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Genki 17 Kanji Vocabulary


58 entriesCreated by Josh . — Last modified: 2015-05-14 12:40:45
漢字 【かんじ】Chinese characters, kanji
ご主人 【ごしゅじん】your husband, her husband
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
習う 【ならう】to learn
歩く 【あるく】to walk
野菜 【やさい】vegetable
練習 【れんしゅう】practice, practise
結婚 【けっこん】marriage
二十歳 【はたち】20 years old
集める 【あつめる】to collect, to assemble, to gather
出発 【しゅっぱつ】departure
発音 【はつおん】pronunciation
品物 【しなもの】goods, article, thing
写す 【うつす】① to transcribe, to duplicate, to reproduce, to imitate, to trace ② to describe ③ to film, to picture, to photograph
真ん中 【まんなか】middle, centre, center, mid-way
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
表 【おもて】① surface ② face (i.e. the visible side of an object) ③ front (of a building, etc.), obverse side (i.e. "head") of a coin ④ outside, exterior ⑤ appearance ⑥ public ⑦ first half (of an innings), top (of an inning) ⑧ cover (for tatami mats, etc.) ⑨ foreground
習慣 【しゅうかん】custom, habit, manners
作品 【さくひん】work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus, performance, production
主に 【おもに】mainly, primarily
手品 【てじな】sleight of hand, conjuring trick, magic, juggling
文字 【もじ】① letter (of alphabet), character ② literal
歩道 【ほどう】footpath, walkway, sidewalk
野 【の】① plain, field ② hidden (structural) member ③ wild ④ lacking a political post
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
集中 【しゅうちゅう】concentration, convergence, centralization, integration, gathering together
進歩 【しんぽ】progress, development
発表 【はっぴょう】announcement, publication
発明 【はつめい】invention
野球 【やきゅう】baseball
表す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
散歩 【さんぽ】walk, stroll
主婦 【しゅふ】housewife, mistress (of the house), homemaker
表現 【ひょうげん】① expression, presentation ② representation, notation
結ぶ 【むすぶ】① to tie, to bind, to link ② to bear (fruit)
結果 【けっか】① result, consequence, outcome, effect ② coming to fruition, bearing fruit
結論 【けつろん】conclusion
離婚 【りこん】divorce
写生 【しゃせい】sketching, drawing from nature, portrayal, description
習字 【しゅうじ】penmanship
上品 【じょうひん】elegant, refined, polished
名字 【みょうじ】surname, family name
主語 【しゅご】subject
表紙 【ひょうし】front cover, binding
活発 【かっぱつ】vigor, vigour, active, lively
新婚 【しんこん】newly-wed
真上 【まうえ】just above, right overhead
赤字 【あかじ】① deficit, (being in or going into) the red ② red text, red letters
特集 【とくしゅう】feature (e.g. newspaper), special edition, report
描写 【びょうしゃ】depiction, description, portrayal
未婚 【みこん】unmarried
真夜中 【まよなか】dead of night, midnight
大文字 【おおもじ】① upper case letters, large characters, capital letter ② the (kanji) character "dai" meaning "big" ③ huge character "dai" formed by fires lit on the side of a mountain in Kyoto on 16 Aug each year
持ち主 【もちぬし】owner, proprietor
長野県 【ながのけん】Nagano prefecture (Chuubu area)
お歳暮 【おせいぼ】end of the year, year-end gift
婚約者 【こんやくしゃ】fiance, fiancee