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N3 Week 2 Vocab

Vocab words for N3 Week 2


157 entriesCreated by Josh . — Last modified: 2015-08-16 22:35:40
電車 【でんしゃ】(electric) train
電話 【でんわ】telephone
手紙 【てがみ】letter
旅行 【りょこう】travel, trip
黄色い 【きいろい】yellow
曲がる 【まがる】① to bend, to curve, to warp, to wind, to twist ② to turn ③ to be awry, to be askew, to be crooked
取る 【とる】① to take, to pick up, to harvest, to earn, to choose ② to steal ③ to eat, to have (a meal) ④ to remove (one's glasses, etc.)
番号 【ばんごう】number, series of digits
再来年 【さらいねん】year after next
切符 【きっぷ】ticket
交差点 【こうさてん】crossing, intersection
運転 【うんてん】operation, motion, driving
急行 【きゅうこう】① moving at high speed ② express (e.g. train that bypasses many stations)
通る 【とおる】to pass (by), to go through, to walk along, to pass exams, to attend (e.g. school)
引き出す 【ひきだす】to pull out, to take out, to draw out, to withdraw
代 【だい】① charge, cost, price ② generation, age, reign ③ (geological) era ④ (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone) ⑤ used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number ⑥ counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. ⑦ counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.) ⑧ proxy application company
線 【せん】line (also telephone, railway), wire, beam
調べる 【しらべる】to examine, to investigate, to check up, to sense, to study, to inquire, to search
予定 【よてい】plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
払う 【はらう】① to pay ② to brush, to wipe
乗り換える 【のりかえる】to transfer (trains), to change (bus, train)
揺れる 【ゆれる】to shake, to sway
先日 【せんじつ】the other day, a few days ago
行き 【いき】① bound for ... ② going (to)
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
海外 【かいがい】foreign, abroad, overseas
空っぽ 【からっぽ】empty, vacant, hollow
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
代金 【だいきん】price, payment, cost, charge, the money, the bill
特急 【とっきゅう】① limited express (train, faster than an express) ② great hurry
料金 【りょうきん】fee, charge, fare
横切る 【よこぎる】to cross (e.g. road), to traverse
横断 【おうだん】① crossing ② transverse
記入 【きにゅう】entry, filling in of forms
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
道路 【どうろ】road, highway
不自由 【ふじゆう】① discomfort, inconvenience ② poverty, want, destitution ③ disability, impairment (physical, mental, etc.)
列車 【れっしゃ】train (ordinary)
乗せる 【のせる】① to give (someone) a ride, to give a lift, to pick up, to help on board ② to deceive, to take for a ride
違反 【いはん】violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
詰める 【つめる】① to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up ② to shorten (length or distance), to move over, to make room (for someone) ③ to work out (details)
給料 【きゅうりょう】salary, wages
混雑 【こんざつ】confusion, congestion
座席 【ざせき】seat
支店 【してん】branch store (office)
時刻 【じこく】instant, time, moment
宿泊 【しゅくはく】lodging
信号 【しんごう】traffic lights, signal, semaphore
積む 【つむ】to pile up, to stack, to load (car, ship, etc.), to pack
貯金 【ちょきん】(bank) savings
通過 【つうか】passage through, transit, passing
停留所 【ていりゅうじょ】bus or tram stop
変更 【へんこう】change, modification, alteration, revision, amendment
捕まる 【つかまる】① to be caught, to be arrested ② to hold on to, to grasp ③ to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi) ④ to be detained by
預ける 【あずける】① to give into custody, to leave (a child) in the care of, to entrust, to deposit ② to lean on, to put one's weight on
老人 【ろうじん】the aged, old person
越える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
小包 【こづつみ】parcel, package
遠慮 【えんりょ】diffidence, restraint, reserve, discretion, tact, thoughtfulness
家賃 【やちん】rent
休暇 【きゅうか】holiday, day off, furlough, absence (from work)
渋滞 【じゅうたい】congestion (e.g. traffic), delay, stagnation
譲る 【ゆずる】to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender
無視 【むし】disregard, ignore
免許 【めんきょ】license, permit, licence, certificate
下車 【げしゃ】alighting (from train, bus, etc.), getting off
下ろす 【おろす】① to take down (e.g. flag), to launch (e.g. boat), to drop, to lower (e.g. ladder), to let (a person) off, to unload, to discharge ② to drop off (a passenger from a vehicle), to let (a person) off ③ to withdraw money from an account ④ to wear (clothing) for the first time ⑤ to fillet (e.g. a fish)
日にち 【ひにち】the number of days, date
元日 【がんじつ】New Year's Day
送料 【そうりょう】postage, carriage
日帰り 【ひがえり】day trip
売店 【ばいてん】shop, stand
回り道 【まわりみち】detour, diversion
祭日 【さいじつ】national holiday, festival day
時速 【じそく】speed (per hour)
終点 【しゅうてん】terminus, last stop (e.g. train)
乗車 【じょうしゃ】taking a train, bus, etc., entraining
線路 【せんろ】line, track, roadbed
通勤 【つうきん】commuting to work
通行 【つうこう】passage, passing
定期 【ていき】① fixed term ② fixed-term commutation pass ③ fixed-term deposit
平日 【へいじつ】① weekday, ordinary days (i.e. non-holiday) ② kanji radical 73
満員 【まんいん】full house, no vacancy, sold out, standing room only, full (of people), crowded
回数券 【かいすうけん】book of tickets
月末 【げつまつ】end of the month
公共 【こうきょう】public, community, public service, society, communal
再来月 【さらいげつ】month after next
祝日 【しゅくじつ】national holiday
乗り越す 【のりこす】① to ride past (one's station), to pass ② to outdistance
速達 【そくたつ】express, special delivery
追い越す 【おいこす】to pass (e.g. car), to outdistance, to outstrip
停車 【ていしゃ】stopping (e.g. train)
突き当たる 【つきあたる】to run into, to collide with
日程 【にってい】schedule, program, programme, agenda
拝見 【はいけん】seeing, look at
払い戻す 【はらいもどす】to repay, to pay back
片道 【かたみち】one-way (trip)
年寄り 【としより】① old people, the aged ② sumo coaches
乗り換え 【のりかえ】transfer (trains, buses, etc.)
往復 【おうふく】round trip, coming and going, return ticket
斜め 【ななめ】① slanting, tilted, sloping, diagonal, oblique ② unusual, slanted (view of the world), bad (mood)
車掌 【しゃしょう】(train) conductor
初旬 【しょじゅん】first 10 days of the month
上旬 【じょうじゅん】first 10 days of month
新幹線 【しんかんせん】bullet train (very high speed), Shinkansen
中旬 【ちゅうじゅん】middle of a month, second third of a month
調整 【ちょうせい】regulation, coordination, adjustment, tuning, modification, alteration
通帳 【つうちょう】passbook, bankbook
宛名 【あてな】(addressee's) name, (recipient's) name and address
私鉄 【してつ】private railway
運賃 【うんちん】freight rates, shipping expenses, fare
遠回り 【とおまわり】detour, roundabout way
携帯 【けいたい】something carried (in the hand), handheld
控える 【ひかえる】① to be temperate in, to restrain oneself from excessive ... ② to make notes ③ to hold back ④ to be in preparation for, to be in waiting for ⑤ to be soon, to be in the offing ⑥ to be in a close relationship (e.g. as a backer, etc.)
始発 【しはつ】first train
時刻表 【じこくひょう】table, diagram, chart, timetable, schedule
精算 【せいさん】exact calculation, squaring of accounts, adjustment
送金 【そうきん】remittance, sending money
優先 【ゆうせん】preference, priority, precedence
預金 【よきん】deposit, bank account
がらがら① clattering, rattling, gargling ② empty, bare, uninhabited, vacant, unoccupied ③ raspy (voice), gravelly ④ rattle (e.g. baby's toy)
ずらすto shift, to slide (e.g., something away from something else), to move (e.g., something out of the way), to put off, to delay
バス停bus stop
仕送り 【しおくり】allowance, remittance
通行止め 【つうこうどめ】closure (of a road), dead end, blind alley, cul-de-sac, No Through Road (e.g. on a sign)
東京発 【とうきょうはつ】departing Tokyo
本店 【ほんてん】head office
近道 【ちかみち】short way, shortcut
始発駅 【しはつえき】starting station
国内 【こくない】internal, domestic
昨年 【さくねん】last year
四つ角 【よつかど】four corners, crossroads
車内 【しゃない】inside a carriage
手数料 【てすうりょう】handling charge, commission
終電 【しゅうでん】last train
白線 【はくせん】white line
外側 【そとがわ】exterior, outside
通路側 【つうろがわ】(on the) aisle, aisle seat
改札口 【かいさつぐち】ticket barrier (gate), wicket
各駅 【かくえき】every station
口座 【こうざ】account (e.g. bank)
指定席 【していせき】reserved seat
自由席 【じゆうせき】unreserved seat
乗り過ごす 【のりすごす】to ride past, to miss one's stop (train, bus, etc.)
乗り遅れる 【のりおくれる】to miss (train, bus, etc.)
乗車券 【じょうしゃけん】passenger ticket
貯める 【ためる】to save (i.e. in a bank)
暮れ 【くれ】year end, sunset, nightfall, end
差出人 【さしだしにん】sender
払い戻し 【はらいもどし】repayment, refund, payback
窓側 【まどがわ】window-side
暗証 【あんしょう】code, cipher, password
元旦 【がんたん】New Year's Day
振り込む 【ふりこむ】to make a payment via bank deposit transfer
痴漢 【ちかん】masher, molester, pervert
踏切 【ふみきり】① railway crossing, railroad crossing, train crossing, level crossing ② starting line, scratch ③ determination ④ stepping over the edge of the ring (in sumo)
横浜 【よこはま】Yokohama (city)