy, old playmate
絡み付く 【からみつく】to twine oneself around, to coil around
利回り 【りまわり】interest, (investment) yield, profits
紅 【べに】① deep red, crimson ② rouge, lipstick
灯す 【ともす】to light, to turn on
切り札 【きりふだ】trump card
伸び 【のび】① growth, development ② stretching (e.g. body when waking up) ③ spread, elongation, extension, carry (e.g. of sound), sustain
一人暮らし 【ひとりぐらし】a single life, a solitary life, living alone
治験 【ちけん】clinical trial
静まり返る 【しずまりかえる】to fall silent, to become still as death
自党 【じとう】the political party to which one belongs
爆音 【ばくおん】(sound of an) explosion or detonation, roar (of a machine)
新卒 【しんそつ】new (recent) graduate
杯 【はい】① sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages ② counter for cupfuls ③ counter for ships, octopuses and squid
うねりwave motion, undulation, winding, heaving sea, swell, roller
おにぎりrice ball (often triangular, sometimes with a filling and wrapped in nori)
亜鉛 【あえん】zinc (Zn)
あおい① mallow (any plant of family Malvaceae) ② Asarum caulescens (species of wild ginger)
悪影響 【あくえいきょう】bad influence, negative influence
悪態 【あくたい】abusive language
暗黙 【あんもく】tacit, implicit
伊勢丹 【いせたん】Isetan (department store)
威圧 【いあつ】① coercion, overpowering ② to overpower, to overawe, to daunt
威勢 【いせい】power, might, authority
異質 【いしつ】different (quality, nature), heterogeneous
異色 【いしょく】unique, different color, different colour, novelty
異端 【いたん】heresy
遺言 【ゆいごん】will, testament, last request
遺物 【いぶつ】relic, momento
一端 【いったん】① one end, an end ② part, fragment
一派 【いっぱ】school, sect, party
一頻り 【ひとしきり】for a while
逸脱 【いつだつ】deviation, omission, departure
稲作 【いなさく】rice crop
因縁 【いんねん】① hetu and prataya (direct causes and indirect conditions, which underlie the actions of all things) ② fate, destiny ③ connection, origin ④ pretext
引き離す 【ひきはなす】to pull apart, to separate
羽織る 【はおる】to put on
栄誉 【えいよ】honour, honor
詠む 【よむ】① to compose (e.g. a Japanese poem), to write ② to recite (e.g. a poem), to chant
円盤 【えんばん】① disk, discus, platter ② flying saucer
苑 【えん】① garden (esp. man-made), orchard, park, plantation ② place, location
塩素 【えんそ】chlorine (Cl)
往生 【おうじょう】① death, passing to the next life, dying a happy death ② giving up a struggle, submission ③ at wit's end, flummoxed
応接 【おうせつ】reception
恩赦 【おんしゃ】amnesty, pardon
恩人 【おんじん】benefactor, patron
音節 【おんせつ】syllable
下級 【かきゅう】lower grade, low class, junior (officer)
嫁ぐ 【とつぐ】to marry
稼ぎ 【かせぎ】earnings
花弁 【はなびら】(flower) petal
怪談 【かいだん】ghost story
凱旋 【がいせん】triumphal return
外壁 【がいへき】outer wall
街灯 【がいとう】street light
街路 【がいろ】road, street, avenue
確執 【かくしつ】discord, antagonism
隔たり 【へだたり】distance, interval, gap, difference, estrangement
愉しい 【たのしい】enjoyable, fun
株券 【かぶけん】stock certificate
茅 【かや】hay, various gramineous grasses (e.g. eularies), plants used for thatching
喚起 【かんき】arousal, excitation, awakening, evocation
くつろぐto relax, to feel at home
敢行 【かんこう】decisive action
看守 【かんしゅ】jailer, gaoler
管弦楽 【かんげんがく】orchestral music
肝 【きも】① liver, innards ② courage, spirit, pluck, guts
胆 【きも】① liver, innards ② courage, spirit, pluck, guts
貫通 【かんつう】pierce, penetrate, perforate
巌 【いわお】rock, crag
企てる 【くわだてる】to plan, to plot, to propose, to design, to intend, to contemplate, to attempt, to undertake
たくらむto scheme, to plan, to play a trick, to invent, to conspire, to frame up
器量 【きりょう】looks, features, personal beauty
基底 【きてい】base, ground
奇異 【きい】odd, strange, wonderful
奇襲 【きしゅう】surprise attack
寄稿 【きこう】contribution (e.g. to newspaper)
旗艦 【きかん】flagship
機密 【きみつ】secrecy, highly classified information
帰属 【きぞく】belonging to
紀行 【きこう】traveller's journal, traveler's journal
儀礼 【ぎれい】etiquette, courtesy
義父 【ぎふ】father-in-law, foster father, stepfather
却下 【きゃっか】rejection, dismissal
宮中 【きゅうちゅう】imperial court
急逝 【きゅうせい】sudden death
救命 【きゅうめい】lifesaving
挙がる 【あがる】to be listed (as a candidate)
許諾 【きょだく】consent
供養 【くよう】memorial service for the dead, holding a service
共催 【きょうさい】joint sponsorship
共闘 【きょうとう】joint struggle, common (united) front
恐喝 【きょうかつ】threat, blackmail
教義 【きょうぎ】creed, doctrine, dogma
狂気 【きょうき】madness
昂奮 【こうふん】excitement, stimulation, agitation, arousal
仰天 【ぎょうてん】being amazed, being horrified, being taken aback
極秘 【ごくひ】absolute secrecy
筋力 【きんりょく】physical strength, muscle strength
苦慮 【くりょ】rack one's brains
駆け込む 【かけこむ】to rush in (at the last minute), to stampede
駆け抜ける 【かけぬける】to run past from behind, to run through (e.g. gate)
空虚 【くうきょ】emptiness, vacancy
繰り出す 【くりだす】① to draw (a thread), to let out (e.g. a rope) ② to sally forth ③ to send out, to dispatch ④ to lunge, to unleash
繰り上げる 【くりあげる】to move up, to advance
君臨 【くんりん】① reigning, controlling ② to reign, to dictate, to control
軍需 【ぐんじゅ】munitions, military stores
啓発 【けいはつ】enlightenment, development, edification, public awareness, illumination, education, inspiration
恵比須 【えびす】Ebisu (god of fishing and commerce)
系譜 【けいふ】genealogy, pedigree
経緯 【いきさつ】① details, whole story, sequence of events, chronology, particulars, how it started, how things got this way ② complications, position
警護 【けいご】bodyguard, escort
軽視 【けいし】despise, slight, ignore, neglect
迎賓館 【げいひんかん】reception hall
欠如 【けつじょ】lack, privation, deficiency
結社 【けっしゃ】association, society
結末 【けつまつ】end, conclusion
血統 【けっとう】lineage, pedigree, family line, birth
堅調 【けんちょう】bullish, firm (market)
嫌悪 【けんお】disgust, hate, repugnance
憲政 【けんせい】constitutional government
検挙 【けんきょ】arrest, roundup
検診 【けんしん】medical examination
検問 【けんもん】inspection, examination
献上 【けんじょう】presenting to
顕彰 【けんしょう】manifesting, displaying, honouring, honoring
原案 【げんあん】original plan, original bill, motion, draft, draught
原潜 【げんせん】nuclear submarine
厳格 【げんかく】severe, rigid, strictness, rigor, rigour, austerity
幻影 【げんえい】phantom, vision, illusion
源泉 【げんせん】source
古巣 【ふるす】old haunts, former homes
鯉 【こい】common carp, koi carp (Cyprinus carpio)
交響曲 【こうきょうきょく】symphony
侯爵 【こうしゃく】marquis, marquess
公司 【こうし】company, firm (in China)
口径 【こうけい】aperture, bore, calibre, caliber
ひまわりsunflower (Helianthus annuus)
恒久 【こうきゅう】permanent, perpetuity
攻守 【こうしゅ】offense and defense, offence and defence, batting and fielding
攻防 【こうぼう】offense and defense, offence and defence
更迭 【こうてつ】change, shake-up, reshuffle (e.g. of a cabinet), dismissal (e.g. of a minister), exchanging places
甲高い 【かんだかい】high-pitched, shrill
稿 【こう】manuscript, version, draft
絞める 【しめる】to strangle, to constrict
酵素 【こうそ】enzyme
拷問 【ごうもん】torture, the rack, third degree
豪雨 【ごうう】heavy rain, cloudburst, downpour
国益 【こくえき】national interest
国士 【こくし】distinguished citizen, patriot
酷似 【こくじ】resemblance, resemble
困惑 【こんわく】bewilderment, disturbance
懇願 【こんがん】entreaty, supplication, petition
懇親 【こんしん】friendship, intimacy
根幹 【こんかん】basis, nucleus, root and branch
根源 【こんげん】root, source, origin, foundation, base, principle
再審 【さいしん】review, revision, reexamination, retrial
最高裁 【さいこうさい】Supreme Court
最先端 【さいせんたん】① leading edge, forefront ② ultra-fine
祭典 【さいてん】festival
裁量 【さいりょう】admeasure, discretion
崎 【さき】small peninsula
傘下 【さんか】affiliated with, under jurisdiction of, under the umbrella
山賊 【さんぞく】bandit, brigand
惨い 【むごい】cruel, atrocious, merciless, inhuman, brutal
司教 【しきょう】① bishop (Catholic), prelate ② episcopal, potifical
指紋 【しもん】fingerprint
紫外線 【しがいせん】ultra-violet rays
至極 【しごく】very, extremely, exceedingly
至上 【しじょう】supremacy
視界 【しかい】field of vision
詩集 【ししゅう】poetry anthology
試行錯誤 【しこうさくご】trial and error
資金繰り 【しきんぐり】fundraising, financing
執り行う 【とりおこなう】to hold a ceremony
執念 【しゅうねん】tenacity, implacability
執務 【しつむ】performance of one's official duties
疾病 【しっぺい】illness, disease
射殺 【しゃさつ】shooting to death
車軸 【しゃじく】axle
邪 【よこしま】wicked, evil
爵位 【しゃくい】peerage, court rank
釈放 【しゃくほう】release, liberation, acquittal
主軸 【しゅじく】main shaft
手柄 【てがら】achievement, feat, meritorious deed, distinguished service
狩 【かり】hunting
就寝 【しゅうしん】going to bed, retiring
洲 【しゅう】① state, province, county (UK), department (of ancient China) ② continent
修道 【しゅうどう】learning, studying the fine arts
衆院 【しゅういん】lower house of the Diet
充当 【じゅうとう】allocation, appropriation
充満 【じゅうまん】being filled with, teeming with, pregnant with
十字架 【じゅうじか】cross, the Cross (of Christ)
従属 【じゅうぞく】subordination, dependency
渋る 【しぶる】to hesitate, to be reluctant, to have loose painful bowel movement
銃弾 【じゅうだん】bullet (from a rifle)
粛清 【しゅくせい】(political) purge
出典 【しゅってん】source (e.g. quotation), authority
出展 【しゅってん】exhibit, display
巡礼 【じゅんれい】pilgrimage, pilgrim
遵守 【じゅんしゅ】compliance, adherence (to a set of rules), (religious) observance
処遇 【しょぐう】treatment, dealing with
初志 【しょし】original intention
勝訴 【しょうそ】winning a lawsuit
召喚 【しょうかん】summons
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, in addition, greater, further
なおかつbesides, and yet
消息筋 【しょうそくすじ】informed circles
焼却 【しょうきゃく】incineration, destroy by fire
照射 【しょうしゃ】exposure
肖像 【しょうぞう】portrait
障壁 【しょうへき】enclosing wall, barrier
上機嫌 【じょうきげん】good humour (humor), good mood
城壁 【じょうへき】rampart, castle walls
浄土 【じょうど】① Pure Land (esp. the Western Pure Land paradise of Amitabha) ② Pure Land Buddhism
振り回す 【ふりまわす】to wield, to brandish, to flourish, to wave (about), to swing, to display, to show off, to abuse
振り払う 【ふりはらう】to shake off
浸水 【しんすい】flood, inundation
真珠湾 【しんじゅわん】Pearl Harbor
神妙 【しんみょう】meek, faithful, quiet
薪 【たきぎ】① firewood, kindling, fuel ② piece(s) of firewood
身柄 【みがら】one's person
震源 【しんげん】epicentre, epicenter, earthquake centre, earthquake center
人脈 【じんみゃく】personal connections
垂れ 【たれ】① hanging, something hanging (i.e. a flap, lappet, etc.) ② sauce (for dipping, pouring over, etc.) ③ (in kendo) loin guard ④ kanji radical enclosing the top-left corner of a character ⑤ -ass (used after a noun or na-adjective indicating someone's nature), -head
水槽 【すいそう】water tank, cistern, fish tank
衰退 【すいたい】decline, decay
随時 【ずいじ】at any time, as occasion calls
世襲 【せしゅう】heredity, heritage
世俗 【せぞく】common customs, worldliness, vulgar, popular, the world, the common people
性器 【せいき】genital
成し遂げる 【なしとげる】to accomplish, to finish, to fulfill
なる① to become, to get, to grow, to be, to reach, to attain ② to result in, to prove to be ③ to consist of, to be composed of ④ to succeed, to be complete ⑤ to change into, to be exchanged for ⑥ to play a role ⑦ to be promoted (shogi)
整合 【せいごう】adjustment, coordination, integration, conformity
生誕 【せいたん】birth, nativity
生保 【せいほ】life insurance
精製 【せいせい】purification
聖堂 【せいどう】(Confucian) temple, church, sanctuary
声援 【せいえん】encouragement, cheering, support
誠意 【せいい】sincerity, good faith
請願 【せいがん】petition
税理士 【ぜいりし】tax counsellor, tax counselor, licensed tax accountant
積載 【せきさい】lading, loading, carrying
窃盗 【せっとう】theft, stealing, larceny
絶妙 【ぜつみょう】exquisite, superb, perfect, miraculous
千里 【せんり】1000 ri, (a) long distance
潜む 【ひそむ】to lurk, to lie dormant, to be hidden, to be concealed, to be stashed
鮮明 【せんめい】vivid, clear, distinct
前衛 【ぜんえい】① advance guard, vanguard ② avant-garde (e.g. music)
善意 【ぜんい】① virtuous mind ② good intentions, good will ③ positive mindset ④ bona fides (legal good faith)
疎ら 【まばら】sparse
疎開 【そかい】dispersal, evacuation, deployment
租税 【そぜい】taxes, taxation
素振り 【そぶり】behavior, behaviour, manner, attitude, bearing
訴状 【そじょう】petition, complaint, (legal) brief
壮年 【そうねん】prime of life
奏者 【そうしゃ】instrumentalist, player
操業 【そうぎょう】operation
総監 【そうかん】inspector general, commissioner
総評 【そうひょう】① general comment ② Sohyo (General Council of Trade Unions of Japan)
藻 【も】duckweed, seaweed, algae
送還 【そうかん】sending home, repatriation, deportation
送検 【そうけん】sending the person accused to the prosecutor
贈呈 【ぞうてい】presentation (e.g. of a gift, etc.)
多岐 【たき】digression, many divergences
堕落 【だらく】depravity, corruption, degradation
隊長 【たいちょう】commanding officer
代議士 【だいぎし】parliamentarian, member of a congress
大隊 【だいたい】battalion
大麻 【たいま】① hemp, cannabis ② Shinto paper offerings
第一人者 【だいいちにんしゃ】leading person
脱ぎ捨てる 【ぬぎすてる】to fling, to throw off (clothes), to kick off (boots)
脱落 【だつらく】① loss, dropping out, falling by the wayside ② omission, lacuna, gap, hiatus ③ desertion, defection ④ apostasy
嘆息 【たんそく】sigh, grief, deploring
担保 【たんぽ】security, collateral (e.g. mortgage)
端的 【たんてき】frank, direct, plain, straightforward, point-blank
弾ける 【はじける】to burst open, to split open, to pop
弾み 【はずみ】① bounce, spring, rebound ② momentum, inertia ③ spur of the moment, impulse
弾丸 【だんがん】bullet, shot, shell
暖炉 【だんろ】fireplace, hearth, stove
地裁 【ちさい】district court
致死 【ちし】lethal, fatal
中堅 【ちゅうけん】① main body (of troops) ② center field, centre field, center fielder, centre fielder, nucleus, backbone, mainstay
注釈 【ちゅうしゃく】notes, comment, remark, annotation
駐屯 【ちゅうとん】stationing (troops), occupancy
いのししwild boar
彫像 【ちょうぞう】sculpture, carved statue, graven image
懲役 【ちょうえき】penal servitude, imprisonment with hard labor (hard labour)
潮流 【ちょうりゅう】tide, tidal current, trend
聴取 【ちょうしゅ】listening, hearing, audition, radio reception
陳謝 【ちんしゃ】apology
追随 【ついずい】follow
追徴 【ついちょう】supplementary charge
徹す 【とおす】to let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
漬かる 【つかる】to be pickled, to be well seasoned
定評 【ていひょう】established opinion, established reputation, acknowledged authority, recognized scholar
帝 【みかど】① emperor (of Japan), mikado ② (the gates of an) imperial residence
帝京 【ていきょう】the capital
提訴 【ていそ】presenting a case, suing
撤回 【てっかい】withdrawal, revocation, repeal
撤退 【てったい】evacuation, withdrawal, revocation, repeal, retreat
転覆 【てんぷく】① capsizing, overturn, turning over, upset ② overthrow (e.g. a government)
途端に 【とたんに】just as, in the act of
土壇場 【どたんば】① last moment, eleventh hour ② platform made of dirt used to perform executions (decapitations) in the Edo period
凍結 【とうけつ】freeze (e.g. program, food, etc.)
投獄 【とうごく】imprisonment
搭乗 【とうじょう】embarkation, boarding (an aeroplane, airplane)
盗塁 【とうるい】① theft ② base stealing (baseball)
糖 【とう】sugar
透ける 【すける】to be transparent, to show through
陶芸 【とうげい】ceramic art, ceramics
同氏 【どうし】the said person, he, she, same person
洞 【ほら】cave, den, grotto
道筋 【みちすじ】path, route, itinerary
匿名 【とくめい】anonymity, pseudonym
凪 【なぎ】calm, lull
縄文 【じょうもん】Jomon period, straw-rope pattern
入閣 【にゅうかく】joining the cabinet
いかなるany kind of (with neg. verb)
忍ぶ 【しのぶ】① to conceal oneself, to hide ② to endure
排気 【はいき】exhaust, ventilation
培う 【つちかう】to cultivate, to foster
発祥 【はっしょう】origin, appearance of auspicious omen
伴奏 【ばんそう】(musical) accompaniment
藩 【はん】fiefdom, domain (precursor to current prefectures)
批准 【ひじゅん】ratification, ratify
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
飛躍 【ひやく】① leaping, activity ② leapfrog (over a problem), making a leap (e.g. in logic) ③ makng great strides, making rapid progress ④ emerging ⑤ becoming active, playing an active part
不倫 【ふりん】adultery, immorality, impropriety
舞踏 【ぶとう】dancing
分譲 【ぶんじょう】selling (real-estate) lots
弊害 【へいがい】evil practice, evil practise, barrier
保釈 【ほしゃく】bail
とるto take, to catch (fish), to capture
放射線 【ほうしゃせん】radiation
砲撃 【ほうげき】bombarding, shelling, bombardment
北緯 【ほくい】north latitude
没 【ぼつ】① discard ② death ③ rejection (of a manuscript, etc.) ④ lacking, without
密着 【みっちゃく】① glued to, closely related to ② giving total coverage to the key figure(s) of a TV or film documentary
無惨 【むざん】cruelty, atrocity, cold-bloodedness, tragedy, misery
無理矢理 【むりやり】forcibly, against one's will
めったthoughtless, reckless, seldom (neg. verb), careless
めちゃくちゃ① absurd, unreasonable, nonsensical, preposterous, incoherent ② extreme, senseless, reckless, wanton ③ disorder, confusion, mess, wreck
面影 【おもかげ】face, looks, vestiges, trace
猛暑 【もうしょ】heat wave, fierce heat
野郎 【やろう】rascal
有意義 【ゆういぎ】significant, useful, meaningful, worthwhile, valuable, of interest
裕福 【ゆうふく】affluence, prosperity
誘拐 【ゆうかい】abduction, kidnapping, kidnaping
容姿 【ようし】appearance, one's face and figure
揺れ 【ゆれ】vibration, flickering, jolting, tremor
藍 【あい】indigo
利率 【りりつ】interest rate
立憲 【りっけん】constitutionalism
略称 【りゃくしょう】abbreviation
猟 【りょう】hunting, game
萩原 【はぎはら】reedy field
拍子 【ひょうし】① (musical) time, tempo, beat, rhythm ② the moment, the instance, chance
分泌 【ぶんぴつ】secretion
隣国 【りんごく】neighbouring country, neighboring country, neighbouring state, neighboring state
下請け 【したうけ】subcontract
称賛 【しょうさん】praise, admiration, commendation, approbation
闘い 【たたかい】battle, fight, struggle, conflict
強豪 【きょうごう】veteran, champion
何故か 【なぜか】somehow, for some reason, without knowing why
錠 【じょう】① lock, padlock ② tablet, lozenge, pill
静養 【せいよう】(convalescent) rest
東証 【とうしょう】Tokyo Stock Exchange
さておくto set aside
ぞろぞろin groups, in succession
とてつもないextravagant, absurd, unbelievable, preposterous, unreasonable
ガンガンsound of large bell, sound of scolding voice, (pounding of) headache, intense
ドス① dagger (esp. in yakuza slang) ② disk operating system, DOS
ドラッグ① drag ② drug (esp. illegal) ③ to drag ④ to highlight (e.g. by click-dragging a cursor over text)
ピース① peace ② peas ③ piece
阿諛 【あゆ】flattery
隠蔽 【いんぺい】concealment, suppression, hiding
焔 【ほのお】flame, blaze
苛立つ 【いらだつ】to be irritated
灰燼 【かいじん】ash, embers, complete destruction
蟹 【かに】crab
骸骨 【がいこつ】skeleton
柿 【かき】kaki, Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki)
葛藤 【かっとう】conflict, complication, troubles, discord
兜 【かぶと】helmet (of armor, armour), headpiece
噛み締める 【かみしめる】① to chew thoroughly ② to reflect upon, to digest
瓦礫 【がれき】rubble
ひるむto falter, to flinch (from), to recoil (from), to quail (at)
金儲け 【かねもうけ】money-making
串 【くし】spit, skewer
窪む 【くぼむ】to cave in, to become depressed, to sink
些細 【ささい】trivial, slight
挫折 【ざせつ】frustration, setback, discouragement
祭祀 【さいし】ritual, religious service, festival
鮫 【さめ】shark
三菱 【みつびし】Mitsubishi (company)
姐 【あね】older sister, elder sister
獅子 【しし】① lion ② left-hand guardian dog at a Shinto shrine
車椅子 【くるまいす】wheelchair, folding push-chair
灼熱 【しゃくねつ】red hot, scorching heat, incandescence
釈迦 【しゃか】the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama, 563 BCE-483 BCE), Shakyamuni, Sakyamuni
呪い 【のろい】curse, spell, malediction
終焉 【しゅうえん】demise
真摯 【しんし】sincerity, earnestness
頗る 【すこぶる】extremely, very much
脊椎 【せきつい】spine, vertebral column
接吻 【せっぷん】kiss, kissing
煽り 【あおり】① gust (of wind) ② influence ③ instigating ④ tailgating ⑤ low angle (photo or drawing)
詮索 【せんさく】inquiry into, enquiry into, prying (into), investigation, search, exploration
閃く 【ひらめく】① to flash (lightning, etc.), to flicker (lights), to glitter ② to wave, to undulate ③ to hit on a good idea, to occur to someone
対峙 【たいじ】confronting, holding your own with
苔 【こけ】① moss ② short plants resembling moss (inc. other bryophytes, lichens, very small spermatophytes, etc.)
痴呆 【ちほう】dementia
長椅子 【ながいす】couch, bench, ottoman
馴染む 【なじむ】to become familiar with, to fit in, to adapt oneself, to get used to, to grow accustomed to
賑わい 【にぎわい】prosperity, bustle, activity, crowd, turnout
牌 【ぱい】tile (mah-jongg)
儕 【ともがら】comrade, fellow
兵站 【へいたん】supply train, communications
呆気 【あっけ】taken aback, dumbfounded
呆気ない 【あっけない】not enough, too quick (short, long, etc.)
勃発 【ぼっぱつ】outbreak (e.g. war), outburst, sudden occurrence
鱗 【うろこ】① scale (of fish) ② serif (on kana or kanji (e.g. in Mincho font))
狼 【おおかみ】wolf (carnivore, Canis lupus)
瞑想 【めいそう】meditation, contemplation
きりん① giraffe ② qilin (Chinese unicorn) ③ Kirin (brand of beer)
歪める 【いがめる】to bend, to curve, to warp, to distort
梃子 【てこ】lever
誰何 【すいか】challenging (an unknown person), asking a person's identity
かわすto dodge, to evade, to avoid, to sidestep