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Vocabulaire Master LCE Lyon 3

Vocabulaire pour master LCE Lyon 3


530 entriesCreated by Quentin G. — Last modified: 2016-09-26 21:46:40
家庭 【かてい】home, family, household
余り 【あまり】① remainder, rest, balance, remains, scraps, residue, remnant ② not very (with negative sentence), not much ③ surplus, excess, fullness, too much ④ overjoyed, overwhelmed ⑤ more than, over
など① et cetera, etc., and the like, and so forth ② (indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something ③ (lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of
運ぶ 【はこぶ】① to carry, to transport, to move, to convey ② to come, to go ③ to wield (a tool, etc.), to use ④ to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
会場 【かいじょう】assembly hall, meeting place, the grounds
計画 【けいかく】plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
研究 【けんきゅう】study, research, investigation
以内 【いない】within, inside of, less than
細かい 【こまかい】① small ② fine, minute ③ minor, trivial ④ sensitive, attentive
進む 【すすむ】① to advance, to go forward ② to precede, to go ahead (of) ③ to make progress, to improve ④ to deepen, to heighten ⑤ to do of one's own free will
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
貿易 【ぼうえき】trade (foreign)
選ぶ 【えらぶ】to choose, to select
掛ける 【かける】① to hang (e.g. picture), to hoist (e.g. sail), to raise (e.g. flag) ② to sit ③ to be partway (verb), to begin (but not complete) ④ to take (time, money), to expend (money, time, etc.) ⑤ to make (a call) ⑥ to multiply ⑦ to secure (e.g. lock) ⑧ to put on (glasses, etc.) ⑨ to cover ⑩ to burden someone ⑪ to apply (insurance) ⑫ to turn on (an engine, etc.), to set (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.) ⑬ to put an effect (spell, anaesthetic, etc.) on ⑭ to hold an emotion for (pity, hope, etc.) ⑮ to bind ⑯ to pour (or sprinkle, spray, etc.) onto ⑰ to argue (in court), to deliberate (in a meeting), to present (e.g. idea to a conference, etc.) ⑱ to increase further ⑲ to catch (in a trap, etc.) ⑳ to set atop ○ to erect (a makeshift building) ○ to hold (a play, festival, etc.) ○ (after -masu stem of verb) indicates (verb) is being directed to (someone)
季節 【きせつ】season
技術 【ぎじゅつ】art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, skill
競争 【きょうそう】① competition, contest ② to compete
経済 【けいざい】economics, business, finance, economy
迎える 【むかえる】① to go out to meet ② to receive, to welcome ③ to accept (e.g. as a member of a group or family) ④ to call for, to summon, to invite ⑤ to approach (a certain time, a point in one's life, etc.)
産業 【さんぎょう】industry
届ける 【とどける】to deliver, to forward, to send, to report, to file notice (to the authorities)
輸出 【ゆしゅつ】① export ② efferent (medical)
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
増える 【ふえる】to increase, to multiply
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
盛ん 【さかん】① popular ② prosperous ③ enthusiastic ④ energetic, vigorous
開始 【かいし】start, commencement, beginning, initiation
作業 【さぎょう】work, operation, manufacturing, fatigue duty
注文 【ちゅうもん】order, request
注目 【ちゅうもく】notice, attention, observation
不足 【ふそく】insufficiency, shortage, deficiency, lack, dearth
安定 【あんてい】stability, equilibrium
営業 【えいぎょう】business, trade, sales, operations
加える 【くわえる】to append, to sum up, to add (up), to include, to increase, to inflict
確実 【かくじつ】certainty, reliability, soundness
額 【がく】① picture (framed) ② amount or sum (of money)
活動 【かつどう】action, activity
活用 【かつよう】① practical use, application ② conjugation, declension, inflection
期待 【きたい】expectation, anticipation, hope
急速 【きゅうそく】rapid (e.g. progress)
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
強調 【きょうちょう】emphasis, highlight, stress, stressed point
金額 【きんがく】amount of money
計算 【けいさん】① calculation, reckoning, count ② forecast
公平 【こうへい】fairness, impartial, justice
向ける 【むける】to turn towards, to point
高速 【こうそく】① high speed, high gear ② highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
高速道路 【こうそくどうろ】highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
合計 【ごうけい】sum total, total amount
参加 【さんか】participation
市場 【いちば】① (town) market ② (the) marketplace
時期 【じき】time, season, period
実験 【じっけん】experiment
首相 【しゅしょう】Prime Minister, Chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), Premier
出身 【しゅっしん】① person's origin (town, city, country, etc.) ② institution from which one graduated ③ director in charge of employee relations
商品 【しょうひん】commodity, article of commerce, goods, stock, merchandise
正確 【せいかく】accurate, punctual, exact, authentic, veracious
組み立てる 【くみたてる】to assemble, to set up, to construct
長期 【ちょうき】long time period
低下 【ていか】fall, decline, lowering, deterioration, degradation
平等 【びょうどう】equality, impartiality, evenness
防ぐ 【ふせぐ】to defend (against), to protect, to prevent
目指す 【めざす】to aim at, to have an eye on
役 【やく】① use, service, role ② post, position ③ scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.), hand
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
列車 【れっしゃ】train (ordinary)
協力 【きょうりょく】cooperation, collaboration
等 【ら】① pluralizing suffix (often humble, derogatory or familiar), and others, et alios, and the like, and followers ② or so (rough indicator of direction, location, amount, etc.) ③ (after the stem of an adjective) nominalizing suffix
位 【くらい】① throne, crown, (nobleman's) seat ② government position, court rank ③ social standing, rank, class, echelon, rung ④ grade (of quality, etc.), level, tier, rank ⑤ digit (e.g. the tens, the hundreds, etc.), place ⑥ degree, extent, amount
確認 【かくにん】affirmation, confirmation, validation
管理 【かんり】control, management (e.g. of a business)
関連 【かんれん】relation, connection, relevance
含む 【ふくむ】① to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to include, to embrace ② to hold in the mouth ③ to bear in mind, to understand, to harbor (grudge, etc.), to harbour ④ to express (emotion, etc.), to imply
気候 【きこう】climate
議長 【ぎちょう】chairman, speaker (e.g. of assembly), president (e.g. of council, senate, etc.), moderator (e.g. of a newsgroup)
巨大 【きょだい】huge, gigantic, enormous
共通 【きょうつう】① commonness, community ② -wide
掘る 【ほる】to dig, to excavate
敬意 【けいい】respect, honour, honor
建設 【けんせつ】construction, establishment
減る 【へる】to decrease (in size or number), to diminish, to abate
現象 【げんしょう】phenomenon
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
構成 【こうせい】organization, organisation, configuration, composition
航空 【こうくう】aviation, flying
国境 【こっきょう】national or state border
困難 【こんなん】difficulty, distress
混雑 【こんざつ】confusion, congestion
際 【さい】on the occasion of, circumstances
材料 【ざいりょう】ingredients, material
支える 【ささえる】① to support, to prop, to sustain, to underlay, to hold up ② to hold at bay, to stem, to check
事件 【じけん】event, affair, incident, case, plot, trouble, scandal
示す 【しめす】to denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
失業 【しつぎょう】unemployment
実現 【じつげん】implementation (e.g. of a system), materialization, materialisation, realization, realisation
周辺 【しゅうへん】① circumference, outskirts, environs, around, in the area of, in the vicinity of ② (computer) peripheral
住民 【じゅうみん】citizens, inhabitants, residents, population
重要 【じゅうよう】important, momentous, essential, principal, major
出席 【しゅっせき】① attendance, presence, appearance ② to attend, to be present, to appear
述べる 【のべる】to state, to express, to mention
除く 【のぞく】to remove, to exclude, to except
承認 【しょうにん】recognition, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, approval, consent, agreement
情報 【じょうほう】① news, gossip, (military) intelligence ② information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
伸びる 【のびる】① to stretch, to extend, to lengthen, to spread ② to make progress, to grow (beard, body height) ③ to grow stale (soba) ④ to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed ⑤ to be exhausted ⑥ to be postponed, to be prolonged
成長 【せいちょう】growth, grow to adulthood
生産 【せいさん】production, manufacture
責任 【せきにん】① duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff) ② liability, onus
設備 【せつび】equipment, device, facilities, installation
絶えず 【たえず】constantly, always, continually, steadily
想像 【そうぞう】imagination, guess
増加 【ぞうか】increase, increment, addition
対象 【たいしょう】target, object (of worship, study, etc.), subject (of taxation, etc.)
担当 【たんとう】(in) charge (of an area of responsibility, but not necessarily supervision of staff)
地域 【ちいき】area, region
天候 【てんこう】weather
努力 【どりょく】great effort, exertion, endeavour, endeavor, effort
得る 【うる】① (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ... ② to get, to acquire, to obtain, to procure, to earn, to win, to gain, to secure, to attain
内容 【ないよう】subject, contents, matter, substance, detail, import
爆発 【ばくはつ】explosion, detonation, eruption
販売 【はんばい】sales, selling, marketing
非常 【ひじょう】emergency, extraordinary, unusual
報告 【ほうこく】report, information
方針 【ほうしん】objective, plan, policy
方法 【ほうほう】method, process, manner, way, means, technique
訪問 【ほうもん】call, visit
約 【やく】① approximately, about ② promise ③ shortening, reduction, simplification ④ contraction (in phonetics)
理解 【りかい】understanding, comprehension, appreciation, sympathy
連続 【れんぞく】serial, consecutive, continuity, occurring in succession, continuing
平均 【へいきん】① average, mean ② balance, equilibrium
位置 【いち】place, situation, position, location
得る 【える】① to get, to acquire, to obtain, to procure, to earn, to win, to gain, to secure, to attain ② (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
戦い 【たたかい】battle, fight, struggle, conflict
維持 【いじ】maintenance, preservation, improvement
一致 【いっち】① coincidence, agreement, union, match ② conformity, consistency ③ cooperation
影響 【えいきょう】influence, effect
価格 【かかく】price, value, cost
価値 【かち】value, worth, merit
拡大 【かくだい】magnification, enlargement, expansion
感謝 【かんしゃ】thanks, gratitude
歓迎 【かんげい】welcome, reception
環境 【かんきょう】environment, circumstance
企業 【きぎょう】enterprise, undertaking, corporation, business
金属 【きんぞく】metal
検討 【けんとう】consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, discussion
貢献 【こうけん】contribution, services
酸っぱい 【すっぱい】sour, acid
事業 【じぎょう】project, enterprise, business, industry, operations
主義 【しゅぎ】doctrine, rule, principle
需要 【じゅよう】demand, request
従う 【したがう】to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow, to accompany
詳しい 【くわしい】knowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
成功 【せいこう】success, hit
製造 【せいぞう】manufacture, production
大統領 【だいとうりょう】president, chief executive
誕生 【たんじょう】birth, creation, formation
抵抗 【ていこう】electrical resistance, resistance, opposition
統計 【とうけい】statistics
範囲 【はんい】extent, scope, sphere, range, span
比較 【ひかく】comparison
比較的 【ひかくてき】comparative, relative
武器 【ぶき】weapon, arms, ordnance
目標 【もくひょう】mark, objective, target
余裕 【よゆう】surplus, composure, margin, room, time, allowance, flexibility, scope, rope
要素 【ようそ】① component, factor, item (e.g. in list) ② element (e.g. in array), member (e.g. data structure)
抑える 【おさえる】① to pin something down, to hold something down, to hold something back, to stop, to restrain, to curb ② to seize, to grasp, to arrest ③ to gain control of something, to govern, to keep down (e.g. information), to suppress ④ to catch happening, to determine (important points), to find (proof), to understand
率 【りつ】rate, ratio, proportion, percentage
事態 【じたい】situation, (present) state of affairs, circumstances
激しい 【はげしい】violent, vehement, intense, furious, tempestuous
見本 【みほん】sample
出入り 【でいり】in and out, coming and going, free association, income and expenditure, debits and credit
行方 【ゆくえ】① (one's) whereabouts ② course, direction
強化 【きょうか】strengthen, intensify, reinforce, solidify, enhancement
公表 【こうひょう】official announcement, proclamation
留まる 【とまる】① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
実用 【じつよう】practical use, utility
帯 【おび】① obi (kimono sash) ② paper wrapper on books, CDs, etc.
通用 【つうよう】① popular use, circulation ② to pass as
南米 【なんべい】South America
飛行 【ひこう】aviation
部品 【ぶひん】parts, accessories, components
防止 【ぼうし】prevention, check
等 【とう】① class, order, rank ② et cetera (etc.), and the like ③ equal
医療 【いりょう】medical care, medical treatment
育児 【いくじ】childcare, nursing, upbringing
解説 【かいせつ】explanation, commentary, exposition, elucidation
改める 【あらためる】① to change, to alter, to revise, to replace ② to reform, to correct, to mend, to improve ③ to examine, to check, to inspect ④ to do properly, to do formally
児童 【じどう】children, juvenile
接近 【せっきん】getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching
総理大臣 【そうりだいじん】Prime Minister
段階 【だんかい】gradation, grade, stage, steps, order, class, phase
停止 【ていし】suspension, interruption, stoppage, ban, standstill, halt, hang-up, deadlock, stalemate, abeyance
日程 【にってい】schedule, program, programme, agenda
反省 【はんせい】reflection, reconsideration, introspection, meditation, contemplation
未満 【みまん】less than, insufficient
民間 【みんかん】private, civilian, civil, popular, folk, unofficial
輸送 【ゆそう】transport, transportation
翌年 【よくねん】following year
翌年 【よくとし】following year
連合 【れんごう】① union, alliance, combination ② RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
超える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
静まる 【しずまる】to quieten down, to calm down, to subside, to die down, to abate, to be suppressed
隻 【せき】counter for ships
位 【い】① place, rank ② decimal place ③ counter for ghosts
意義 【いぎ】meaning, significance
仮定 【かてい】assumption, supposition, hypothesis
継続 【けいぞく】continuation
市場 【しじょう】(the) market (as a concept)
整備 【せいび】maintenance, servicing, outfitting
製作 【せいさく】manufacture, production
西暦 【せいれき】Christian Era, CE, anno domini, AD
対策 【たいさく】counter-plan, counter-measure
調整 【ちょうせい】regulation, coordination, adjustment, tuning, modification, alteration
怒り 【いかり】anger, hatred, rage, wrath
公開 【こうかい】open to the public, exhibit
実質 【じっしつ】substance, essence
雇用 【こよう】employment (long term), hire
国境 【くにざかい】national or state border
兆 【ちょう】① sign, omen, indication, portent ② 10^12, 1,000,000,000,000, trillion (American), (obs) billion (British)
割り当て 【わりあて】① allotment, assignment, allocation, quota, rationing ② binding
圧倒 【あっとう】overwhelm, overpower, overwhelming
委託 【いたく】consign (goods (for sale) to a firm), entrust (person with something), commit
課題 【かだい】subject, theme, task, challenge, issue, matter
過疎 【かそ】depopulation
会談 【かいだん】conversation, conference, discussion, interview
開催 【かいさい】holding a meeting, open an exhibition
開発 【かいはつ】development, exploitation
拡散 【かくさん】scattering, diffusion, spread (e.g. signal across the spectrum)
格差 【かくさ】qualitative difference, disparity
獲得 【かくとく】acquisition, possession
確保 【かくほ】guarantee, maintain, ensure, insure, secure, reservation
革新 【かくしん】reform, innovation
株式 【かぶしき】stock (company)
緩和 【かんわ】relief, mitigation, alleviation, relaxation, softening
関税 【かんぜい】customs, duty, tariff
危機 【きき】crisis
規模 【きぼ】scale, scope, plan, structure
犠牲 【ぎせい】victim, sacrifice, scapegoat
逆転 【ぎゃくてん】(sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
協調 【きょうちょう】① cooperation, conciliation, harmony ② firm (market) tone
協定 【きょうてい】arrangement, pact, agreement
掲げる 【かかげる】① to publish, to print, to carry (an article) ② to put up, to hang out, to hoist, to fly (a sail), to float (a flag), to tout ③ to set forth (provision)
結び付き 【むすびつき】connection, relation
減少 【げんしょう】decrease, reduction, decline
現地 【げんち】actual place, local
誤る 【あやまる】① to make a mistake, to err ② to mislead, to misguide
交渉 【こうしょう】① negotiations, discussions ② connection
効率 【こうりつ】efficiency, efficacy, performance, utility factor
向上 【こうじょう】elevation, rise, improvement, advancement, progress
行為 【こうい】act, deed, conduct
合意 【ごうい】agreement, consent, mutual understanding
国有 【こくゆう】national ownership
再建 【さいけん】rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation
削減 【さくげん】cut, reduction, curtailment
策 【さく】plan, policy
酸化 【さんか】oxidation
指摘 【してき】pointing out, identification
資産 【しさん】property, fortune, means, assets
取り除く 【とりのぞく】to remove, to deinstall, to take away, to set apart
取り組む 【とりくむ】to tackle, to wrestle with, to engage in a bout, to come to grips with, to make effort, to strive for, to deal with
取材 【しゅざい】collecting data (e.g. for a newspaper article), covering an event
首脳 【しゅのう】head, brains, leading spirit
就業 【しゅうぎょう】employment, starting work
充実 【じゅうじつ】① fullness, completion, perfection, substantiality, enrichment ② replenishment, repletion
従業員 【じゅうぎょういん】employee, worker
従来 【じゅうらい】up to now, so far, traditional, existing (e.g. equipment)
出産 【しゅっさん】(child)birth, delivery, production (of goods)
衝撃 【しょうげき】shock, crash, impact, ballistic
上回る 【うわまわる】to exceed
振り返る 【ふりかえる】to turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look back
新興 【しんこう】rising, developing, emergent
真珠 【しんじゅ】pearl
進展 【しんてん】progress, development
人材 【じんざい】man of talent, capable person, talented person
是正 【ぜせい】correction, revision
政策 【せいさく】political measures, policy
絶える 【たえる】① to die out, to peter out, to become extinct ② to cease, to be stopped, to be discontinued, to be cut off
捜査 【そうさ】search (esp. in criminal investigations), investigation, inquiry, enquiry
総会 【そうかい】general meeting
促す 【うながす】to urge, to press, to prompt, to suggest, to demand, to stimulate, to quicken, to incite, to invite (attention to)
損失 【そんしつ】loss (e.g. assets or profits)
妥結 【だけつ】settlement, an agreement
対応 【たいおう】① interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support ② software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
対決 【たいけつ】confrontation, showdown
対処 【たいしょ】deal with, cope
帯 【たい】band (e.g. conduction, valence), belt (e.g. Van-Allen, asteroid, etc.)
大筋 【おおすじ】outline, summary
達成 【たっせい】achievement
団結 【だんけつ】unity, union, combination
地元 【じもと】① home area, home town ② local
挑戦 【ちょうせん】challenge, defiance
追跡 【ついせき】pursuit, tracking (e.g. in computer graphics), keeping records on, tracing
通常 【つうじょう】common, general, normal, usual
堤防 【ていぼう】bank, weir
鉄鋼 【てっこう】iron and steel
投資 【とうし】investment
導く 【みちびく】① to guide, to lead, to show the way, to conduct ② to derive, to deduce
導入 【どうにゅう】introduction, bringing in, leading in, installation
内訳 【うちわけ】the items, breakdown, classification
燃料 【ねんりょう】fuel
農地 【のうち】agricultural land
把握 【はあく】grasp, catch, understanding
背景 【はいけい】background, scenery, setting, circumstance
発言 【はつげん】utterance, speech, proposal
発生 【はっせい】① outbreak, spring forth, occurrence, incidence, origin ② ontogeny, development of complex multicellular structures from cell(s) in a simple state
伴う 【ともなう】to accompany, to bring with, to be accompanied by, to be involved in, to be consequent upon
比率 【ひりつ】ratio, proportion, percentage
避難 【ひなん】taking refuge, finding shelter, evacuation, escape
品質 【ひんしつ】(material) quality
不可欠 【ふかけつ】indispensable, essential
福祉 【ふくし】welfare, well-being, social welfare, social security, social service
物資 【ぶっし】goods, materials
変動 【へんどう】change, fluctuation
望ましい 【のぞましい】desirable, hoped for
冒頭 【ぼうとう】beginning, start, outset
野心 【やしん】ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
優先 【ゆうせん】preference, priority, precedence
両立 【りょうりつ】compatibility, coexistence, standing together
合併 【がっぺい】combination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, merger, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorporation
施行 【しこう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
誠 【まこと】① truth, reality ② sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity
文書 【ぶんしょ】document, writing, letter, paperwork, note, records, archives
育成 【いくせい】rearing, training, nurture, cultivation, promotion
総合 【そうごう】① synthesis, coordination, putting together, integration, composite ② comprehensive
取り締まり 【とりしまり】control, management, supervision
保障 【ほしょう】guarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
見積もり 【みつもり】estimation, quotation
見通し 【みとおし】perspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight, foresight, visibility
きっかけchance, start, cue, excuse, motive, impetus, occasion
出入り 【ではいり】in and out, coming and going, free association, income and expenditure, debits and credit
中東 【ちゅうとう】Middle East
前半 【ぜんはん】first half
運行 【うんこう】① service (bus, train), operation ② motion, revolution, movement
業界 【ぎょうかい】industry, business
計上 【けいじょう】① including a sum of money in one's calculations ② appropriation (a sum of money)
子会社 【こがいしゃ】subsidiary (company)
社外 【しゃがい】outside the company
重工業 【じゅうこうぎょう】heavy industry
発送 【はっそう】sending, forwarding, shipping
多発 【たはつ】repeated occurrence
立ち入る 【たちいる】① to enter, to trespass ② to interfere, to meddle, to pry into
客船 【きゃくせん】passenger boat
見守る 【みまもる】to watch over, to watch attentively
見通す 【みとおす】to see without obstruction, to forecast, to predict
見本市 【みほんいち】trade fair
混入 【こんにゅう】mixing, adding, adulteration
参画 【さんかく】taking part in planning
留まる 【とどまる】① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
車両 【しゃりょう】rolling stock, railroad cars, vehicles
受注 【じゅちゅう】accepting orders
乗用車 【じょうようしゃ】passenger vehicle, automobile
常用 【じょうよう】habitual use, daily use
先進 【せんしん】seniority, advance, leadership
先進国 【せんしんこく】advanced (developed) country, advanced nations
相次ぐ 【あいつぐ】to follow in succession
相乗 【そうじょう】multiplication, synergism
太平洋 【たいへいよう】Pacific Ocean
大型 【おおがた】large, large scale, big, jumbo
柱 【はしら】① pillar, post ② support, prop, mainstay ③ counter for buddhas, gods, nobles, etc.
定時 【ていじ】regular time, stated period
店頭 【てんとう】shop front, counter, shop, over-the-counter (financial)
当面 【とうめん】① current, urgent, pressing, impending ② to confront (an issue), to face (up to something) ③ for the meantime, at present
配送 【はいそう】delivery
筆頭 【ひっとう】brush tip, first on a list
表明 【ひょうめい】declaration, indication, representation, manifestation, demonstration, expression, announcement, assertion
不平等 【ふびょうどう】inequality, unequal (treaties), unfair
役員 【やくいん】officer, official, executive, staff
流出 【りゅうしゅつ】① discharge, outward flow, efflux, effluence ② leak of (private) information or pictures
両者 【りょうしゃ】pair, the two, both persons, both things
組み立て 【くみたて】construction, framework, erection, assembly, organization, organisation
仕組み 【しくみ】① structure, construction, arrangement, contrivance ② plan, plot, contrivance
小型 【こがた】small size, tiny
物流 【ぶつりゅう】(physical) distribution, distribution of goods, logistics
型式 【かたしき】model (e.g. of a vehicle), type
細かいお金 【こまかいおかね】small change
営業活動 【えいぎょうかつどう】business activities
旅客船 【りょかくせん】passenger ship
電子部品 【でんしぶひん】electronic parts (components)
圧倒的 【あっとうてき】overwhelming
安全性 【あんぜんせい】safety, security
位置付け 【いちづけ】placement, fixed position, mapping out, location
可能性 【かのうせい】potentiality, likelihood, possibility, availability
解消 【かいしょう】cancellation, liquidation, resolution, reduction (e.g. of stress)
確認書 【かくにんしょ】certificate
割り当てる 【わりあてる】to assign, to allot, to allocate, to divide among, to distribute, to prorate, to apportion
機運 【きうん】opportunity
議場 【ぎじょう】assembly hall, the House
巨額 【きょがく】great sum
供与 【きょうよ】giving, provision, furnishing
共和国 【きょうわこく】republic, commonwealth
建造 【けんぞう】building, construction
見込む 【みこむ】to anticipate, to estimate
後押し 【あとおし】pushing, backing, boosting, supporting
更新 【こうしん】renewal, update, innovation, renovation
構築 【こうちく】construction
高齢 【こうれい】advanced (old) age
国連総会 【こくれんそうかい】United Nations General Assembly
再開 【さいかい】reopening, resumption, restarting
最小限 【さいしょうげん】minimum, lowest
歳出 【さいしゅつ】annual expenditure
際立つ 【きわだつ】to be prominent, to be conspicuous
財務 【ざいむ】financial affairs
指し示す 【さししめす】to indicate, to show, to point to
実効 【じっこう】practical effect, efficacy, efficiency
取得 【しゅとく】acquisition
出資 【しゅっし】investment, contribution, financing
出席者 【しゅっせきしゃ】those present, attendance
諸国 【しょこく】various countries (often used as suffix)
伸び悩む 【のびなやむ】to be sluggish (business)
生産技術 【せいさんぎじゅつ】industrial science
積 【せき】product
積極 【せっきょく】positive, progressive
責任者 【せきにんしゃ】person in charge (including a supervisory role for other staff), person responsible for ..., responsible party
戦略 【せんりゃく】strategy, tactics
双方 【そうほう】two way, both parties, mutual, both
総理 【そうり】prime minister, leader, overseer (of national affairs), president
増資 【ぞうし】increase of capital
待機 【たいき】alert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders
宅配 【たくはい】home delivery
宅配便 【たくはいびん】① express home delivery service ② express home delivery parcel (box, etc.)
断固 【だんこ】firm, determined, resolute, conclusive
調達 【ちょうたつ】supply, provision, raising
途上国 【とじょうこく】developing country
都道府県 【とどうふけん】administrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and remaining prefectures
認知 【にんち】acknowledgement, acknowledgment, recognition
爆発的 【ばくはつてき】explosive, tremendous
発効 【はっこう】coming into effect
販路 【はんろ】market, outlet, opening
被害者 【ひがいしゃ】victim, injured party, sufferer
表示 【ひょうじ】indication, representation, manifestation
来訪 【らいほう】visit, call
連合会 【れんごうかい】association, federation
連用 【れんよう】continuous use
労働力 【ろうどうりょく】labor, labour, manpower, working force
極める 【きわめる】① to carry to extremes, to go to the end of something ② to investigate thoroughly, to master
成り行き 【なりゆき】outcome, development, course of events, progress, result
官民 【かんみん】government and people
担い手 【にないて】a bearer, carrier, person in charge
責任感 【せきにんかん】sense of responsibility
雇用者 【こようしゃ】① employee ② employer, person hiring others
最重点 【さいじゅうてん】very important point
雇用主 【こようぬし】employer
方法論 【ほうほうろん】methodology
財務官 【ざいむかん】finance official
利便 【りべん】convenience
誤って 【あやまって】in error, by mistake, by accident
医療費 【いりょうひ】medical expenses, doctor's bill
革製品 【かわせいひん】leather goods (products)
人口爆発 【じんこうばくはつ】population explosion
停止信号 【ていししんごう】stop signal, stoplight
厚生労働省 【こうせいろうどうしょう】Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
移り住む 【うつりすむ】to change one's place of residence, to move house
介する 【かいする】① to use as an intermediary, to mediate, to assist ② to worry, to mind, to care
更なる 【さらなる】even more, still more, further
存在感 【そんざいかん】one's presence (as felt by others)
自動変速機 【じどうへんそくき】automatic transmission
後を絶たない 【あとをたたない】never ceasing, never ending, endless
気候変動 【きこうへんどう】climate change
ご覧ください 【ごらんください】please look at it
哀悼 【あいとう】condolence, regret, tribute, sorrow, sympathy, lament
案件 【あんけん】matter in question, subject
一酸化炭素 【いっさんかたんそ】carbon monoxide
影響力 【えいきょうりょく】influence, clout
過激 【かげき】extreme, radical
解析 【かいせき】① analysis, analytical study ② parsing, parse
開幕 【かいまく】raising the curtain
概要 【がいよう】outline, summary, abridgment, synopsis
株式会社 【かぶしきがいしゃ】public company, corporation, KK, formula for an incorporated public company
株主 【かぶぬし】shareholder, stockholder
株主総会 【かぶぬしそうかい】general meeting of stockholders
歓迎会 【かんげいかい】welcome party
既存 【きそん】existing
拠点 【きょてん】position, location, base, point
共闘 【きょうとう】joint struggle, common (united) front
緊密 【きんみつ】rigour, rigor, closeness, compactness, tightly knit
近隣 【きんりん】neighbourhood, neighborhood, vicinity
近隣諸国 【きんりんしょこく】neighboring countries, neighbouring countries, surrounding countries
携える 【たずさえる】to carry in one's hand
懸念 【けねん】worry, fear, anxiety, concern
国債 【こくさい】national debt, national securities, government bonds, government securities
根源 【こんげん】root, source, origin, foundation, base, principle
再検討 【さいけんとう】re-examination, review, reappraisal
策定 【さくてい】decision, settling on
支援 【しえん】support, backing, aid, assistance
支障 【ししょう】obstacle, hindrance, impediment, difficulty
旨 【むね】① center (centre), pillar, principle ② purport, gist, drift, meaning
実証 【じっしょう】actual proof
就労 【しゅうろう】actual work
出席率 【しゅっせきりつ】percentage of attendance
推移 【すいい】transition, change
推計 【すいけい】estimate, estimation
製鋼 【せいこう】steel manufacture
誠に 【じつに】indeed, really, absolutely, truly, actually, very, quite
訴追 【そつい】legal action
操業 【そうぎょう】operation
堤 【つつみ】bank, embankment, dike
ていしゅつ① to present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in ② presentation, submission, filing
撤廃 【てっぱい】annulment, abolition, repeal, rescission
道筋 【みちすじ】path, route, itinerary
肉眼 【にくがん】① naked eye ② the physical eye
排出 【はいしゅつ】evacuation, emission (e.g. of CO2, etc.), ejection
培う 【つちかう】to cultivate, to foster
発生率 【はっせいりつ】frequency, rate of occurrence
卑劣 【ひれつ】mean, foul play, cowardly, base
披露 【ひろう】announcement, show, display, introduction
保有 【ほゆう】possession, retention, maintenance
銘柄 【めいがら】① brand, make, description ② trading name of stocks and securities
養殖 【ようしょく】raising, culture, cultivation
連携 【れんけい】cooperation, coordination, link
老朽 【ろうきゅう】superannuated, decrepitude
合併 【ごうへい】combination, union, amalgamation, consolidation, merger, coalition, fusion, annexation, affiliation, incorporation
施行 【しぎょう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
保育所 【ほいくしょ】nursery school, nursery
卸 【おろし】wholesale
稼働 【かどう】operation (of machine), actual work
闘い 【たたかい】battle, fight, struggle, conflict
補佐 【ほさ】aid, help, assistance, assistant, counselor, counsellor, adviser, advisor
枠組み 【わくぐみ】frame, framework
社会保障 【しゃかいほしょう】social security
団塊 【だんかい】mass, lump
避難民 【ひなんみん】refugees, evacuees
養殖真珠 【ようしょくしんじゅ】cultured pearl
離着陸 【りちゃくりく】takeoff and landing
生産過剰 【せいさんかじょう】overproduction
金属片 【きんぞくへん】piece of metal
航空運賃 【こうくううんちん】airfare
大統領候補 【だいとうりょうこうほ】presidential candidate
視する 【しする】to take a view or perspective, to regard as, to consider to be
政策関連 【せいさくかんれん】policy-related, policy based, policy relevant
牽引役 【けんいんやく】leading force, driving force, leader