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White Rice Sensei 3-3


18 entriesCreated by #55428 — Last modified: 2018-05-08 20:01:06
テレビtelevision, TV
レストランrestaurant (esp. Western-style)
見る 【みる】① to see, to look, to watch, to view, to observe ② to look over, to look on, to assess, to examine, to judge ③ to look after, to keep an eye on, to take care of ④ to view (e.g. flowers, movie) ⑤ (usu. after the -te form of a verb) to try
聞く 【きく】① to hear ② to listen (e.g. to music) ③ to ask, to enquire, to query
映画 【えいが】movie, film
音楽 【おんがく】music, musical movement
家族 【かぞく】family, members of a family
旅行 【りょこう】travel, trip
公園 【こうえん】(public) park
友達 【ともだち】friend, companion
散歩 【さんぽ】walk, stroll
同僚 【どうりょう】coworker, colleague, associate
からおけkaraoke (singing to taped accompaniment)
テレビゲームvideo game
バー① bar ② VAR
モール① mall ② maul (in rugby) ③ mole ④ Moor
ライブ① live (esp. concert, show, etc.), live performance ② alive
居酒屋 【いざかや】bar, pub, tavern