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サムライ・ハイスクール (‘Samurai High School’) Vol. 4: episodes 7 to 9

Author (public: access, edit)

Vocab for episodes 7 to 9 of the TV series ‘サムライ・ハイスクール’ (‘Samurai High School’). This is volume 4/4. Vocab already listed in past volumes is not included. Check out the ‘Most Common Vocab’ set (Vol. 0) for a list of the most common terms throughout the series.



519 entriesCreated by Public Domain — Last modified: 2016-11-03 13:55:26
ゆっくりslowly, at ease, restful
ノート① notebook, copy-book, exercise book ② note ③ notebook PC
語 【ご】① language ② word
山 【やま】① mountain ② pile, heap ③ climax, critical point ④ speculated area covered by an examination
七 【なな】seven
新聞 【しんぶん】newspaper
来年 【らいねん】next year
① indicates location of action, at, in ② indicates time of action ③ indicates means of action, cause of effect, by ④ and then, so
英語 【えいご】English (language)
遠い 【とおい】far, distant
楽しい 【たのしい】enjoyable, fun
兄 【あに】older brother
兄さん 【にいさん】① older brother, elder brother ② brother (as older-brother figure in friendly and or work relationship) ③ (vocative) young man, buddy, fella, laddie
黒い 【くろい】① black ② dark ③ illicit, wicked, underground
写真 【しゃしん】① photograph, photo ② movie
大好き 【だいすき】loveable, very likeable, like very much
肉 【にく】① flesh ② meat ③ the physical body (as opposed to the spirit) ④ thickness ⑤ ink pad
病院 【びょういん】hospital
階 【かい】① stories, storeys ② counter for storeys and floors of a building
勤める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
交番 【こうばん】① police box ② alternation, alternating (e.g. current)
細い 【ほそい】thin, slender, fine
辺 【へん】① area, vicinity ② side (of triangle, rectangle, etc.) ③ circumstances
警官 【けいかん】policeman
座る 【すわる】① to sit, to squat ② to assume (a position) ③ to hold steady, to hold still
雑誌 【ざっし】journal, magazine, periodical
渡す 【わたす】① to ferry across (a river, etc.), to carry across, to traverse ② to lay across, to build across ③ to hand over, to hand in, to pass, to give, to transfer
渡る 【わたる】① to cross over, to go across ② to extend, to cover, to range, to span
いいえ① no, nay ② well, er, why
鉛筆 【えんぴつ】pencil
鍵 【かぎ】① key ② lock
沢山 【たくさん】many, a lot, much
やっとat last, at length
上がる 【あがる】① to rise, to go up, to come up, to ascend, to be raised ② to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in ③ to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade ④ to get out (of water), to come ashore ⑤ to increase ⑥ to improve, to make progress ⑦ to be promoted, to advance ⑧ to be made (of profit, etc.) ⑨ to occur (esp. of a favourable result) ⑩ to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.) ⑪ to be finished, to be done, to be over ⑫ (of rain) to stop, to lift ⑬ to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out, to die ⑭ to win (in a card game, etc.) ⑮ to be arrested ⑯ to turn up (of evidence, etc.) ⑰ to be deep fried ⑱ to be spoken loudly ⑲ to get stage fright ⑳ to be offered (to the gods, etc.) ○ to go, to visit ○ to eat, to drink ○ to be listed (as a candidate) ○ to serve (in one's master's home) ○ (in Kyoto) to go north ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
以外 【いがい】with the exception of, excepting
運動 【うんどう】motion, exercise
火 【ひ】fire, flame, blaze
火事 【かじ】fire, conflagration
開く 【ひらく】① to open (e.g. a bank-account, festival, etc.) ② to spread out, to open up (flower bud, umbrella, etc.), to widen (gap, distance, width) ③ to hold, to give (party, conference, etc.)
楽しみ 【たのしみ】① enjoyment, pleasure, diversion, amusement, hobby ② anticipation, looking forward to
見物 【けんぶつ】sightseeing, sightseer, watching, watcher
好く 【すく】to like, to love, to be fond of
十分 【じゅうぶん】① plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate ② division into ten ③ perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
代 【だい】① charge, cost, price ② generation, age, reign ③ (geological) era ④ (after someone's name or title) a representative of, on behalf of, for (someone) ⑤ used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number ⑥ counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. ⑦ counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.) ⑧ proxy application company
育てる 【そだてる】to raise, to rear, to bring up
残る 【のこる】to remain, to be left
寺 【てら】temple (Buddhist)
場所 【ばしょ】① place, location, spot, position ② room, space ③ basho (sumo wrestling tournament)
星 【ほし】① star, any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon) ② suspect (police slang)
投げる 【なげる】① to throw, to cast away ② to face defeat, to give up
倍 【ばい】① twice, double ② times, -fold
葉 【は】leaf
掛ける 【かける】① to hang (e.g. picture), to hoist (e.g. sail), to raise (e.g. flag) ② to sit ③ to be partway (verb), to begin (but not complete) ④ to take (time, money), to expend (money, time, etc.) ⑤ to make (a call) ⑥ to multiply ⑦ to secure (e.g. lock) ⑧ to put on (glasses, etc.) ⑨ to cover ⑩ to burden someone ⑪ to apply (insurance) ⑫ to turn on (an engine, etc.), to set (a dial, an alarm clock, etc.) ⑬ to put an effect (spell, anaesthetic, etc.) on ⑭ to hold an emotion for (pity, hope, etc.) ⑮ to bind ⑯ to pour (or sprinkle, spray, etc.) onto ⑰ to argue (in court), to deliberate (in a meeting), to present (e.g. idea to a conference, etc.) ⑱ to increase further ⑲ to catch (in a trap, etc.) ⑳ to set atop ○ to erect (a makeshift building) ○ to hold (a play, festival, etc.) ○ (after -masu stem of verb) indicates (verb) is being directed to (someone)
届ける 【とどける】to deliver, to forward, to send, to report, to file notice (to the authorities)
夫 【おっと】husband
遅れる 【おくれる】to be late, to be delayed, to fall behind schedule, to be overdue
ご存じ 【ごぞんじ】① knowing ② (an) acquaintance
周り 【まわり】① circumference, perimeter, edge ② surroundings, locality, neighborhood ③ rotation, circulation
見舞い 【みまい】① visiting ill or distressed people, writing get-well letters ② get-well gifts, get-well letters ③ expression of sympathy, expression of concern, enquiry, inquiry
壊れる 【こわれる】① to be broken, to break ② to fall through, to come to nothing
仰っしゃる 【おっしゃる】to say, to speak, to tell, to talk
尋ねる 【たずねる】① to ask, to enquire, to inquire ② to search, to look for, to look into, to investigate
びっくり① to be surprised, to be amazed, to be frightened, to be astonished ② surprise (e.g. surprise party) ③ surprise
しばらく① little while, short while, moment, instant ② a while, quite a time ③ it's been a long time
とうとうfinally, at last, reaching a head
本の 【ほんの】mere, only, just
何とも 【なんとも】nothing (with neg. verb), quite, not a bit
間もなく 【まもなく】① soon, before long, in a short time ② (after verb) lacking time to ..., without time to ...
左右 【さゆう】① left and right ② influence, control, domination
一方 【いっぽう】① one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party ② on the one hand, on the other hand ③ whereas, although, but at the same time, meanwhile, in turn ④ (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing, only
運 【うん】fortune, luck
思わず 【おもわず】unintentionally, reflexively, spontaneously, involuntarily, instinctively
持ち上げる 【もちあげる】to raise, to lift up, to flatter
質 【しつ】quality
世間 【せけん】world, society
発見 【はっけん】discovery, detection, finding
風 【ふう】① method, manner, way, style ② appearance, air ③ tendency ④ folk song (genre of the Shi Jing) ⑤ wind (one of the five elements)
旅 【たび】travel, trip, journey
少なくとも 【すくなくとも】at least
ところがeven so, however, still, whereupon, even though, nevertheless, on the contrary, as a matter of fact, despite
育つ 【そだつ】to be raised (e.g. child), to be brought up, to grow (up)
一流 【いちりゅう】first-class, top grade, school (of art), foremost, top-notch, unique
確かめる 【たしかめる】to ascertain, to check, to make sure
期間 【きかん】period, term, interval
記事 【きじ】article, news story, report, account
求める 【もとめる】to seek, to request, to demand, to want, to wish for, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job), to buy
向ける 【むける】to turn towards, to point
考え 【かんがえ】thinking, thought, ideas, intention
根 【ね】① root (of a plant) ② root (of a tooth, hair, etc.), center (of a pimple, etc.) ③ root root (of all evil, etc.), source, origin, cause, basis ④ one's true nature ⑤ (fishing) reef
集会 【しゅうかい】meeting, assembly
ところで① by the way, incidentally ② even if, no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)
常に 【つねに】always, constantly
生き物 【いきもの】living thing, animal
秒 【びょう】second (60th min)
無し 【なし】without
明らか 【あきらか】obvious, evident, clear, plain
流れ 【ながれ】stream, current, flow
流行る 【はやる】① to be popular, to come into fashion ② to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic ③ to flourish, to thrive
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
様々 【さまざま】varied, various
内 【ない】inside, within
囲む 【かこむ】to surround, to encircle
違反 【いはん】violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
永遠 【えいえん】eternity, perpetuity, immortality, permanence
鋭い 【するどい】pointed, sharp
煙 【けむり】smoke, fumes
確認 【かくにん】affirmation, confirmation, validation
割る 【わる】to divide, to cut, to break, to halve, to separate, to split, to rip, to crack, to smash, to dilute
間違い 【まちがい】mistake
恐らく 【おそらく】perhaps, likely, probably, I dare say
苦労 【くろう】troubles, hardships
建設 【けんせつ】construction, establishment
現在 【げんざい】now, current, present, present time, as of
限る 【かぎる】to restrict, to limit, to confine
限界 【げんかい】limit, bound
個人 【こじん】individual, private person, personal, private
誤解 【ごかい】misunderstanding
差す 【さす】① to raise (e.g. hands, umbrella), to stretch out ② to be tinged ③ to wear at one's side (e.g. sword) ④ to shine ⑤ to provoke a feeling
殺す 【ころす】to kill
伺う 【うかがう】① to visit, to ask, to inquire, to hear, to be told ② to implore (a god for an oracle), to seek direction (from your superior) ③ to visit ④ to speak to (a large crowd at a theatre, etc.)
実際 【じっさい】① practicality, practical ② reality, actuality, actual conditions ③ bhutakoti (limit of reality)
順 【じゅん】order, turn
招く 【まねく】to invite
城 【しろ】castle
職業 【しょくぎょう】occupation, business
触れる 【ふれる】① to touch, to feel ② to experience, to come in contact with, to be emotionally moved (by), to perceive ③ to touch on a subject, to allude to ④ to be in conflict (with), to violate (law, copyright, etc.) ⑤ to proclaim
責める 【せめる】to condemn, to blame, to criticize, to criticise
設備 【せつび】equipment, device, facilities, installation
相変わらず 【あいかわらず】as ever, as usual, the same
存じる 【ぞんじる】to think, feel, consider, know, etc.
孫 【まご】grandchild
仲 【なか】relation, relationship
直接 【ちょくせつ】direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
怒鳴る 【どなる】to shout, to yell
燃える 【もえる】to burn, to get fired up
抜く 【ぬく】① to extract, to omit, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug ② to do something to the end
疲れ 【つかれ】tiredness, fatigue
暮らす 【くらす】① to live, to get along ② to spend (time)
方針 【ほうしん】objective, plan, policy
法則 【ほうそく】law, rule
埋める 【うめる】① to bury (e.g. in the ground) ② to fill up (e.g. audience fills a hall), to fill (a seat, a vacant position) ③ to plug gaps, to stop a gap ④ to make amends, to cover up for something ⑤ to put cold water in a bath ⑥ to cover, to scatter something over
戻す 【もどす】to restore, to put back, to return, to give back
理解 【りかい】understanding, comprehension, appreciation, sympathy
涙 【なみだ】① tear, tears, lachrymal secretion ② sympathy
永久 【えいきゅう】① eternity, perpetuity, immortality ② Eikyuu era (1113.7.13-1118.4.3)
最中 【さいちゅう】in the middle of, height of, in course of, midst
追いかける 【おいかける】to chase, to run after, to pursue
隠れる 【かくれる】to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
応じる 【おうじる】to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
価値 【かち】value, worth, merit
兼ねる 【かねる】① to be unable to (usu. kana), to find difficult (unpleasant, awkward, painful) to do (usu. kana) ② to simultaneously serve two or more functions or roles, to contain (or combine) two or more features ③ to simultaneously work in two or more jobs (positions, etc.), to do alongside ④ to hesitate to do something (out of consideration for others) ⑤ to think of the future (as well as the present)
死 【し】death, decease
主義 【しゅぎ】doctrine, rule, principle
就く 【つく】① to ascend (the throne), to accede ② to take (seat, position, course, etc.), to assume ③ to start (on a journey), to commence, to depart ④ to study (under teacher), to be an apprentice
逮捕 【たいほ】arrest, apprehension, capture
独立 【どくりつ】independence (e.g. Independence Day), self-support
迫る 【せまる】to draw near, to press (someone for something)
武器 【ぶき】weapon, arms, ordnance
無視 【むし】disregard, ignore
傷 【きず】① wound, injury, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scrape, scar ② chip, crack, scratch, nick ③ flaw, defect, weakness, weak point ④ stain (on one's reputation), disgrace, dishonor, dishonour ⑤ (emotional) hurt, hurt feelings
怪しい 【あやしい】① suspicious, dubious, doubtful, dodgy ② charming, bewitching
保証 【ほしょう】guarantee, security, assurance, pledge, warranty
ごちそうさま① word used after one has been treated (esp. used after a meal) ② used after hearing something lovey-dovey
たちまちat once, in a moment, suddenly, all at once
羨ましい 【うらやましい】① envious (feeling, etc.), jealous ② enviable (position, etc.)
ようやく① finally, at last ② barely, narrowly, hardly, only just ③ gradually, little by little, by degrees
潰す 【つぶす】① to smash, to crush ② to shut down ③ to thwart, to block ④ to kill (time) ⑤ to waste (e.g. talents)
謎 【なぞ】① riddle, puzzle, enigma, mystery ② enigmatic, mysterious
脇 【わき】① side, aside ② armpit ③ back-burner
せめてat least, at most
前後 【ぜんご】around, throughout, front and back, before and behind, before and after, about that (time), longitudinal, context, nearly, approximately
長男 【ちょうなん】eldest son
日々 【ひび】every day, daily, day after day, days (e.g. good old days)
帰す 【かえす】to send (someone) back, to send (someone) home
とどまる① to stop, to halt ② to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place) ③ to come to a halt ④ to be limited to
集まる 【あつまる】to gather, to collect, to assemble
発売 【はつばい】sale, offering for sale, release (for sale), launch (product)
公式 【こうしき】① formality, formal, official ② formula
定期 【ていき】① fixed term ② fixed-term commutation pass ③ fixed-term deposit
落ち着く 【おちつく】to calm down, to settle down, to be steady, to settle in, to take up one's residence, to harmonize with, to harmonise with, to match, to restore presence of mind
ご苦労さま 【ごくろうさま】thank you very much for your ..., I appreciate your efforts
育児 【いくじ】childcare, nursing, upbringing
務める 【つとめる】① to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in) ② to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of) ③ to conduct a religious service
近寄る 【ちかよる】to approach, to draw near
警備 【けいび】defense, defence, guard, policing, security
交差 【こうさ】① crossing, intersection ② (genetic) crossing over
公務 【こうむ】official business, public business
子孫 【しそん】descendants, posterity, offspring
大戦 【たいせん】great war, great battle
宅 【たく】house, home, husband
逃がす 【にがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
拝見 【はいけん】seeing, look at
片付く 【かたづく】① to be put in order, to be put to rights ② to be disposed of, to be solved ③ to be finished ④ to be married (off)
翌日 【よくじつ】next day
連れ 【つれ】companion, company
坊ちゃん 【ぼっちゃん】① son (of others) ② young master ③ green young man from a well-to-do family
句 【く】① section (i.e. of text), sentence, passage, paragraph ② phrase ③ verse (of 5 or 7 mora in Japanese poetry; of 4, 5, or 7 characters in Chinese poetry) ④ haiku, first 17 morae of a renga, etc. ⑤ maxim, saying, idiom, expression
研修 【けんしゅう】training (esp. in-service), induction course
厳重 【げんじゅう】strict, rigour, rigor, severe, firm, strong, secure
校舎 【こうしゃ】school building
恨み 【うらみ】① resentment, grudge, malice, bitterness ② matter for regret, regret
恨む 【うらむ】① to resent, to curse, to feel bitter, to blame, to bear a grudge ② to regret
取り戻す 【とりもどす】to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover
就任 【しゅうにん】inauguration, assumption of office
縦 【たて】① the vertical, height ② front-to-back, length
鐘 【かね】bell (often a large hanging bell), chime
惜しい 【おしい】① regrettable, disappointing ② precious, dear, valuable ③ too good for, deserving better ④ almost but not quite
物騒 【ぶっそう】dangerous, disturbed, insecure
納める 【おさめる】① to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees) ② to supply ③ to store ④ to finish, to bring to a close ⑤ to restore (something to its place) ⑥ to achieve (e.g. a result)
すなわちthat is, namely, i.e.
たんすchest of drawers, bureau, cabinet, tansu, dresser
ややa little, partially, somewhat, a short time, a while
もたらすto bring, to take, to bring about
おっかない① frightening, scary ② extreme, exaggerated, huge
着 【ぎ】clothes, outfit, uniform, gi
共産党 【きょうさんとう】Communist Party
初 【はつ】first, new
一層 【いっそ】① much more, still more, all the more, (would) rather, sooner, might as well ② single layer (or storey, etc.)
映像 【えいぞう】reflection, image, picture (e.g. on a television), shot, clip
縁 【えん】① fate, destiny (esp. as a mysterious force that binds two people together) ② relationship (e.g. between two people), bond, link, connection ③ family ties, affinity ④ opportunity, chance (to meet someone and start a relationship) ⑤ pratyaya (indirect conditions, as opposed to direct causes) ⑥ narrow open-air veranda
会見 【かいけん】interview, audience
回収 【かいしゅう】collection, recovery, withdrawal, retrieval
格差 【かくさ】qualitative difference, disparity
核心 【かくしん】kernel, core
確保 【かくほ】guarantee, maintain, ensure, insure, secure, reservation
頑固 【がんこ】stubbornness, obstinacy
願書 【がんしょ】written application or petition, application form
経る 【へる】to pass, to elapse, to experience
経緯 【けいい】① details, whole story, sequence of events, chronology, particulars, how it started, how things got this way ② complications, position
継ぐ 【つぐ】to succeed (someone in a business or inheritance)
権力 【けんりょく】(political) power, authority, influence
誇る 【ほこる】to boast of, to be proud of
抗議 【こうぎ】protest, objection
再建 【さいけん】rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation
策 【さく】plan, policy
仕切る 【しきる】① to partition, to divide, to mark off, to itemize ② to direct, to take control, to manage, to take responsibility ③ to settle accounts ④ to toe the mark
事項 【じこう】matter, item, facts
辞職 【じしょく】resignation
借り 【かり】borrowing, debt, loan
出社 【しゅっしゃ】going to work (e.g. in the morning), coming to work
諸君 【しょくん】Gentlemen!, Ladies!
象徴 【しょうちょう】symbol
心得 【こころえ】knowledge, information
正解 【せいかい】correct, right, correct interpretation (answer, solution)
正義 【せいぎ】justice, right, righteousness, correct meaning
清らか 【きよらか】clean, pure, chaste
設ける 【もうける】to create, to establish
騒動 【そうどう】strife, riot, rebellion, turmoil
存続 【そんぞく】duration, continuance
太刀 【たち】long sword
対応 【たいおう】① interaction, correspondence, coping with, dealing with, support ② software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
抽選 【ちゅうせん】lottery, raffle, drawing (of lots)
転換 【てんかん】convert, divert
倒産 【とうさん】(corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency, commercial failure, failed business
投資 【とうし】investment
到底 【とうてい】(cannot) possibly, no matter how
逃走 【とうそう】flight, desertion, escape
動き 【うごき】movement, activity, trend, development, change
同い年 【おないどし】of the same age
同士 【どうし】fellow, mutual, companion, comrade, bonding
日夜 【にちや】day and night, always
票 【ひょう】label, ballot, ticket, sign
不況 【ふきょう】recession, depression, slump
赴く 【おもむく】to go, to proceed, to repair to, to become
復活 【ふっかつ】① revival (e.g. musical), come-back ② restoration, rebirth, resurrection
分離 【ぶんり】separation, partition, detachment, segregation, isolation, decollation
募る 【つのる】① to invite contributions, etc., to solicit help, participation, etc., to recruit (e.g. soldiers) ② to grow violent, to become stronger, to become worse
母校 【ぼこう】alma mater
妨害 【ぼうがい】disturbance, obstruction, hindrance, jamming, interference
未だ 【いまだ】① as yet, hitherto, still ② not yet (with negative verb)
未練 【みれん】lingering affection, attachment, regret, regrets, reluctance
問う 【とう】① to ask, to question, to inquire ② to charge (i.e. with a crime), to accuse ③ to care (about) ④ without regard to (with negative verb)
優勢 【ゆうせい】superiority, superior power, predominance, preponderance
優先 【ゆうせん】preference, priority, precedence
遥か 【はるか】far, far away, distant, remote, far off
立ち去る 【たちさる】to leave, to depart, to take one's leave
励む 【はげむ】to be zealous, to brace oneself, to endeavour, to endeavor, to strive, to make an effort
連邦 【れんぽう】commonwealth, federation of states
誠 【まこと】① truth, reality ② sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity
打ち込む 【うちこむ】to drive in (e.g. nail, stake), to devote oneself to, to shoot into, to smash, to throw into, to cast into
打ち明ける 【うちあける】to be frank, to speak one's mind, to open one's heart
肝心 【かんじん】essential, fundamental, crucial, vital, main
さっと① quickly (esp. actions) ② suddenly (esp. wind, rain, etc.)
ひたすらnothing but, earnest, intent, determined, set on (something)
あえてdare (to do something), venture (often overcoming reluctance, or in the face of probable failure), take upon oneself, challenge, presume, (there is no) need to, (don't) go as far as, definitely (not)
むちゃくちゃconfused, jumbled, mixed up, unreasonable
完璧 【かんぺき】perfect, complete, flawless
とりあえずat once, first of all, for the time being, for now
よっぽど① very, greatly, much, to a large extent, quite ② just about to
ろくなsatisfactory, decent
イエス① Jesus ② yes
サボるto be truant, to play hooky, to skip school, to skip out, to be idle, to sabotage by slowness
センターcentre, center
ソビエトSoviet Union
タイム① time ② thyme
ティッシュ(facial) tissues
テロterror, terrorism
トランプplaying cards (from trump)
ドラマ① drama ② TV drama, teledrama, play
ハーフ① half ② someone of mixed race
ファースト① first ② first baseman, first base ③ fast
ライバルrival, competition
レベル① level ② rebel ③ revel
後 【のち】① later, afterwards, since ② future ③ after one's death
今さら 【いまさら】now (after such a long time), at this late hour (i.e. it is too late for something)
三月 【さんがつ】March
人前 【にんまえ】portion of food
生み出す 【うみだす】① to create, to bring forth, to produce ② to invent, to think up and bring into being ③ to give birth to, to bear
千万 【せんまん】10,000,000, ten million, myriad
分け 【わけ】① sharing, division ② draw, tie
見え 【みえ】show, display, appearance, vanity, charm, attraction
今日 【こんち】today, this day
生む 【うむ】to give birth, to deliver, to produce
行い 【おこない】deed, act, action, conduct, behavior, behaviour, asceticism
来す 【きたす】to cause, to induce, to bring about a result or state, to produce
何もかも 【なにもかも】anything and everything, just about everything
何にも 【なんにも】nothing at all
ホームページweb site, home page
でっちあげfabrication, put-up job, trumped-up story, frame-up, hoax
そうですねthat's so, isn't it
そうねOh well
それにしてもnevertheless, at any rate, even so
めげるto be discouraged, to shrink from
どん① very, totally ② polite suffix used after a person's name (often of an apprentice; used much more broadly in southern Kyushu) ③ bang (e.g. of large drum, signal pistol, etc.), with a thud, sound when slamming something down
わい(sentence end, mainly male) indicates emotion
やり方 【やりかた】manner of doing, way, method, means
ジュース① juice ② soft drink (any (sweet) non-alcoholic beverage, carbonated or uncarbonated) ③ deuce
意気 【いき】spirit, heart, disposition
一理 【いちり】(a) principle, (a) reason
家名 【かめい】① family name, house name ② family honour, family honor
学院 【がくいん】institute, academy
近づく 【ちかづく】to approach, to get near, to get acquainted with, to get closer
言い方 【いいかた】way of talking, speaking style
仕業 【しわざ】act, action, deed
思いやり 【おもいやり】consideration, sympathy
正 【せい】① (logical) true, regular ② 10^40 ③ original ④ positive, greater than zero
勉学 【べんがく】study, pursuit of knowledge
本意 【ほんい】one's real intent, one's real motive, one's real hopes, one's original purpose
主人 【あるじ】head (of a household), proprietor (of a store), proprietress, landlord, landlady, master (of a servant)
正気 【しょうき】true character, true heart, true spirit, sanity, consciousness, soberness
立てこもる 【たてこもる】to barricade oneself in, to hold (a fort, etc.), to shut oneself up, to be besieged, to dig in
持ち主 【もちぬし】owner, proprietor
安々 【やすやす】calmly, peacefully, painlessly, comfortably
言いがかり 【いいがかり】false accusation, pretext, commitment
手出し 【てだし】meddling, interfering
時世 【じせい】the times
この世 【このよ】this world, the present life
世にも 【よにも】extremely, very
本会 【ほんかい】① formal meeting (committee, etc.), session ② this (the aforementioned, our) association (society, organisation)
お返し 【おかえし】① return gift, return favour (favor) ② revenge ③ change (in a cash transaction)
っ放し 【っぱなし】keep -ing, have been -ing, to leave
医学部 【いがくぶ】medical faculty
英単語 【えいたんご】English word
校内 【こうない】within a school
仕組む 【しくむ】to devise, to arrange, to plan, to plot
事実無根 【じじつむこん】groundless, entirely contrary to fact
弱虫 【よわむし】coward, weakling
宿る 【やどる】① to lodge, to dwell ② to be pregnant
書記 【しょき】clerk, secretary
小道具 【こどうぐ】props, (stage) properties, gadgets
新 【しん】① new, neo- ② Gregorian calendar ③ Xin (dynasty of China)
深み 【ふかみ】depth, deep place
進退 【しんたい】movement, course of action, advance or retreat
先決 【せんけつ】previous decision, predetermination, deciding in advance, first priority
全校 【ぜんこう】the whole school
たたき① mince (minced meat or fish) ② hard-packed dirt (clay, gravel, etc.) floor, concrete floor
読み取る 【よみとる】① to read (someone's) mind, to read between the lines ② to read (a calibration, a tape, etc.), to read (out)
筆頭 【ひっとう】brush tip, first on a list
追いつく 【おいつく】to overtake, to catch up (with)
立ち入り禁止 【たちいりきんし】no entry, Keep Off!, No Trespassing
もったいない① too good, more than one deserves, unworthy of ② wasteful
わが家 【わがや】our house, our home
筆記用具 【ひっきようぐ】writing implement
その物 【そのもの】the very thing, itself
お断わり 【おことわり】declining, nonacceptance, declination, refusal, rejection, turndown
打ち切り 【うちきり】end, close, finish, discontinuance
落ち着ける 【おちつける】to quiet, to calm down, to compose oneself, to settle down
目線 【めせん】① one's gaze ② from the point of view of
小竹 【ささ】bamboo grass
悪法 【あくほう】bad law
一刻 【いっこく】① minute, moment, an instant ② stubborn, hot-headed
横暴 【おうぼう】violence, oppression, high-handedness, tyranny, despotism
横領 【おうりょう】usurpation, embezzlement, misappropriation
家宝 【かほう】heirloom
管内 【かんない】within the jurisdiction of
間際 【まぎわ】on the verge of, just before, on the point of
祈願 【きがん】prayer
吸い込む 【すいこむ】① to inhale, to breathe in, to suck up, to imbibe ② to absorb, to soak up
球団 【きゅうだん】baseball team
共犯 【きょうはん】complicity
現役 【げんえき】active duty, active service
後始末 【あとしまつ】settlement (of affairs), remedial measures, cleaning up afterwards
後程 【のちほど】later on, eventually, afterwards
光栄 【こうえい】honour, honor, glory, privilege
厚顔無恥 【こうがんむち】shameless, brazen and unscrupulous
国政 【こくせい】political situation, statecraft, body politic
最大 【さいだい】greatest, largest, maximum
罪人 【ざいにん】criminal, sinner
ちらし① scattering ② leaflets
誌 【し】magazine
辞意 【じい】intention to resign
週刊 【しゅうかん】published weekly
助成 【じょせい】assisting, assistance, fostering, aiding
将軍 【しょうぐん】general, shogun
照れる 【てれる】to be shy, to feel awkward
制止 【せいし】control, check, restraint, inhibition
選抜 【せんばつ】selection, choice, picking out
前触れ 【まえぶれ】previous notice, herald, harbinger, portent
続出 【ぞくしゅつ】appearance one after another
代官 【だいかん】Edo-period prefectural governor (magistrate, bailiff)
断固 【だんこ】firm, determined, resolute, conclusive
通報 【つうほう】① report, tip, bulletin ② message (in information and communication theory)
道連れ 【みちづれ】① fellow traveler, fellow traveller ② someone unwillingly made to take part, being made to take part in something
突っ走る 【つっぱしる】to run swiftly
届出 【とどけで】report, notification
したためるto write up
かなたbeyond, across, the other side, the distance
必勝 【ひっしょう】certain victory
貧民 【ひんみん】poor people
不信 【ふしん】unfaithfulness, insincerity, perfidy, mistrust, distrust, discredit
つけ込む 【つけこむ】to take advantage of, to impose on, to make an entry
編成 【へんせい】composition, formation, organization, organisation, compilation
暴く 【あばく】to disclose, to divulge, to expose
眠り 【ねむり】sleep
明示 【めいじ】specification, explicit statement
由緒 【ゆいしょ】history, pedigree, lineage
あまりにtoo much, excessively, too
裏側 【うらがわ】the reverse, other side, lining
令 【れい】command, order, dictation
愛想 【あいそ】civility, courtesy, compliments, sociability, graces
重厚 【じゅうこう】thickness, composure and dignity
切り捨てる 【きりすてる】① to cut down, to slay ② to truncate, to round down, to round off ③ to omit, to discard, to cast away
散々 【さんざん】① severely, harshly, utterly, terrible ② scattered, disconnected
冷ややか 【ひややか】① cold, chilly, cool ② indifferent, cold-hearted, surly, curt, composed
ぶっ殺す 【ぶっころす】to beat to death, to kill
見限る 【みかぎる】to give up, to turn one's back, to abandon
閉校 【へいこう】closing a school
逃げ 【にげ】escape, getaway, evasion
辞す 【じす】① to excuse oneself, to take one's leave ② to quit, to resign, to retire, to leave post ③ to decline, to turn down ④ unhesitatingly
正念場 【しょうねんば】critical moment, do-or-die situation
府警 【ふけい】prefectural police
疑る 【うたぐる】to doubt, to distrust, to be suspicious of, to suspect
気付き 【きづき】awareness
更なる 【さらなる】even more, still more, further
署 【しょ】station (esp. a police station), office (i.e. tax office)
ごまかしhanky-panky, juggling, cheating, deception, smoke and mirrors
哀れみ 【あわれみ】pity, compassion
してやるto do for (someone)
遺伝 【いでん】heredity, inherent
一刀両断 【いっとうりょうだん】cutting in two with a single stroke, taking decisive (drastic) measure, cutting the (Gordian) knot
一睡 【いっすい】(usu. in negative sentences) (not) a wink of sleep
引き継ぐ 【ひきつぐ】to take over, to hand over
隠し立て 【かくしだて】secrecy
仮に 【かりに】temporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake
肝 【きも】① liver, innards ② courage, spirit, pluck, guts
陥る 【おちいる】to fall, to trap, to cave in, to collapse
偽り 【いつわり】lie, falsehood, fiction, fabrication
暁 【あかつき】dawn, daybreak, in the event of
潔白 【けっぱく】innocence (i.e. not guilty), purity, uprightness
幻 【まぼろし】phantom, vision, illusion, dream
ゆえにtherefore, consequently
控え 【ひかえ】① reserve, spare, backup ② note, memorandum ③ duplicate, copy, stub (of a ticket, etc.) ④ waiting one's turn
甲斐性 【かいしょう】resourcefulness, ability
沙汰 【さた】① affair, state, incident, issue, matter ② verdict, sentence ③ directions, orders, command, instructions ④ notice, information, communication, news, message, tidings, update
志願 【しがん】aspiration, volunteering, desire
執行 【しっこう】① enforcement, performance, execution, exercise, service ② pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice (practise), discipline
執務 【しつむ】performance of one's official duties
充当 【じゅうとう】allocation, appropriation
出陣 【しゅつじん】departure for the front
巡り合う 【めぐりあう】to meet fortuitously (e.g. running into an old friend), to meet by chance, to happen across
暑苦しい 【あつくるしい】sultry, sweltering
振り切る 【ふりきる】to shake off, to shake free from
人騒がせ 【ひとさわがせ】person that annoys or causes trouble, false alarm
仁 【じん】① benevolence (esp. as a virtue of Confucianism), consideration, compassion, humanity, charity ② human ③ kernel ④ nucleolus
刃物 【はもの】edged tool, cutlery
即死 【そくし】instant death
大騒ぎ 【おおさわぎ】clamour, uproar, tumult
忠誠 【ちゅうせい】loyalty, sincerity
特製 【とくせい】special make, deluxe
迫力 【はくりょく】force, intensity, appeal, strength
秘める 【ひめる】to hide, to keep to oneself
不透明 【ふとうめい】opacity
布施 【ふせ】alms, offerings
ひれ伏す 【ひれふす】to prostrate oneself before
幕府 【ばくふ】bakufu, shogunate
滅法 【めっぽう】extraordinary, absurd, very, in chaos, incoherent
揺るぐ 【ゆるぐ】to shake, to waver, to tremble
嫌味 【いやみ】disagreeableness, disagreeability, gaudiness, sarcasm
憂き目 【うきめ】bitter experience, misery, distress, grief, sad thoughts, hardship
凶器 【きょうき】dangerous weapon
またまた① again (and again), once again ② You're kidding!
我ら 【われら】we, us
隠れ 【かくれ】hidden, underground, crypto
魔 【ま】① demon, devil, evil spirit, evil influence ② someone who (habitually) performs some (negative) act
愚か者 【おろかもの】fool
どうにもnothing can be done (to resolve it)
摩する 【まする】① to rub, to scrub ② to draw near, to press
篤と 【とくと】carefully, thoroughly, fully, deliberately
就活 【しゅうかつ】job hunting, job searching
しおしおin low spirits, dejected, sad
そいつ① that person (guy, fellow) ② that (one)
些細 【ささい】trivial, slight
捻出 【ねんしゅつ】contriving (to raise funds), working out (a solution)
鰭 【ひれ】fin (e.g. of a fish)
邁進 【まいしん】push forward, work vigorously towards an aim
ただすto ascertain, to confirm, to verify, to make sure of
蓑 【みの】straw raincoat
思う壷 【おもうつぼ】① one's wishes, one's expectations ② just as expected