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サムライ・ハイスクール (‘Samurai High School’) Vol. 3: episodes 4 to 6

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 4 to 6 of the TV series ‘サムライ・ハイスクール’ (‘Samurai High School’). This is volume 3/4. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



682 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2016-11-03 13:55:26
ええ① yes, that is correct, right ② um, errr ③ huh? ④ grrr, gah, Must I? ⑤ good
より① from, out of, since, at ② than ③ other than, except, but ④ more
パン① bread, pastries (e.g. croissants), pastry-based products ② pan, frying pan ③ panning (in a film)
飲む 【のむ】① to drink, to gulp, to swallow ② to smoke (tobacco) ③ to engulf, to overwhelm ④ to keep down, to suppress ⑤ to accept (e.g. demand, condition) ⑥ to make light of, to conceal
雨 【あめ】rain
花 【はな】① flower, blossom, bloom, petal ② blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom ③ ikebana ④ Japanese playing cards ⑤ beauty ⑥ (the) best
休み 【やすみ】① rest, recess, respite ② vacation, holiday, absence, suspension ③ dormancy (of a silkworm prior to moulting)
休む 【やすむ】① to be absent, to take a day off ② to rest, to have a break ③ to go to bed, to (lie down to) sleep, to turn in, to retire ④ to stop doing some ongoing activity for a time, to suspend business
口 【くち】① mouth ② opening, hole, gap, orifice ③ mouth (of a bottle), spout, nozzle, mouthpiece ④ gate, door, entrance, exit ⑤ speaking, speech, talk (i.e. gossip) ⑥ taste, palate ⑦ mouth (to feed) ⑧ opening (i.e. vacancy), available position ⑨ invitation, summons ⑩ kind, sort, type ⑪ opening (i.e. beginning) ⑫ counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords
三つ 【みっつ】three
小さい 【ちいさい】small, little, tiny
足 【あし】① foot ② leg ③ gait ④ pace
長い 【ながい】① long (distance) ② long (time), lengthy
二 【に】two
分 【ふん】minute
母 【はは】mother
毎日 【まいにち】every day
十 【じゅう】10, ten
店 【みせ】store, shop, establishment
八つ 【やっつ】eight
出かける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
父さん 【とうさん】father
お茶 【おちゃ】① tea (usu. green) ② tea break (at work) ③ tea ceremony
暗い 【くらい】① dark, gloomy ② dark (in colour), dull ③ depressed, dispirited ④ sorrowful, bitter (as in a dark past) ⑤ unclear, unfamiliar, unknown
寒い 【さむい】① cold (e.g. weather) ② dull, uninteresting, lame
漢字 【かんじ】Chinese characters, kanji
近い 【ちかい】near, close, short (distance)
銀行 【ぎんこう】bank
月 【つき】① moon ② month
元気 【げんき】health(y), robust, vigor, vigour, energy, vitality, vim, stamina, spirit, courage, pep
ご飯 【ごはん】① cooked rice ② meal
使う 【つかう】① to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use ② to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ, to handle, to manage, to manipulate ③ to use (time, money, etc.), to spend, to consume ④ to use (language), to speak ⑤ to take (one's lunch), to circulate (bad money)
借りる 【かりる】① to borrow, to have a loan ② to rent, to hire
重い 【おもい】① heavy, massive ② serious, important, severe, oppressed
走る 【はしる】① to run ② to travel (movement of vehicles) ③ to hurry to ④ to retreat (from battle), to take flight ⑤ to run away from home ⑥ to elope ⑦ to tend heavily toward
多い 【おおい】many, numerous
多分 【たぶん】① perhaps, probably ② generous, many, much, great
貸す 【かす】① to lend, to loan ② to rent out, to hire out
着る 【きる】① to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down), to put on ② to bear (guilt, etc.)
鳥 【とり】① bird ② bird meat (esp. chicken meat), fowl, poultry
風 【かぜ】wind, breeze
妹 【いもうと】younger sister
夕方 【ゆうがた】evening
家庭 【かてい】home, family, household
荷物 【にもつ】① luggage, baggage ② burden ③ payload (of a packet, cell, etc.)
向こう 【むこう】① opposite side, other side, opposite direction ② over there, that way, far away, beyond ③ the other party, the other person ④ future (starting now)
晴れる 【はれる】① to clear up, to clear away, to be sunny, to stop raining ② to refresh (e.g. spirits) ③ to be cleared (e.g. of a suspicion) ④ to be dispelled, to be banished
部屋 【へや】① room ② sumo stable
遊ぶ 【あそぶ】① to play, to enjoy oneself, to have a good time ② to mess about (with alcohol, gambling, philandery, etc.) ③ to be idle, to do nothing, to be unused ④ to go to (for pleasure or for study) ⑤ (in baseball) to intentionally throw a ball to lower the batter's concentration
丸い 【まるい】① round, circular, spherical ② harmonious, calm
汚い 【きたない】dirty, unclean, filthy
吸う 【すう】① to smoke, to breathe in, to inhale ② to suck, to sip, to slurp ③ to absorb, to soak up ④ to kiss
狭い 【せまい】narrow, confined, small
個 【こ】① counter for articles ② counter for military units ③ individual
降る 【ふる】to precipitate, to fall (e.g. rain)
今晩は 【こんばんは】good evening
辛い 【つらい】painful, bitter, heart-breaking
掃除 【そうじ】cleaning, sweeping
置く 【おく】① to put, to place ② to leave (behind) ③ to do something in advance (usu. following te-form verb)
猫 【ねこ】① cat ② shamisen ③ geisha ④ wheelbarrow ⑤ clay bed-warmer
便利 【べんり】convenient, handy, useful
磨く 【みがく】① to polish, to shine, to brush (e.g. teeth) ② to refine, to improve
浴びる 【あびる】to bathe, to bask in the sun, to shower
卵 【たまご】① eggs, egg, spawn, roe ② hen egg ③ (an expert) in the making
冷たい 【つめたい】① cold (to the touch), chilly, icy, freezing ② coldhearted, unfeeling
ころ① (approximate) time, around, about, toward ② suitable time (or condition) ③ time of year, season
降りる 【おりる】① to alight (e.g. from bus), to get off, to disembark, to dismount ② to quit, to withdraw, to pull back (from a position, a job) ③ to form (of frost, dew, mist, etc.)
弁当 【べんとう】bento (Japanese box lunch)
あちら① that way (direction distant from both speaker and listener), over there, yonder ② that one (something physically distant from both speaker and listener, or something not visible but known by both speaker and listener), that ③ that person (someone physically distant from both speaker and listener, or someone not present but known by both speaker and listener) ④ there (place distant from both speaker and listener), over there, foreign country (esp. a Western nation)
どのwhich, what (way)
いらっしゃる① to come, to go, to be (somewhere) ② (after a -te form, or the particle "de") is (doing), are (doing)
そろそろ① gradually, steadily, quietly, slowly ② soon, momentarily, before long, any time now
アルバイト① part-time job, side job ② albite
プレゼント① present, gift ② to give a present or gift
下げる 【さげる】to hang, to lower, to move back, to wear, to dismiss, to grant
帰り 【かえり】return, coming back
金持ち 【かねもち】rich man
少年 【しょうねん】boys, juveniles
親切 【しんせつ】kindness, gentleness
送る 【おくる】① to send (a thing), to dispatch, to despatch ② to take or escort (a person somewhere), to see off (a person) ③ to bid farewell (to the departed), to bury ④ to spend (time), to live one's life ⑤ to pass (down the line) ⑥ to affix okurigana
足りる 【たりる】① to be sufficient, to be enough ② to be worth doing, to be worthy ③ to be sufficient, to answer, to do
答え 【こたえ】response, reply, answer, solution
立てる 【たてる】① to stand (something) up, to erect (something) ② to make (a noise, a sound) ③ to put (tooth, claw, pointed object) to ④ to set (a plan, etc.), to decide (objective, schedule)
音 【おと】① sound, noise, report ② note (music) ③ fame
工場 【こうじょう】factory, plant, mill, workshop
下りる 【おりる】① to descend (e.g. a mountain), to climb down, to go down, to come down ② to be granted, to be issued, to be given ③ to be discharged, to be passed (from the body; i.e. of a roundworm)
回る 【まわる】① to turn, to revolve ② to visit several places ③ to function well ④ to pass a certain time
見つかる 【みつかる】to be found, to be discovered
別れる 【わかれる】to be divided, to part from, to separate, to bid farewell
安全 【あんぜん】① safety ② security
以内 【いない】within, inside of, less than
学部 【がくぶ】① department of a university ② undergraduate (course, program, etc.)
教育 【きょういく】training, education
受ける 【うける】① to receive, to accept, to get, to inherit ② to catch (e.g. a ball), to parry (e.g. a blow), to take (lesson, test, damage), to sustain (damage), to incur (loss) ③ to become popular, to be well-received, to go down well
住所 【じゅうしょ】address (e.g. of house), residence, domicile
焼ける 【やける】① to burn, to be roasted, to be heated, to be sunburnt, to fade (in the sun), to glow red (i.e. of the sky at sunset) ② to be jealous, to be envious
生活 【せいかつ】living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood
昔 【むかし】olden days, former
息子 【むすこ】son
遊び 【あそび】① playing ② play (margin between on and off, gap before pressing button or lever has an effect)
理由 【りゆう】reason, pretext, motive
簡単 【かんたん】simple
久しぶり 【ひさしぶり】a long time (since the last time), it's been a while (since I last saw, mailed, etc., you)
失敗 【しっぱい】failure, mistake, blunder
紹介 【しょうかい】introduction, referral
触る 【さわる】to touch, to feel
政治 【せいじ】politics, government
珍しい 【めずらしい】① unusual, rare, curious ② new, novel ③ fine (e.g. gift)
適当 【てきとう】① suitable, adequate, relevant, appropriate, fit ② random, halfhearted, on the spot, whatever works
怖がる 【こわがる】to be afraid of, to fear, to dread, to be nervous (about), to be shy (of)
変わる 【かわる】to change, to be transformed, to vary, to be revised, to be different, to move location
片付ける 【かたづける】① to tidy up, to put in order, to straighten up, to put away ② to settle (problem), to clear (dispute) ③ to finish, to bring something to an end ④ to marry off (e.g. a daughter) ⑤ to do away with someone, to bump someone off
忘れ物 【わすれもの】lost article, something forgotten
娘 【むすめ】① (my) daughter ② girl (i.e. a young, unmarried woman)
約束 【やくそく】① arrangement, promise, appointment, pact, engagement ② convention, rule
途中 【とちゅう】① on the way, en route ② in the middle of, midway
難い 【にくい】difficult, hard
頂く 【いただく】① to receive, to get, to accept, to take, to buy ② to eat, to drink ③ to be crowned with, to wear (on one's head), to have (on top) ④ to have (as one's leader), to live under (a ruler), to install (a president)
捕まえる 【つかまえる】to catch, to arrest, to seize
増える 【ふえる】to increase, to multiply
挨拶 【あいさつ】① greeting, greetings, salutation, salute ② speech (congratulatory or appreciative), address ③ reply, response ④ a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark) ⑤ (orig. meaning) dialoging (with another Zen practitioner to ascertain their level of enlightenment)
驚く 【おどろく】to be surprised, to be astonished
厳しい 【きびしい】① severe, strict, rigid, unsparing, relentless ② stern, austere, grave, solemn, majestic ③ intense (cold)
随分 【ずいぶん】① very, extremely, surprisingly, considerably ② contemptible, reprehensible
先輩 【せんぱい】senior (at work or school), superior, elder, older graduate, progenitor, old-timer
棚 【たな】① shelf, shelves, ledge, rack ② trellis
濡れる 【ぬれる】to get wet
寂しい 【さびしい】lonely, lonesome, solitary, desolate
我々 【われわれ】we
それでand, thereupon, because of that
それにbesides, moreover
ちっともnot at all (neg. verb)
いじめるto tease, to torment, to persecute, to chastise
なかなか① very, considerably, easily, readily, fairly, quite, highly, rather ② by no means (with negative verb)
いらっしゃい① (used as a polite imperative) come, go, stay ② welcome!
しつこいinsistent, obstinate
そっとsoftly, gently, quietly, secretly
ぴったりexactly, neatly, sharp
気に入る 【きにいる】to be pleased with, to suit
今後 【こんご】from now on, hereafter
大して 【たいして】(not so) much, (not) very
長 【ちょう】chief, head
行き 【いき】① bound for ... ② going (to)
① (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc., is it so ② hey, come on
以来 【いらい】since, henceforth
意思 【いし】intention, purpose
楽 【らく】comfort, ease
行動 【こうどう】action, conduct, behaviour, behavior, mobilization, mobilisation
国会 【こっかい】National Diet, parliament, congress
使用 【しよう】use, application, employment, utilization, utilisation
借金 【しゃっきん】debt, loan, liabilities
多少 【たしょう】more or less, somewhat, a little, some
中止 【ちゅうし】suspension, stoppage, discontinuance, interruption
注文 【ちゅうもん】order, request
売れる 【うれる】① to sell (well) ② to be well known, to be popular, to be famous
父親 【ちちおや】father
母親 【ははおや】mother
立場 【たちば】standpoint, position, situation
その内 【そのうち】eventually, sooner or later, of the previously mentioned
営業 【えいぎょう】business, trade, sales, operations
王様 【おうさま】king
外交 【がいこう】diplomacy
感じ 【かんじ】feeling, sense, impression
丸 【まる】① circle ② full (e.g. month, day, etc.) ③ perfection, purity ④ suffix for ship names
記入 【きにゅう】entry, filling in of forms
逆 【ぎゃく】① reverse, opposite ② converse (of a hypothesis, etc.)
逆らう 【さからう】to go against, to oppose, to disobey, to defy
金曜 【きんよう】Friday
苦しむ 【くるしむ】to suffer, to groan, to be worried
月曜 【げつよう】Monday
指導 【しどう】① leadership, guidance, coaching ② shido (disciplinary action for a minor infringement of the rules of judo)
事情 【じじょう】circumstances, consideration, conditions, situation, reasons
自身 【じしん】by oneself, personally
自然 【しぜん】① nature, spontaneity ② naturally, spontaneously
実 【み】① fruit, nut ② seed ③ (in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc. ④ content, substance
取り消す 【とりけす】to cancel, to revoke
商売 【しょうばい】trade, business, commerce, transaction, occupation
進学 【しんがく】entering a higher-level school, esp. going on to university
数える 【かぞえる】to count, to enumerate
全く 【まったく】① really, truly, entirely, completely, wholly, perfectly ② indeed ③ good grief (expression of exasperation)
通す 【とおす】to let pass, to overlook, to continue, to keep, to make way for, to persist in
能力 【のうりょく】ability, faculty
犯人 【はんにん】offender, criminal
費用 【ひよう】cost, expense
美人 【びじん】beautiful person (woman)
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
満足 【まんぞく】① satisfaction ② sufficiency
目的 【もくてき】purpose, goal, aim, objective, intention
昨夜 【さくや】① evening ② last night
話し合う 【はなしあう】to discuss, to talk together
面 【めん】① face ② mask, face guard ③ (in kendo) striking the head ④ surface (esp. a geometrical surface) ⑤ page ⑥ aspect, facet, side ⑦ chamfer ⑧ counter for broad, flat objects, levels or stages, e.g. in a video game
暗記 【あんき】memorization, memorisation, learning by heart
幸せ 【しあわせ】happiness, good fortune, luck, blessing
例え 【たとえ】example, simile, metaphor, allegory, parable
感 【かん】feeling, sensation, emotion, admiration, impression
一般 【いっぱん】general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
課 【か】① lesson ② section (in an organization), division, department ③ counter for lessons and chapters (of a book)
解決 【かいけつ】settlement, solution, resolution
患者 【かんじゃ】(a) patient
疑う 【うたがう】to doubt, to distrust, to be suspicious of, to suspect
強盗 【ごうとう】① robber, mugger ② robbery, burglary
劇 【げき】① drama, play ② powerful drug
欠席 【けっせき】absence, non-attendance
現れる 【あらわれる】① to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to embody, to materialize, to materialise ② to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
限り 【かぎり】① limit, limits, bounds ② degree, extent, scope ③ as far as possible, as much as possible, to the best of one's ability ④ unless (after neg. verb) ⑤ the end, the last
公務員 【こうむいん】government worker, public (civil) servant
効果 【こうか】effect, effectiveness, efficacy, result
混乱 【こんらん】disorder, chaos, confusion, mayhem
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
札 【さつ】note, paper money
辞める 【やめる】to resign, to retire, to quit, to leave (one's job, etc.)
失う 【うしなう】to lose, to part with
失業 【しつぎょう】unemployment
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
出席 【しゅっせき】① attendance, presence, appearance ② to attend, to be present, to appear
笑顔 【えがお】smiling face, smile
職 【しょく】employment
尊敬 【そんけい】respect, esteem, reverence, honour, honor
単位 【たんい】① unit, denomination ② credit (in school)
仲間 【なかま】company, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
駐車 【ちゅうしゃ】parking (e.g. car)
調査 【ちょうさ】investigation, examination, inquiry, enquiry, survey
判断 【はんだん】judgement, judgment, decision, adjudication, conclusion, decipherment, divination
被害 【ひがい】damage
報告 【ほうこく】report, information
棒 【ぼう】pole, rod, stick
面接 【めんせつ】interview
輪 【わ】① ring, circle, loop ② hoop ③ wheel
冷静 【れいせい】calm, composure, coolness, serenity
痛み 【いたみ】pain, ache, sore, grief, distress
頼る 【たよる】to rely on, to have recourse to, to depend on
付き合う 【つきあう】① to associate with, to keep company with, to go out with, to go steady with, to get on with ② to go along with, to follow someone's lead, to accompany someone, to compromise
年齢 【ねんれい】age, years
続き 【つづき】sequel, continuation, (also suffix) continuation (in time and space), second series, succession, spell
意志 【いし】will, volition, intention, intent, determination
運命 【うんめい】fate
殴る 【なぐる】to strike, to hit
勘定 【かんじょう】calculation, counting, consideration, reckoning, settlement of an account, allowance
既に 【すでに】already, too late
義務 【ぎむ】duty, obligation, responsibility
却って 【かえって】on the contrary, rather, all the more, instead
刑事 【けいじ】① (police) detective ② criminal matter
慌てる 【あわてる】① to become confused (disconcerted, disorganized, disorganised), to be flustered, to panic ② to be in a hurry, to rush
就職 【しゅうしょく】finding employment, inauguration
臭い 【くさい】① stinking, smelly ② suspicious, fishy ③ clumsy
助け 【たすけ】assistance
詳しい 【くわしい】knowing very well, detailed, full, accurate
譲る 【ゆずる】to turn over, to assign, to hand over, to transmit, to convey, to sell, to dispose of, to yield, to surrender
侵入 【しんにゅう】penetration, invasion, raid, aggression, trespass
世紀 【せいき】century, era
説得 【せっとく】persuasion
粗末 【そまつ】crude, rough, plain, humble
騒ぎ 【さわぎ】uproar, disturbance
態度 【たいど】attitude, manner, behaviour
第 【だい】ordinal
癖 【くせ】a habit (often a bad habit, i.e. vice), peculiarity
霧 【きり】fog, mist
離れる 【はなれる】to be separated from, to leave, to go away, to be a long way off
離婚 【りこん】divorce
あらゆるall, every
丘 【おか】hill, height, knoll, rising ground
勧める 【すすめる】to recommend, to advise, to encourage, to offer (wine)
引っ張る 【ひっぱる】① to pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag ② to pull the ball (baseball)
基づく 【もとづく】to be grounded on, to be based on, to be due to, to originate from
級 【きゅう】class, grade, rank, school class, grade
ご覧 【ごらん】① (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to ② (please) look ③ seeing, looking, watching
親戚 【しんせき】relative
まさに① exactly, surely, certainly ② just (about to), on the verge (of doing or happening) ③ duly, naturally
それでもbut (still), and yet, nevertheless, even so, notwithstanding
揃える 【そろえる】to put things in order, to arrange, to make uniform, to get something ready
うさぎrabbit, hare, cony
とにかくanyhow, at any rate, anyway, somehow or other, generally speaking, in any case
鍋 【なべ】saucepan, pot
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
おじさん① uncle ② old man, mister (vocative)
すっきり① clearly, refreshed ② shapely, neatly, refinedly ③ cleanly, without trouble ④ clearly, plainly, distinctly ⑤ completely, thoroughly ⑥ not at all (with negative sentence), not even slightly
一時 【いちじ】one hour, short time, once, a time, temporarily, at one time, twelfth part of a day
よいしょ① (expression of) effort or strain, Yo-heave-ho! ② to butter up, to suck up to
小 【しょう】① smallness, small item ② short month (i.e. having fewer than 31 days) ③ elementary school ④ younger or inferior (of two items or people with the same name)
言い出す 【いいだす】to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
使い 【つかい】errand, message, messenger, bearer, use, usage, trainer, tamer, mission, familiar spirit, going as envoy
私立 【しりつ】private (establishment)
自習 【じしゅう】self-study
重なる 【かさなる】to be piled up, lie on top of one another, overlap each other
飯 【めし】① meals, food ② cooked rice ③ one's livelihood
お帰り 【おかえり】① return ② welcome home
感想 【かんそう】impressions, thoughts
口実 【こうじつ】excuse, pretext
実力 【じつりょく】① (real) ability, true strength, merit, efficiency, competency ② arms, force
消化 【しょうか】① digestion ② thorough understanding ③ selling accumulated (excess) products, dealing with a large amount of work ④ losing one's form and turning into something else
進路 【しんろ】① route, course ② career, university choices, course (of future life)
登場 【とうじょう】① entry (on stage), appearance (on screen) ② entrance, introduction (into a market)
係わる 【かかわる】① to be affected, to be influenced ② to be concerned with, to have to do with ③ to stick to (opinions)
都 【と】metropolitan, municipal
議員 【ぎいん】member of the Diet, congress or parliament
限度 【げんど】limit, bounds
構造 【こうぞう】structure, construction
寝坊 【ねぼう】sleeping in late
先程 【さきほど】some time ago
争う 【あらそう】① to compete, to contest, to contend ② to quarrel, to argue, to dispute, to be at variance, to oppose ③ (usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
当初 【とうしょ】at first
背負う 【せおう】to be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
武道 【ぶどう】martial arts, military arts, Bushido
方程式 【ほうていしき】equation, formula
暴れる 【あばれる】to act violently, to rage, to struggle, to be riotous
超える 【こえる】① to cross over, to cross, to pass through, to pass over (out of) ② to exceed
余所 【よそ】another place, somewhere else, strange parts
老い 【おい】old age, old person, the old, the aged
付 【づけ】dated (e.g. a letter), date of effect (e.g. a rule change)
及ぼす 【およぼす】to exert, to cause, to exercise
ご免ください 【ごめんください】may I come in?
殺人 【さつじん】murder
氏名 【しめい】full name, identity
煮る 【にる】to boil, to cook
受け入れる 【うけいれる】to accept, to receive
巡る 【めぐる】① to go around ② to return ③ to surround ④ to concern (usu. of disputes)
振り 【ふり】① pretence (pretense), show ② appearance, behaviour ③ swing, swinging ④ lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.) ⑤ unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
甚だしい 【はなはだしい】extreme, excessive, terrible, intense, severe, serious, tremendous, heavy (damage)
丁目 【ちょうめ】district of a town, city block (of irregular size)
展開 【てんかい】① development ② expansion (opposite of compression)
独り 【ひとり】alone, unmarried, solitary
敷地 【しきち】site, plot, lot, grounds
文房具 【ぶんぼうぐ】stationery
いったん① once ② for a moment, temporarily
狙う 【ねらう】to aim at
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
つぶれる① to be smashed ② to become useless, to cease functioning ③ to go bankrupt
もちsticky rice cake
はめる① to insert, to put in (such that there is a snug fit) ② to pigeonhole (into a particular category) ③ to place a ring-shaped object around something (esp. one that restricts freedom, such as handcuffs) ④ to entrap, to set someone up (i.e. frame them for a crime, etc.)
ふざけるto romp, to gambol, to frolic, to joke, to make fun of, to flirt, to mess around, to screw around, to josh
のんきcarefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless, happy-go-lucky, easygoing
あっさりeasily, readily, quickly
きちっとexactly, perfectly
しくじるto fail, to fall through, to blunder
間 【ま】space, room, time, pause
引き取る 【ひきとる】to take charge of, to take over, to retire to a private place
付き 【つき】① furnished with, including ② attached to ③ impression, appearance ④ luck ⑤ sociality ⑥ under, assistant (e.g. to a manager) ⑦ soup base
御負け 【おまけ】① freebie (e.g. with a purchase), something additional, bonus, an extra ② (on the spot) price reduction ③ exaggeration
悪どい 【あくどい】① gaudy, showy, excessive ② crooked, vicious
悪 【あく】evil, wickedness
扱い 【あつかい】treatment, service
一遍 【いっぺん】① once, one time, (all at) once, in one sitting ② exclusively, only, alone
渦 【うず】swirl
家出 【いえで】running away from home, leaving home
果て 【はて】the end, the extremity, the limit, the limits, the result
過ち 【あやまち】fault, error, indiscretion, faux pas
介入 【かいにゅう】intervention
勘弁 【かんべん】pardon, forgiveness, forbearance
疑惑 【ぎわく】doubt, misgivings, distrust, suspicion
及び 【および】and, as well as
強める 【つよめる】to strengthen, to emphasize, to emphasise
脅す 【おどす】to threaten, to menace
業者 【ぎょうしゃ】① trader, merchant ② manufacturer, contractor
恵む 【めぐむ】① to bless, to show mercy to ② to give (money, etc.)
決意 【けつい】decision, determination
孤独 【こどく】isolation, loneliness, solitude
告げる 【つげる】to inform
作用 【さよう】action, operation, effect, function
削減 【さくげん】cut, reduction, curtailment
指摘 【してき】pointing out, identification
資格 【しかく】qualifications, requirements, capabilities
自主 【じしゅ】independence, autonomy
社交 【しゃこう】social life, social intercourse
弱る 【よわる】to weaken, to be troubled, to be downcast, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed, to impair
取り調べる 【とりしらべる】to investigate, to examine
狩り 【かり】hunting
受け継ぐ 【うけつぐ】to inherit, to succeed, to take over
昇進 【しょうしん】promotion
証拠 【しょうこ】evidence, proof
証言 【しょうげん】evidence, testimony
真相 【しんそう】truth, real situation
人格 【じんかく】personality, character, individuality
世辞 【せじ】flattery, compliment
制服 【せいふく】uniform
先 【せん】the future, priority, precedence, former, previous, old, late
選考 【せんこう】selection, screening
疎か 【おろそか】① neglect, negligence, carelessness ② not to mention, needless to say, not to speak of
捜査 【そうさ】search (esp. in criminal investigations), investigation, inquiry, enquiry
対 【つい】① pair, couple, set ② antithesis ③ counter for items that come in pairs ④ counter for sets (of clothes, small furniture, utensils, etc.)
対決 【たいけつ】confrontation, showdown
滞納 【たいのう】non-payment, default
退職 【たいしょく】retirement (from office)
嘆く 【なげく】to sigh, to lament, to grieve
鍛える 【きたえる】to forge, to drill, to temper, to train, to discipline
団結 【だんけつ】unity, union, combination
地獄 【じごく】hell
展示 【てんじ】exhibition, display
登校 【とうこう】attendance (at school), going to school
投げ出す 【なげだす】to throw down, to abandon, to sacrifice, to throw out
踏まえる 【ふまえる】to be based on, to have origin in
動機 【どうき】motive, incentive, motif
同情 【どうじょう】sympathy, compassion, sympathize, sympathise, pity, feel for
粘る 【ねばる】to be sticky, to be adhesive, to persevere, to persist, to stick to
悩み 【なやみ】trouble, troubles, worry, distress, sorrows, anguish, agony, problem
白状 【はくじょう】confession
秘書 【ひしょ】(private) secretary
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
平たい 【ひらたい】① flat, even, level, simple ② plain (speech, etc.), simple
柄 【え】① handle, grip ② stalk (of a mushroom, leaf, etc.)
保険 【ほけん】insurance, guarantee
保護 【ほご】care, protection, shelter, safeguard, guardianship, favor, favour, patronage
本格 【ほんかく】① original method or procedure ② serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
麻 【あさ】flax, linen, hemp
無用 【むよう】useless, futility, needlessness, unnecessariness
勇敢 【ゆうかん】brave, heroic, gallant
余所見 【よそみ】looking away, looking aside
余地 【よち】place, room, margin, scope
用件 【ようけん】business, thing to be done, something that should be perfomed, information that should be conveyed
絡む 【からむ】① to entangle, to entwine ② to pick a quarrel, to find fault ③ to be involved with, to be influenced by, to develop a connection with
乱す 【みだす】to throw out of order, to disarrange, to disturb
利子 【りし】interest (bank)
冷酷 【れいこく】cruelty, coldheartedness, relentless, ruthless
早急 【そうきゅう】urgent
伝言 【でんごん】verbal message, rumor, rumour, word
産む 【うむ】to give birth, to deliver, to produce
専用 【せんよう】① exclusive use, personal use, dedicated ② private (e.g. network)
建前 【たてまえ】① face, official stance, public position or attitude (as opposed to private thoughts) ② ceremony for the erection of the framework of a house ③ tea ceremony procedures, tea ceremony etiquette
見なす 【みなす】to consider as, to regard (as equivalent), to deem (as), to equate
屋敷 【やしき】residence, estate, grounds, premises, mansion
理屈 【りくつ】theory, reason
値する 【あたいする】to be worth, to deserve, to merit
官 【かん】government service, the bureaucracy
塗れ 【まみれ】stain, smear
苦 【く】① pain, anguish, suffering, distress, anxiety, worry, trouble, difficulty, hardship ② duhkha (suffering)
ずぶ濡れ 【ずぶぬれ】soaked, dripping wet
汚す 【けがす】to disgrace, to dishonour, to dishonor, to defile
まして① still more, to say nothing of, not to mention ② still less (with neg. verb)
嫉妬 【しっと】jealousy, envy
しつけhome discipline, training, upbringing, breeding
気まぐれ 【きまぐれ】whim, caprice, whimsy, fickle, moody, uneven temper
させるto make (someone) do
すっぽかすto stand (someone) up, to leave (something) undone, to neglect (a duty)
そこそこ① reasonably, fairly well ② or so, about
ぞっとshiver, shudder
ばばshit, bullshit
やんちゃnaughty, mischievous
らっしゃるto be, to come, to go
キャリア① career ② career government employee ③ carrier
クッキー① cookie, biscuit ② cookie (browser-related file sent from a WWW server)
グラウンドsports ground, sports oval
ケース① case (e.g. receptacle, condition, event, legal action, letter style, etc.) ② Computer-Aided Software Engineering, CASE
スープ(Western) soup
チョーク① chalk ② choke ③ chock
ドンDon (Spanish honorific)
バイト① work (esp. part time or casual) ② byte, octet ③ bite ④ cutting tool, bit
パトカーpatrol car
ピーク① peak ② peek
ピンチ① pinch, crisis ② clothespin
プリントhandout, flyer
ボディー① body ② buddy
メール① email ② mail (usu. in phrases and compound words) ③ male
モードmode, fashion
ランチ① lunch ② launch ③ ranch
ローン① loan ② roan ③ lawn (i.e. short grass) ④ lawn (type of cotton cloth)
何やら 【なにやら】something, for some reason
何かと 【なにかと】one way or another
今 【こん】① the current ..., this ② today's ...
今時 【いまどき】present day, today, recently, these days, nowadays, at this hour
四月 【しがつ】April
十二月 【じゅうにがつ】December
出し 【だし】① dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp) ② pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
話せる 【はなせる】to be understanding, to be sensible
もぐto pluck (usually from a tree), to pick (e.g. apples)
上々 【じょうじょう】the best, great, superb
見せかける 【みせかける】to pretend, to feign
出しゃばる 【でしゃばる】to intrude, to butt in
ファミレスfamily restaurant
お出まし 【おでまし】appearance, presence
ううん① no ② er, well, ... ③ groan
だからこそfor this reason
ばあちゃんgranny, grandma, gran, female senior-citizen (familiar form of address)
じゃうto do something completely
っぽい-ish, -like
ミートローフmeat loaf
母ちゃん 【かあちゃん】mum, mom
パート① part ② part-timer ③ part-time (work)
パイpie, tart
家業 【かぎょう】one's father's occupation
気楽 【きらく】at ease, comfortable
口出し 【くちだし】interference, meddling
作り 【づくり】① making, forming, cultivating, growing ② form, appearance
四方 【よも】every direction
始業 【しぎょう】start of work, commencement, opening
親子 【おやこ】parent and child
人員 【じんいん】number of persons, personnel
水色 【みずいろ】light blue
先方 【せんぽう】① companion, other party (side), he, she, they ② destination ③ person in front
多重 【たじゅう】multiple, multiplex
同じく 【おなじく】similarly, same (idea), same (name)
不十分 【ふじゅうぶん】insufficient, inadequate, imperfect, shortage
ひと言 【ひとこと】single word
少女 【おとめ】young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter
思いつく 【おもいつく】to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea
手つき 【てつき】manner of using one's hands
そういったlike that, this type
引き 【ひき】① pull, patronage, influence ② tug ③ discount
ありexistence (at the present moment)
姉 【ねえ】① used after the name of someone who is an older sister figure ② used with various honorifics to mean (older) sister
お客様 【おきゃくさま】guest, visitor, customer
お守り 【おまもり】charm, amulet
なけなしvery small amount which looks like nothing
学費 【がくひ】tuition, school expenses
局地 【きょくち】municipal, limited area, locality
形見 【かたみ】memento, souvenir
言い当てる 【いいあてる】to guess right
後期 【こうき】latter period, final
口調 【くちょう】tone (e.g. of voice, etc.), (verbal) expression
時点 【じてん】point in time, occasion
弱気 【よわき】timid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
取り返す 【とりかえす】to regain, to recover, to get back
手間取る 【てまどる】to meet unexpected difficulties, to take time, to be delayed
晴らす 【はらす】to dispel, to clear away, to refresh (oneself)
まとも① the front ② honesty, uprightness, directness ③ decency, normality
清水 【しみず】① spring water ② clear (pure) water
様 【ざま】① mess, sorry state, plight, sad sight ② way, manner
直行 【ちょっこう】through, non-stop
年数 【ねんすう】number of years
反す 【かえす】① to return (something), to restore, to put back ② to turn over, to turn upside down, to overturn ③ to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate ④ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to repeat ..., to do ... back
本命 【ほんめい】① favorite, favourite, sure thing, likely winner, certainty ② one's heart's desire
無理やり 【むりやり】forcibly, against one's will
名門 【めいもん】noted family, noble family
面白 【おもしろ】amusing, interesting
予選 【よせん】nomination, primary, preliminary contest
落ち度 【おちど】mistake, error
次 【じ】① next ② hypo- (i.e. containing an element with low valence) ③ order, sequence, time, times
正々堂々 【せいせいどうどう】fair and square, open and aboveboard
留年 【りゅうねん】repeating the same class (school), staying more than two years in the same class
長身 【ちょうしん】tall figure, high stature
よりによってof all things, expression used to criticize a poor decision
受け 【うけ】① popularity, favour, favor, reception ② defense, defence, reputation ③ agreement ④ submissive partner of a homosexual relationship ⑤ receiver of technique (e.g. in martial arts)
勝ち負け 【かちまけ】victory or defeat
真犯人 【しんはんにん】the real criminal
文具 【ぶんぐ】stationery
なきゃ① unless one ..., if one does not ... ② cannot do without something ③ (after negative base of verb) have to do
かかずらう① to be mixed up with, to have a connection with (a troublesome matter) ② to be a stickler about, to be finicky about (some triviality) ③ to take part (in some work), to hang about, to bother (someone)
人組み 【にんぐみ】a ~-man group (after number ~), a group of ~ people
お札 【おさつ】bill, note (currency)
お袋 【おふくろ】one's mother;
しがみつくto cling
因果 【いんが】cause and effect, karma, fate
栄光 【えいこう】glory
疑い 【うたがい】doubt, question, uncertainty, skepticism, scepticism, suspicion, distrust
疑わしい 【うたがわしい】doubtful, questionable, uncertain, disputable, suspicious
逆境 【ぎゃっきょう】adversity
求職 【きゅうしょく】job hunting, seeking employment
許し 【ゆるし】pardon, forgiveness, exemption, permission
競う 【きそう】① to compete with ② to emulate
勤続 【きんぞく】continuous service
警察官 【けいさつかん】policemen, policeman, police officer
見捨てる 【みすてる】to abandon, to fail, to desert, to forsake
現職 【げんしょく】present post, current office, (an) incumbent
荒波 【あらなみ】stormy seas, raging waves
妻子 【さいし】wife and children
やむを得ず 【やむをえず】unavoidably, inevitably, necessarily, reluctantly, against one's will
辞令 【じれい】notice of personnel change (appointment, dismissal, etc.)
乗り越える 【のりこえる】to climb over, to ride across, to surmount
先制 【せんせい】preempt, head-start (of several runs) (baseball)
戦略 【せんりゃく】strategy, tactics
仲間外れ 【なかまはずれ】being left out
痛む 【いたむ】to hurt, to feel a pain, to be injured
怒る 【いかる】① to get angry, to get mad ② to tell someone off, to scold ③ to be angular, to be square
盗み見る 【ぬすみみる】to steal a glance, to intercept and read (e.g. other people's email)
突入 【とつにゅう】rushing, breaking into
不純 【ふじゅん】impurity, adulteration, dishonesty, irregularity
不法 【ふほう】lawlessness, injustice, illegality, unlawfulness
物差し 【ものさし】ruler, measure
閉じこもる 【とじこもる】to seclude oneself, to shut oneself away
法外 【ほうがい】exorbitant, outrageous
まだまだstill some way to go before the goal, still more to come, much more, not yet
なくす① to lose something ② to get rid of ③ to lose someone (wife, child, etc.)
無責任 【むせきにん】irresponsibility
有給 【ゆうきゅう】salaried, with pay
裏目 【うらめ】① reverse side, opposite (of the expected), backfire ② purl stitch (knitting)
老後 【ろうご】old age
いなno, nay, well
肩代わり 【かたがわり】shouldering another's debt
利く 【きく】① to be effective, to show effect ② to do its work, to carry out its function well ③ to be possible to use
飛び降りる 【とびおりる】to jump down, to jump off, to jump from, to jump out of
取り込み 【とりこみ】① taking in, capturing ② confusion, bustle
手一杯 【ていっぱい】having one's hands full, not having any room to do more, at the limit
切り捨て 【きりすて】(historical) using people of low rank as sword fodder, omission, rounding down
城 【じょう】castle (in place names)
そもそもin the first place, to begin with, from the start, originally, ab initio
悪徳 【あくとく】vice, immorality, corruption
あん摩 【あんま】① massage, esp. the Anma Japanese type of massage ② masseur, masseuse
伊達 【だて】① elegance, dandyism, sophistication, having style ② affectation, showing off, putting on an air, appearances, just for show
芋 【いも】① tuber, taro, potato ② yokel, bumpkin
隠し事 【かくしごと】secret
往来 【おうらい】coming and going, road, correspondence, street traffic, highway
がき① brat, kids ② preta (hungry ghost), ghoul
看過 【かんか】connivance, shutting one's eyes to
たくらむto scheme, to plan, to play a trick, to invent, to conspire, to frame up
奇異 【きい】odd, strange, wonderful
強敵 【きょうてき】formidable enemy
駆逐 【くちく】extermination, expulsion, destruction
激動 【げきどう】terrible shock, agitation, upheaval
剣道 【けんどう】kendo (lit: way of the sword), swordmanship, fencing
検証 【けんしょう】verification, inspection
素 【もと】ingredient
豪雨 【ごうう】heavy rain, cloudburst, downpour
酌量 【しゃくりょう】consideration, pardon
釈放 【しゃくほう】release, liberation, acquittal
獣医 【じゅうい】veterinarian
振り回す 【ふりまわす】to wield, to brandish, to flourish, to wave (about), to swing, to display, to show off, to abuse
浸る 【ひたる】to be soaked in, to be flooded, to be immersed in
神髄 【しんずい】true meaning, mystery, essence, quintessence, soul, core, kernel, life blood
垂らす 【たらす】① to dribble, to spill ② to suspend, to hang down, to slouch, to dangle
素振り 【そぶり】behavior, behaviour, manner, attitude, bearing
代議士 【だいぎし】parliamentarian, member of a congress
丁 【ちょう】① counter for sheets, pages, leaves, etc. ② counter for blocks of tofu, counter for servings in a restaurant ③ counter for long and narrow things such as guns, scissors, spades, hoes, inksticks, palanquins, candles, jinrikishas, shamisen, oars, etc. ④ even number ⑤ 109.09 m
帳 【ちょう】book, register
撤回 【てっかい】withdrawal, revocation, repeal
豆腐 【とうふ】tofu, bean-curd
闘争 【とうそう】strife, conflict
同級生 【どうきゅうせい】classmate, classmates
いかなるany kind of (with neg. verb)
忍び込む 【しのびこむ】to creep in, to steal in
不器用 【ぶきよう】awkward, clumsy, unskillfulness, lack of ability
弁明 【べんめい】explanation, excuse, vindication, apology
無為 【むい】idleness, inactivity
黙認 【もくにん】connivance, tacit consent, toleration
目撃 【もくげき】① to observe, to witness ② eye-witness
薬剤師 【やくざいし】chemist, pharmacist
誘い 【さそい】① invitation, introduction ② temptation
揺れ動く 【ゆれうごく】to tremble
欲張る 【よくばる】to covet, to lust for
霊魂 【れいこん】soul, spirit
麗しい 【うるわしい】beautiful, lovely
腕立て伏せ 【うでたてふせ】push-up (exercise)
飢え死に 【うえじに】(death from) starvation, starving to death
つまむto pinch, to hold, to pick up
揺るがす 【ゆるがす】to shake, to swing, to sway, to shock
投げ遣り 【なげやり】negligent, careless, slovenly, reckless, casual, irresponsible
あくまでもto the last, persistency, thoroughness
神璽 【しんじ】① Imperial regalia (esp. the jewel Yasakani no Magatama) ② emperor's seal
奨学 【しょうがく】encouragement to study
愚痴る 【ぐちる】to complain, to grumble
蓄え 【たくわえ】store, reserve, stock, savings
それなりin itself, as it is
胃癌 【いがん】stomach cancer
いかcuttlefish, squid
遠吠え 【とおぼえ】howling
混沌 【こんとん】① confusion, chaos, disorder ② chaotic, confused, uncertain, disarrayed
ちょうどjust, right, exactly
脳味噌 【のうみそ】brains, brain tissue
ほとんどmostly, almost
やたらat random, thoughtlessly, recklessly, excessively
枷 【かせ】① shackles, fetters, irons, handcuffs, restraint, constraint ② bonds (e.g. family), ties, binding relationship, binding relationships, encumbrance
韲える 【あえる】to dress vegetables (salad)
昆布 【こんぶ】kombu (any kelp of genus Laminaria) (konbu), devil's apron
襁褓 【むつき】diaper, nappy
宛先 【あてさき】address, destination
閾値 【いきち】threshold (amount, dose, etc.)
疚しい 【やましい】(feel) guilty, (having a) guilty conscience
涜神 【とくしん】blasphemy
こうしてthus, in this way
笆 【ませ】divider between boxes (i.e. for box seats) in a theatre, etc.
面晤 【めんご】face-to-face conversation, interview