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WRS - Vocab 2

Words from kanji set 2


24 entriesCreated by #55428 — Last modified: 2018-06-24 17:28:08
外 【そと】① outside, exterior ② open air ③ other place
外国 【がいこく】foreign country
外国人 【がいこくじん】foreigner
買う 【かう】① to buy ② to value, to have a high opinion ③ to stir, to provoke
毎週 【まいしゅう】every week
毎日 【まいにち】every day
毎年 【まいとし】every year, yearly, annually
海 【うみ】sea, beach
売る 【うる】to sell
海岸 【かいがん】coast, beach
国際 【こくさい】international
海外 【かいがい】foreign, abroad, overseas
内 【うち】① inside, within ② while ③ among, amongst, between ④ we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our ⑤ my spouse ⑥ I (primarily used by women and children), me
毎月 【まいつき】every month, each month, monthly
毎 【まい】every (usu. with events, e.g. every weekend), each
売り切れる 【うりきれる】to be sold out
売り上げ 【うりあげ】amount sold, proceeds
外国語 【がいこくご】foreign language
国内 【こくない】internal, domestic
毎回 【まいかい】every time, each round
内外 【うちそと】inside and outside, domestic and foreign, approximately, interior and exterior
海軍 【かいぐん】navy
買収 【ばいしゅう】① buying, purchase ② corruption, bribery
海賊 【かいぞく】pirate, sea robber