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Genki 18 Kanji Vocabulary

Kanji Vocabulary from Genki Lesson 18.


58 entriesCreated by Josh . — Last modified: 2015-05-14 19:05:55
目 【め】① eye, eyeball ② eyesight ③ look ④ experience ⑤ viewpoint ⑥ ordinal number suffix ⑦ somewhat, -ish
映画 【えいが】movie, film
食堂 【しょくどう】① dining room, dining hall, cafeteria, messroom ② restaurant, eatery, snack bar, diner
図書館 【としょかん】library
貸す 【かす】① to lend, to loan ② to rent out, to hire out
大使館 【たいしかん】embassy
地図 【ちず】map
服 【ふく】① clothes (esp. Western clothes) ② counter for doses of medicine, gulps of tea, drags of a cigarette, etc.
問題 【もんだい】problem, question
洋服 【ようふく】Western-style clothes (cf traditional Japanese clothes)
終わる 【おわる】to finish, to end, to close
宿題 【しゅくだい】homework
授業 【じゅぎょう】lesson, class work
試験 【しけん】examination, test, study, trial, experiment
試合 【しあい】match, game, bout, contest
社会 【しゃかい】society, public
旅館 【りょかん】Japanese hotel, inn, ryokan
下宿 【げしゅく】boarding, lodging, boarding house
経験 【けいけん】experience
産業 【さんぎょう】industry
図 【ず】figure (e.g. Fig 1), drawing, picture, illustration
題 【だい】① title, subject, theme, topic ② problem (on a test), question ③ counter for questions (on a test)
話題 【わだい】topic, subject
合図 【あいず】sign, signal
実験 【じっけん】experiment
宿 【やど】inn, lodging
的 【てき】-like, typical
番目 【ばんめ】cardinal number suffix
目的 【もくてき】purpose, goal, aim, objective, intention
協力 【きょうりょく】cooperation, collaboration
現代 【げんだい】nowadays, modern era, modern times, present-day
最終 【さいしゅう】last, final, closing
宿泊 【しゅくはく】lodging
職業 【しょくぎょう】occupation, business
努力 【どりょく】great effort, exertion, endeavour, endeavor, effort
教授 【きょうじゅ】① professor ② teaching, instruction
東洋 【とうよう】Orient
目上 【めうえ】superior, superiors, senior
貸し出し 【かしだし】lending, loaning
館 【かん】house, hall, building
業 【ぎょう】① work, business ② study
受験 【じゅけん】taking an examination
終点 【しゅうてん】terminus, last stop (e.g. train)
和服 【わふく】Japanese clothes
試みる 【こころみる】to try, to test
制服 【せいふく】uniform
堂々 【どうどう】① magnificent, grand, impressive, dignified, majestic, imposing, stately ② fair, square, open ③ grandly, boldly, confidently ④ fairly, squarely ⑤ unreservedly, without apology, without hesitation
図る 【はかる】① to plot, to attempt, to plan, to devise, to design ② to take in, to deceive ③ to aim for, to have something in mind ④ to refer A to B
サービス① service, support system ② goods or services without charge
公会堂 【こうかいどう】town hall, public hall
大西洋 【たいせいよう】Atlantic Ocean
入試 【にゅうし】entrance examination
洋食 【ようしょく】Western-style meal
力仕事 【ちからしごと】physical work, manual labour (labor)
目薬 【めぐすり】eye drops, eyewash
授かる 【さずかる】① to be awarded (e.g. a prize), to be given an award, to receive (e.g. a title) ② to be gifted or endowed (e.g. with a talent) ③ to be blessed (e.g. with a child) ④ to be initiated (e.g. into a secret)
賃貸 【ちんたい】lease, rent, hire
力士 【りきし】① sumo wrestler, rikishi ② strong man