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BabyMetal album lyrics

BabyMetal Rocks! Vocab. from all the songs on the BABYMETAL album. I've started with Ijime Dame Zettai & will add more as i go.


58 entriesCreated by #52482 — Last modified: 2015-08-16 07:56:37
自分 【じぶん】① myself, yourself, oneself, himself, herself ② I, me
飛ぶ 【とぶ】to fly, to soar
だけonly, just, as
くれるto give, to let one have, to do for one, to be given
以上 【いじょう】① not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards ② beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay more than that) ③ above-mentioned, foregoing ④ since ..., seeing that ... ⑤ this is all, that is the end, the end
心 【こころ】① mind, heart, spirit ② the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
見つける 【みつける】① to discover, to find (e.g. an error in a book), to come across, to detect ② to locate, to find (e.g. something missing), to find fault ③ to be used to seeing, to be familiar with
泣く 【なく】to cry, to weep, to sob, to howl
光 【ひかり】light
負ける 【まける】to lose, to be defeated
全て 【すべて】all, the whole, entirely, in general, wholly, overall
駄目 【だめ】useless, no good, hopeless
きっとsurely, undoubtedly, almost certainly, most likely (e.g. 90 percent)
ずっと① continuously in some state (for a long time, distance), throughout, all along, the whole time, all the way ② much (better, etc.), by far, far and away ③ far away, long ago ④ direct, straight
何も 【なにも】① nothing (with neg. verbs), not any ② and everything else (with noun plus "mo"), all
見つめる 【みつめる】to stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
他 【ほか】other (esp. places and things), the rest
感じる 【かんじる】to feel, to sense, to experience
禁止 【きんし】prohibition, inhibition, ban
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
守る 【まもる】① to protect, to guard, to defend ② to keep (i.e. a promise), to abide (by the rules), to observe, to obey, to follow
奥 【おく】interior, inner part, inside
笑顔 【えがお】smiling face, smile
絶対 【ぜったい】① absolutely, unconditionally ② absolute, unconditional, unmistakable ③ absoluteness
仲間 【なかま】company, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
涙 【なみだ】① tear, tears, lachrymal secretion ② sympathy
痛み 【いたみ】pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
気付く 【きづく】to notice, to recognize, to recognise, to become aware of, to perceive, to realize, to realise
誰か 【だれか】someone, somebody
負け 【まけ】defeat, loss, losing (a game)
振り 【ふり】① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
独り 【ひとり】alone, unmarried, solitary
① -ness (nominalizing suffix indicating degree or condition) ② (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates assertion ③ come, come now
持てる 【もてる】① to be able to possess (hold, get, etc.) ② to be well liked, to be popular, to be pampered (spoiled, doted upon, etc.), to be welcomed ③ to endure (the tests of time, the elements, etc.), to last ④ possessed ⑤ possessing riches, having wealth
切ない 【せつない】① painful, heartrending, trying ② oppressive, suffocating, miserable
傷つく 【きずつく】① to be wounded, to get injured ② to get hurt feelings ③ to chip, to scratch, to damage
闇 【やみ】darkness, the dark, black-marketeering, dark, shady, illegal
以て 【もって】① with, by ② by means of, because, in view of
諦め 【あきらめ】resignation, acceptance, consolation
さえeven, if only, if just, as long as, the only thing needed
ぽいtossing something out, throwing something away
苦しみ 【くるしみ】pain, anguish, distress, suffering, hardship
真顔 【まがお】serious look
様 【ざま】① mess, sorry state, plight, sad sight ② way, manner
悲しみ 【かなしみ】sadness, sorrow, grief
泣き出す 【なきだす】to burst into tears, to burst out crying, to begin to cry, to be moved to tears
泣きっ面 【なきっつら】tearful face
なくてはunless, without
愛しい 【いとしい】lovely, dear, beloved, darling
格好いい 【かっこういい】attractive, good-looking, stylish, "cool"
逃げ 【にげ】escape, getaway, evasion
逃げ切る 【にげきる】to get away, to manage to hold on
解き放つ 【ときはなつ】to release
泣き 【なき】weeping, lamenting
隠れ 【かくれ】hidden, underground, crypto
狐 【きつね】① fox (esp. the red fox, Vulpes vulpes) ② fox (i.e. a sly person) ③ soba or udon topped with deep-fried tofu ④ light brown
厭 【いや】disagreeable, detestable, unpleasant, reluctant
苛め 【いじめ】bullying, teasing