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CSN JPN 212 chp 8

Vocabulary for the chapter 8 quiz


73 entriesCreated by #50778 — Last modified: 2015-10-08 23:49:27
生まれる 【うまれる】to be born
死ぬ 【しぬ】to die
運ぶ 【はこぶ】① to carry, to transport, to move, to convey ② to come, to go ③ to wield (a tool, etc.), to use ④ to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
注意 【ちゅうい】caution, being careful, attention (heed), warning, advice
心配 【しんぱい】① worry, concern, anxiety ② care, help, aid, assistance
真面目 【まじめ】diligent, serious, honest, sober, grave, earnest, steady
簡単 【かんたん】simple
捨てる 【すてる】to throw away, to cast aside, to abandon, to resign, to break up with (someone)
怒る 【おこる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
盗む 【ぬすむ】to steal
亡くなる 【なくなる】to die
捕まえる 【つかまえる】to catch, to arrest, to seize
泥棒 【どろぼう】thief, burglar, robber, theft
一生懸命 【いっしょうけんめい】very hard, with utmost effort, with all one's might, for dear life
嘘 【うそ】lie, falsehood, incorrect fact
壊す 【こわす】① to break, to destroy, to demolish ② to wreck, to ruin, to spoil, to damage ③ to break (a bill, etc.)
壊れる 【こわれる】① to be broken, to break ② to fall through, to come to nothing
喧嘩 【けんか】quarrel, brawl, fight, squabble, scuffle
謝る 【あやまる】to apologize, to apologise
騒ぐ 【さわぐ】① to make noise, to make racket, to be noisy ② to rustle, to swoosh ③ to make merry ④ to clamor, to clamour, to make a fuss, to kick up a fuss ⑤ to lose one's cool, to panic, to act flustered ⑥ to feel tense, to be uneasy, to be excited
踏む 【ふむ】① to step on, to tread on ② to experience, to undergo ③ to estimate, to value, to appraise ④ to rhyme ⑤ to follow (rules, morals, principles, etc.)
いじめるto tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
人気 【にんき】popularity, popular feeling, business conditions
家事 【かじ】① housework, domestic chores ② family affairs, household matters
起こる 【おこる】to occur, to happen
重大 【じゅうだい】serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
出来事 【できごと】incident, affair, happening, event
大家 【おおや】landlord, landlady
発見 【はっけん】discovery, detection, finding
自然 【しぜん】① nature, spontaneity ② naturally, spontaneously
実行 【じっこう】practice, practise, performance, execution (e.g. program) (programme), realization, realisation, implementation
正直 【しょうじき】① honesty, integrity, frankness ② honestly, frankly
犯人 【はんにん】offender, criminal
不平 【ふへい】complaint, discontent, dissatisfaction
不満 【ふまん】dissatisfaction, displeasure, discontent, complaints, unhappiness, disgruntled
本物 【ほんもの】genuine article
流行る 【はやる】① to be popular, to come into fashion ② to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic ③ to flourish, to thrive
打付ける 【ぶつける】to knock, to run into, to nail on, to strike hard, to hit and attack, to try (an idea) on someone
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
許す 【ゆるす】① to permit, to allow, to approve ② to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off ③ to confide in ④ to give up, to yield
殺す 【ころす】to kill
事件 【じけん】event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble, scandal
仲 【なか】relation, relationship
犯罪 【はんざい】crime
被害 【ひがい】damage
捕まる 【つかまる】① to be caught, to be arrested ② to hold on to, to grasp ③ to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi) ④ to be detained by
夫婦 【ふうふ】married couple, spouses, husband and wife, couple, pair
死 【し】death, decease
真実 【しんじつ】truth, reality
騒がしい 【さわがしい】noisy
文句 【もんく】① phrase ② complaint
迷惑 【めいわく】trouble, bother, annoyance
ぶつかるto strike, to collide with, to bump into
噂 【うわさ】rumour, rumor, report, hearsay, gossip, common talk
しかるto scold
からかうto ridicule, to tease, to mock, to chaff, to razz, to banter with, to make fun of, to poke fun at, to make cracks about
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
意地悪 【いじわる】malicious, ill-tempered, unkind
家主 【やぬし】landlord
苦情 【くじょう】complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
中身 【なかみ】contents, interior, substance, filling, (sword) blade
殺人 【さつじん】murder
洪水 【こうずい】flood
災害 【さいがい】calamity, disaster, misfortune
天災 【てんさい】natural calamity, disaster
偽物 【にせもの】spurious article, forgery, counterfeit, imitation, sham
奢る 【おごる】to give (someone) a treat
年下 【としした】younger, junior
年上 【としうえ】older, senior
悪口 【わるぐち】abuse, insult, slander, evil speaking
落書き 【らくがき】scrawl, scribble, graffiti
落し物 【おとしもの】lost property
苛め 【いじめ】bullying, teasing