Anime Study Set Smorgasbord

Summary: 127 new study sets for Anime series (1000s of episodes) have been added to the Sets repository, check them out!

KanjiBox’s dedicated Study Sets section is doing very well these days, with hundreds of public sets available to any user for subscription (and thousands of private ones).

I have a particular fondness for sets that compile vocab/kanji needed to tackle a specific film/anime/manga, as I think it is a great way to get the most out of an otherwise fun activity. I even posted a small tutorial on how to make your own vocab set based on subtitle files for a film.

Even though most Japanese anime series aren’t really my cuppa, I know that many KB users love them (indeed, it is even the main motivation to learn for some) and they are quite popular in the subscriptions. So, when I happened upon a massive archive of anime series Japanese subtitles, I thought it would be worth spending a bit of time on a semi-automated tool to bulk import them into KB sets.

The results so far:

– 127 new Study Sets in KB’s Anime section.

– over 3000 anime episodes (most sets contain vocab for about 20 episodes at a time).

– complete episode coverage of 10 anime series so far: Black Jack, Crayon Shin-chan, Detective Conan, Doraemon, From the New WorldNeon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

– for each series, in addition to a number of volumes covering new vocabulary words for episodes (bundled in groups of 10-20 episodes per volume), a separate set (“Volume 0″) offers an overview of common words across the entire series. This set has the added bonus of being a good starting point for people who may want to check other material related to the title (e.g., a manga version or a film adaptation of the anime).

Because even batch parsing takes time, and because there probably is such a thing as too many sets in the database (at least until I have the time to program better search tools), I had to select a few animes out of the hundreds I have subtitles for  (I mainly went for those I knew, liked and/or had heard of). I will happily take any request for other series and add them to the next batch (assuming I do have the subtitles for them). Even better if you do have the subtitles and would like me to use the batch-import tool on them: contact me.

As usual, welcoming any feedback and suggestions!

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