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WaniKani Omitted Kanji 5

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Omitted Kanji 5



29 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2016-06-26 02:04:26
コウoutskirts, suburbs, rural area
あぶら, シfat, grease, tallow, lard, rosin, gum, tar
すみ, グウcorner, nook
に, タンrust-colored, red, red lead, pills
トンbarracks, police station, camp
か.つ, ショウ, ソ, ショmoreover, also, furthermore
ただ.し, タンhowever, but
ヒョウ, ハクclap, beat (music)
つねに, つね, コウconstancy, always
おごそ.か, ほうき, チャン, ショウ, ソウvilla, inn, cottage, feudal manor
うら, ホbay, creek, inlet, gulf, beach, seacoast
おとしい.れる, おちい.る, カンcollapse, fall into, cave in, fall (castle), slide into
サイsuperintend, manager, rule
シャpardon, forgiveness
あら-, あら.い, ソcoarse, rough, rugged
さと.る, あかつき, キョウ, ギョウdaybreak, dawn, in the event
ゾクburglar, rebel, traitor, robber
わか.つ, ハンdistribute, disseminate, partition, understand
ブ, フlevy, ode, prose, poem, tribute, installment
ふ.く, フンerupt, spout, emit, flush out
う.き, う.い, うれ.い, うれ.える, ユウmelancholy, grieve, lament, be anxious, sad, unhappy
ぬき, よこいと, イhorizontal, woof, left & right, latitude
くさび, カツcontrol, wedge
きぬ, まゆ, ケンcocoon
インrhyme, elegance, tone
あと, コンmark, foot print
つばき, つば, タ, ダsaliva, sputum
ぬかずく, とみ.に, つまず.く, とん.と, にわか.に, トツ, トンsuddenly, immediately, in a hurry
こ.む, こも.る, こ.める, かご, ル, ロウbasket, devote oneself, seclude oneself, cage, coop, implied