New iPhone Beta: 1.3.3

A new beta is available to beta-testers at the usual download location.

This new version includes support for horizontal mode and the possibility to resize the “hint” area by dragging it up/down.

Please let me know if you run into any problem using it.

3 Responses to “New iPhone Beta: 1.3.3”

  1. davidgoodis says:

    1.3 was not supposed to have online scoreboards ? :-)
    How can I sync my stats on my new iphone ?

  2. dave says:

    Hello David,

    You are very right: online scoreboards were originally next on the list… But then, Apple released iOS 4 and announced that their new Game Center API would be available “Very Soon Now™”…
    Since there is a good chance that this API will overlap considerably with whatever I might do to support online scoreboards, I have decided to postpone this feature a little bit and see how I can leverage Game Center (when the specs reach maturity) to avoid reinventing the wheel…

    In the meantime, there are still plenty new features in the pipeline… Including the first paid add-on for KanjiBox, being tested right now… and generating a fair bit of excitement among people who’ve seen it so far. Stay tuned for a new release soon ;-)

  3. davidgoodis says:

    I can’t wait !
    Keep posting and thanks for the good work.
    And cheers to Romain if you see him.


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