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N3 Vocab

Vocabulary for N3


188 entriesCreated by Cihan K. — Last modified: 2017-04-17 11:00:27
横 【よこ】① horizontal (as opposed to vertical), lying down ② side-to-side (as opposed to front-to-back), width, breadth ③ side (of a box, etc.) ④ beside, aside, next to ⑤ unconnected
練習 【れんしゅう】practice, practise
警官 【けいかん】policeman
結構 【けっこう】① splendid, nice, wonderful, delicious, sweet ② sufficient, fine (in the sense of "I'm fine"), (by implication) no thank you ③ well enough, OK, tolerable ④ reasonably, fairly, tolerably
財布 【さいふ】purse, handbag, wallet
雑誌 【ざっし】journal, magazine, periodical
参る 【まいる】① to go, to come, to call ② to be defeated, to collapse, to die ③ to be annoyed, to be nonplussed ④ to be madly in love ⑤ to visit (shrine, grave)
神社 【じんじゃ】Shinto shrine
投げる 【なげる】① to throw, to cast away ② to face defeat, to give up
反対 【はんたい】opposition, resistance, antagonism, hostility, contrast, objection, dissension, reverse, opposite, vice versa
返事 【へんじ】reply, answer, response
留守 【るす】① absence, being away from home ② house-sitting, house-sitter ③ being left unattended to (of one's studies, etc.), neglecting
課長 【かちょう】section manager, section chief
慣れる 【なれる】① to grow accustomed to, to get too familiar with ② to become domesticated, to become tame
簡単 【かんたん】simple
寄る 【よる】to visit, to drop in, to approach
技術 【ぎじゅつ】art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, skill
残念 【ざんねん】deplorable, bad luck, regret, disappointment
事務所 【じむしょ】office
似る 【にる】to resemble, to be similar
失敗 【しっぱい】failure, mistake, blunder
祖父 【そふ】① grandfather ② old man ③ kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
適当 【てきとう】① suitable, adequate, relevant, appropriate, fit ② random, halfhearted, on the spot, whatever works
布団 【ふとん】① futon (quilted Japanese-style mattress laid out on the floor) ② round cushion used for Zen meditation (traditionally made of woven bulrush leaves)
複雑 【ふくざつ】complex, complicated
治る 【なおる】to be cured, to get well, to be healed
営業 【えいぎょう】business, trade, sales, operations
横切る 【よこぎる】to cross (e.g. road), to traverse
感情 【かんじょう】emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
記録 【きろく】① record, minutes, document ② a record (e.g. in sports), results, score ③ to record, to document ④ to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
旧 【きゅう】ex-, former, old
決定 【けってい】decision, determination
公平 【こうへい】fairness, impartial, justice
向く 【むく】① to face ② to turn toward ③ to be suited to, to be fit for
向け 【むけ】intended for ..., oriented towards ..., aimed at ...
消費 【しょうひ】consumption, expenditure
単語 【たんご】word, vocabulary, (usually) single-character word
同様 【どうよう】identical, equal to, same (kind), like, similarity
表情 【ひょうじょう】facial expression
様子 【ようす】① state, state of affairs, situation, circumstances ② appearance, look, aspect ③ sign, indication
愛情 【あいじょう】love, affection
違反 【いはん】violation (of law), transgression, infringement, breach
医師 【いし】doctor, physician
液体 【えきたい】liquid, fluid
演技 【えんぎ】acting, performance
演説 【えんぜつ】speech, address
快適 【かいてき】pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
観念 【かんねん】① idea, notion, conception ② sense (e.g. of duty) ③ resignation, preparedness, acceptance ④ observation and contemplation
技師 【ぎし】engineer, technician
給料 【きゅうりょう】salary, wages
教師 【きょうし】teacher (classroom)
訓練 【くんれん】practice, practise, training
経営 【けいえい】management, administration
建設 【けんせつ】construction, establishment
建築 【けんちく】construction, architecture
現状 【げんじょう】present condition, existing state, status quo
公務員 【こうむいん】government worker, public (civil) servant
構成 【こうせい】organization, organisation, configuration, composition
差す 【さす】① to raise (e.g. hands, umbrella), to stretch out ② to be tinged ③ to wear at one's side (e.g. sword) ④ to shine ⑤ to provoke a feeling
差別 【さべつ】discrimination, distinction, differentiation
財産 【ざいさん】property, fortune, assets
札 【さつ】note, paper money
賛成 【さんせい】approval, agreement, support, favour, favor
似合う 【にあう】to suit, to match, to become, to be like
種類 【しゅるい】① variety, kind, type, category ② counter for different sorts of things
出版 【しゅっぱん】publication
述べる 【のべる】to state, to express, to mention
順 【じゅん】order, turn
招く 【まねく】to invite
省く 【はぶく】to omit, to eliminate, to curtail, to economize, to economise
上達 【じょうたつ】improvement, advance, progress
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
職 【しょく】employment
制限 【せいげん】restriction, restraint, limitation, limit
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
精神 【せいしん】mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
積む 【つむ】to pile up, to stack, to load (car, ship, etc.), to pack
責任 【せきにん】① duty, responsibility (incl. supervision of staff) ② liability, onus
設計 【せっけい】plan, design, layout
設備 【せつび】equipment, device, facilities, installation
大陸 【たいりく】continent
達する 【たっする】to reach, to get to
単位 【たんい】① unit, denomination ② credit (in school)
仲間 【なかま】company, fellow, colleague, associate, comrade, mate, group, circle of friends, partner
仲良し 【なかよし】intimate friend, close friend, bosom buddy, chum
適する 【てきする】to fit, to suit
得意 【とくい】① triumph, prosperity ② pride ③ one's strong point, one's forte, one's specialty ④ frequent customer (client, etc.)
配達 【はいたつ】delivery, distribution
発達 【はったつ】development, growth
命令 【めいれい】① order, command, decree, directive ② (software) instruction, statement
毛布 【もうふ】blanket
余計 【よけい】too much, unnecessary, extraneous, abundance, surplus, excess, superfluity
余分 【よぶん】extra, excess, surplus
要領 【ようりょう】① point, gist, essentials, tenets, outline ② knack, trick, the ropes
陸 【りく】land, shore
老人 【ろうじん】the aged, old person
平均 【へいきん】① average, mean ② balance, equilibrium
改善 【かいぜん】① betterment, improvement ② kaizen (Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement)
救う 【すくう】to rescue from, to help out of, to save
結ぶ 【むすぶ】① to tie, to bind, to link ② to bear (fruit)
検査 【けんさ】inspection (e.g. customs, factory), examination, scan (e.g. MRI, PET, etc.)
検討 【けんとう】consideration, examination, investigation, study, scrutiny, discussion
製造 【せいぞう】manufacture, production
製品 【せいひん】manufactured goods, finished goods, product
大統領 【だいとうりょう】president, chief executive
武器 【ぶき】weapon, arms, ordnance
苦情 【くじょう】complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
商業 【しょうぎょう】commerce, trade, business
商社 【しょうしゃ】trading company, firm
消防 【しょうぼう】fire fighting, fire department
親類 【しんるい】relation, kin
進路 【しんろ】① route, course ② career, university choices, course (of future life)
水準 【すいじゅん】① level, standard ② water level
線路 【せんろ】line, track, roadbed
追加 【ついか】addition, supplement, append (e.g. to a file), appendix
通路 【つうろ】passage, pathway
定期 【ていき】① fixed term ② fixed-term commutation pass ③ fixed-term deposit
的確 【てきかく】precise, accurate
電波 【でんぱ】electro-magnetic wave, radio wave
童話 【どうわ】fairy-tale
平日 【へいじつ】① weekday, ordinary days (i.e. non-holiday) ② kanji radical 73
役人 【やくにん】government official
役目 【やくめ】duty, business, role
留守番 【るすばん】① care-taking, house-sitting, house-watching ② caretaker, house-sitter
録音 【ろくおん】(audio) recording
交ざる 【まざる】to be mixed (people, objects...), to associate with, to mingle with, to join
混じる 【まじる】to be mixed, to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
課程 【かてい】course, curriculum
改札 【かいさつ】① examination of tickets ② ticket gate, ticket barrier
給与 【きゅうよ】pay, salary, wages, allowance, grant, supply
近寄る 【ちかよる】to approach, to draw near
警備 【けいび】defense, defence, guard, policing, security
血液 【けつえき】blood
交差 【こうさ】① crossing, intersection ② (genetic) crossing over
工芸 【こうげい】industrial arts
構造 【こうぞう】structure, construction
刷る 【する】① to print ② to color or pattern fabric using a wooden mold
散らかす 【ちらかす】to scatter around, to leave untidy
児童 【じどう】children, juvenile
職人 【しょくにん】worker, mechanic, artisan, craftsman
清掃 【せいそう】cleaning
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
相違 【そうい】difference, discrepancy, variation
総理大臣 【そうりだいじん】Prime Minister
速達 【そくたつ】express, special delivery
損得 【そんとく】loss and gain, advantage and disadvantage
破れる 【やぶれる】to get torn, to wear out
複写 【ふくしゃ】copy, duplicate
複数 【ふくすう】several, plural, plurality, multiple
文芸 【ぶんげい】literature, art and literature, belles-lettres
予備 【よび】preparation, preliminaries, reserve, spare
片寄る 【かたよる】to be one-sided, to incline, to be partial, to be prejudiced, to lean, to be biased, to be biassed
相互 【そうご】mutual, reciprocal
短編 【たんぺん】short (e.g. story, film)
編集 【へんしゅう】editing, compilation, editorial (e.g. committee)
破く 【やぶく】to tear, to violate, to defeat, to smash, to destroy
作製 【さくせい】manufacture
順序 【じゅんじょ】order, sequence, procedure
整備 【せいび】maintenance, servicing, outfitting
製作 【せいさく】manufacture, production
落第 【らくだい】failure, dropping out of a class
武士 【ぶし】warrior, samurai
基準 【きじゅん】standard, basis, criterion, norm, reference, datum
官僚 【かんりょう】bureaucrat, bureaucracy
器官 【きかん】organ (of body), instrument
機構 【きこう】mechanism, organization, organisation
経る 【へる】to pass, to elapse, to experience
公演 【こうえん】① public performance ② sumo exhibition in a foreign country
札 【ふだ】① token, label ② ticket, card ③ charm, talisman
精算 【せいさん】exact calculation, squaring of accounts, adjustment
聖書 【せいしょ】Bible, scriptures
接ぐ 【つぐ】① to join ② to piece together ③ to set (bones) ④ to graft (trees)
版 【はん】edition, version
彼等 【かれら】they (usually male), them
的確 【てっかく】precise, accurate
平日 【ひらび】① weekday, ordinary days (i.e. non-holiday) ② kanji radical 73
旧 【もと】former, ex-
精 【せい】① spirit, sprite, nymph ② energy, vigor (vigour), strength ③ fine details ④ semen
祖父 【じじ】① grandfather ② old man ③ kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
祖父 【じい】① grandfather ② old man ③ kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
祖父 【おおじ】① grandfather ② old man ③ kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
祖父 【おじ】① grandfather ② old man ③ kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
物差し 【ものさし】ruler, measure
陸 【おか】land, shore
領収 【りょうしゅう】receipt, voucher
平均 【へいぎん】① average, mean ② balance, equilibrium
訓 【くん】native Japanese reading (rendering) of a Chinese character
武士 【もののふ】warrior, samurai