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Medical Terms

Various medical and medical billing terminology; gleaned from translations work, so it's a fairly random assortment.


107 entriesCreated by Shane M. — Last modified: 2018-02-24 10:54:23
医学 【いがく】medical science, medicine
入院 【にゅういん】hospitalization, hospitalisation
技術 【ぎじゅつ】art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, skill
専門 【せんもん】speciality, specialty, subject of study, expert
注射 【ちゅうしゃ】injection
発行 【はっこう】① issue (publications), publishing ② raising an event (software)
額 【がく】① picture (framed) ② amount or sum (of money)
期間 【きかん】period, term, interval
金額 【きんがく】amount of money
高速 【こうそく】① high speed, high gear ② highway, freeway, expressway, motorway
合計 【ごうけい】sum total, total amount
手術 【しゅじゅつ】surgical operation
消費 【しょうひ】consumption, expenditure
量 【りょう】quantity, amount, volume, portion (of food)
一般 【いっぱん】general, liberal, universal, ordinary, average
確認 【かくにん】affirmation, confirmation, validation
完了 【かんりょう】① completion, conclusion ② perfective (form, aspect)
管理 【かんり】control, management (e.g. of a business)
材料 【ざいりょう】ingredients, material
状況 【じょうきょう】state of affairs (around you), situation, circumstances
心臓 【しんぞう】heart
神経 【しんけい】nerve, sensitivity
性 【せい】① nature (of a person) ② sex ③ gender ④ -ty (suffix indicating quality or condition), -ity, -ness
精神 【せいしん】mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
皮膚 【ひふ】skin
税 【ぜい】tax
異なる 【ことなる】to differ, to vary, to disagree
金融 【きんゆう】financing, credit transacting, loaning of money, circulation of money
検査 【けんさ】inspection (e.g. customs, factory), examination, scan (e.g. MRI, PET, etc.)
診察 【しんさつ】medical examination
請求 【せいきゅう】claim, demand, charge, application, request, billing (for a service)
評価 【ひょうか】① valuation, estimation, assessment, evaluation ② to value, to assess, to estimate value ③ to appreciate, to value highly, to acknowledge the value (of something)
傷 【きず】① wound, injury, cut, gash, bruise, scratch, scrape, scar ② chip, crack, scratch, nick ③ flaw, defect, weakness, weak point ④ stain (on one's reputation), disgrace, dishonor, dishonour ⑤ (emotional) hurt, hurt feelings
蓋 【ふた】cover, lid, cap
膝 【ひざ】knee, lap
料 【りょう】material, charge, rate, fee
外科 【げか】surgical department
点数 【てんすう】marks, points, score, runs, number of items, credits
予防 【よぼう】prevention, precaution, protection against
等 【とう】① class, order, rank ② et cetera (etc.), and the like ③ equal
血液 【けつえき】blood
未満 【みまん】less than, insufficient
領収書 【りょうしゅうしょ】(formal) receipt
診断 【しんだん】diagnosis
芯 【しん】① wick, marrow, staple (for stapler), (pencil) lead, stuffing, pith ② core, heart, centre, center
外来 【がいらい】① external origin, imported ② outpatient
刑 【けい】penalty, sentence, punishment
形成 【けいせい】formation, molding, taking form
治療 【ちりょう】medical treatment, cure
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
診療 【しんりょう】medical examination and treatment, diagnosis
生死 【せいし】① life and death ② samsara (cycle of death and rebirth) ③ death
腸 【ちょう】guts, bowels, intestines
訂正 【ていせい】correction, revision, amendment
摘出 【てきしゅつ】picking out, exposing, taking out, -ectomy (suf) (surgical removal)
内訳 【うちわけ】the items, breakdown, classification
脳 【のう】brain, memory
負担 【ふたん】burden, charge, responsibility
保険 【ほけん】insurance, guarantee
放射 【ほうしゃ】radiation, emission
施行 【しこう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
文書 【ぶんしょ】document, writing, letter, paperwork, note, records, archives
麻酔 【ますい】anaesthesia, anesthesia
割 【わり】① rate, ratio, proportion, percentage ② profit ③ assignment ④ 10%, unit of ten percent ⑤ sumo match, schedule of sumo matches ⑥ diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
心電図 【しんでんず】electro-cardiogram, ECG, EKG
病理 【びょうり】pathology
科 【か】① department, section ② (taxonomical) family
手数料 【てすうりょう】handling charge, commission
術 【じゅつ】art, means, technique
上記 【じょうき】above-mentioned, above-named, above
選定 【せんてい】selection
前回 【ぜんかい】previous time, last time, previous installment, previous instalment, previous session
頭部 【とうぶ】① head, cranium ② cephalic
返金 【へんきん】repayment
画像 【がぞう】image, picture, portrait
割 【かつ】divide, cut, halve, separate, split, rip, break, crack, smash, dilute
活性 【かっせい】activity
活性化 【かっせいか】activation, stimulation, revitalization, invigoration
関 【せき】barrier, gate
胸部 【きょうぶ】chest, breast
腰痛 【ようつう】lower back (or hip) pain, lumbago
資質 【ししつ】nature, disposition
利 【り】advantage, benefit, profit, interest
領収 【りょうしゅう】receipt, voucher
全治 【ぜんじ】complete recovery, healing
全治 【ぜんち】complete recovery, healing
認め 【みとめ】approval, final seal (of approval), acceptance
医療保険 【いりょうほけん】medical-care insurance
外傷 【がいしょう】external wound, (physical) trauma
関節 【かんせつ】joints (knee joint, elbow joint, etc.)
結膜炎 【けつまくえん】conjunctivitis
抗原 【こうげん】antigen
抗体 【こうたい】antibody
損傷 【そんしょう】damage, injury
調剤 【ちょうざい】compounding medicine
放射線 【ほうしゃせん】radiation
抹消 【まっしょう】erasure, delete (e.g. DEL character)
薬剤 【やくざい】medicine, drug
施行 【せぎょう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
施行 【せこう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
施行 【しぎょう】① execution, enforcing, carrying out ② giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
梅毒 【ばいどく】syphilis
受診 【じゅしん】having a medical exam, seeing a doctor
大動脈 【だいどうみゃく】aorta
初診 【しょしん】initial medical examination
腫瘍 【しゅよう】neoplasm, tumor, tumour
脱臼 【だっきゅう】dislocation