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Intermediate Kanji Book vol 2 cap 2


21 entriesCreated by #50304 — Last modified: 2016-02-11 21:17:54
みちび.く, ドウguidance, leading, conduct, usher
うま.い, あま.やかす, あま.える, あま.い, カンsweet, coax, pamper, be content, sugary
すえ, バツ, マツend, close, tip, powder, posterity
ザイlumber, log, timber, wood, talent
わか.る, バン, ハンjudgement, signature, stamp, seal
-ども, とも, そな.える, グ, クウ, ク, キョウsubmit, offer, present, serve (meal), accompany
こわ.がる, こわ.い, おそ.ろしい, おそ.る, おそ.れる, キョウfear, dread, awe
と.る, サイpick, take, fetch, take up
さず.かる, さず.ける, ジュimpart, instruct, grant, confer
ほ.しい, ほっ.する, ヨクlonging, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving
はか.る, かり, おもり, ゴン, ケンauthority, power, rights
セキexploits, unreeling cocoons
えら.ぶ, タクchoose, select, elect, prefer
キュウclass, rank, grade
ほどこ.す, セ, シalms, apply bandages, administer first-aid
まぎ.らわしい, まぎ.らわす, まぎ.らす, -まぎ.れ, まぎ.れる, フンdistract, be mistaken for, go astray, divert
あかし, ショウevidence, proof, certificate
よし.とする, よ.く, い.い, よ.い, ゼンvirtuous, good, goodness
さ.げる, ダイ, チョウ, テイpropose, take along, carry in hand
わざ.と, タイattitude, condition, figure, appearance, voice (of verbs)
まも.る, ゴsafeguard, protect