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Basic Kanji Book Lesson 4


110 entriesCreated by #44095 — Last modified: 2012-07-18 11:08:31
下 【した】① below, down, under ② bottom ③ beneath, underneath ④ just after, right after ⑤ inferiority, one's inferior (i.e. one's junior), younger (e.g. of siblings) ⑥ trade-in ⑦ preliminary, preparatory
小さい 【ちいさい】small, little, tiny
上 【うえ】① above, up, over ② top, summit ③ surface, on ④ before, previous ⑤ superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder) ⑥ on top of that, besides, what's more ⑦ upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after) ⑧ matters concerning..., as concerns ... ⑨ since (i.e. "for that reason") ⑩ suffix indicating higher social standing
上手 【じょうず】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
大学 【だいがく】① post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc. ② the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
大人 【おとな】adult
中 【なか】① inside, in ② among, within ③ center (centre), middle ④ during, while
上げる 【あげる】① to raise, to elevate ② to do up (one's hair) ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to show someone (into a room) ⑥ (uk) to summon (for geishas, etc.) ⑦ to send someone (away) ⑧ to enrol (one's child in school) (enroll) ⑨ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑩ to make (a loud sound), to raise (one's voice) ⑪ to earn (something desirable) ⑫ to praise ⑬ to give (an example, etc.), to cite ⑭ to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.) ⑮ to arrest ⑯ to nominate ⑰ to give ⑱ to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.) ⑲ to bear (a child) ⑳ to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding) ○ (of the tide) to come in ○ to vomit ○ (after the -te form of a verb) to do for (the sake of someone else) ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) to complete ○ used after the -masu stem of a humble verb to increase the level of humility
半 【はん】half, semi-
半分 【はんぶん】half
分 【ふん】minute
本 【ほん】① book, volume ② main, head, this, our, present, real ③ counter for long cylindrical things
何 【なに】① what ② how many (some counter)
何 【なん】① what ② how many (some counter)
日本 【にほん】Japan
大きい 【おおきい】big, large, great, loud
分かる 【わかる】① to be understood, to be comprehended, to be grasped ② to become clear, to be known, to be discovered, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
大きな 【おおきな】big, large, great
大切 【たいせつ】important, valuable, worthy of care
小さな 【ちいさな】small, little, tiny
上がる 【あがる】① to rise, to go up, to come up, to ascend, to be raised ② to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in ③ to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade ④ to get out (of water), to come ashore ⑤ to increase ⑥ to improve, to make progress ⑦ to be promoted, to advance ⑧ to be made (of profit, etc.) ⑨ to occur (esp. of a favourable result) ⑩ to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.) ⑪ to be finished, to be done, to be over ⑫ (of rain) to stop, to lift ⑬ to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out, to die ⑭ to win (in a card game, etc.) ⑮ to be arrested ⑯ to turn up (of evidence, etc.) ⑰ to be deep fried ⑱ to be spoken loudly ⑲ to get stage fright ⑳ to be offered (to the gods, etc.) ○ to go, to visit ○ to eat, to drink ○ to be listed (as a candidate) ○ to serve (in one's master's home) ○ (in Kyoto) to go north ○ (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
日本 【にっぽん】Japan
以上 【いじょう】① not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards ② beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay more than that) ③ above-mentioned, foregoing ④ since ..., seeing that ... ⑤ this is all, that is the end, the end
上手い 【うまい】① skillful, clever, expert, wise, successful ② delicious, appetizing, appetising ③ fortunate, splendid, promising
十分 【じゅうぶん】① plenty, enough, sufficient, satisfactory, adequate ② division into ten ③ perfectly, thoroughly, fully, in full
小学校 【しょうがっこう】primary school, elementary school, grade school
力 【ちから】① force, strength, might, vigour (vigor), energy ② capability, ability, proficiency, capacity, faculty ③ efficacy, effect ④ effort, endeavours (endeavors), exertions ⑤ power, authority, influence, good offices, agency ⑥ support, help, aid, assistance ⑦ stress, emphasis ⑧ means, resources
下りる 【おりる】① to descend (e.g. a mountain), to climb down, to go down, to come down ② to be granted, to be issued, to be given ③ to be discharged, to be passed (from the body; i.e. of a roundworm)
上 【じょう】① from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of ② aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of, on, above ③ first volume (e.g. book) ④ superior quality, best, top, high class ⑤ going up ⑥ governmental, imperial ⑦ presenting, showing
半ば 【なかば】middle, half, semi, halfway, partly
分ける 【わける】to divide, to separate, to make distinctions, to differentiate (between)
中 【ちゅう】① medium, average, middle ② moderation ③ middle school ④ China ⑤ in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people) ⑥ during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.), while
中 【じゅう】① through, throughout, in the course of ② all over or throughout (e.g. a place)
下がる 【さがる】to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
中心 【ちゅうしん】center, centre, middle, heart, core, focus, pivot, emphasis, balance
力 【りょく】strength, power
目下 【もっか】at present, now
何分 【なにぶん】anyway, please
上る 【のぼる】① to ascend, to go up, to climb ② to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun), to rise ③ to go to (the capital) ④ to be promoted ⑤ to add up to ⑥ to advance (in price) ⑦ to swim up (a river), to sail up ⑧ to come up (on the agenda)
分 【ぶ】① one-tenth, one percent (one-tenth of a wari), 3 mm (one-tenth of a sun), 2.4 mm (one-tenth of a mon, a traditional unit used to measure shoe sizes), 0.375 grams (one-tenth of a monme), 0.1 degree (one-tenth of a do, used to measure body temperature on any temperature scale) ② one-quarter of a ryou (obsolete unit of currency) ③ thickness ④ advantageous circumstances
分 【ぶん】① part, segment, share, ration ② rate ③ degree, one's lot, one's status, relation, duty, kind, lot ④ in proportion to, just as much as
下ろす 【おろす】① to take down (e.g. flag), to launch (e.g. boat), to drop, to lower (e.g. ladder), to let (a person) off, to unload, to discharge ② to drop off (a passenger from a vehicle), to let (a person) off ③ to withdraw money from an account ④ to wear (clothing) for the first time ⑤ to fillet (e.g. a fish)
下 【しも】① lower reaches (of a river) ② bottom, lower part ③ lower half (of the body, esp. the privates), feces (faeces), urine, menses ④ end, far from the imperial palace (i.e. far from Kyoto, esp. of western Japan) ⑤ dirty (e.g. dirty jokes, etc.)
空中 【くうちゅう】sky, air
目下 【めした】subordinate, subordinates, inferior, inferiors, junior
実力 【じつりょく】① (real) ability, true strength, merit, efficiency, competency ② arms, force
上 【かみ】① upper reaches (of a river), upper stream ② top, upper part, upper half (of the body) ③ long ago ④ beginning, first ⑤ person of high rank (e.g. the emperor) ⑥ government, imperial court ⑦ imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto), capital region (i.e. Kansai), region (or direction of) the imperial palace ⑧ head (of a table) ⑨ wife, mistress (of a restaurant)
上下 【うえした】high and low, up and down, unloading and loading, praising and blaming
下 【げ】① lowness (of degree, value, etc.), inferiority ② second volume (of two), third volume (of three)
脚本 【きゃくほん】script, screenplay, scenario
上がり 【あがり】① ascent, rise, slope ② freshly-drawn green tea (esp. in sushi shops) ③ advance income, crop yield ④ death, spinning, completion, stop, finish ⑤ after (rain), ex (official, etc.) ⑥ (end) results (e.g. of crafts like painting, pottery, etc.), how something comes out
一日中 【いちにちじゅう】throughout the day
一分 【いちぶ】one tenth, one hundredth, one percent, one tenth of a sun, one quarter ryou (an old coin)
一分 【いっぷん】(a) minute
一本 【いっぽん】① one long cylindrical thing ② one version ③ (a) certain book ④ (a) blow ⑤ an experienced geisha
何時 【なんじ】what time?
何人 【なんにん】how many? (people)
何年 【なんねん】what year, how many years
本 【もと】① origin, source ② base, foundation ③ cause ④ ingredient ⑤ (somebody's) side, (somebody's) location ⑥ original cost (or capital, principal, etc.) ⑦ trunk ⑧ first section of a waka ⑨ counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
国中 【くにじゅう】all over the country
今日中 【きょうじゅう】by today, before the day is over
三本 【さんぼん】three (long cylindrical things)
十二分 【じゅうにぶん】more than enough
十分 【じっぷん】10 minutes
小さじ 【こさじ】teaspoon
小人 【しょうにん】① child, small person ② dwarf ③ narrow-minded person, mean person
小川 【おがわ】streamlet, brook
上 【うわ】upper, upward, outer, surface, top
上がったり 【あがったり】doomed, in a bad state, poor (e.g. business)
上げ 【あげ】rise in price, making a tuck
大きさ 【おおきさ】size, dimensions, volume
大人 【だいにん】adult
二人分 【ふたりぶん】two persons' portion
日本人 【にっぽんじん】Japanese person, Japanese people
年下 【としした】younger, junior
本日 【ほんじつ】today
何人も 【なんびとも】everyone, all, nobody (with negative verb)
半年 【はんとし】half year
半年 【はんねん】half year
上上 【じょうじょう】the best, great, superb
大人気 【だいにんき】great popularity, high favour
時半 【じはん】① about an hour, short time ② half past (the hour)
木本 【もくほん】tree, woody plant
下 【もと】under (esp. influence or guidance)
四本 【よんほん】four (long cylindrical things)
五本 【ごほん】five (long cylindrical things)
何人 【なにびと】everyone, every person, all, anyone
何人 【なんびと】everyone, every person, all, anyone
何年間 【なんねんかん】many years
何年生 【なんねんせい】what grade (in school)
大人びる 【おとなびる】to become grown-up, to age, to mature
大きく 【おおきく】in a big way, on a grand scale
何人か 【なんにんか】some people
一人分 【ひとりぶん】one person's portion
上で 【うえで】upon, after
下 【か】under (being in said condition or environment)
半分こ 【はんぶんこ】halfsies, splitting evenly between two people
コピー本photocopy book, staplebound book
分間 【ふんかん】~ minutes interval
上手くいく 【うまくいく】to go smoothly, to turn out well, to do the trick, to have peaceful relations
上がり目 【あがりめ】① eyes slanted upward ② rising tendency
上手 【じょうて】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
上手 【じょうしゅ】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
本店 【ほんてん】head office
力学 【りきがく】mechanics, dynamics
上手 【かみて】① upper part ② upper stream, upper course of a river ③ right side of the stage (audience's or camera's POV), stage left (actor's POV) ④ skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (only in comparisons) ⑤ over-arm grip on opponent's belt (sumo)
立ち上る 【たちのぼる】to go up, to rise up
上手くいかない 【うまくいかない】unsuccessful, going badly
お上手 【おじょうず】① skill, skillful, dexterity ② flattery
中 【うち】① inside, within ② while ③ among, amongst, between ④ we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our ⑤ my spouse ⑥ I (primarily used by women and children), me