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クロムクロ Ep. 01 - 14

Vocabulary from the series クロムクロ
Current list covers episodes 01 - 14
*if anyone decides to subscribe, episodes 15+ will be up in August/September. I've had almost 0 time to do anything! Sorry.


439 entriesCreated by Stephanie H. — Last modified: 2016-08-28 01:53:25
偉大 【いだい】greatness
侵入 【しんにゅう】penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
喪失 【そうしつ】loss, forfeit
目下 【もっか】at present, now
塞がる 【ふさがる】① to be closed, to be blocked, to be healed (e.g. wound), to be shut up ② to be clogged, to be plugged up ③ to be occupied, to be taken (e.g. accommodation)
運河 【うんが】canal, waterway
険しい 【けわしい】① precipitous, rugged, inaccessible, impregnable, steep ② grim, severe, stern
相違 【そうい】difference, discrepancy, variation
破片 【はへん】fragment, splinter, broken piece
輸送 【ゆそう】transport, transportation
小便 【しょうべん】urine, piss, pee
休養 【きゅうよう】rest, break, recreation
仰ぐ 【あおぐ】① to look up (at) ② to look up (to), to respect, to revere ③ to ask for, to seek ④ to turn to someone, to depend on ⑤ to drink, to take
系統 【けいとう】system, family line, geological formation, lineage, ancestry
厳重 【げんじゅう】strict, rigour, rigor, severe, firm, strong, secure
消耗 【しょうもう】exhaustion, consumption, waste, dissipation
隙 【すき】① gap, space ② break, interlude, interval ③ chink (in one's armor, armour), chance, opportunity ④ breach (of a relationship between people)
桁 【けた】① column, beam ② digit, decade, order of magnitude
ひとまずfor the present, once, in outline
蘇る 【よみがえる】① to be resurrected, to be resuscitated, to be rehabilitated, to be revived, to be refreshed, to be restored ② to be recalled (e.g. memories), to be brought back
きっぱりclearly, plainly, decisively, distinctly, flatly
しくじるto fail, to fall through, to blunder
公開 【こうかい】open to the public, exhibit
演習 【えんしゅう】practice, practise, exercises, manoeuvres, maneuvers, practicum
指示 【しじ】indication, instruction, designation, directions
戦 【いくさ】war, battle, campaign, fight
依然 【いぜん】still, as yet, as it has been
異論 【いろん】different opinion, objection
移住 【いじゅう】migration, immigration
一帯 【いったい】region, zone, whole place
一連 【いちれん】① series, chain, sequence ② two reams (i.e. 1000 sheets of paper) ③ verse, stanza
運用 【うんよう】making use of, application, investment, practical use
英雄 【えいゆう】hero, great man
縁側 【えんがわ】veranda, porch, balcony, open corridor
何なり 【なんなり】any, anything, whatever
解剖 【かいぼう】① dissection, autopsy ② analysis
回収 【かいしゅう】collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
街頭 【がいとう】in the street
確保 【かくほ】guarantee, maintain, ensure, insure, secure, reservation
叶う 【かなう】to come true (wish)
勘弁 【かんべん】pardon, forgiveness, forbearance
感染 【かんせん】infection, contagion
監視 【かんし】observation, guarding, inspection, surveillance
緩める 【ゆるめる】to loosen, to slow down
危機 【きき】crisis
規模 【きぼ】scale, scope, plan, structure
軌道 【きどう】① orbit, trajectory ② railroad track
及ぶ 【およぶ】① to reach, to amount to, to befall, to happen to, to extend ② to be up to the task, to come up to ③ to compare with, to be a match (for) ④ to commit (a crime) ⑤ to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)
朽ちる 【くちる】to rot
許容 【きょよう】permission, pardon
強制 【きょうせい】obligation, coercion, compulsion, enforcement
脅迫 【きょうはく】threat, menace, coercion, terrorism
禁物 【きんもつ】taboo, forbidden thing
傾斜 【けいしゃ】inclination, slant, slope, bevel, list, dip
警戒 【けいかい】① vigilance, precaution, watch, lookout, alertness ② to be vigilant, to be cautious, to guard (against)
結晶 【けっしょう】crystal, crystallization, crystallisation
健在 【けんざい】in good health, well, going strong
古代 【こだい】ancient times
誤差 【ごさ】measurement error, calculation error
拘束 【こうそく】restriction, restraint, binding
降伏 【こうふく】capitulation, surrender, submission
国連 【こくれん】UN, United Nations
根拠 【こんきょ】basis, foundation
根本 【こんぽん】root, source, origin, foundation, base, principle
採掘 【さいくつ】mining
仕える 【つかえる】to serve, to work for
仕様 【しよう】① way, method, means, resource, remedy ② (technical) specification
指揮 【しき】command, direction
視野 【しや】field of vision, outlook
取材 【しゅざい】collecting data (e.g. for a newspaper article), covering an event
手軽 【てがる】easy, simple, informal, offhand, cheap
首輪 【くびわ】necklace, choker
収まる 【おさまる】① to be in one's place, to be installed, to settle into ② to be delivered, to be obtained, to be paid ③ to be settled, to be sorted out ④ to lessen (e.g. of storms, pain), to calm down ⑤ to be fit tightly into (e.g. a frame), to be sheathed (in a scabbard)
収容 【しゅうよう】① accommodation, reception, housing ② seating ③ custody ④ admission ⑤ entering (in a dictionary)
周期 【しゅうき】cycle, period
襲う 【おそう】① to attack, to assail, to make an assault, to strike, to hunt down ② to succeed (someone in a post, role, etc.) ③ to make a sudden visit
宿命 【しゅくめい】fate, destiny, predestination
淑やか 【しとやか】graceful
出動 【しゅつどう】sailing, marching, going out, dispatch
勝利 【しょうり】victory, triumph, conquest, success, win
唱える 【となえる】① to recite, to chant ② to call upon
衝撃 【しょうげき】shock, crash, impact, ballistic
詳細 【しょうさい】detail, particulars
真下 【ました】right under, directly below
真相 【しんそう】truth, real situation
辛抱 【しんぼう】patience, endurance
人質 【ひとじち】hostage, prisoner
尽くす 【つくす】① to exhaust, to run out ② to devote, to serve (a person), to befriend ③ to do to exhaustion
推測 【すいそく】guess, conjecture
成り立つ 【なりたつ】① to consist of ② to be practical (logical, feasible, viable), to be concluded, to hold true
成果 【せいか】results, fruits
生涯 【しょうがい】one's lifetime (i.e. one's existence until death), one's career
生身 【なまみ】① living flesh, flesh and blood ② physical body of Buddha or a bodhisattva
接触 【せっしょく】touch, contact
鮮やか 【あざやか】vivid, clear, brilliant
疎か 【おろそか】① neglect, negligence, carelessness ② not to mention, needless to say, not to speak of
阻止 【そし】obstruction, check, hindrance, prevention, interdiction
捜索 【そうさく】search (esp. for someone or something missing), investigation
操る 【あやつる】to manipulate, to operate, to pull strings
操縦 【そうじゅう】① flying (a plane) ② management, handling, control, manipulation
態勢 【たいせい】attitude, conditions, preparations
退治 【たいじ】extermination
台本 【だいほん】script, libretto, scenario
大胆 【だいたん】bold, daring, audacious
単独 【たんどく】sole, independence, single, solo (flight)
鍛える 【きたえる】to forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
断然 【だんぜん】firmly, absolutely, definitely
築く 【きずく】to build, to pile up, to amass
中枢 【ちゅうすう】centre, center, pivot, mainstay, nucleus, backbone, central figure, pillar, key man
中腹 【ちゅうふく】mountain side, halfway up
調理 【ちょうり】cooking, food preparation
沈黙 【ちんもく】silence, reticence
定まる 【さだまる】to become settled, to be fixed
天下 【てんか】the world, whole country, descent from heaven, having one's own way, the public, the ruling power
統合 【とうごう】① integration, unification, synthesis ② integrated, built-in
逃走 【とうそう】flight, desertion, escape
独占 【どくせん】① monopoly ② to monopolize, to hog
熱意 【ねつい】zeal, enthusiasm
把握 【はあく】grasp, catch, understanding
排除 【はいじょ】exclusion, removal, rejection, elimination, abatement, lifting (sanctions, etc.)
反応 【はんのう】reaction, response
繁栄 【はんえい】prospering, prosperity, thriving, flourishing
繁盛 【はんじょう】prosperity, flourishing, thriving
漂う 【ただよう】to drift about, to float, to hang in air
不吉 【ふきつ】ominous, sinister, bad luck, ill omen, inauspiciousness
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
侮辱 【ぶじょく】insult, contempt, slight
封鎖 【ふうさ】① blockade ② freezing (funds)
複合 【ふくごう】composite, combined, complex
分離 【ぶんり】separation, partition, detachment, segregation, isolation, decollation
分裂 【ぶんれつ】split, division, break up
並びに 【ならびに】and (also), both ... and, as well as
保つ 【たもつ】to keep, to preserve, to hold, to retain, to maintain, to support, to sustain, to last, to endure, to keep well (food), to wear well, to be durable
保管 【ほかん】charge, custody, safekeeping, deposit, storage
捕獲 【ほかく】capture, seizure
捕虜 【ほりょ】prisoner (of war)
報道 【ほうどう】information, report, journalism
放置 【ほうち】leave as is, leave to chance, leave alone, neglect
飽和 【ほうわ】saturation
未開 【みかい】savage land, backward region, uncivilized, uncivilised
未熟 【みじゅく】inexperience, unripeness, raw, unskilled, immature, inexperienced
無念 【むねん】① chagrin, regret ② free from obstructive thoughts
無論 【むろん】of course, naturally
名称 【めいしょう】name, title
問う 【とう】① to ask, to question, to inquire ② to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse ③ to care (about) ④ without regard to (with negative verb)
有様 【ありさま】state, condition, circumstances, the way things are or should be, truth
誘導 【ゆうどう】guidance, leading, induction, introduction, incitement, inducement
予て 【かねて】previously, already, lately
要請 【ようせい】claim, demand, request, application
良好 【りょうこう】favorable, favourable, satisfactory
打ち込む 【うちこむ】to drive in (e.g. nail, stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast into
濯ぐ 【すすぐ】① to rinse, to wash out ② to have one's revenge, to wipe out a disgrace
予言 【よげん】prediction, promise, prognostication
生かす 【いかす】① to make (the best) use of, to leverage (skills, attributes, experience, etc.), to capitalise on (experience, etc) ② to let live, to keep alive ③ to revive, to resuscitate
威力 【いりょく】power, might, authority, influence
大げさ 【おおげさ】grandiose, exaggerated
箇所 【かしょ】passage, place, point, part
図る 【はかる】① to plot, to attempt, to plan, to devise, to design ② to take in, to deceive ③ to aim for, to have something in mind ④ to refer A to B
引き上げる 【ひきあげる】① to pull up, to drag up, to lift up ② to increase, to raise (e.g. taxes) ③ to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire ④ to return home
漏らす 【もらす】to let leak, to reveal
養護 【ようご】nursing, (protective) care
理屈 【りくつ】theory, reason
座標 【ざひょう】coordinate, coordinates
こだわる① to fuss over, to be particular about ② to be obsessive, to be fixated
崖 【がけ】cliff
誤魔化す 【ごまかす】to deceive, to falsify, to misrepresent
今更 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
おびただしいlarge number, innumerable, great many, immense, vast, abundant
こもる① to seclude oneself, to be confined in ② to be filled (e.g. with emotion, satire, etc.), to be heavy (with) ③ to be stuffy ④ to be implied
留める 【とどめる】① to stop, to stay (e.g. the night), to cease, to put an end to ② to contain, to keep (in position, in place), to limit ③ to record (e.g. a fact), to retain
くぐる① to drive, to pass through, to pass under ② to evade, to hide ③ to survive
つべこべcomplaining, nitpicking
ひりひりprickling pain, smarting, stinging
ぶら下がる 【ぶらさがる】to hang from, to dangle, to swing
もたもたinefficient, slow
もやもやhazy, misty, feeling sad, feeling fuzzy, feeling depressed, gloomy
いずれにせよat any rate, in any event
後生 【ごしょう】afterlife
うなぎ上り 【うなぎのぼり】rapid promotion, soaring, going through the roof
何らか 【なんらか】some, any, in any way, of some kind, of some sort
おめおめ① shamelessly, acting brazenly unaffected ② being resigned to (disgrace)
安住 【あんじゅう】living peaceably
一理 【いちり】(a) principle, (a) reason
起動 【きどう】startup, activation, starting (e.g. engine, computer), launch
後味 【あとあじ】aftertaste
作動 【さどう】operation, functioning, running
手先 【てさき】① fingers ② underling, stooge, subordinate, pawn
住み着く 【すみつく】to settle (in a place), to settle down
出方 【でかた】① attitude, move ② theater usher, theatre usher
真冬 【まふゆ】midwinter
送電 【そうでん】electric supply
私語 【しご】whispering, whisper, secret talk, murmur
手引書 【てびきしょ】handbook, manual, guide, primer
急く 【せく】to hurry, to rush
四の五の言う 【しのごのいう】to grumble about something (trivial)
質の悪い 【たちのわるい】nasty, poor (quality)
羽目 【はめ】① panel, wainscoting, wainscotting ② plight, fix, bind, awkward situation, difficult situation, mess
荷車 【にぐるま】cart, wagon
感電 【かんでん】receive an electric shock
旧式 【きゅうしき】old type, old style
細部 【さいぶ】details
指南 【しなん】instruction, teaching, pointing south
歯が立たない 【はがたたない】① unable to compete with, not able to make a dent in (e.g. a problem), not able to get a solid hit in (e.g. in a fight) ② hard to chew
集落 【しゅうらく】village, community, settlement, town, colony (animals, etc.)
商い 【あきない】trade, business, trading, dealing
消火 【しょうか】fire fighting, extinguishing a fire
上半身 【じょうはんしん】upper half of body, bust
切断 【せつだん】cutting, severance, section, amputation, disconnection
先入観 【せんにゅうかん】preconception, prejudice, preoccupation, preconceived notion
退去 【たいきょ】① departure, leaving, going away, evacuation ② recession
低める 【ひくめる】to lower, to be lowered
発進 【はっしん】departure, takeoff
不都合 【ふつごう】inconvenience, inexpedience, trouble, harm, impropriety, wrongdoing
風情 【ふぜい】appearance, air, taste, elegance, entertainment, hospitality
夜勤 【やきん】night shift
由来 【ゆらい】origin, source, history, derivation, reason, destiny
落ち 【おち】① slip, omission ② outcome, final result, the end ③ punch line (of a joke)
落ち度 【おちど】mistake, error
万全 【ばんぜん】perfection, flawlessness
落着 【らくちゃく】being settled, coming to a conclusion
地表 【ちひょう】surface of the earth, ground surface
集合体 【しゅうごうたい】assembly, aggregation
全うする 【まっとうする】to accomplish, to fulfill, to carry out
面持ち 【おももち】expression, look, countenance, face
対地 【たいち】ground to ground
気合を入れる 【きあいをいれる】① to fire oneself up, to give it one's all, to get psyched, to motivate oneself ② to fire someone up (with scolding, corporal punishment, etc.), to rouse
三者面談 【さんしゃめんだん】parent and child meeting (with teacher for course, career guidance, etc.)
委任 【いにん】charge, trust
一刻 【いっこく】① minute, moment, an instant ② stubborn, hot-headed
因果 【いんが】cause and effect, karma, fate
仮 【かり】① temporary, provisional, interim ② fictitious, assumed (name), alias
仮装 【かそう】① costume, fancy dress, masquerade, disguise ② converted (cruiser)
貨車 【かしゃ】freight car, van
過言 【かごん】exaggeration, saying too much
改ざん 【かいざん】alteration, falsification, faking
皆無 【かいむ】nothing
開示 【かいじ】disclosure (legal)
外務省 【がいむしょう】Ministry of Foreign Affairs
完敗 【かんぱい】complete defeat, utter defeat, annihilation
甘受 【かんじゅ】submission to, putting up with
逆境 【ぎゃっきょう】adversity
共有 【きょうゆう】share, joint ownership, co-ownership
軍人 【ぐんじん】military personnel, soldier
形状 【けいじょう】shape, form
形跡 【けいせき】traces, evidence
県警 【けんけい】prefectural police
減速 【げんそく】deceleration
交戦 【こうせん】war, battle, hostilities
降下 【こうか】fall, descent, (plane) landing, (atmos.) depression
根城 【ねじろ】stronghold, citadel, headquarters
根性 【こんじょう】will-power, guts, temper, nature, spirit
再来 【さいらい】return, second coming, second advent, reincarnation
最小限 【さいしょうげん】minimum, lowest
在り来たり 【ありきたり】common, ordinary, conventional, customary
雑魚 【ざこ】small fish, small fry
指し示す 【さししめす】to indicate, to show, to point to
自業自得 【じごうじとく】paying for one's mistakes, getting one's just deserts, suffering the consequences (of one's own actions), reap what you sow
若者 【わかもの】young man, youth, lad
弱腰 【よわごし】weak attitude
手加減 【てかげん】going easy on someone, take situational peculiarities into consideration, rough estimate, making an allowance for
収束 【しゅうそく】① convergence, tie up ② reaching resolution, firming up (plans, etc.), coming together ③ returning to normal
初心者 【しょしんしゃ】beginner
制圧 【せいあつ】gaining total control (of people or counties), suppression, oppression, control, mastery, ascendancy, supremacy
性根 【しょうね】character, nature
折り合い 【おりあい】mutual relations, compromise
説得力 【せっとくりょく】persuasive power
絶叫 【ぜっきょう】exclamation, scream, shout
絶大 【ぜつだい】tremendous, immense
専念 【せんねん】absorption, give undivided attention, devote oneself to
前代未聞 【ぜんだいみもん】unheard-of, unprecedented, unparalleled in history (unparallelled), record-breaking
全権 【ぜんけん】plenipotentiary powers, full authority
足腰 【あしこし】legs and loins
待機 【たいき】alert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders
大型機 【おおがたき】large machine
断絶 【だんぜつ】① extinction, discontinuation, interruption ② severance, rupture ③ to become extinct, to cease to exist ④ to sever, to break off, to divide (between two things)
調達 【ちょうたつ】supply, provision, raising
適正 【てきせい】reasonable, suitable
伝承 【でんしょう】transmission, hand down (information), legend, tradition, folklore
度胸 【どきょう】courage, bravery, pluck, nerve, grit, guts
到来 【とうらい】arrival
熱気 【ねっき】heat, hot air, enthusiasm
配備 【はいび】deploy, deployment
発令 【はつれい】official announcement, proclamation
表示 【ひょうじ】indication, representation, manifestation
辺境 【へんきょう】remote region, frontier (district), border(land)
補正 【ほせい】correction, revision, compensation (e.g. to a pendulum)
未知数 【みちすう】unknown number
無双 【むそう】peerless, unparalleled, unparallelled, matchless
門限 【もんげん】closing time, lockup, curfew
野暮 【やぼ】① unrefinedness, uncouthness, boorishness ② tasteless, boorish, unrefined, thoughtless, dumb
与する 【くみする】to take part in, to be implicated in, to side with, to support
欲求 【よっきゅう】desire
来訪者 【らいほうしゃ】client, visitor, caller
切り札 【きりふだ】trump card
極める 【きわめる】① to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something ② to investigate thoroughly, to master
制御 【せいぎょ】control, governing, checking, suppression, repression, restraint, mastery, management
寝返り 【ねがえり】① turning over while sleeping in bed ② betrayal, double-crossing
配信 【はいしん】distribution, delivery, transmission, provision
面識 【めんしき】acquaintance
実戦 【じっせん】combat, actual fighting
居城 【きょじょう】castle of a daimyo, castle of feudal lord
焼失 【しょうしつ】being destroyed by fire
相互作用 【そうごさよう】interaction
増水 【ぞうすい】increased water, high water
ほら吹き 【ほらふき】braggart, boaster
生き恥 【いきはじ】living in disgrace
前倒し 【まえだおし】acceleration (of payment schedule)
老 【ろう】old age, age, old people, the old, the aged
支配下 【しはいか】under control (e.g. of territory)
構造物 【こうぞうぶつ】structure
最新鋭 【さいしんえい】state-of-the-art, cutting-edge
道連れにする 【みちづれにする】to make take part in some activity, to take along with you (w. negative associations)
哀れむ 【あわれむ】to commiserate, to pity, to have mercy on, to sympathize with, to sympathise with
遺物 【いぶつ】relic, momento
一握り 【ひとにぎり】handful, small handful
一丁 【いっちょう】① one block (city) ② piece, an order
恩人 【おんじん】benefactor, patron
稼げる 【かせげる】to work, to earn income
格闘 【かくとう】hand-to-hand fighting, grappling, scuffling
肝要 【かんよう】essential, vital, crucial, importance
貫通 【かんつう】pierce, penetrate, perforate
陥る 【おちいる】to fall, to trap, to cave in, to collapse
岸壁 【がんぺき】wharf, breakwater, steep cliff
奇襲 【きしゅう】surprise attack
奇想天外 【きそうてんがい】fantastic idea, bizarre
気遣う 【きづかう】to worry about, to feel anxious about, to have apprehensions of
急襲 【きゅうしゅう】raid, assault, descent
矯正 【きょうせい】correction, remedy
脅威 【きょうい】threat, menace
軍属 【ぐんぞく】civilian in military employ
撃退 【げきたい】repulse, repel (i.e. the enemy)
撃破 【げきは】crushing
拳 【こぶし】fist
検出 【けんしゅつ】detection, sense (e.g. sensor)
ゆえにtherefore, consequently
功名 【こうみょう】great achievement
恒例 【こうれい】established practice, established practise, custom
司令部 【しれいぶ】headquarters
思案 【しあん】thought, consideration, meditation, ponder
指揮官 【しきかん】commander
自衛隊 【じえいたい】① self-defence force, self-defense force ② Japan Self-Defence Force, JSDF
自称 【じしょう】self-styled, would-be, calling oneself
射殺 【しゃさつ】shooting to death
主幹 【しゅかん】① chief editor, managing editor ② manager, person in charge
手柄 【てがら】achievement, feat, meritorious deed, distinguished service
出撃 【しゅつげき】sortie, sally
出陣 【しゅつじん】departure for the front
所轄 【しょかつ】jurisdiction
少佐 【しょうさ】major, lieutenant commander, wing commander
侵略者 【しんりゃくしゃ】aggressor, invader
真偽 【しんぎ】truth or error, authenticity
尋常 【じんじょう】common, usual
尋問 【じんもん】cross-examination, interrogation, questioning
推す 【おす】to infer, to conclude, to support
水没 【すいぼつ】submerge
説き伏せる 【ときふせる】to confute, to argue down, to persuade, to convince, to prevail on
千載一遇 【せんざいいちぐう】once in a lifetime (opportunity), (a golden opportunity that may) happen only once in a thousand years
潜む 【ひそむ】to lurk, to lie dormant, to be hidden, to be concealed, to be stashed
潜水艦 【せんすいかん】submarine
潜伏 【せんぷく】concealment, hiding, ambush, incubation
善行 【ぜんこう】good deed, good conduct, benevolence
疎開 【そかい】dispersal, evacuation, deployment
素性 【すじょう】birth, lineage, parentage, origin, identity, background, history
増援 【ぞうえん】reinforcement
即応 【そくおう】compliance, conformance, adaptation
隊長 【たいちょう】commanding officer
大尉 【たいい】captain (Army, U.S. Marine Corps, USAF), lieutenant (Navy), flight lieutenant (RAF, RAAF, RNZAF, etc.)
大器晩成 【たいきばんせい】Great talents mature late
大規模 【だいきぼ】large-scale
弾道 【だんどう】ballistic
恥を忍ぶ 【はじをしのぶ】to abide one's shame
致命的 【ちめいてき】fatal, lethal
中尉 【ちゅうい】first lieutenant, lieutenant junior grade
忠誠 【ちゅうせい】loyalty, sincerity
帳面 【ちょうめん】note book, account book
電撃 【でんげき】① electric shock ② blitz, lightning attack
土壌 【どじょう】soil
搭乗 【とうじょう】embarkation, boarding (an aeroplane, airplane)
破廉恥 【はれんち】infamy, shameless
搬入 【はんにゅう】take in, bring in
非常事態 【ひじょうじたい】state of emergency
不器用 【ぶきよう】awkward, clumsy, unskillfulness, lack of ability
捕縛 【ほばく】arrest, apprehension, capture
幕僚 【ばくりょう】staff, staff officer
無粋 【ぶすい】no sense of refinement, inelegant, lacking in polish, unromantic, boorish
無謀 【むぼう】reckless, thoughtless, recklessness
黙秘 【もくひ】keep silent, keep a secret
優雅 【ゆうが】elegance, grace, refinement
誘拐 【ゆうかい】abduction, kidnapping, kidnaping
連携 【れんけい】cooperation, coordination, link
和尚 【おしょう】① preceptor or high priest (esp. in Zen or Pure Land Buddhism) ② preceptor or high priest (in Tendai or Kegon Buddhism) ③ preceptor or high priest (in Shingon, Hosso, Ritsu or Shin Buddhism) ④ second highest priestly rank in Buddhism ⑤ monk (esp. the head monk of a temple) ⑥ master (of one's art, trade, etc.)
修行 【しゅぎょう】pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice, ascetic practise, discipline
同胞 【どうほう】brethren, brothers, fellow countrymen, fellowman, compatriot
案ずる 【あんずる】① to be anxious or concerned about, to ponder (anxiously), to fear ② to investigate, to consider, to plan ③ to pat, to rub, to take a sword in one's hand
委譲 【いじょう】transfer, assignment
浮き彫り 【うきぼり】relief, embossed carving
駆けつける 【かけつける】to run to, to come running, to rush (someplace), to hasten
稼働 【かどう】operation (of machine), actual work
率直 【そっちょく】frankness, candour, candor, openheartedness
目に遭う 【めにあう】to go through, to suffer, to experience (something unpleasant)
脱走 【だっそう】desertion, escape
偏差値 【へんさち】① deviation, deviation value ② academic performance relative to the group average
脅かし 【おどかし】threat
抗戦 【こうせん】resistance
速攻 【そっこう】swift attack
守備隊 【しゅびたい】garrison
討論会 【とうろんかい】debate, panel discussion, forum
大気圏 【たいきけん】the atmosphere
振る舞い 【ふるまい】behavior, behaviour, conduct
すべからくby all means, in all cases, ought to do
閑古鳥が鳴く 【かんこどりがなく】to be in a slump (of a business), (business is) slow
山岳地 【さんがくち】mountain land, mountains
うろたえるto be flustered, to lose one's presence of mind
引き剥がす 【ひきはがす】to tear off
呑む 【のむ】① to drink, to gulp, to swallow ② to smoke (tobacco) ③ to engulf, to overwhelm ④ to keep down, to suppress ⑤ to accept (e.g. demand, condition) ⑥ to make light of, to conceal
愚弄 【ぐろう】mockery, derision, ridicule
残骸 【ざんがい】ruins, wreckage
失踪 【しっそう】absconding, disappearance
呪文 【じゅもん】spell, charm, incantation, magic word
所詮 【しょせん】after all
真摯 【しんし】sincerity, earnestness
狙撃 【そげき】shooting, sniping
槍 【やり】① spear, lance ② javelin ③ lance (shogi piece)
苔 【こけ】① moss ② short plants resembling moss (inc. other bryophytes, lichens, very small spermatophytes, etc.)
僥倖 【ぎょうこう】fortuitous, luck, windfall, godsend, good fortune
捩じ込む 【ねじこむ】to screw in, to thrust into a container, to protest against (and demand compensation)
隕石 【いんせき】meteorite
仇 【あだ】① foe, enemy, rival ② resentment, enmity, grudge ③ harm, injury
晒す 【さらす】① to expose (to the air, to the public, to danger, etc.) ② to bleach, to refine
溜息 【ためいき】sigh
いささかa little, a bit, somewhat
ろくなsatisfactory, decent
蛆虫 【うじむし】① maggot ② worm (used figuratively as a term of abuse)
踏み潰す 【ふみつぶす】to trample, to crush underfoot
堰 【せき】① dam, sluice ② stopping (of paper, cardboard, etc.)
諦めつく 【あきらめつく】to give up, to accept (defeat, etc.);
摩訶 【まか】maha (great)