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N1 - 601-700

JLPT N1 Kanji list - groups of 100 kanji


100 entriesCreated by Sai S. — Last modified: 2018-06-28 04:26:18
スンmeasurement, foot/10
キョウvillain, evil, bad luck, disaster
とも.しい, とぼ.しい, ボウdestitution, scarce, limited
おっしゃ.る, お.っしゃる, おお.せ, あお.ぐ, コウ, ギョウface-up, look up, depend, seek, respect, rever, drink, take
きさき, ゴ, コウempress, queen, after, behind, back, later
ホウ, ソウ, ソ, ショウlevel
さかん, ソウrobust, manhood, prosperity
つ.く, は.く, トspit, vomit, belch, confess, tell (lies)
ふ.す, ふ.せる, フクprostrated, bend down, bow, cover, lay (pipes)
えのき, ほお, ほう, ボクcrude, simple, plain, docile
おと.る, レツinferiority, be inferior to, be worse
たつ, ジン, シンsign of the dragon, 7-9AM, fifth sign of Chinese zodiac
いかん, なんぞ, なに, ダ, ナwhat?
しの.ばせる, しの.ぶ, ニンendure, bear, put up with, conceal, secrete, spy, sneak
なぐ.る, オウassault, hit, beat, thrash
excellent, beautiful, good, pleasing, skilled
め, ガbud, sprout, spear, germ
あや.しむ, あや.しい, ケ, カイsuspicious, mystery, apparition
とら, コtiger, drunkard
コンdescendants, elder brother, insect
よこし.ま, ジャwicked, injustice, wrong
セイsubjugate, attack the rebellious, collect taxes
ほう.ずる, まつ.る, たてまつ.る, ブ, ホウobservance, offer, present, dedicate
わた.る, ひさ.しい, ひさし, とおい, いよいよ, あまねし, や, いや, ビ, ミall the more, increasingly
ヤク, エキepidemic
くだ.ける, くだ.く, サイsmash, break, crush, familiar, popular
ゾクvulgar, customs, manners, worldliness, mundane things
チン, テイpavilion, restaurant, mansion, arbor, cottage, vaudeville, music hall, stage name
テイrevise, correct, decide
ほら, ドウden, cave, excavation
おもむ.く, フproceed, get, become, tend
ボンbasin, lantern festival, tray
うたげ, エンbanquet, feast, party
う.える, キhungry, starve
きり, ドウ, トウpaulownia
くわ, ソウmulberry
かつら, ケイJapanese Judas-tree, cinnamon tree
あきらか, コウclear
つなぐ, つな, おおづな, コウlarge
ゴウsturdy, strength
サイsuperintend, manager, rule
はや.い, シツrapidly
シンwith child, pregnancy
すす.む, シンadvance
ハンsquad, corps, unit, group
くるわ, カクenclosure, quarters, fortification, red-light district
キンgerm, fungus, bacteria
さみ.しい, さび.れる, さび.しい, さび, セキ, ジャクloneliness, quietly, mellow, mature, death of a priest
あつ.い, シュン, ジュンpure
よ, よ.い, よ.う, スイdrunk, feel sick, poisoned, elated, spellbound
お.しむ, お.しい, セキpity, be sparing of, frugal, stingy, regret
あら-, あら.い, ソcoarse, rough, rugged
す.くう, す, ソウnest, rookery, hive, cobweb, den
いのしし, い, チョboar
いた.む, トウlament, grieve over
トウpottery, porcelain
ルイaccumulate, involvement, trouble, tie up, continually
こと, キンharp, koto
かさ, サンumbrella
ジュンsequential, fellow
ショウsparkle, clear, crystal
まば.ら, うと.む, うと.い, ショ, ソalienate, rough, neglect, shun, sparse
-だな, たな, ホウshelf, ledge, rack, mount, mantle, trellis
つつみ, テイdike, bank, embankment
あつ.い, チョウ, ダン, タイ, トンindustry, kindliness
そば, はた, おか-, わき, かたわ.ら, ボウbystander, side, besides, while, nearby, 3rd person
ロウcorridor, hall, tower
ゆ.く, い.く, とつ.ぐ, よめ, カmarry into, bride
ガイabove-stated, the said, that specific
なげ.かわしい, なげ.く, タンsigh, lament, moan, grieve
おろか, し.れる, チstupid, foolish
バクvague, obscure, desert, wide
あつ.める, はと, ク, キュウpigeon, dove
ハンconveyor, carry, transport
とりく, とりこ, ロ, リョcaptive, barbarian, low epithet for the enemy
ひど.い, コクcruel, severe, atrocious, unjust
magnet, porcelain
むし.ろ, ネイrather, preferably
すみ, ボクblack ink, India ink, ink stick, Mexico
いさぎよ.い, ケツundefiled, pure, clean, righteous, gallant
うる.む, うるお.す, うるお.う, ジュンwet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, favor, charm, steep
ヒンV.I.P., guest
ほ, スイear, ear (grain), head, crest (wave)
う.き, う.い, うれ.い, うれ.える, ユウmelancholy, grieve, lament, be anxious, sad, unhappy
は.く, リfootgear, shoes, boots, put on (the feet
うら.む, カンremorse, regret, be sorry
うた.う, うた.い, ヨウnoh chanting
かす.む, かすみ, ゲ, カbe hazy, grow dim, blurred
ケンself-effacing, humble oneself, condescend, be modest
しき.りに, ヒンrepeatedly, recur
カクharvest, reap
かま, ケン, レンsickle, scythe, trick
equestrian, riding on horses, counter for equestrians
おさえ, しず.まる, しず.める, チンtranquilize, ancient peace-preservation centers
いや.す, い.える, ユhealing, cure, quench (thirst), wreak
ズイmarrow, pith
かね, ショウbell, gong, chimes
たか, オウ, ヨウhawk