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Kanji Master 3 - 7.1

Set for textbook Kanji Master 3, chapter 7.1.


17 entriesCreated by Daniel M. — Last modified: 2015-11-07 04:11:37
-た.い, たび, タク, ト, ドdegrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences
すべ.て, まった.く, ゼンwhole, entire, all, complete, fulfill
まと, テキbull's eye, mark, target, object, adjective ending
-ら, など, ひと.しい, トウetc., and so forth, class (first), quality, equal, similar
みずもり, ひと.しい, のり, なぞら.える, じゅん.ずる, じゅん.じる, ジュンsemi-, correspond to, proportionate to, conform, imitate
-べ.し, -べ.き, コク, カcan, possible, mustn't, should not, do not
ひつじ, ま.だ, いま.だ, ビ, ミun-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now, sign of the ram, 1-3PM, eighth sign of Chinese zodiac
ふたた.び, サ, サイagain, twice, second time
ふ.かす, ふ.ける, さら.に, さら, コウgrow late, night watch, sit up late, of course
いや, いな, ヒnegate, no, noes, refuse, decline, deny
あら.ず, ヒun-, mistake, negative, injustice, non-
フクvice-, duplicate, copy
つま, もっと.も, シュ, サイutmost, most, extreme
-ほど, ほど, テイextent, degree, law, formula, distance, limits, amount
あまねし, あまね.く, フuniversal, wide(ly), generally, Prussia
ふさ, すべ.て, す.べて, ソウgeneral, whole, all, full, total