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Kanji look and learn - CH09

kanji look and learn ch09


16 entriesCreated by #45969 — Last modified: 2017-01-03 00:32:22
ゆう, セキevening
た-, -て, て-, て, ズ, シュhand
-ごころ, こころ, シンheart, mind, spirit
-がた, -かた, かた, ホウdirection, person, alternative
ふゆ, トウwinter
た.す, た.る, た.りる, あし, ソクleg, foot, be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear
かたち, からだ, テイ, タイbody, substance, object, reality, counter for images
とき, あき, シュウautumn
はる, シュンspringtime, spring (season)
ひる, チュウdaytime, noon
なつ, ゲ, ガ, カsummer
あさ, チョウmorning, dynasty, regime, epoch, period, (North) Korea
みち, トウ, ドウroad-way, street, district, journey, course, moral, teachings
よる, よ, ヤnight, evening
くび, シュneck, counter for songs and poems
バンnightfall, night