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Kanji Master 3 - 12.1

Set for textbook Kanji Master 3, chapter 12.1.


18 entriesCreated by Daniel M. — Last modified: 2015-11-07 05:19:48
つかさ, われ, うてな, タイ, ダイpedestal, a stand, counter for machines and vehicles
た.つ, -だ.て, た.て, た.てる, コン, ケンbuild
と, コdoor, counter for houses
はしら, チュウpillar, post, cylinder, support
くら, ク, コwarehouse, storehouse
きざはし, カイstorey, stair, counter for storeys of a building
ザイlumber, log, timber, wood, talent
ゆか, とこ, ショウbed, counter for beds, floor, padding, tatami
タン, ダンgrade, steps, stairs
のき, ケンflats, counter for houses, eaves
-づく.り, つく.り, つく.る, ゾウcreate, make, structure, physique
もう.ける, セツestablishment, provision, prepare
けむだし, てんまど, まど, ス, ソウwindow, pane
かさ.なる, たたみ, たた.む, チョウ, ジョウtatami mat, counter for tatami mats, fold, shut up, do away with
つぶさ.に, そな.わる, そな.える, ビequip, provision, preparation
かま.う, かま.える, コウposture, build, pretend
かく.れる, おさ.める, くら, ソウ, ゾウstorehouse, hide, own, have, possess
きず.く, チクfabricate, build, construct