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Genki ch 23 vocabulary

Vocabulary words from Genki lesson 23


73 entriesCreated by Josh . — Last modified: 2015-06-19 10:34:59
そう① so, really, seeming ② (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that, seeming that, looking like, having the appearance of
そんなsuch (about the actions of the listener, or about ideas expressed or understood by the listener), like that, that sort of
雨 【あめ】rain
元気 【げんき】health(y), robust, vigor, vigour, energy, vitality, vim, stamina, spirit, courage, pep
体 【からだ】① body ② health
答える 【こたえる】to answer, to reply
横 【よこ】① horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down ② side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth ③ side (of a box, etc.) ④ beside, aside, next to ⑤ unconnected
お腹 【おなか】stomach
違う 【ちがう】① to differ (from), to vary ② to not be in the usual condition ③ to not match the correct (answer, etc.) ④ to be different from promised
靴下 【くつした】socks, sock, stockings, stocking
まずい① unappetising, unappetizing, unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation) ② unskillful, unskilful, bungling, clumsy ③ ugly, homely, plain, unattractive ④ awkward, untimely, inopportune, unfavorable, unwise
そろそろ① gradually, steadily, quietly, slowly ② soon, momentarily, before long, any time now
止む 【やむ】to cease, to stop, to be over
社会 【しゃかい】society, public
気持ち 【きもち】feeling, sensation, mood
受ける 【うける】① to receive, to accept, to get, to inherit ② to catch (e.g. a ball), to parry (e.g. a blow), to take (lesson, test, damage), to sustain (damage), to incur (loss) ③ to become popular, to be well-received, to go down well
場所 【ばしょ】① place, location, spot, position ② room, space ③ basho (sumo wrestling tournament)
無くなる 【なくなる】to disappear, to get lost
簡単 【かんたん】simple
最後 【さいご】① last, end, conclusion ② (after -tara form or -ta form followed by "ga") no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences)
最初 【さいしょ】beginning, outset, first, onset
比べる 【くらべる】① to compare, to make a comparison ② to compete, to vie
踊り 【おどり】dance
壊す 【こわす】① to break, to destroy, to demolish ② to wreck, to ruin, to spoil, to damage ③ to break (a bill, etc.)
がっかりfeel disappointed, dejected, lose heart, feel emotionally drained, feel let down
気に入る 【きにいる】to be pleased with, to suit
人間 【にんげん】① human being, man, person ② character (of a person)
夕食 【ゆうしょく】evening meal, dinner
思い出 【おもいで】memories, recollections, reminiscence
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
全員 【ぜんいん】all members (unanimity), all hands, the whole crew, everyone, everybody
表情 【ひょうじょう】facial expression
理想 【りそう】ideal, dream
表す 【あらわす】① to reveal, to show, to display ② to express ③ to represent, to signify, to stand for ④ to make widely known
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
面接 【めんせつ】interview
優勝 【ゆうしょう】overall victory, championship
我慢 【がまん】patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance, self-control, self-denial
結果 【けっか】① result, consequence, outcome, effect ② coming to fruition, bearing fruit
冗談 【じょうだん】jest, joke
離れる 【はなれる】to be separated from, to leave, to go away, to be a long way off
物凄い 【ものすごい】earth-shattering, staggering, to a very great extent, terrible, frightful, horrible
いやno, nay, well
小学生 【しょうがくせい】elementary school student, primary school student, grade school student
お世話になる 【おせわになる】to receive favor (favour), to be much obliged to someone, to be indebted, to be grateful
留守番 【るすばん】① care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching ② caretaker, house-sitter
換える 【かえる】① to replace ② to exchange, to interchange ③ to substitute
縦 【たて】① the vertical, height ② front-to-back, length
別荘 【べっそう】holiday house, villa
盆 【ぼん】① O-Bon, Bon Festival, Lantern Festival, Festival of the Dead ② tray ③ family, household
只 【ただ】free of charge
答 【こたえ】response, reply, answer, solution
選挙 【せんきょ】election
同情 【どうじょう】sympathy, compassion, sympathize, sympathise, pity, feel for
ソフト① soft ② soft hat ③ software
タイヤtire, tyre
マーク① mark ② markup ③ Mach (OS kernel)
いなくなるto disappear, to stop being, to leave
パンク① puncture, flat tyre (tire), bursting ② punk
同じよう 【おなじよう】similar
悪口 【わるぐち】abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking
海外旅行 【かいがいりょこう】vacation abroad
世話をする 【せわをする】to take care of
のように① like, similar to ② as with, in the same way
万才 【ばんざい】① crying "banzai" (or raising one's hands in the banzai gesture) ② something worthy of celebration ③ giving up ④ banzai (a celebratory cheer), hurrah (hooray, hurray)
によってaccording to, by (means of), due to, because of
国際電話 【こくさいでんわ】international phone call
戻って来る 【もどってくる】to come back
浮かぬ顔をする 【うかぬかおをする】to look disheartened
授業料 【じゅぎょうりょう】tuition fee, course fee
渋い顔をする 【しぶいかおをする】to frown (on), to be grim-faced, to look sullen
ほとんどmostly, almost