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beginning japanese - tuttle - ch6 kanji

Beginning Japanese
Your Pathway to Dynamic Language Acquisition
Tuttle Publishing

-- I created a list and uploaded it to kanjibox as a Japanese language plain text file. Therefor, this list is subject to kanjibox's interpretation and analysis of the text file. --


18 entriesCreated by reason . — Last modified: 2016-02-29 21:21:51
くち, ク, コウmouth
た-, -て, て-, て, ズ, シュhand
-ごころ, こころ, シンheart, mind, spirit
ま-, -め, め, ボク, モクeye, class, look, insight, experience, care, favor
くすし, い.する, い.やす, イdoctor, medicine
た.す, た.る, た.りる, あし, ソクleg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear
かたち, からだ, テイ, タイbody, substance, object, reality, counter for images
もの, シャsomeone, person
も.てる, -も.ち, も.つ, ジhold, have
-ま.ち, ま.つ, タイwait, depend on
こわ.い, し.いる, つよ.める, つよ.まる, つよ.い, ゴウ, キョウstrong
つ.ける, つ.く, -き.せ, き.せる, -ぎ, き.る, ジャク, チャクdon, arrive, wear, counter for suits of clothing
ふと.る, ふと.い, タ, タイplump, thick, big around
ひら-, ひら, -だいら, たい.ら, ヒョウ, ビョウ, ヘイeven, flat, peace
みみ, ジear
ひく.まる, ひく.める, ひく.い, テイlower, short, humble
なご.やか, なご.む, やわ.らげる, やわ.らぐ, カ, オ, ワharmony, Japanese style, peace, soften, Japan
くすり, ヤクmedicine, chemical, enamel, gunpowder, benefit