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Kanji Master 3 - 12.2

Set for textbook Kanji Master 3, chapter 12.2.


14 entriesCreated by Daniel M. — Last modified: 2015-11-07 05:22:58
にわ, テイcourtyard, garden, yard
ドウpublic chamber, hall
ふだ, サツtag, paper money, counter for bonds, placard, bid
あかり, とも.す, ともしび, ほ-, ひ, トウlamp, a light, light, counter for lights
かこ.い, かこ.う, かこ.む, イsurround, besiege, store, paling, enclosure, encircle, preserve, keep
お.る, -い, い.る, コ, キョreside, to be, exist, live with
まわ.り, シュウcircumference, circuit, lap
と.める, と.まる, ハクovernight, put up at, ride at anchor, 3-day stay
コウoutskirts, suburbs, rural area
しろ, ジョウcastle
イキrange, region, limits, stage, level
は.く, シュ, ソウsweep, brush
トウpagoda, tower, steeple
まみ.れる, ぬ.り, ぬ.る, トpaint, plaster, daub, smear, coating