KanjiBox 2.1.3 Sync Account: ‘Create with Facebook’ bug

Update (11/11/11): All Sync passwords had to be reset. Please read this announcement for details.

Current version of KB (2.1.3) has a small bug with Sync Account creation: when using ‘Create with Facebook‘ (the recommended option), after logging into Facebook, KanjiBox displays a ‘Login Failed’ message (and the account is not created).

Of course, this bug will be fixed in the next version of KanjiBox, but in the meantime, there is a simple workaround to create a Sync Account tied to your Facebook account:

  1. Browse to the Online version of KanjiBox.
  2. Log-in using the ‘Facebook‘ button (this will create your account if it doesn’t exist yet).
  3. Once logged-in, use the ‘Login info‘ box on the main page to set your email and password.
  4. Go back to your iPhone/iPad/iPod and in KanjiBox, simply enter the email and password you have just picked into ‘Sync » Login‘ panel (no need to create an account from the device).

Sorry for this small inconvenience and definitely let me know if you run into any other issue with KanjiBox.

Note: Although it is absolutely optional, tying your account with Facebook brings you a few advantages, such as the possibility to compare your scores with friends and see global rankings.

6 Responses to “KanjiBox 2.1.3 Sync Account: ‘Create with Facebook’ bug”

  1. jgreely says:

    Actually, sync broke for my non-Facebook-linked account with 2.1.3 as well. I just thought you’d had a server glitch, and didn’t worry about it much since the sqlite DB gets backed up to my computer anyway. I really only needed the one-time sync to get the data from my old iPod to my new iPhone. :-)


  2. dave says:

    @j: to the best of my knowledge, there is currently no issue with regular account creation on KB. Please contact me with details if you are experiencing continuing issues.
    Btw: I tried emailing you multiple times about the different issues you reported by mail, but your server rejected my emails. Please contact me with a valid email address if you want to discuss those issues further. Cheers!

  3. WEBmikey says:

    I’m having the same problem. I have a non-FB KanjiBox sync account (created before this latest release), which used to sync nicely, but recently I only get the “Login Failed” message when trying to sync.

  4. dave says:

    @WEBmikey: before doing anything, make sure that the login issue is not due to a temporarily down server (could happen). If the problem is persisting, the easiest solution to reset your password is to use the ‘Create account’ tab, with your current login email and desired password (twice). Provided you do it from the same device you used when originally creating the account, this will update your password and should let you login successfully.

  5. jgreely says:

    I’ll send you something from my gmail account, to see if you can respond to that; the only reason incoming email would be rejected to that domain is if your mail server doesn’t have PTR records, which catches about 150 spammers a day.

    Oh, and just this minute, sync finally worked again for me. The first time since the 2.1.3 upgrade.


  6. dave says:

    @j: I found the source of the tricky bug that was causing intermittent login issue. Unfortunately, this also meant I had to wipe the slate clean and reset most account passwords (for the first and very last time: lesson leant). See this post for more details: http://kanjibox.net/forum/discussion/6/sync-and-login-problems

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