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WaniKani Kanji Level 46

Author (public: access, edit)

Wanikani Kanji Level 46



37 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2015-06-30 00:47:41
まことに, ひや.す, うす.い, すず.やか, すず.む, すず.しい, リョウrefreshing, nice and cool
なまく.ら, なま.る, にぶ-, にぶ.る, にぶ.い, ドンdull, slow, foolish, blunt
よわい, とせ, とし, セイ, サイyear-end, age, occasion, opportunity
こぼ.れる, こぼ.す, ぜろ, レイzero, spill, overflow, nothing, cipher
綿わた, メンcotton
あな, コウcavity, hole, slit, very, great, exceedingly
ホウ, ソウ, ソ, ショウlevel
あ-, わが-, われ, ゴI, my, our, one's own
はば.む, ソthwart, separate from, prevent, obstruct, deter, impede
あわ, ホウbubbles, foam, suds, froth
か.かる, か.ける, カerect, frame, mount, support, shelf, construct
みかど, テイsovereign, the emperor, god, creator
ボンbasin, lantern festival, tray
しろ.い, くら.い, かす.か, ふか.い, ヨウ, ユウseclude, confine to a room, deep, profound, secluded, faint, dark, tranquil, calm
tariff, crop tax, borrowing
たわら, ヒョウbag, bale, sack, counter for bags
むな-, むね, トウridgepole, ridge
さる, エンmonkey
ほこ.る, コboast, be proud, pride, triumphantly
あつ.める, はと, ク, キュウpigeon, dove
むし.ろ, ネイrather, preferably
すみ, ボクblack ink, India ink, ink stick, Mexico
ほ, スイear, ear (grain), head, crest (wave)
もだ.す, だま.る, ボク, モクsilence, become silent, stop speaking, leave as is
リョウdormitory, hostel, villa, tea pavillion
おだ.やか, オンcalm, quiet, moderation
ね.る, レンtempering, refine, drill, train, polish
きた.える, タンforge, discipline, train
ひとみ, トウ, ドウpupil
まじろ.ぐ, またた.く, シュンwink, blink, twinkle
くせ.に, くせ, ヘキmannerism, habit, vice, trait, fault, kink
witch, demon, evil spirit
き.る, ゼン, セン, サン, ザンbeheading, kill, murder
かぎ, ケンkey