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Coming up: Multiplayer!

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

I am currently beta-testing the next breakthrough feature for KanjiBox: online multiplayer mode!

Once thoroughly debugged and polished, this new addition to the KanjiBox toolbox will allow all iPhone/iPod/iPad users to play against each other in real time, through a centralised server. I have already had a couple test matches with friends and let me tell you: it quickly pulls you in.

In other news, iPhone/iPod and iPad versions are in the process of being merged. Meaning that instead of two separate applications on the App Store, there should soon be only one, running natively on both types of device.

If you are a user of the iPhone user, nothing will change (except for the fact that you will be able to run the app natively on an iPad). If you have the iPad version: next release will be the last update and you will need to purchase the iPhone version to get newer features. Because of the way the App Store works, there is no way to smoothly upgrade iPad users to the “universal” (iPhone/iPad) version. In order to make up for having to re-purchase the app, there will be a free unlocking of all in-app purchases for all iPad users. Unfortunately, this is all I can do…

In the meantime, I highly recommend iPad users either hold off, or purchase the iPhone version instead (it will run non-natively until the merged version arrives in a couple weeks).

New iPhone Beta: 1.3.3

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

A new beta is available to beta-testers at the usual download location.

This new version includes support for horizontal mode and the possibility to resize the “hint” area by dragging it up/down.

Please let me know if you run into any problem using it.