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Genki 23 Kanji Vocabulary

Kanji vocabulary from Genki 23


61 entriesCreated by Josh . — Last modified: 2015-06-19 12:22:23
顔 【かお】face (person)
答える 【こたえる】to answer, to reply
横 【よこ】① horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down ② side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth ③ side (of a box, etc.) ④ beside, aside, next to ⑤ unconnected
違う 【ちがう】① to differ (from), to vary ② to not be in the usual condition ③ to not match the correct (answer, etc.) ④ to be different from promised
果物 【くだもの】fruit
大変 【たいへん】① very, greatly ② immense, enormous, great ③ serious, grave, dreadful, terrible ④ difficult, hard
答え 【こたえ】response, reply, answer, solution
相談 【そうだん】consultation, discussion
調べる 【しらべる】to examine, to investigate, to check up, to sense, to study, to inquire, to search
悲しい 【かなしい】sad, sorrowful
文化 【ぶんか】① culture, civilization, civilisation ② Bunka era (1804.2.11-1818.4.22)
間違える 【まちがえる】① to make a mistake (in), to commit an error (e.g. in calculation) ② to confuse, to mistake something for something else
怒る 【おこる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
比べる 【くらべる】① to compare, to make a comparison ② to compete, to vie
変 【へん】① strange, odd, peculiar, weird, curious, queer, eccentric, funny, suspicious, fishy ② unexpected ③ change ④ incident, disturbance, disaster, accident ⑤ flat (music)
変える 【かえる】to change, to alter, to vary, to convert, to revise, to amend, to transform
横断 【おうだん】① crossing ② transverse
化学 【かがく】① chemistry ② chemical company (e.g. Acme Chemical Co.)
感じる 【かんじる】to feel, to sense, to experience
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
感動 【かんどう】being deeply moved emotionally, excitement, passion, deep emotion, impression
強調 【きょうちょう】emphasis, highlight, stress, stressed point
首相 【しゅしょう】Prime Minister, Chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), Premier
相手 【あいて】① companion, partner, company ② other party, addressee ③ opponent (sports, etc.)
調子 【ちょうし】① tune, tone, key, pitch, time, rhythm ② vein, mood, way, manner, style, knack ③ condition, state of health ④ impetus, spur of the moment, strain ⑤ trend
悲しむ 【かなしむ】to be sad, to mourn for, to regret
表情 【ひょうじょう】facial expression
友情 【ゆうじょう】friendship, fellowship, camaraderie
違反 【いはん】violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
笑顔 【えがお】smiling face, smile
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
悲劇 【ひげき】tragedy, disaster
変化 【へんか】① change, variation, alteration, mutation, transition, transformation, transfiguration, metamorphosis ② variety, diversity ③ inflection, declension, conjugation ④ sidestepping (sumo)
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
結果 【けっか】① result, consequence, outcome, effect ② coming to fruition, bearing fruit
検査 【けんさ】inspection (e.g. customs, factory), examination, scan (e.g. MRI, PET, etc.)
答案 【とうあん】examination paper, examination script
比較 【ひかく】comparison
化粧 【けしょう】make-up, cosmetics
回答 【かいとう】reply, answer
同化 【どうか】① assimilation, absorption ② anabolism ③ adaptation
相互 【そうご】mutual, reciprocal
怒り 【いかり】anger, hatred, rage, wrath
横綱 【よこづな】yokozuna (sumo grand champion)
情け 【なさけ】① pity, sympathy, compassion ② affection
審査 【しんさ】judging, inspection, examination, investigation
捜査 【そうさ】search (esp. in criminal investigations), investigation, inquiry, enquiry
対比 【たいひ】contrast, comparison
悲惨 【ひさん】disastrous, tragic, miserable, wretched, pitiful
比例 【ひれい】proportion
お化け 【おばけ】goblin, apparition, monster, ghost
顔色 【かおいろ】complexion, countenance, expression
違法 【いほう】illegal, illegality, invalid, unlawfulness
使い果たす 【つかいはたす】to use up, to squander
洗顔 【せんがん】face-washing
変人 【へんじん】eccentric, crank, oddball
果汁 【かじゅう】fruit juice
喜怒哀楽 【きどあいらく】human emotions (joy, anger, pathos, and humor) (humour)
比喩的 【ひゆてき】figurative