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Most frequent words part 4

This continues the four compiled frequency lists. N4 and N5 are excluded. This gets us through approximately 10,000 words on each of the four frequency lists.

First 500 entries [show all] — Created by Ryan M. — Last modified: 2015-03-10 17:26:55
その上 【そのうえ】① in addition, furthermore ② above (which), on top of (which)
今にも 【いまにも】at any time, soon
大して 【たいして】(not so) much, (not) very
来 【らい】① next (year, etc.) ② since (last month, etc.)
中 【ちゅう】① medium, average, middle ② moderation ③ middle school ④ China ⑤ in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people) ⑥ during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.), while
気体 【きたい】vapour, vapor, gas
空っぽ 【からっぽ】empty, vacant, hollow
早く 【はやく】① early, soon ② quickly, swiftly, rapidly, fast
題 【だい】① title, subject, theme, topic ② problem (on a test), question ③ counter for questions (on a test)
立ち止まる 【たちどまる】to stop, to halt, to stand still
者 【しゃ】someone of that nature, someone doing that work
火曜 【かよう】Tuesday
活気 【かっき】energy, liveliness
黒板 【こくばん】blackboard
作物 【さくもつ】produce (e.g. agricultural), crops
式 【しき】① equation, formula, expression ② ceremony ③ style
車庫 【しゃこ】garage, car shed, carport
代表 【だいひょう】representative, representation, delegation, type, example, model
知能 【ちのう】intelligence, brains
地平線 【ちへいせん】horizon (related to land)
長所 【ちょうしょ】strong point, merit, virtue, advantage
日光 【にっこう】sunlight
発明 【はつめい】invention
費用 【ひよう】cost, expense
飛び出す 【とびだす】① to jump out, to rush out, to fly out ② to appear (suddenly) ③ to protrude, to project ④ to butt in
平ら 【たいら】flatness, level, smooth, calm, plain, sitting tailor fashion
望む 【のぞむ】to desire, to wish for, to see, to command (a view of)
命 【いのち】(mortal) life
流行る 【はやる】① to be popular, to come into fashion ② to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic ③ to flourish, to thrive
乗せる 【のせる】① to give (someone) a ride, to give a lift, to pick up, to help on board ② to deceive, to take for a ride
衣服 【いふく】clothes
幾分 【いくぶん】① somewhat, to some extent, to some degree ② some, part, portion
欠席 【けっせき】absence, non-attendance
支出 【ししゅつ】expenditure, expenses
女優 【じょゆう】actress
食欲 【しょくよく】appetite (for food)
制限 【せいげん】restriction, restraint, limitation, limit
制度 【せいど】system, institution, organization, organisation
性質 【せいしつ】nature, property, disposition
成長 【せいちょう】growth, grow to adulthood
双子 【ふたご】twins, a twin
尊重 【そんちょう】respect, esteem, regard
大層 【たいそう】very much, exaggerated, very fine
遅刻 【ちこく】lateness, late coming
適度 【てきど】moderate
頭痛 【ずつう】headache
毒 【どく】poison, toxicant
熱中 【ねっちゅう】nuts!, enthusiasm, zeal, mania
瓶 【びん】bottle
服装 【ふくそう】garments, attire
便り 【たより】① news, tidings, information, correspondence, letter ② news from ...
豊富 【ほうふ】abundance, wealth, plenty, bounty
郵送 【ゆうそう】mailing
溶ける 【とける】to melt, to thaw, to fuse, to dissolve
凍る 【こおる】to freeze, to be frozen over, to congeal
蚊 【か】mosquito
掲示 【けいじ】notice, bulletin, post, posting, placard
行儀 【ぎょうぎ】manners, behavior, behaviour
穀物 【こくもつ】grain, cereal, corn
揚げる 【あげる】① to deep-fry ② to raise, to elevate ③ to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.) ④ to land (a boat) ⑤ to increase (price, quality, status, etc.) ⑥ to earn (something desirable) ⑦ (of the tide) to come in
食器 【しょっき】tableware
清潔 【せいけつ】① clean, hygenic, sanitary ② pure, virtuous, immaculate
絶滅 【ぜつめつ】destruction, extinction
組織 【そしき】① organization, organisation ② structure, construction ③ tissue ④ system
大統領 【だいとうりょう】president, chief executive
提出 【ていしゅつ】① to present, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in, to file, to turn in ② presentation, submission, filing
笛 【ふえ】flute, pipe, whistle
徹底 【てってい】thoroughness, completeness, consistency
徹夜 【てつや】all night, all-night vigil, sleepless night
同意 【どうい】① agreement, consent, same opinion, approval ② same meaning
道徳 【どうとく】morals
虹 【にじ】rainbow
離す 【はなす】to part, to divide, to separate, to release
影 【かげ】① shadow, silhouette ② reflection, image ③ presence, sign ④ light (stars, moon)
引っ張る 【ひっぱる】① to pull, to draw, to stretch, to drag ② to pull the ball (baseball)
撒く 【まく】to scatter, to sprinkle, to sow (seeds)
いとこmale cousin
かく① to scratch ② to perspire ③ to shovel, to paddle
袖 【そで】sleeve
おとなしいobedient, docile, quiet
覗く 【のぞく】① to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.) ② to look down into (a ravine, etc.) ③ to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.) ④ to sneak a look at, to take a quick look at ⑤ to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.) ⑥ to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.), to peek through (sky though a forest canopy, etc.)
莫大 【ばくだい】enormous, vast
物凄い 【ものすごい】earth-shattering, staggering, to a very great extent, terrible, frightful, horrible
ただ① ordinary, common, usual ② free of charge ③ unaffected, as is, safe ④ only, merely, just, simply ⑤ but, however, nevertheless
騙す 【だます】to trick, to cheat, to deceive
かかるto suffer from
うろうろloiteringly, aimless wandering
のろのろslowly, sluggishly
ぶら下げる 【ぶらさげる】to hang, to suspend, to dangle, to swing, to carry
見本 【みほん】sample
出来上がる 【できあがる】① to be completed, to be finished, to be ready (e.g. to serve or eat) ② to be very drunk
大木 【たいぼく】large tree
長男 【ちょうなん】eldest son
日時 【にちじ】date and time
ローマ字 【ろーまじ】Latin alphabet, transliteration of Japanese in "Roman" or Latin letters, romanization, romanisation, romaji
引き分け 【ひきわけ】draw (in competition), tie game
屋外 【おくがい】outdoors, alfresco
下町 【したまち】Shitamachi, lower parts of town
下品 【げひん】vulgarity, meanness, indecency, coarseness
火口 【かこう】crater, caldera
言い出す 【いいだす】to start talking, to speak, to tell, to propose, to suggest, to break the ice
広める 【ひろめる】to broaden, to propagate
仕上がる 【しあがる】to be finished, to be completed, to be done
重たい 【おもたい】heavy, massive, serious, important, severe, oppressed
重力 【じゅうりょく】gravity
上品 【じょうひん】elegant, refined, polished
水着 【みずぎ】bathing suit, swimsuit, swimmers
地名 【ちめい】place name
注 【ちゅう】annotation, explanatory note, comment
転がる 【ころがる】to roll, to tumble
名作 【めいさく】masterpiece
夕日 【ゆうひ】(in) the evening sun, setting sun
近々 【ちかぢか】soon, nearness, before long
館 【かん】house, hall, building
雨戸 【あまど】sliding storm shutter
下線 【かせん】underline, underscore
活字 【かつじ】printing type
客間 【きゃくま】parlor, parlour, guest room
曲線 【きょくせん】curve
光線 【こうせん】beam, light ray
校庭 【こうてい】schoolyard, campus
算数 【さんすう】arithmetic
留める 【とめる】① to stop (something or someone), to turn off ② to concentrate on, to pay attention to ③ to remember, to bear in mind ④ to fix into place ⑤ to park, to leave somewhere for a time
歯車 【はぐるま】gear, cog-wheel
次いで 【ついで】next, secondly, subsequently
実る 【みのる】to bear fruit, to ripen
実物 【じつぶつ】real thing, original, actual
実例 【じつれい】example, illustration, precedent
弱点 【じゃくてん】weak point, weakness
小指 【こゆび】① little finger, pinky ② little toe
心身 【しんしん】mind and body
心当たり 【こころあたり】having some knowledge of, happening to know
深まる 【ふかまる】to deepen, to heighten, to intensify
親指 【おやゆび】thumb
人通り 【ひとどおり】pedestrian traffic
正門 【せいもん】main gate, main entrance
線路 【せんろ】line, track, roadbed
電流 【でんりゅう】electric current
当日 【とうじつ】appointed day, very day
内科 【ないか】① internal medicine, i.e. treatment by medical procedures rather than surgical procedures ② department of internal medicine (hospital, etc.)
内線 【ないせん】phone extension, indoor wiring, inner line
南米 【なんべい】South America
半島 【はんとう】peninsula
満員 【まんいん】full house, no vacancy, sold out, standing room only, full (of people), crowded
無数 【むすう】countless number, infinite number
名所 【めいしょ】① famous place ② name of a part (of an instrument, etc.) ③ name and address
ため息 【ためいき】sigh
混ざる 【まざる】to be mixed (colours, liquids, odours...), to be blended with, to associate with, to mingle with, to join
集 【しゅう】collection, compilation
くっ付ける 【くっつける】to attach
引っ込む 【ひっこむ】to draw back, to sink, to cave in
園芸 【えんげい】horticulture, gardening
下降 【かこう】downward, descent, fall, drop, subsidence
格別 【かくべつ】exceptional
規律 【きりつ】① order, observance, discipline ② rules, law, regulations
客席 【きゃくせき】guest seating
極力 【きょくりょく】to the utmost, to the best of one's ability
偶数 【ぐうすう】even number
血圧 【けつあつ】blood pressure
公害 【こうがい】pollution, public nuisance, contamination
公務 【こうむ】official business, public business
効力 【こうりょく】effect, efficacy, validity, potency
採点 【さいてん】marking, grading, looking over
雑音 【ざつおん】noise (jarring, grating)
刺身 【さしみ】sashimi (sliced raw fish)
脂 【あぶら】fat, tallow, lard, grease
治める 【おさめる】① to govern, to manage ② to subdue
湿る 【しめる】to be wet, to become wet, to be damp
湿度 【しつど】level of humidity
出迎える 【でむかえる】to meet, to greet
勝敗 【しょうはい】victory or defeat, issue (of battle), outcome
畳む 【たたむ】① to fold (clothes) ② to close (a shop) ③ to vacate
水滴 【すいてき】drop of water
先祖 【せんぞ】ancestor
占う 【うらなう】to tell someone's fortune, to forecast, to predict, to divine
代名詞 【だいめいし】① pronoun ② synonym, classic example, pattern, byword, representative
中途 【ちゅうと】in the middle, half-way
昼寝 【ひるね】nap (afternoon), siesta
貯蔵 【ちょぞう】storage, preservation
超過 【ちょうか】excess, being more than
永い 【ながい】① long (distance) ② long (time), lengthy
通信 【つうしん】correspondence, communication, transmission, news, signal
停車 【ていしゃ】stopping (e.g. train)
停電 【ていでん】power outage, electricity outage, blackout, failure of electricity supply
頭脳 【ずのう】head, brains, intellect
突き当たる 【つきあたる】to run into, to collide with
農産物 【のうさんぶつ】agricultural produce
背負う 【せおう】to be burdened with, to carry on back or shoulder
判事 【はんじ】judge, judiciary
分解 【ぶんかい】① disassembly, dismantling, disaggregating, analysis, disintegrating, decomposing, degrading ② factorization ③ decomposition, resolution ④ deblocking
編 【へん】① compilation (of a text), editing ② volume (of a text) ③ completed literary work
報 【ほう】information, news, report
名詞 【めいし】noun
有り難い 【ありがたい】grateful, thankful, welcome, appreciated, evoking gratitude
夕刊 【ゆうかん】evening paper
出掛ける 【でかける】to depart, to go out (e.g. on an excursion or outing), to set out, to start, to be going out
挟む 【はさむ】to interpose, to hold between, to insert
干す 【ほす】① to air, to dry, to desiccate ② to drain (off) ③ to drink up ④ to deprive of a role, job, etc. (usu. in the passive)
辛い 【づらい】difficult to (do something)
緯度 【いど】latitude (nav.)
応対 【おうたい】receiving, dealing with
卸す 【おろす】① to sell wholesale ② to grate (e.g. vegetables) ③ to cut up fish
器械 【きかい】① machine, mechanism ② instrument, appliance, apparatus
飢える 【うえる】to starve, to thirst, to be hungry
謙虚 【けんきょ】modesty, humility
賢明 【けんめい】wisdom, intelligence, prudence
戸棚 【とだな】cupboard, locker, closet, wardrobe
催し 【もよおし】event, festivities, function, social gathering, auspices, opening, holding (a meeting)
催促 【さいそく】request, demand, claim, urge (action), press for
災難 【さいなん】calamity, misfortune, disaster
紙幣 【しへい】paper money, notes, bills
棄てる 【すてる】to throw away, to cast aside, to abandon, to resign, to break up with (someone)
車掌 【しゃしょう】(train) conductor
初級 【しょきゅう】elementary level
初旬 【しょじゅん】first 10 days of the month
上旬 【じょうじゅん】first 10 days of month
酢 【す】vinegar
水素 【すいそ】hydrogen
寸法 【すんぽう】measurement, size, extent, dimension
惜しい 【おしい】① regrettable, disappointing ② precious, dear, valuable ③ too good for, deserving better ④ almost but not quite
洗剤 【せんざい】detergent, washing material
染み 【しみ】stain, spot
粗筋 【あらすじ】outline, summary
草履 【ぞうり】zori (Japanese footwear sandals)
太鼓 【たいこ】drum
脱線 【だっせん】derailment, digression
定価 【ていか】list price, regular price, established price
吐き気 【はきけ】nausea, sickness in the stomach
瞳 【ひとみ】① pupil (of eye) ② eye
標準 【ひょうじゅん】standard, level, norm
風呂敷 【ふろしき】wrapping cloth, cloth wrapper
包丁 【ほうちょう】kitchen knife, carving knife
摩擦 【まさつ】friction, rubbing, rubdown, chafe
茂る 【しげる】to grow thickly, to be in full leaf, to be rampant, to luxuriate, to be luxurious
要旨 【ようし】point, essentials, gist, summary, fundamentals
浴室 【よくしつ】bathroom, bath
炊く 【たく】to cook (esp. grain, pulses, etc., such as rice or beans), to boil
草臥れる 【くたびれる】to get tired, to wear out
くだらないgood-for-nothing, stupid, trivial, worthless
跨ぐ 【またぐ】to straddle
でたらめ① irresponsible utterance, nonsense, bullshit, codswallop ② random, haphazard, unsystematic
尖る 【とがる】① to taper to a point, to become sharp ② to look displeased, to look sour
遡る 【さかのぼる】to go back, to go upstream, to make retroactive
それならIf that's the case ..., If so ..., That being the case ...
おおよそabout, roughly, as a rule, approximately
つぶれる① to be smashed ② to become useless, to cease functioning ③ to go bankrupt
もちsticky rice cake
がっくりheartbroken, crestfallen
がっちりsolidly built, tightly, shrewd, calculating
しょっちゅうalways, constantly, frequently, often
すんなりpass with no objection, slim, slender
ずるずるsound or act of dragging, loose, inconclusive but unwanted situation, trailingly
ちらっとat a glance, by accident
てっきりsurely, certainly, beyond doubt
とんだ① unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable, unexpected ② terrible, awful, serious
ぼやくto grumble, to complain
ややこしいpuzzling, tangled, complicated, complex
文 【ふみ】letter, writings
申し出 【もうしで】proposal, request, claim, report, notice
喫茶 【きっさ】tea drinking, tea house
お供 【おとも】attendant, companion
案の定 【あんのじょう】just as one thought, as usual
意気込む 【いきごむ】to be enthusiastic about
異議 【いぎ】objection, dissent, protest
異性 【いせい】the opposite sex
医院 【いいん】doctor's office (surgery), clinic, dispensary
一別 【いちべつ】parting
一様 【いちよう】uniformity, evenness, similarity, equality, impartiality, homogeneity
陰気 【いんき】gloom, melancholy
押し切る 【おしきる】① to face down the opposition, to overcome resistance, to have one's own way ② to press and cut
乙 【おつ】① second (party to an agreement), the B party (e.g. in a contract), the latter ② strange, quaint, stylish, chic, spicy, queer, witty, tasty, romantic
課外 【かがい】extracurricular
過ち 【あやまち】fault, error, indiscretion, faux pas
霞む 【かすむ】① to grow hazy, to be misty ② to be overshadowed
解剖 【かいぼう】① dissection, autopsy ② analysis
回送 【かいそう】forwarding
海運 【かいうん】maritime, marine transportation
海抜 【かいばつ】height above sea level
概説 【がいせつ】general statement, outline
核心 【かくしん】kernel, core
楽譜 【がくふ】score (music)
寒気 【さむけ】① chill, the shivers, shivering fit ② cold, coldness, cold air
勧誘 【かんゆう】invitation, solicitation, canvassing, canvasing, inducement, persuasion, encouragement
寛容 【かんよう】forbearance, tolerance, generosity
感慨 【かんがい】strong feelings, deep emotion
感度 【かんど】sensitivity, reception (e.g. radio and television), severity (quake)
慣例 【かんれい】custom, precedent, of convention
観衆 【かんしゅう】spectators, onlookers, members of the audience
丸っきり 【まるっきり】completely, perfectly, just as if
眼球 【がんきゅう】eyeball
岩石 【がんせき】rock
危ぶむ 【あやぶむ】to fear, to have misgivings, to be doubtful, to mistrust
気質 【きしつ】spirit, character, trait, temperament, turn of mind, disposition
気流 【きりゅう】atmospheric current, air current, airflow
休戦 【きゅうせん】truce, armistice
享受 【きょうじゅ】reception, acceptance, enjoyment, being given
共鳴 【きょうめい】resonance, sympathetic (sound), (being in) sympathy
境遇 【きょうぐう】environment, circumstances
強請る 【ねだる】① to tease, to coax ② to solicit, to demand, to extort
恐れ入る 【おそれいる】① to be sorry, to feel small ② to be grateful ③ to be amazed, to be filled with awe, to be surprised ④ to be disconcerted, to be embarrassed
教習 【きょうしゅう】training, instruction
郷里 【きょうり】birth-place, home town
驚異 【きょうい】wonder, miracle
凝らす 【こらす】to concentrate, to devote, to apply, to strain, to rack
勤労 【きんろう】labor, labour, exertion, diligent service
吟味 【ぎんみ】testing, scrutiny, careful investigation
空しい 【むなしい】vacant, futile, vain, void, empty, ineffective, lifeless
空腹 【くうふく】hunger
群がる 【むらがる】to swarm, to gather
軍服 【ぐんぷく】military or naval uniform
結び 【むすび】ending, conclusion, union
結核 【けっかく】tuberculosis, tubercule
懸賞 【けんしょう】offering prizes, winning, reward
見習う 【みならう】to follow another's example
見地 【けんち】point of view
元首 【げんしゅ】ruler, sovereign
戸籍 【こせき】census, family register
誤差 【ごさ】measurement error, calculation error
交わる 【まじわる】to cross, to intersect, to associate with, to mingle with, to interest, to join
交互 【こうご】mutual, reciprocal, alternate
光沢 【こうたく】brilliance, polish, lustre, luster, glossy finish (of photographs)
公用 【こうよう】① government business, official business ② public, official, governmental
口頭 【こうとう】oral
慌ただしい 【あわただしい】busy, hurried, confused, flurried
考古学 【こうこがく】archaeology, archeology
鉱業 【こうぎょう】mining industry
合わす 【あわす】① to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) ② to join together, to unite, to combine, to add up ③ to face, to be opposite (someone) ④ to compare, to check with ⑤ to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) ⑥ to place together, to connect, to overlap ⑦ to mix, to combine ⑧ to put blade to blade, to fight
合わせ 【あわせ】joint together, opposite, facing
合致 【がっち】agreement, concurrence, conformance, compliance
国定 【こくてい】state-sponsored, national
昆虫 【こんちゅう】insect, bug
根回し 【ねまわし】making necessary arrangements, laying the groundwork
混血 【こんけつ】mixed race, mixed parentage
差額 【さがく】balance, difference, margin
砂利 【じゃり】gravel, ballast, pebbles
最善 【さいぜん】the very best
採決 【さいけつ】vote, roll call
採集 【さいしゅう】collecting, gathering
細菌 【さいきん】bacillus, bacterium, germ
察する 【さっする】① to guess, to sense, to presume, to judge ② to sympathize with, to sympathise with
雑 【ざつ】① rough, crude, sloppy, messy ② miscellaneous
雑貨 【ざっか】miscellaneous goods, general goods, sundries
産物 【さんぶつ】product, result, fruit
残酷 【ざんこく】cruelty, harshness
仕切る 【しきる】① to partition, to divide, to mark off, to itemize ② to direct, to take control, to manage, to take responsibility ③ to settle accounts ④ to toe the mark
仕入れる 【しいれる】to lay in stock, to replenish stock, to procure
仕立てる 【したてる】to tailor, to make, to prepare, to train, to send (a messenger)
使用人 【しようにん】employee, servant
思い付き 【おもいつき】plan, idea, suggestion
指図 【さしず】instruction, mandate, directions
私有 【しゆう】private ownership
脂肪 【しぼう】fat, grease, blubber
飼育 【しいく】breeding, raising, rearing
児 【じ】child
時差 【じさ】time difference
自我 【じが】self, the ego
写し 【うつし】copy, duplicate, facsimile, transcript
弱まる 【よわまる】to abate, to weaken, to be emaciated, to be dejected, to be perplexed
手際 【てぎわ】performance, skill, tact
手錠 【てじょう】handcuffs, manacles
手数 【てすう】trouble, labor, labour, handling
周期 【しゅうき】cycle, period
修士 【しゅうし】Masters degree program (programme)
終始 【しゅうし】① beginning and end, from beginning to end, doing a thing from beginning to end ② consistently, the whole time
祝賀 【しゅくが】celebration, congratulations
出くわす 【でくわす】to happen to meet, to come across
出題 【しゅつだい】proposing a question
出動 【しゅつどう】sailing, marching, going out, dispatch
準急 【じゅんきゅう】semi-express train (slower than an express), local express train
処置 【しょち】treatment, measure, step
処罰 【しょばつ】punishment
初版 【しょはん】first edition
所定 【しょてい】fixed, prescribed, certain, given
宵 【よい】evening, early night hours
小切手 【こぎって】cheque, check
小銭 【こぜに】coins, small change
消息 【しょうそく】① news (from somebody), letter, contact ② (somebody's) whereabouts, (somebody's) movements
城下 【じょうか】land near the castle
情 【じょう】feelings, emotion, passion
情け 【なさけ】① pity, sympathy, compassion ② affection
織物 【おりもの】textile, fabric
食い違う 【くいちがう】to cross each other, to run counter to, to differ, to clash, to go awry
寝かせる 【ねかせる】to put to bed, to lay down, to ferment
心掛ける 【こころがける】to keep in mind, to bear in mind, to try, to aim to do, to endeavor, to endeavour
心情 【しんじょう】sentiment, emotions, one's feelings, one's heart
心得 【こころえ】knowledge, information
振り返る 【ふりかえる】to turn head, to look over one's shoulder, to turn around, to look back
振動 【しんどう】oscillation, vibration
真珠 【しんじゅ】pearl
真上 【まうえ】just above, right overhead
進度 【しんど】progress
人柄 【ひとがら】personality, character, personal appearance, gentility
迅速 【じんそく】quick, fast, rapid, swift, prompt, streamlined, expedited, expeditious
推理 【すいり】reasoning, inference, mystery or detective genre (movie, novel, etc.)
崇拝 【すうはい】worship, adoration, admiration, cult
澄ます 【すます】to clear, to make clear, to be unruffled, to look unconcerned, to look demure, to look prim, to put on airs
政策 【せいさく】political measures, policy
生死 【せいし】① life and death ② samsara (cycle of death and rebirth) ③ death
生身 【なまみ】① living flesh, flesh and blood ② physical body of Buddha or a bodhisattva
盛大 【せいだい】grand, prosperous, magnificent
精密 【せいみつ】precise, exact, detailed, minute, close
製法 【せいほう】manufacturing method, recipe, formula
責務 【せきむ】duty, obligation
絶える 【たえる】① to die out, to peter out, to become extinct ② to cease, to be stopped, to be discontinued, to be cut off
潜水 【せんすい】diving
前提 【ぜんてい】preamble, premise, reason, prerequisite, condition, assumption, hypothesis, given
前途 【ぜんと】future prospects, outlook, the journey ahead
措置 【そち】measure, measures, step
素早い 【すばやい】① fast, quick, prompt, nimble, agile ② quick (to understand), sharp (judgement)
壮大 【そうだい】magnificent, grand, majestic, splendid
多忙 【たぼう】busy, pressure of work
多様 【たよう】diverse, varied
対比 【たいひ】contrast, comparison
対面 【たいめん】interview, meeting
対話 【たいわ】interactive, interaction, conversation, dialogue
待ち合わせ 【まちあわせ】appointment
待遇 【たいぐう】treatment, reception
代用 【だいよう】substitution
台本 【だいほん】script, libretto, scenario
大柄 【おおがら】large build, large pattern
達者 【たっしゃ】skillful, in good health
達成 【たっせい】achievement
単一 【たんいつ】single, simple, sole, individual, unitary
単調 【たんちょう】monotony, monotone, dullness
断面 【だんめん】cross-section
地主 【じぬし】landlord, landowner
恥じる 【はじる】to feel ashamed
着目 【ちゃくもく】attention
中継 【ちゅうけい】relay, hook-up
中傷 【ちゅうしょう】slander, libel, defamation
腸 【ちょう】guts, bowels, intestines
直面 【ちょくめん】① confrontation ② to face, to confront, to encounter
沈める 【しずめる】to sink, to submerge
追放 【ついほう】exile, banishment
定まる 【さだまる】to become settled, to be fixed
提供 【ていきょう】offer, tender, program sponsoring, programme sponsoring, furnishing, provisioning, supply
天下 【てんか】the world, whole country, descent from heaven, having one's own way, the public, the ruling power
転居 【てんきょ】moving, changing residence
電源 【でんげん】① source of electricity, electrical power ② power (button on TV, etc.)
登録 【とうろく】registration, accession, register, entry, record
途絶える 【とだえる】to stop, to cease, to come to an end
土台 【どだい】foundation, base, basis
土木 【どぼく】public works
当て 【あて】object, aim, end, hopes, expectations
統治 【とうち】rule, reign, government, governing
到底 【とうてい】(cannot) possibly, no matter how
討議 【とうぎ】debate, discussion
踏み込む 【ふみこむ】① to step into (e.g. someone else's territory), to break into, to raid ② to come to grips with, to get to the core of
逃す 【のがす】to let loose, to set free, to let escape
逃走 【とうそう】flight, desertion, escape
同感 【どうかん】agreement, same opinion, same feeling, sympathy, concurrence
同居 【どうきょ】coexistence, living together
同調 【どうちょう】sympathy, agreement with, alignment, conformity, tuning
憧れ 【あこがれ】yearning, longing, aspiration
特権 【とっけん】privilege, special right
独自 【どくじ】original, peculiar, characteristic, proprietary
独創 【どくそう】originality
読み上げる 【よみあげる】to read out loud (and clearly), to call a roll
内心 【ないしん】innermost thoughts, real intention, inmost heart, one's mind, in the heart
肉体 【にくたい】the body, the flesh
年長 【ねんちょう】seniority
倍率 【ばいりつ】magnification, leverage, amplification, scaling factor, scale factor
発言 【はつげん】utterance, speech, proposal
発病 【はつびょう】attack (disease)
微笑 【びしょう】smile
不在 【ふざい】absence
不服 【ふふく】dissatisfaction, discontent, disapproval, objection, complaint, protest, disagreement
浮気 【うわき】① extramarital sex, affair, fooling around ② infidelity, wantonness, unfaithfulness, inconstancy, fickleness, caprice
侮辱 【ぶじょく】insult, contempt, slight
風俗 【ふうぞく】① manners, customs ② sex service, sex industry
分配 【ぶんぱい】division, sharing, distribution, dissemination, allocation
文化財 【ぶんかざい】cultural assets, cultural property
平方 【へいほう】square (e.g. metre), square
偏見 【へんけん】prejudice, narrow view
便宜 【べんぎ】convenience, accommodation, advantage, expedience
弁解 【べんかい】justification, rationalization, pretext, explanation, exculpation, defence, defense, excuse
補充 【ほじゅう】① supplementation, supplement, replenishment, replenishing, replacement, refilling ② to replace, to refill, to replenish
報ずる 【ほうずる】to inform, to report
放り込む 【ほうりこむ】to throw into
放出 【ほうしゅつ】release, emit
褒美 【ほうび】reward, prize
本国 【ほんごく】one's own country
麻 【あさ】flax, linen, hemp
膜 【まく】membrane, film
密度 【みつど】density
民謡 【みんよう】folk song, popular song
明かす 【あかす】① to pass (e.g. the night), to spend ② to reveal, to divulge
免除 【めんじょ】exemption, exoneration, discharge
問い合わせる 【といあわせる】to enquire, to inquire, to seek information
野外 【やがい】fields, outskirts, open air, suburbs
野心 【やしん】ambition, aspiration, designs, treachery
有する 【ゆうする】to own, to be endowed with
有益 【ゆうえき】beneficial, profitable
揺さぶる 【ゆさぶる】to shake, to jolt, to rock, to swing
用品 【ようひん】articles, supplies, parts
要する 【ようする】to need, to demand, to take, to require
養う 【やしなう】to rear, to maintain, to support (e.g. family), to cultivate
落下 【らっか】fall, drop, come down
乱れる 【みだれる】① to be disordered, to be disarranged, to be disarrayed, to be disheveled, to be dishevelled ② to be discomposed, to be upset, to get confused, to be disturbed ③ to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)
利子 【りし】interest (bank)