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WaniKani Kanji Level 49

Author (public: access, edit)

WaniKani Level 49



33 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2015-06-30 00:47:41
か.る, カイ, ガイreap, cut, clip, trim, prune
あま, ニnun
きさき, ヒqueen, princess
おと.る, レツinferiority, be inferior to, be worse
かか.わる, コウarrest, seize, concerned, adhere to, despite
セイsubjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes
ひら.く, タクclear (the land), open, break up (land)
ひき-, チュウpluck, pull, extract, excel
ゾクvulgar, customs, manners, worldliness, mundane things
くわ, ソウmulberry
さと.る, ゴenlightenment, perceive, discern, realize, understand
ゴウsturdy, strength
たま, シュpearl, gem, jewel
ひた.る, ひた.す, シンimmersed, soak, dip, steep, moisten, wet, dunk
おとろ.える, スイdecline, wane, weaken
ヘイhighness, steps (of throne)
カンintuition, perception
あわ.い, タンthin, faint, pale, fleeting
トウpottery, porcelain
ただ, イ, ユイsolely, only, merely, simply
むらさき, シpurple, violet
に.やす, に.える, -に, に.る, シャboil, cook
へだ.たる, へだ.てる, カクisolate, alternate, distance, separate, gulf
すす.める, ソウ, ショウexhort, urge, encourage
おうむ.ね, ガイoutline, condition, approximation, generally
ちか.う, セイvow, swear, pledge
こま, クpony, horse, colt
うる.む, うるお.す, うるお.う, ジュンwet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep
タン, ダンpodium, stage, rostrum, terrace
はかりごと, たばか.る, はか.る, ム, ボウconspire, cheat, impose on, plan, devise, scheme, have in mind, deceive
いしずえ, ソcornerstone, foundation stone
くつがえ.る, くつがえ.す, おお.う, フクcapsize, cover, shade, mantle, be ruined
つる, カクcrane, stork